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Today we break down the 9 texts never to send a man.
The dating game is not easy and with social media, online dating sites full of players, liars and cheaters running around looking for victims this dating thing is tough but other than the above difficulties communication in dating is vital. The truth is whether we want to admit it or not some of us are quite simply terrible at dating. The thing about being terrible at dating is there are so many variables involved. In some cases, the problems can be self-inflicted but in other cases, it is a pure misunderstanding. There are more than 9 texts you should not send a man but today we will cover the main ones. but before we get to that I want you to be honest about the category you put yourself in as a woman. What is it you are truly seeking? Below are the possibles answer these questions honestly.I want to get married
I want a relationship
I am not sure what I want
I want to get married but I am very insecure
I don’t know I am confused and lonelyThe thing is dependent on what you want is going to have a domino effect on your behavior and that behavior will have an effect on your text messaging. Whether you are profusely texting all the time to the person you are dating or you just send it sometimes what you say to the person you are dating is a vital aspect of the strength of your communication levels. we aim to give you honest and integrity driven information on dating so if we just say 9 texts to make any man fall in love with you. We would not expect you to believe us because quite frankly every man is individual and to make such a bold claim wouldn’t be realistic , but we do aim to give you 9 texts that genuinely should not be sent to a man so that you are representing yourself in the right way in dating and communicating in the right way in dating, so here we go lets start number
1. These are 9 texts you must never send to a man.1.) Where are you answer this phone right now!!
This text is bossy and threatening there is no man that want’s to date his mum or teacher don’t tell him off. It may be the case you want to know where he is and perhaps you already called and he has not returned your call but once you go in this nagging and demands zone most guys will quite frankly be put off and act resistant.
2.) I am not sure about us, I am not sure if it’s working ( Your Bluffing! )
It is bad enough to break up with someone via text but to actually send this message when you don’t mean it is the worst thing you can do when dating a guy. It is a common tactic of a lot of women to threaten to leave a guy to keep him on his toes or teach him a lesson if he has done something wrong or has not been treating you right but it is very bad for respect and regard levels in your relationship. If you always make threats the guy you are dating will find it hard to take you seriously and may treat you with disrespect also he may find your threats to break up all the time a risk in regards to marrying you in the future. Will you just leave? No matter how upset you are never threaten to break up in a text.
3.) You are an idiot!
It doesn’t matter what he has done or how upset you are if your guy has upset you deal with it face to face and do not send abusive text messages. The problem with getting into arguments via text or what’s app is that these messages will be permanently on his phone unless he chooses to delete them. If there is an issue address it face to face realistically there will be some instances that your guy may have left you very upset but deal with it face to face.
4.) I am not happy with you because…….
If you have an issue with a guy the worst thing you can do is send long text messages discussing the issue guys absolutely hate this. The deep conversations and resolving issues are not something that can be sorted by what’s app or text men just don’t operate like that. The script long text messages of expressing how you feel and your grievances should be saved for a discussion when you meet up never make a guy feel bombarded with dissatisfaction and criticism tell him how you feel but do so in a non-accusatory fashion face to face.
5.) I remember my ex-boyfriend used to do that
This is one of the 9 texts that can land you in real trouble men absolutely hate this do not mention what you and your ex-used to do under any circumstances the guy will not appreciate it. When it comes to jealously levels and annoyance levels everyone has a different standard of what they can and can’t tolerate but overall most men get really irritated if you mention an ex, Then to make matters worse you have sent this message so he has constant reminder of what you said and that you were reminiscing about your ex-boyfriend.
6.) We are going to my aunties this weekend be at my house at 9!
If there is one thing all men hate it is being controlled and trapped. if you make plans for your boyfriend without consulting him and without asking him what his schedule is it may backfire. If you are forcing them into things or worst of all every man’s greatest fear moving too fast. The worst thing you can do in today’s modern dating arena is making a man feel you are taking over his life and making decisions for him most men absolutely hate this. There is nothing wrong with asking him if he would like to go but do not plan it for him. It doesn’t matter how much he seems to like you do not plan the weekend for him. This kind of text will just not go down well let him make his own decisions if you don’t want to come across like your his mum. It is important you respect he has a right to plan his own schedule and cannot just do what you want him to do.
7.) Do you love me? / Do you miss me?
This text out of the 9 texts is a little tricky because if you just said it once it’s not so bad but if you constantly send these messages it is awkward and can make you seem insecure and needy. The issue with this particular text is we all have needs and we all doubt ourselves sometimes but it is important not to overdo it. the problem is with most men once you become too needy and constantly need reassurance they become distant and irritable and start to pull back Try your best to hold back from sending needy text messages to the man your dating. It is also important that you don’t rely on words a man’s actions should be a representation of how he truly feels about you too much questioning scares men off.
8.) Why are you not answering the phone I hope you are not with Laura. I don’t like her!
If you start dating a guy whether you like it or not he may have some female friends and you bombarding him with threatening texts is not going to help the situation actually it will only make it worse. When we advise people in our relationship training programmes we always tell them do not start a relationship based on too much optimism. If a guy hangs out with loads of women and you don’t like his lifestyle you probably should not date him in. the first place. It is impossible to tell someone not to hang out with their friends just because they are dating you. It quite simply doesn’t make sense and is a complete waste of time for you to start complaining and controlling and making demands of what a man can and can’t do. It will also make you look intimidated by these other women. If the guy you are dating has a female best friend and you do not like the way he conducts himself with them ie he is flirting and acting inappropriately you just should not be dating him. This text out of all 9 texts is a warning not to waste your time and not to put yourself in this kind of awkward situation in the first place. We are all allowed to have friend’s of the opposite sex as long as it is done in a respectful way towards our partner, never send a text complaining about another woman if you feel you are being disrespected move on.
9.) You need to do better I think you should get a new job we need more money
This is the final of the nine texts and under no circumstances should you ever discuss your financial situation with a man via text messages it’s hurtful and offensive and he won’t forget it. If you want to discuss any financial issues, jobs, living arrangements do not do it via text men have a lot of ego and pride and you criticising or making demands for a career change and complaining about finances will really upset him. If there is one takeaway that you take from this article it should it should be that texting is not ideal for serious discussions. The serious discussions should be had face to face. When it comes to money discussions men hold a lot of pride attached to this issue and you miscommunicating such issues via text will make him resent you.

