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I need Breakup Advice Packages


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£ 120.00
  • Guidance and support
  • Relationship coaching
  • Breakup advice
  • In depth analysis of relationship
  • Breakup trauma therapy
  • Confidential chat with your personal breakup coach
  • 1 hour session
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Breakup Package: I CAN’T GET OVER MY EX

£ 450.00
  • Assess what happened
  • Support you
  • Create moving on recovery plan
  • Coaching and advice
  • Whats app and phone support
  • 45 mins x 4
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Breakup Package: M.D.D Traumatic Breakup package

£ 500.00
This for a very bad breakup i.e. humiliation, divorce, serious betrayal, emotionally traumatized or you just feel like your whole world is crumbling you will have a coach to speak to every day for 2 weeks and also receive rebuild coaching. The package includes:
  • Breakup guide
  • Biscuits
  • Teabags
  • M.D.D Breakup quotes
  • Face mask
  • Chocolate Treat
  • 2 x 20 mins calls per week to talk about your situation
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Breakup Package: M.D.D I need breakup advice package

£ 500.00
Have you just broken up with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Or has one of your friends or colleagues broken up with someone recently send them a package to cheer them up The package includes:
  • For 2 weeks of coaching and support
  • Breakup guide
  • Biscuits
  • Teabags
  • M.D.D Breakup quotes
  • Face mask
  • Chocolate Treat
  • 5 x 25 min phonecalls per week to talk about your situation
  • 10 complimentary extra mins offered per session if needed
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£ 550.00
  • Discussing the breakup
  • Trying to re-establish contact
  • Assessing what went wrong
  • Amending conflict areas
  • Compromising enablers initiated into the relationship
  • Respect foundations assessed
  • Try to rebuild the relationship
  • 5 sessions 45 mins via phone
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Breakup Package: M.D.D Breakup getaway package

  • We will arrange a holiday for you and one of our dating coaches for 5 days
  • You will receive coaching and also be booked in with our Celebrity beauty team
  • This team are all specialists in their fields ie hair beauty and skin and have been a long list of celebrity clients.
  • Confidence training programme to get you back on track and feeling great again.
  • You will receive round 24hr support for three weeks
  • Price on request
I need breakup advice.

Breakups hurt! Letting go of a relationship that you dreamt about and probably weaved your entire life around, is complicated the pain will unbearable and you will think I need breakup advice. Even if your relationship was not all sunflowers, leaving behind a toxic one also requires a lot of courage. A bunch of hurtful yet straightforward words bring the war within you.

“We are not right for each other.”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

“Its not you its me!”

“Its just not working!”

“I think it is not working out; we should break up.”

These words don’t seem to leave you for weeks, months and some, its years of dismissing the emotion of love. The breakup phase is complicated, but there is always a light of hope, at the end of the tunnel. A Lot of people admit that I need breakup advice and seek help as well. If you think you are struggling with it as well, then you can always come to us for help. However, before getting down to any conclusion, you must also know that some emotions are entirely normal. It hurts, and you will go through a rollercoaster of sorrow, anger and frustration and eventually get to the stage acceptance. One day, you will move on, and it won’t matter as cliché as it sounds time is a healer.

The 5 Stages of Breakup:

If you have just been dumped and you think that the next morning it will be all sunshine and positivity; well, get ready to be disappointed. Before you head out saying that I need breakup advice, you need to accept that you will have to go through the five stages of a breakup. Let’s see what those five stages are, shall we?

Majority of us, go into denial. Couples have fought, and you just decide to give it time, hoping that everything will be back to normal the next day. It is a matter of heart and emotions that push you away from the painful thought that you have been dumped. You drag yourself to your ex’s house, in complete denial. But what welcomes you is a dumb face, reminding you, that you two have broken up. This also happens due to shock. You set up a pattern when you are in a relationship. Your routines are entirely changed so that you can manage your work and love life side by side. The sense or feeling of wanting to resume those patterns pushes a person into denial. Therefore, the first stage of the breakup is that you are going to deny it. You will tell yourself it is not real, and you both will get back together. It will take some time to settle in, but it will you may beg, plead and act erratic at this stage.

