Where are all the Services?
All of our services are in the Dating Advice Shop: https://relationshipsmdd.com/dating-advice-shop

What Dating Services do Miss Date Doctor offer?
We offer Services for singles, breakups, couples arguments, relationship training, dates, or go out for the night to socialise, support for a rocky relationship and relationship maintenance packages to help you please your partner and keep things on track.The full range of products can be found on our services page

How do I speak to a dating coach?
You have three options you can call 03333443853 or text or WhatsApp to speak to your dating coach

How do I get a date?
If you sign up for membership or one of our V.I.P programmes one of our dating coaches will assist you in organising dates

How do I order this dating service for a friend?
If you would like to order a breakup package so that your friend has support after a breakup or a dating service you can order online or over the phone on 03333443853 and we will assist you with any specific requirements

How do I get a makeover and dating package?
We have a package called the New me package which will provide you with a dating coach, personal trainer and makeover

How do I solve a specific dating problem that is not on your service package list?
Call M.D.D Customer service and request a bespoke package on 03333443853

How do I get support if I am depressed after a breakup and need someone to talk to every day?
Order the breakup package and you will receive a breakup package, gifts and a coach to speak to daily

How can you help with struggling to get over an ex?
We can put you on our ex-relationship drama package

How do I learn more about dating and get better?
Order a relationship training programme and you will be taught the skills of dating

How do I find someone to go out with on the weekend so that I can meet people?
Order the M.D.D Socialise package and we will take you out for 4 nights on weekends

How do I receive my M.D.D Gift package?
Order from our services page and you will receive it via next day delivery in the post

What do I do if my partner keeps nagging me to make more effort?
Order the M.D.D relationship maintenance package we organise, dates, parties, surprises you pay yearly or every six months.

How do I get marriage counselling?
Order the marriage counselling package for you and your spouse on the services page you will get six sessions and we will assist you with all aspects of your marriage

How can I get daily relationship advice on what to do in my love life I need a dating coach?
Hire a dating coach package you can speak to your dating coach on the phone, DM, Whatsapp or text choose the method that suits your needs and is the most convenient for you

How can I get help to resolve an argument between me and my partner?
Order the M.D.D Couples crisis package online or over the phone

How do I cancel an order?
We have a no refund policy but in exceptional circumstances, email : [email protected] and the decision can be made due to the discretion of management

How do I make a complaint?
Call 03333443853 or email [email protected]
Write to us:
27 Old Gloucester Street