9 texts to get you in trouble with a woman

If you are having trouble building a nice relationship with a girl, the reason could be the way you are texting. Texting is the most common and most important form of communication nowadays.
A girl who does not know you at all will judge you from your texts. You need to be careful with the words you use, your timing, and the number of texts you send her. You don’t want her to think that you are needy or desperate or a complete sociopath. You need to avoid sending useless or annoying messages that could frustrate her and affect your relationship with her.
Only one mistake can ruin your relationship with the girl. You need to be mature and set some ground rules for texting. Here are 9 texts you should never text to a woman:

1. Send me a naked picture

If you are asking the girl to send you her nude picture, your relationship could be over immediately. It will only show your cheap character and sick mentality.

2. I am still really close with my ex, we are just hanging out at the moment
If you text a girl that you are hanging out with your ex, she will not take it lightly. If you are close with your ex-girlfriend, it could be really weird for your new girlfriend. She will start asking questions and eventually will doubt your loyalty.

3. I don’t know what I want, I’m just doing my thing

Girls don’t like boys who do not know what they are doing with their life and what they want to achieve. If you text this to her, she will never be attracted to you. You must sound confident and motivated.

4. I hate your girlfriends

Girls are really sensitive about their girlfriends. If you have met a girl and you really like her but can’t stand her girlfriends, you better keep it to yourself. You need to understand that her friends have been in her life for many years and if you will text her that you hate her girlfriends, your relationship could be in real trouble.

5. I am a loser, I have not had a job for ages

No girl likes a loser, especially those who always cry about it. You need to make a good impression on the girl to take your relationship to the next level. If you text her that you haven’t had a job for ages, she will not take pity on you, instead, she will dump you.

6. How many guys have you slept with

You can’t just text a girl you met that how many guys she has slept with. It may create some doubts about you in her mind and she will think you do not respect her private life.

7. I don’t do well with commitments

No girl likes a guy who is in a relationship just for fun and will leave the girl any time he likes. Avoid texting this to the girl. Girls like boys who are serious about their relationship.

8. You look like you have put on weight in the picture

Girls don’t look like being called fat. If you text her that she has gained weight she might lose interest in you.

9. You’re not a guy so you don’t get it

If there has been confusion or you get into a fight with the girl, you need to clear your misunderstandings properly. If you text her that she will not understand because she is not a guy, she will think you are not man enough to face her.
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Note for those scared they may never find love:
It’s not easy in the dating arena these days and finding love can be so difficult because there are many factors to take into consideration compatibility, personal needs, emotions, failed relationships, careers and personal development as you learn from each relationship you have.It is so important you don’t let the knockbacks get to you and you don’t give up. The one thing that will definitely stop you from finding love is giving up that is something you must never do. This is the modern society people tend to get married later than the statistics of the past
so the struggle to find the right person is a common one and you should never feel scared that it won’t happen in fact it is that fear that stops many singles from finding love. If you were job hunting it would be imperative for you to fill in job applications and send off your cv it is
the same with looking for love you have to be proactive socialize, meet people, go on dates, do the things that make you feel confident. The truth is for every moment you say I will not meet someone is a precious moment lost because they are loads of singles out there in the same situation as you looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with, let go of your past and let go of the doubts you will find love. We all at Miss Date Doctor are here to support and guide you at all times if you need advice join us on Instagram we provide dating advice
and also relationship advice and couples therapy.