The second stage of the breakup is mania. Mania is a state of confusion. You feel a rush of emotions of regret, guilt and europhile. Once you are out of denial, you badly want to grasp onto relief. You have very confusing energy within you. This state is termed as mania.

During this stage, people involve themselves in idiotic and meaningless things. The best thing for  to do is not to engage in casual sex. For men, this can lead to guilt, shame and regret and tend to dive into depression and guilt later. So you need to be disciplined during this time, you can gain control over yourself. Put the thoughts of a one night stand aside and do terrific things. Put that energy into something you wanted to do for a long time. Try cliff diving or rock climbing or jet skiing; anything that does not involve sex and emotions or the opposite gender. What you need now is clarity and positivity not a rebound.

Anger is a deeper form of passion; your passion of love that you had for your ex. This stage seems to be scarier than the first two, but in reality, this is what helps you regain your independence. It enables you to accept reality and rebuild your self-esteem and worth. You realize that you do not want to cry for someone who does not want you anymore as this means they still control you.

Now dealing with anger can be tough. Some people are naturally good at it. If you say that I need breakup advice for coping with my passion, then we would suggest you surround yourself with positive people. Be around your friends and family who can help you out of this situation. Friends who can understand the reason behind your anger will try their best to push you out of it and boost you towards a better life.

Stay away from all evil thoughts that come into your mind during the anger phase. If your mind says that you want to throw a drink on his/her face, in their office; dump that thought, please and do not seek revenge you will regret it later.

Now, once you regain your self-worth, the depression starts creeping in. It doesn’t want you to be independent. It is going to be depressed. If you’re going to be emotionally stable and healthy, then you have to go through the ups and downs. All kinds of feelings are right for us, whether it is anger or sadness. These deep feelings showcase life and make you emotionally stable and capable of dealing with them.

Dealing with sadness is tough, and this fourth stage is lethal. A lot of people tend to get stuck here and overthink their life. You need to make sure that you do not stop at this stage. It is extremely dangerous to allow depression to live with you, for too long, yes, grieving is essential, but you must know when to stop. Dedicate some days to feel your sadness but then get back up. Remind yourself of how valuable you are and how you wish to spend your life and get back on your feet.

Moving on will embrace you suddenly. Those scary and lonely nights will pay off, and you will start enjoying your life again. After having a lot of weird dates, you will have a good one because you will have truly moved on. You might also stumble upon a picture of your ex, but you won’t feel anything. They might cross your path on the street too, but the butterflies in your stomach would groan looking at that dumbhead.It no longer feels the way it used to you have moved on.

A Lot of people find the journey very hard, but they also move on, even if they do it by being with someone else. Although we highly suggest that you should not step into another relationship before three months. Staying single for three months teaches you a lot.

Healing requires time, and you ought to feel the emotions throughout the journey. It won’t happen overnight, and you should not hope for it either. Accept that you are handling everything and let it all flow through you, in order to grow out of it and really move on.It is imperative to have sufficient time to heal.

I need breakup advice 10 important lessons you learn from a breakup :

While you are walking through the five stages of a breakup, you are going to learn a lot about life. And this is precisely why you should not jump into another relationship right away. If you learn these lessons, you excel at a lot of things in life which will help you in living positively and happily.

Here are the ten lessons everyone, going through a breakup, does learn for sure.

