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Website Accessibility

What we promise

The Miss Date Doctor Dating Site promises to offer a mobile optimised site which has images and texts optimised for easy usability on various devices and good functionality for all Miss Date Doctor USERS

Our plan

We aim to offer a modernised dating site platform to help those in need access advice, support and dating services on an online platform which has been created specifically with the user in mind offering a wide range of services in a high standard platform created for an easy experience to help our customers and we will continue to develop our website according to the guidelines promoted by the worldwide web consortium our website is available to the widest possible audience regardless of age, technology or technical ability.we aim to constantly improve and enhance the digital accessibility according to our customer’s needs.

Helpful tips

All of our dating service pages contain headings and images labelled with alternative text however if you do have issues using a computer because of a disability or impairment then we recommend you visit AbilityNet’s website.

You can find guidance about:
  • making your mouse easier to use
  • using your keyboard to control your mouse
  • talking to your device
  • making your device talk to you
  • increasing the size of the text on your screen
  • changing text and background colours
  • how to magnify your screen
  • hearing options for your device

AbilityNet is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology. It also provides a free service to individuals with disabilities to assess their computer needs – you can call them free on 0800 269 545 for more information or email

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