The main rules of texting a guy in the modern society:1.) Never seem overly eager bombarding the guy with texts when he is answering never send more than 2 unanswered messages.2.) Never ever send more than one text a day just to chat it makes you seem needy and unoccupied which is not a good look.3.) Make sure you are not always the one to text first it should be fifty fifty so that you both know you are interested4.) Try to limit conversational texts in work hours so you don’t become annoying but evenings and weekends are fine dependant on the work schedule of who you are dating5.) Be yourself and don’t say anything in the text you would not say in person.6.) Remember some conversation is not suitable for text because of the inability to display emotions.7.) Never push for a response to your text no matter how long it takes them to answer just wait they may be busy or not in the mood don’t be pushy.The bottom line be relaxed, don’t send an influx of messages don’t be pushy, be fun, flirty and watch grammar in the messages.

Thanks for reading the 9 texts women should never send a man and subscribe below to be entitled to free dating advice services and offers.



Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, keeping the spark alive for years can be a challenge. After a 5 year relationship, you might start believing the statement  people have to give, that “the honeymoon period is over.” You might also begin to consider the modern society phrase that tells you that you cannot have a relationship and career (or success) together. This is not the society that is rushing you into believing this; not at all. This is YOU, getting bored with your relationship and finding ways out of it because the spark is gone! In this article, we will be unfolding 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, along with some tips on how to maintain the spark in your bond for years and years!

Love quotes for him

What is the “spark”? Well, the sweaty hands and paced up heartbeat along with the butterflies in the stomach is the perfect definition of spark in your relationship. The gut excitement and the electric vibe that crosses through your body, when your partner touches you, is the “spark”. People believe that this “spark” will diminish gradually with years, but if it is dying too soon, then there’s something wrong with the way you are handling the relationship. The spark doesn’t have to die for years AND INDEFINITELY, and you can maintain it too. You need to put in the effort to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Quick ways to maintain spark after being in a relationship:

Before we jump into stating the 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, we will be providing you with some quick tips to maintain romance and spark in your relationship. These will help you a lot!

Create what you want:

The biggest problem with a lot of people is that they rely on their partner all the time. They want them to create what “they” want. You can always create what you want, instead of waiting for them to do it. To stay fit emotionally, while being in a relationship, you need to shift your thinking from “wanting” something to do that something on your own. Take yourself back to the start of your relationship; you were willing to do anything for this person! Do the same for the years to come. Obviously, reciprocation is essential but don’t always keep waiting for your partner!


Communication is the key to success in any relationship. When was the last time you actually talked? You need to communicate with your partner if you want to keep the spark alive. Also that 10 minutes chat is not communication. Talking is discussing things, talking about your future and understanding what your partner wants. Positive communication is going to keep the love alive!

Don’t live in old disappointments:

If you love your partner, you need to love them despite their flaws. You need to stop looking back into the things that disappointed you. You’re going to be dissatisfied at one point or another while being with someone. You cannot rush away from it. Thus, you need to stop clinging to old wounds and painpoints and forgive. Don’t ruin your relationship by living old stories.

9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated:

Now that we understand that it is possible to keep the spark and romance alive, we have listed the 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. These are going to help you a lot when it comes to saying something that spreads a smile on their face while they are busy in the midst of a dull or stressful day!

  1. Good morning beautiful/handsome: A morning text is a day turner. Make sure it is worth it.
  2. I can’t wait to throw my arms around you.
  3. I know I don’t say it enough, but you are amazing, and I love you.
  4. Being with you makes me so happy. I am lucky to have you.
  5. You are my favourite person, and I can’t wait to see you.
  6. I love you like crazy, and I feel incredibly blessed to have met you.
  7. Cuddling with you would be perfect right now. I miss you.
  8. I love imagining us together forever!
  9. Thank you for showing me how good a man/woman can love me! It feels beautiful.

These 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated are small and straightforward, but they have the power to turn your partner’s day around and make them smile! Use them now and then to make them feel loved and appreciated.