  • It is not about them. Breakups unveil a lot of your insecurities. Once you analyze yourself, you realize that the breakup has a lot to do with you. You get space for thinking and growing personally. It helps you get stronger as an individual.
  • There is always a reason. No matter how much times you whine that there was nothing wrong between the two of you; there certainly was. You will realize with time that your breakup had a reason too.
  • Resentment is Stupid. Unguarded thoughts are lethal. You cannot allow bitterness to occupy your life and thinking; You will learn that envy has nothing good to offer. Invest in yourself and avoid thinking off-limits.
  • You start believing in first impressions. Many times people show their real selves for the first time. However, we tend to overlook it, saying that it was just one time. After your breakup, you will understand that if someone shows you their real side once, you need to believe that and make a better choice for yourself.
  • You love the idea of LOVE. This is another lesson that everyone learns. Many times, when you break up, you realize that you never loved that person. All you loved was the idea of being loved and feeling special. This is a massive problem in today’s world. We need someone else to love us all the time because we are unable to do that for ourselves. Not, that you do not need someone; you must learn the difference between actually being in love and loving the idea of it.
  • There is a life outside of your love life. A lot of people tend to forget their social circle and outside experience when they are in a relationship. It is wrong, but you will understand it after your first breakup. You have a life outside your partner and love life. You need to live it so that you are not entirely reliant on one person. Keep both parts of your life running side by side.
  • Blame Game is never helpful. Before the breakup, you are going to have a blame game. Your ex will blame you, and you will blame him or her. But afterwards, you will realize that blaming is the most immature thing to do. When a relationship ends, you need to stop blaming the next person. Otherwise, you will keep grieving and suffering.
  • Forgiving is important. You will learn that forgiveness takes a lot of courage, but it is essential to move on. If you want to restart your life, you have to forgive; you need to overlook that breakup and look forward to the future.
  • Never go back to them. During the phase of denial, people make the mistake of going back to their ex. You will learn with time that you do not have to go back to them. It just shows you way less, and you are going to regret it later. Yes, an attempt to save the relationship can be considered. But do not go back to them over and over if you know the relationship is not right for you.
  • Keep the lessons that you learn and make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes in your next relationship or breakup. God forbid you to have to undergo the same pain, but a lot of us these days do go through heartbreak a lot. Thus, keep the lessons along for your wellbeing and never take it personally breakups happen every day you have not failed its something that happens in life.
Why is it important to have support when you are depressed from a breakup?

People who are going through a heartbreak usually go up to their friends saying that I need breakup advice to get out of this ugly phase. Reaching out to your friends and family for support is extremely crucial when you are depressed from your breakup. It is a complicated journey, and you might find pleasure in locking yourself up for days. However, you need to pick yourself up and interact with your friends and family. Here is why it is essential:

  • Your close friends will support you that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. They will encourage you to move forward in life and will help you in doing so.
  • Also, you need to build your social circle wherever you go. The friends you had two years ago might not always be accessible to you. Thus, you need to go along with the changes. This will help you in having support whenever and wherever you want.
  • Friends help you fight depression as they are present with you, through thick and thin. They make you laugh and look at the brighter side of life.
The benefits of relationship counselling:

If you think that you are stuck on a stage of a breakup, then you need to get help and support.A lot of people complain that I need breakup advice but they never really seek it from the right place. Relationship counselling can be extremely helpful in fighting the depression and anger of breakup. This phase can be painful, and some people are not good at handling the situation. Thus, if you think you are unable to move forward in life and you say that I need breakup advice from a professional, then you must you can to MDD for support..

Miss Date Doctor has an array of services for all types of issues. Whether you are single or you are stuck in your breakup phase; a team of experts is are here to help you any time. You can take counselling at any hour of the day. We help you with practical and contemporary methods. We also give you different practices to include in your daily life to get out of the breakup phase. With the help of a professional, you can look at life with a positive outlook. If you think you need help in your breakup phase, then visit

A breakup can be challenging to overcome, but with the right help, you can fight through this time and come out stronger emotionally. It is time to take control of yourself and your emotions. Never allow the breakup sadness to linger for months. Seek help, and you are certainly going to get back on with living your life for the best. Breakups hurt but you will get through it turn tous whenever you think I need breakup advice.

I need breakup advice for the dumper

Breakup hurts everyone, whether you are a dumpee or dumper. People think that dumpers do not get hurt after a breakup, but the reality is different. In some cases, it is easy for them to start a fresh life, and they are happy right after a breakup, but it is not easy for everyone.

If someone asks I need breakup advice for the dumper, you may think why a dumper needs advice?  Breaking up with a person you love is not an easy thing, and you cannot return to your normal life right after this.

Why does break up hurt?

I need breakup advice for the dumper, but I don’t know why he/she is upset about it? Here is why breakup hurts even if you really wanted it to happen:

Your break up occurred in the heat of the moment.

In most cases, breakups occur in the heat of the moment or sometimes tensions have been building. You said something bad, and your partner reciprocates, and then you initiated the breakup or vice versa. In most cases, people do this to show power to other people or for proving their point. Threatening a breakup is the worst thing someone can do in a relationship it creates doubts, a lack of trust and upset. Another person gets detached, and then people break up with each other for good.

