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Relationship Poems


Calling me up talking about nothing
Different crazy topics we are discussing
Playing with me all the time
Love is not a crime
Teasing me and laughing at me just to see me smile
This has been going on for a while
I know you like me what’s the deal
Tell me how you feel
I know you like me what’s the deal
This love is for real
Let’s seal the deal


She talks to too many guys
She tells too many lies
She is so pretty
But she doesn’t behave right
Always out in the streets
Partying late at night
She is such a flirt
She uses her looks
Gallivanting the streets
Instead of reading some books
I wish she knew how special she is
So much potential but she’s a bad girl
If she would change it would be so good
But the truth is she never could
I can’t trust her


I have dated quite a few guys but here we go again
Too much heartache too much pain
I keep trying I won’t give up
They keep lying then we break up
Am I just unlucky or just a fool
Do I need to implement 3 months rule
Do I rush too much because I want love so badly
Then find out I’m again sadly
I just want to meet Mr Right
Please god show me a light
I think about Men too much
What’s wrong with me
Why can’t I be patient just let it be
The moment I stop thinking I must be part of “We”
Is the moment I’ll find someone who loves me for me


My heart is breaking
My soul is shaking
My tears won’t stop racing
It is so frustrating
My love is wasting
There is no replacing
The pain is killing
But Lord willing
I will carry on
I must move on
You are not the only one
Someone else will care
I know that person is out there


If love is real it will last
Don’t rush in too fast
Don’t worry about your past
It’s only if it’s fake it will rust
But if it’s true you trust
No matter the fight
No matter what they say
You’ll love each other every single day
Never fear your love will go away
Because if love is real it will last until your last day
And no one can take that away


I have tried my best you just won’t change
It seems your heart is out of range.
I won’t get upset I won’t get bitter
I’ll go to the gym try to get fitter
Try to make my mind off the situation I’m in
You destroyed my heart like a balloon meets a pin.
Out with my friends tonight were off out for drinks
Got to keep busy nothing worse
Than a broken that thinks
I know in time my heart will heal
But at this moment this is how I feel.


I’m so in love with you
It’s like an addiction
It’s so perfect
It seems like fiction
Is this a movie or the real
I love the way you make me feel
Pretty lady bad to the bone
A girl like you can never be alone
You got it girl
You are a Queen on your throne
Oh I know!! I said I love
My covers been blownI’m so in love with you
It’s like an addiction
It’s so perfect
It seems like fiction
Is this a movie or the real
I love the way you make me feel
Pretty lady bad to the bone
A girl like you can never be alone
You got it girl
You are a Queen on your throne
Oh I know!! I said I love
My covers been blown


Are you cheating on me?
I need to know
If you are cheating on me
You have to go
When you fall asleep
I will check you phone
I’m on your whatsapp
Who the hell is Joan?
I’m taking this number
Going to call her phone
Find out what’s being going on
Just stay on my own
She said she is your girl
I said I’m your wife
I’m packing your things
Get out of my life


Let the pain leave you
Let the tears dry
If it is killing you
Do not ask why
Broken hearts heal
It just takes time
Do not fear
You will be fine
Today seems hard
But keep going on
Don’t let it defeat you
Keep on be strong
Everybody hurts sometimes
It’s part of life
You will get through this
Come out of all this strife
Broken hearts heal
It just takes time


How can I go on
These thoughts they limit me
I must go on
If you don’t want me somebody will
These are not sweet words but god’s will
I feel like it’s impossible I still love you
But if you don’t want me what can I do
The tears trickle down my face
No one can ever take your place
Time is a healer that’s what they say
Because in the end I’ll be okay.


Bad Boys don’t give a damn
So why do you date them?
Bad Boys have loads of girls
Don’t be mistaken
Bad Boys sometimes have wives and
Girlfriends they already taken
Bad Boys don’t care about you
Forget future plans you are making
Bad Boys will us you your
Heart forsaken
Bad Boys up in the clubs fresh
Meat they chasing
Bad Boys don’t care if you are
Pregnant and whose heart they are breaking
Don’t date a bad boy date a
Nice guy instead
By the way Mr Nice guys at home
You chose him instead.


I love him so much
I can’t help it
I can’t leave he’s my love
The only man I want
Sent from above
I love him
He makes me feel proud
It’s only you I want
Kiss me no one is around
I love him
I want to build a future with you
Let’s face this life together
Me and you forever


I feel like I need someone to love me
I feel like I need someone to trust me
I need someone to treat me good
Why am I always misunderstood
I really wish someone would care
I really wish someone was there
But If I don’t love me
How can he?
It’s time to start loving me


My woman is pretty
My woman is sweet
My woman turns heads
When she walks down the street
My woman is smart
My woman is complete
She is one of the best women you will ever meet
My woman supports me through thick and thin
She will not let another man get in
I love my woman


I want to get married
I want to be a wife
I want a man
To be with for life
I’m scared it won’t happen
I’m scared to wait
I fear sometimes am I too late
There’s someone for everyone
That much is true
So instead of acting crazy
I will wait for you
My husband is in traffic
That much is true
See you at the altar
I’m waiting for you

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