If you think that these 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated might not be able to help you, then you can always look out for help. Relationship counselling is beneficial in this context and can easily aid you in maintaining romance in your life. MDD is an ideal online and face to face relationship counselling platform which provides you with different types of services. You can check out their services here;

They also provide you with advice through articles. If you don’t want to opt for therapy services just yet, then you can go through some of their articles, to gather help. Thus, whether you are single or not, you can rely on Miss Date Doctor for relationship advice and help.

Start adding magic to your relationship with the above mentioned 9 texts to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Communicate and create enchantment on your own with these texts and effort.

9 texts to send to diffuse an argument on Whatsapp

The world has become a global village, and we are more connected than ever through social media applications. Today we are totally dependent on technology, and this has led to several issues not only in our daily life but also in our relationships.

Unrecognizable businesswoman in her office holding smart phone, texting.

How modern technology affects relationships?

Relationships are not easy, and honestly, technology has made them more difficult. We spend most of our time on smartphones using social media applications. We have online friends, and instead of giving our relationship full time, we talk to our online friends. People around need us, especially our parents, friends, and our partners. So we have to be there for them instead of focusing on making new friends online and online chat forums and social media. According to research, we use our phones more than 28 times in a day and accruing to some studies 156 times a day.
Technology is the main cause of distraction. Most of us our busy using our phones instead of listening to what other people are saying to us, which is unacceptable, especially in a romantic relationship. In terms of dating, it has become easy to ghost someone and not taking responsibility for what you have done wrong phone communication can never replace face to face to face interaction and it can also cause unnecessary arguments.

Technology has also affected our relationship with food. We are no more thankful for what we are eating; it is more important for us to put a picture of food on Instagram than to really cherish it everything is about our internet image. Technology also has negative impacts on our mental health; depression is very common these days, especially among the young generation.

How texting has become so popular in today’s modern society?

Texting has become very popular in modern society. You can instantly tell people where you are and what are you doing just by clicking a button. You do not have to make time for a phone call. This is very beneficial in many ways. You can invite your friends for hangout but just sending a text.

But in addition to some positive impact, it also has some negative impacts. Kids who grow up texting using wrong grammar and shortening words will prove bad for them. Parents have less control over children sending text; they don’t know what they are doing actually and may not know what they are saying. People who just use texting for communication are less confident, and it isn’t good at all—people text while driving, which has an increased rate of accidents by causing distraction.

How texting affects a relationship?

About 25% of couples text each other even if they are together at home, and almost the same ratio of couples say that they feel their spouse distracted by their phones. Texting is somehow good in a relationship. You can be in touch with your partner. You can send sweet texts to each other and make each other feel special. It will make the bond between you two even stronger. But you can’t discuss the serious issue on texts; it will be dangerous for your relationship.

How do arguments start with couples on Whatsapp or text and how to handle it?

Whatsapp is a social media platform where you can connect with your friends and partner. It’s like Whatsapp forces you to keep in touch with your partner. It will show your last seen, which means last time when you were active. Bluetick marks show that you have read someone’s message. This leads to arguments between couples like; you are online why aren’t you replying to me. Sometimes couples instead of meeting and talking prefer discussing important topics over Whatsapp, which leads to serious arguments.

These are problems, but your one text can solve these issues. If you are in a bad argument with your partner, I have a list of 9 texts that will prove helpful for you. All these 9 texts are designed to help you in tackling various situations. You may wonder how these 9 texts can help you. Well, when you will try them, you will know it better.

Here are these 9 texts and their possible impacts

I am sorry about what I said let’s meet up we shouldn’t be texting this topic.

If you have said something wrong and your partner is angry, this will help in lowering his temper, and you can discuss it further at the meeting.

What can I do to make you happy babe I don’t want to argue you know how much you mean to me?

This works best with women. After reading this text, your partner will not be angry anymore, and it may also cheer him/her up. But if someone is still arguing, he/she is not worthy of you.

Please explain to me what happened do you want me to call you or shall we meet up

This means that you care for your partner, and you want things right between you too. Your partner will also feel that he/she should try to make things better.

Let’s talk about this when you have calmed down.

Sometimes a little time apart can help in avoiding argument. So if one person is too angry, take a break and talk again after some time.

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this topic let’s not do this I love and respect you let’s not let this get out of hand.

This will, for sure, end the argument or will take it to the less aggressive side. Saying to your partner that you love them always proves helpful.

Let’s discuss a resolution; what do you think we should do?

This will take your argument to a positive side, and both of you will be able to discuss the problem like mature adults.

Let’s go and discuss this over coffee.

Your partner may still be angry, but he/she will stop arguing. And it is good to discuss things in personal the on Whatsapp text.

Let us not say things we will both regret later darling; we must talk to each other with respect and also compromise.