Seeing your ex happy

Happiness can be contagious sometimes. If you are dumper and after break up, you see your ex happy with his/her friends or with someone new, it is like a blow to your ego. You think that you dumped your partner; he should be grieving, and you should be happy. You may feel jealous. But seeing him healing when you are not totally happy is painful for you.

Feeling alone and depressed.

Breaking up with a person you have loved once is not that easy, whatever the reason, maybe even if it is the fault of your partner. You may feel lonely around your friends who are in a healthy and committed relationship. Everything around you reminds of your partner, and you get depressed. This mostly happens with celebrities because living in the public eye is more pressurized. In the media world we are sometimes asked questions such as I need break up advice for celebrities and you may wonder why and think it is easier for them, but the fact is that break up affects everyone, whether normal person or a celebrity money and fame do not soften the blow of breakups.

These are not the only reasons, there are many other reasons, but the point is what is done is done; you have to move on now. If you think that I need break up advice for the dumper, you are in the right place the dumper feels pain also in a breakup with someone they care about.

Give advice on dumping someone.

It may seem surprising when someone says I need breakup advice for the dumper because dumpers are always portrayed as the bad person, but anyone can ask for help. Before dumping someone, you need to know why you want to do break up. Are there so many issues or just a single one? Is your relationship not fun anymore, and it feels like a burden or your partner is cheating on you? Do you see no future for the relationship?

Once you have the answer to these questions, it will be easy for you to break up. But do it gracefully it does not need to be a case of creating a scene or trash talk. Talk to your partner in person and be mature and do it privately do not inform others before you inform them. But it does not mean that you have to make them feel better about it unfortunately no matter what they will be hurt. It is not your duty to take care of them now but be respectful and reasonable, so maintain distance and cut them off for a short time give them time to heal. Move on and spend some time appreciating yourself and healing your wounds guilt and fear can sometimes make people stay in relationships for longer than they should.

Give breakup advice for the dumper.

Breakups, as I said, are not easy, but now you broke up, you have to plan next. When someone asks me, “I need breakup advice for the dumper,” I suggest him/her based on my experience to move on. You may wonder how to move on, it is not easy, but you have to. If you dumped your partner, there was a reason behind it he/she might be cheating on you or you were not feeling connected emotionally, or there was a lack of commonality but those reasons were real. So you have to get over it as much as it hurts life must continue.

For this, spend time with your friends, pick new hobbies and try to distract yourself. Watch your favorite movies and do things that you wanted to do but could not because your partner did not like it or you were too busy doing couple activities.

Give breakup advice for best friend.

People may ask, I need breakup advice for my best friend.  It is because when you see your best friends struggling with their relationship, you feel bad for them and want a solution. You listen to their problems, and you know everything about them how they are sacrificing so much physically and emotionally  and how another person is not appreciating this.

You are so worried about them that you ask anyone, “I need breakup advice for my best friends; he/she is not happy at all.” What you need to do is to tell them facts. If your best friend is in a toxic relationship, make him/her realize that they deserve so much better, and they have to break up with the person. Tell them it’s not their fault and when they really break up with their partner give them company and support. Be there for them because the breakup is less hurtful when they have support and love around them, dealing with a breakup is more painful and tough when you deal with it alone. If you know this, Seek professional guidance and external support if you are thinking; I need breakup advice for my best friend”. This will help them get through it easier and more quickly.

More breakup advice for celebrities.

Saying, I need breakup advice for celebrities, may seem weird. People think that they have everything so how they can be unhappy about something or someone. But the fact is they also get hurt, and there is nothing bad in dumping someone if you feel that your relationship is not working anymore, no matter how much effort you put into it. Separate your paths gracefully. Celebrities get depressed easily, and they blame themselves because their life is public, and everyone is talking about their breakup; some may blame them for it. It is just painful if you are going through a breakup no matter who you are, keep yourself away from social media and rumors. Think positively, go for counseling, and spend time with those who are sincere with you.

If you are friends with a celebrity, who is going through a breakup, ask a professional that I need breakup advice for celebrities and they will guide you. But if you ask me, try to be there for them and do whatever you can to help them in this tough time.

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