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I need a relationship counsellor

In the start of every romantic relationship, in the other person, people usually tend to see things that make the other person unique. They usually are attracted to the other person because of the differences that they have to offer with respect to their previous affairs. At the start, everything seems so magical, and a person doesn’t want to do anything but be in the company of the person that they have just met. They start going on dates and unveil many things about each other that they didn’t know about. As time passes by, many of these affairs turn into a relationship and end up marrying each other. It is not until late that a person realizes the flaws in the relationship and thinks that I need a relationship counsellor.

Although being in love and ultimately in a relationship has its charms and little moments but let me assure you that it’s one heck of a ride. For everyone out there, it is important to know that every person has flaws just like you do, and it is quite normal to see someone about the concerns related to your relationship. A relationship counsellor who is expert in his field and is very different than the shrink. Although his methods can resemble that of the shrink, the two perform very different functions in society.

Who is a relationship counsellor?

In the simplest words, a relationship counsellor is any person who is the expert in his field and has done research relating to his functions in society. He has gone through the necessary education that teaches him about the counselling and holds a license to practice relationship counselling. Whenever a person thinks that the relationship is not working as it should and concludes that I need a relationship counselling then seeing a relationship counsellor is the only logical choice.

A good relationship counsellor, when presented with a couple who needs counselling, tends to listen to their problems actively and shows empathy, interest, respect and consent to their situation. For the process to work better, he uses different techniques, such as sharing his experiences that he has come across with other couples. He doesn’t share the specifics of one couple to any other because he is obligated by the law to protect the privacy of the couples.

In a community a relationship counsellor performs following functions:

  • Source of information
  • Provides a means to couples to open up about each other
  • Provides a comfortable environment
  • Listens to both sides
  • Provides his opinion on the matter
  • Where necessary, refers to other experts such as counselling psychologists, marriage and family therapists and others
Importance of relationship counselling

Relationship counselling which can be termed as marriage therapy or relationship therapy is a routine procedure nowadays, and couples are often found wondering that where can I need a relationship counsellor and where can I find one. After spending a lot of time together, going through the wedding ceremony, and a lot of other experiences together, it’s only natural that a person finds out that he is not as compatible with his partner as he thought at the start.

The reasons because of which a person finds the need to talk to a counsellor are differences in thought and personality, incompatibility, communication issues, and many others.

For all of the problems stated above and many other reasons, relationship counselling might seem to be the only option for a couple. Although it is a mutual problem, only one partner mostly recognizes the need that I need a relationship counsellor. The relationship counselling proves to be an effective way of establishing communication and has prime importance.

Following is the importance and advantages of seeing a relationship counsellor and seeking counselling.

  • A good counsellor and a good counselling strategy help to build an effective rapport between the two partners.
  • It encourages partners to make some time for their loved ones and set aside their works and busy routine to make things work.
  • A good counsellor acts as an effective negotiator to reach such terms where the couples can talk to each other and build some common grounds.
  • An effective counselling can help couples to identify the patterns due to which their problems might have initiated and come up with a good strategy to remedy them.
  • One of the reasons that problems initiate is that couples often avoid the need of talking to each other on matters that started the conflicts in the first place.
  • For this purpose, an expert counsellor helps spouses to eliminate the communication barriers.

Because of all the advantages that marriage counselling has to offer, there has been a lot of advances in the field, and people put more emphasis on the matter. Whenever you find out that I need relationship counselling, be sure to think that it’s normal and a lot of couples seek relationship counsellors to give their love life a boost.

10 reasons to get relationship counselling for your relationship

There are many reasons because of which different people go to different therapists and seek out the solutions for their problems regarding their partners. It is important to note that this should be a mutual effort, and both the partners should work their way to improve the relationship. A lot of problems can be identified, and if a couple is already willing to set aside their differences then there is no need for marriage therapy. But if a person tries to make headways in his or her relationship and gets no response from his or her partner then he should suggest to his partner that I need a relationship counsellor.

In the following sections, we will try to point out some of the basic reasons to get relationship counselling.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

Although this quote is used with respect to medicine and diseases, it makes quite a perfect sense of the matter under the discussion. The more appropriate term that has been coined for this specific circumstance is premarital counselling. Couples do not seek only when they have a problem; they can also find that I need a relationship counsellor as a preventive measure. It helps them to make headways in their relationship before they are ready to walk down the aisle. It can also help them to better remedy the problems that they know they are going to face later in their marriage.

  1. Communication barriers

A person might find out that things due to which he fell in love with his partner in the first place are now intimidating. This, if left unattended, can cause some serious communication problems and will end up having some serious consequences. This is one of the main reasons that a person says that I need a relationship counsellor because he has no one to turn to.

  1. Issues regarding sexual life

At the start, when the feelings for each other are on their peak, at that time life seems nothing but a joyous ride. It’s not until later that mysteries start to unravel, and the same person might feel no longer attracted to his partner. Sexual life plays a vital role in the relationship, and if a person is not satisfied then a lot of problems could occur. The sexual problems can arise due to a lot of other issues such as communication issues, problems in the work and many others.

  1. Lack of faith in each other

Faith in each other is of importance for a relationship to work better. Lack of faith has a lot of consequences, and it originates from a lot of issues whether emotional or physical. Lack of faith develops when a person thinks that his partner is doing some things that are not good for their relationship.

  1. Financial issues

Financial issues play a major role in a relationship. When a family is financially weak or if one person of the family thinks that the economic issues are due to the other person then that person might be in need of relationship counselling.

  1. Squabbles, quarrels, and arguments

A healthy relationship is only effective until when the spouses have positive influences towards each other. When positivity falls out from a relationship, then anger and arguments are born, and these do nothing well but torn a perfectly healthy relationship.

  1. Problems with each other’s families

It’s not uncommon that the family backgrounds affect relationships. When one person is intimidated constantly by another’s family members because of several reasons, then problems come into being. That is when a person might like that I need a relationship counselling.

  1. Trust and respect issues

Trust and respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and when a person thinks that his or her partner doesn’t respect his opinions on different matters, he might lean towards the feeling that I need a relationship counsellor.

  1. The feeling of neglect and contempt

When two people think less of their partners and they get a feeling that their partner doesn’t help around or does nothing all day long, then this feeling gives way to fight and quarrels in the family, which might affect your children. This is the time when you should decide that I need a relationship counsellor to work this out with your partner.


All of the problems that have been discussed above might lead to one of the partners acting out and wanting a divorce. This is high time for the other partner to convince him or her that I need a relationship counsellor, and we should figure things out by talking about things to a professional.

There are a number of resources that you can make use of to get instant and timely couples therapy, relationship counselling, and other services. For this purpose, there has been a number of advancements, for example, the use of technology. You can find many resources online, and links to one of those have been given below.

For couples therapy, you can visit the following website link:

For the purpose of availing other services, you can visit the following website links:

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