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Improve my Relationship


Making a relationship is easy, but maintaining a relationship is very tough. Almost every relationship goes through ups and downs and takes work, time, commitment, support, and willingness to change and adapt. When you are in a new relationship, or you have spent years with your partner, there are steps that you have to follow in order to build a healthy relationship. Even if you have a lot of bad past experiences, you can build a good relationship, because life never ends when it comes to learning and change with efforts we can always improve things. You can learn to find fulfillment and connection by enjoying the happiness life has to offer you by taking the stance I will improve my relationships in all areas of my life to the best of my ability. (1)

Here I will tell you some of the tips that I used to improve my relationship with my parents, my partner, food, and, most importantly, myself. I hope this will prove helpful for you. So let’s get started.

What is it that makes a relationship healthy?

You may wonder what is key to a healthy relationship; how can I improve my relationship? Well, when you accept that your relationship needs improvement, it is the first step towards a healthy relationship. Because then you really try to improve things. People are different from each other, and so relationships also differ, but there are some common foundations that you have to take care of.

If you ask me, ‘how can I improve my relationship?’ I would suggest you maintain a solid emotional connection with your partner. Make each other feel loved and keep fluid communication going. There will be disagreements and conflicts but resolve them peacefully. Respect each other’s opinion and do not humiliate or betray trust.

Nobody is perfect, and expecting too much can hurt you. So put healthy pressure on your relationship. Maintain your identity outside of the relationship, meet your friends, and preserve relationships with your family. One very important thing in a relationship is honesty. Always be honest with your partner about everything. Moreover, good communication can build a strong bond between you two, talk about your desires, and goals; when you know each other better, it is easier to maintain a healthy relationship.

How to improve my relationship with my boyfriend

How do I improve my relationship with my boyfriend? Answer to this question is simple and complicated at the same time. First of all, figure out what you want from him and where the problem is then it will be easy for you to find the solution.

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If you are wondering “how can I improve my relationship with my boyfriend” here is what you can do:

Try to bring improvement in your time together.

I want to improve my relationship with my boyfriend; what should I do? Well, the first thing you should do is to spend quality time with your partner. Do things that you both enjoy together. Appreciate him and give compliments make him feel accepted and at ease. Make sure to spend weekends together, during this time, cook his favorite food, and watch your favorite movies.

Work on your communication

If you ask me, what is the key to improve my relationship with my boyfriend? I would reply to communication. It may seem obvious but healthy communication is very important in a relationship. Get to know each other and talk about his hobbies. Ask him how was his day at work. Listen to each other and be open about everything learn to understand his mind and motivations. When you have something important to discuss, talk in person, not on call or text. Words have a strong impact, so talk about how you feel, tell him that you love him a lot and always consider, tone, context and objectives when you have deep discussions with him.

Be supportive

How can I improve my relationship with my boyfriend? I don’t know what I am missing? Sometimes we don’t realize that we are not talking positively. We mention their mistakes and get offended by something our partner does. This is not the right behavior. Nobody is perfect, so do not talk negatively about your partner’s mistakes, be supportive. If he needs help, be there for him. If he is having a tough time with his job, support him. It is so important to uplift your partner and show empathy in tough times. The support aspect of a relationship will make your boyfriend see you as a team instead of two separate individuals.

How to improve my relationship with my parents

Relationships are not easy to work on, whether romantic or with parents. You may wonder how can I improve my relationship with my parents, but it is not a one day task. It becomes even more difficult when they are okay with the current situation and don’t recognize that there is an issue. Years of baggage, generation gap, personality difference, and differences in vision make relationships with parents more complicated.

I know how a person feels when he is not comfortable around his parents or family I see so many of my clients experience this and its tough. If you ask me, ‘how can I improve my relationship with my parents‘, I would suggest the following tips:

Improve your attitude

It is easy to blame others than accepting our own mistakes and problems when something goes wrong. You cannot control what others do, but you can control your attitude. If you react with frustration or argument, it is not the right attitude. If you do not feel like doing something, they ask, talk calmly, and explain the whole matter. They will understand better if you communicate and don’t take a aggressive or defensive start exercise maturity by being diplomatic with your attitude towards them even if you don’t like what they are saying or doing.

Spend time with them

Teenagers do not spend time with their parents a lot because of their social activities, and sometimes parents do not have enough time to give their children because of a job, family commitments etc. But spending time with each other can help a lot. If you spend more time with your parents, you will, for sure, see improvement in your relationship. It is hard to appreciate and understand someone if you do not spend quality time with them.

Give and seek forgiveness.

How can I improve my relationship with my parents? I am so hurt by their past attitude? I know how it feels when you are hurt because something bad happened in the past. But if you keep things in mind and heart, you can’t be happy in your life. Parents love their children, and they never do something on purpose to hurt them, so forgive them for their mistakes. Moreover, if you have done something wrong and showed them bad behaviour, ask forgiveness. The forgiveness element of child and parent relationship is essential.

How to improve my relationship with my girlfriend

Love is not enough in a relationship; it needs more than that. It needs efforts and focus. You may feel that your girlfriend is making excuses, or you may observe mood swings; this is the time to analyze what is wrong. If you feel like “I need to improve my relationship with my girlfriend,” here is what you can do:

Give her space

Sometimes boyfriends become very possessive and want to be involved in everything, which is not healthy behavior. Girls want some time alone to do things privately with their friends. So let them be free because they have their own identity and their own life outside the relationship. If you give her a little space, it will not badly affect your relationship rather will bring a positive change. It is very important that you trust your partner enough to allow them to do their own thing sometimes

Make her feel special.