In this text you have stated the importance of not insulting each other and also stated compromise is important

I’m sorry, babes, forgive me. I’m sorry if I upset you.

This will surely melt your girlfriend’s  or boyfriends heart. And it will hopefully help solve your problem.


Dealing with relationships is not easy, and if you try to solve your arguments and problems over some social media applications like Whatsapp it can make things worse. Whatsapp will be helpful if you use it smartly, but there is nothing better than dealing with an argument in person. It is more effective, but we know the problems of modern issues among modern couples mean sometimes it is not possible to meet up. So to make things easier for you, we have provided you a list of 9 texts that you can use to handle arguments with your partner. We hope that these 9 texts will prove helpful for you.

Nine Texts to never send to a girl (Bonus info for teenagers)

In this article below I will tell you the 9 nine texts messages to never send to a girl.  I will advise you of the type of messages that you will do well to avoid. Often young men make the mistake of sending these types of messages that will land them in all sorts of trouble teenage years of dating can be tough but great fun at the same time. In order to have a successful relationship preparation is vital. Here below in nine texts you should never send to a girl. We go through various messages that must be avoided. These types of messages have been the pitfall for many young guys.

  1. A text where you have decided to end your relationship. This can come across very rude and disrespectful. My advice in this situation would be to meet up and discuss the issues you’re experiencing. If you are unable to resolve them? Then maybe giving each other a bit of space could be another option. This may be difficult for you and the girl but please proceed with caution before sending that text. Never send this to a girl breaking up by text can come across as very cruel and inconsiderate.
  2. A long or demanding text message. This can come across as bossy or demanding, also more sensitive issues shouldn’t be discussed over a text conversation. Often people can misunderstand each other in text messages. Messages in this format might possibly be viewed as a rant.
  3. Texts about sex. This is a very bad move. Of course all couples are different, but I wouldn’t advise any young man to do it as it could give totally the wrong impression of you. A message like this could ruin a relationship before it’s even started. Never send this text to a girl. This kind of message will get you blocked never give a girl the impression all you seek from her is intimacy or that this where your priorities are.
  4. Profuse texting could ruin your chances. Early on when you first meet someone new, you may feel as if you are treading on eggshells, but being overbearing or looking desperate or needy will end things for you quickly. Be patient text now and then, making those texts worthwhile. Profuse texting may be viewed as harassing in extreme cases. If she doesn’t reply give her time to respond.
  1. Never ever send a text when you’re upset or angry this can destroy a relationship in seconds, also a negative message can have long lasting effects on a relationship. This could be the root cause of future arguments. Sending texts when angry or upset will often lead to bad situations. Never send a text to girl when you are upset or disgruntled. Take a deep breath or wait until calmed down before contacting her. Possibly wait until the following day. If you’re very upset. Words can be very damaging and remember with text there is a reminder of what you said in a physical form in her phone.
  2. Sending dismissive texts because you are busy are the worst “I’m busy!” “Talk later!” Ignoring her texts or taking a long amount of time to reply. For example 3 or 4 hours. Sometimes a loved one may just want to see that you are ok. I am sure you wouldn’t like her to take hours to reply to your messages. Being reasonable in a relationship is vital and also in the dating stages the way you text can turn her off. This could be viewed as disrespectful by some.
  3. So this a nonexistent text. Never texting her at all. If you never text her she will be wondering how you feel about her. Modern day life can be hectic but please ensure you make time for your loved one or partner. It’s only takes a few seconds to send a text. Please don’t leave that doubt in her mind make the effort and send that message to her. Make the girl you like feel important
  4. Any sort of condescending message about her style, body, or dress sense could very hurtful. Everybody has their own dress sense and unique physique. It’s their choice and decision. This can be viewed as bullying or abuse by telling a lady how to dress, this is a massive red flag. Never send this to text to a girl. Please remember they may choose to show this message to friends or colleagues. This could be extremely damaging for you. Do not send derogatory messages about appearance, clothes or physical attributes.
  5. A one word text. A complete waste of a text, I would suggest texting only when you have something meaningful to say. Nobody likes messages like this. A one word text will usually get a one word response. A message like “Hi” will get a response like this “Hi”.Lol!

This is not very useful at all. Never send this to a girl. It’s unlikely to lead to a good  conversation.

Those above are examples of nine texts that you should never send to a girl. When a send a message to a girl or someone of interest you must ensure you think carefully before sending the message to them. The wrong type of message can very easily ruin everything. I doubt anyone would like to destroy months courting with one poorly constructed message. A thoughtful well organized young man is often a successful one. These nine texts that you should never send a girl are a guide for any man looking to build a successful relationship.

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