Girls like when someone makes them feel special. When a relationship is a bit old, you do not spend as much time together or do something special for her. She may feel like you are not interested in her anymore, and this can be a cause of her frustration. If you think “she is acting weird and I need to improve my relationship with my girlfriend,” tell her that you love her. So if you love her, make her feel special like plan little dates every month, compliment her, make her coffee (if she likes), and spend weekends together.

Talk about the future of your relationship.

Sometimes boyfriends are commitment phobes, and they ruin a good relationship just because they do not want to settle. Girls usually hate this; maybe your girlfriend sensed that you are not into a committed longtime relationship. If you both are in a committed relationship, talk about your future. How do you want to spend it with her? It will make your relationship stable.It can be difficult to get the best out of girlfriend when you don’t make her feel secure.

Boyfriends are usually confused, and most of them say, “My girlfriend is not happy with me, how can I improve my relationship with my girlfriend I don’t know where I am going wrong?”. Honestly, a little affection, care, and attention can make her feel better but most of all listen to her find out what she wants.

How to improve my relationship with myself

I have tried to understand the relationship I have with myself because it will be the only constant relationship that will never end in my life. When I observed it deeply, I found that I need to improve my relationship with myself. Honestly, everything depends on this one relationship. Life is not outside of us, we experience life, so if we want to have a good and happy life, we must have a good relationship with ourselves.

You may think now, “How can I improve my relationship with myself?” here is what helped me and will help you for sure:

Self-love habits can help you.

Self-love habits are a great way to support your well-being. Some healthy self-love habits include appreciating you for doing small things, even making a bed, complimenting yourself. Going on a date weekly or monthly with yourself is the best thing, on this date, eat and wear what you like without thinking of any other thing. I did this, and it really helped me to improve my relationship with me.

Turn off social media for a while

Social media has become an important part of our lives. We spend a lot of time on our phones using Instagram, Facebook, etc. But it is not a good habit. At least once a week, turn off social media. Do not, I repeat, do not use any social media site, and spend some time alone. On this day cook your favorite food (you can order if you want), read a favorite book or try any other hobby like gardening, painting, etc. This helped me a lot to improve my relationship with myself. It is important that you protect your energy and your mind sometimes take it away from social media and give it a break.

Start writing journal

It is the best habit; there is nothing better than writing your thoughts down on paper as you can easily explore them. You will be able to know what do you want from life, how you are feeling, and it will help you in dealing with the situation. You will also be able to plan your future.It can be a great idea to write a list of what you want and a plan of action of how you plan to get there

If you are still confused about “how can I improve my relationship with myself,” you can go for counseling or life coaching, it will help you understand your mind much better. (2)

How to improve my relationship with food

Negative feelings about weight and food can affect your lifestyle. It can be difficult to be struggling with your weight. You have to eat something you don’t like and cannot eat something you love because you are on dieting. Many people have done this because of wanting to improve my relationship with food and  also their weight. But it never helped them. Then they stopped dieting. You may wonder how even leaving a diet can help to improve my relationship with food. But this is reality. Here is what you should try:

Do not punish yourself

Punishing yourself for eating something you should not, will not help at all. It will bring negativity in your life. So start practicing mindful eating. Then start eating food with full attention without using a phone or computer. It helps with better digestion.

Be thankful

Have gratitude for what you are eating. There are people in the world that cannot afford or access the food you are eating. Start eating food with gratitude, and it will help you a lot on your journey to improve my relationship with food.

Enjoy your food

Think positively about the food you are eating. While eating, if you think that I should not eat this, why I can’t control myself, I am a total failure., it will not help you at all. Stress is not good for you. Try to eat your food without passing judgment.

Keep in mind that nothing is perfect in this world eat reasonable amounts but do treat yourself as well sometimes. You do not have to follow the standards people have made. It does not mean that you have to stop eating healthy food, eat healthily but also eat things that you like. If you do not eat them, you will crave them, and then you will binge eat them.  Do not think what others have in their plate focus on yourself. I improve my relationship with food using these simple things, and if you practice them, you will also be able to do so. The relationship with food is important make sure it is a healthy relationship.

How to improve my marriage communication

Marriage is not easy; you have to give a lot. We all know that communication is key to any relationship. But how can someone have healthy communication in a marriage? You may wonder “how can I improve my marriage communication?” well I know what it takes and I am going to give you some tips that I used to improve my marriage communication and will help you for sure:

Turn off technology and talk to each other

We spend a lot of time on our phones and laptops, and it affects our relationships badly. Because of the time we can use to talk to each other, we are wasting on technology. It is not a healthy habit. When you get back home from work, try to avoid the use of technology and instead talk to your spouse about their day.

Express positive feelings freely and negative feelings constructively.

Most people express negative feelings quicker than positive feelings, which are absolutely wrong and not good for marriage at all. Sometimes you may feel bitterness, but that does not mean humiliate your partner; it is good to share feelings, but if these are negative, share them constructively. You need to be more expressive regarding positive feelings. Tell your spouse how thankful you are for having them in your life. Give them compliments.

Listen attentively without being defensive.

Talking is good, but listening is even better. If your spouse is talking to you, listen to him carefully ad attentively. Doing this, you will give the impression that they are important to you. They will feel loved. If you two are having an argument, listen to other people first and then calmly share your point of view, do not be defensive. Hear each other’s complaints and try to improve yourself.

This was very helpful for me to improve my marriage communication; if you are still confused and cannot decide what to do, marriage counseling is the best solution for you to work on the problem areas in your marriage and resolve them with a professional (3)


Relationships and marriages are not easy to maintain, as I said above.  But if you do not have a good relationship with yourself, you cannot build a healthy relationship with any other person or things in your life. I started to improve my relationship with me first, and then it was easy for me to enjoy other relationships in my life. So keep in mind that the key to your happiness is “you.” If you are happy, you can keep the people around you happy.


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