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Emotional perception

Emotional perception Emotional perceptionis characterised by the abilities and capacities of identifying and recognising others’ emotions and the physiological and biological processes involved. Understanding emotions is considered to be both inborne and subject to the influence of the environment and also a crucial factor in social interactions. How someone experiences and interprets emotions is based …

Relationship advice constant fighting

Relationship advice constant fighting According to psychologists, there are about 10 common reasons behind the failure of relationships. These include unmet expectations, compatibility issues, and trust issues. Continuous fighting can also cause issues in a relationship, and if this is not dealt with properly, it can end a relationship altogether. Fighting in a relationship is …

Dysfunctional Relationship

Dysfunctional Relationship Every relationship is dysfunctional in one way or another at some point. There is nothing like a perfect relationship. For staying in a committed relationship, many people compromise and try to cope with disappointments. If a relationship offers enough good to compensate, people weather the distress and choose to love each other. But …


Atychiphobia Phobias are very common. People have different phobias depending upon traumatic events have happened in their life. One such phobia is atychiphobia which we will discuss in this article. You will be able to know about signs, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options. So let’s get started: Atychiphobia meaning Atychiphobia, meaning is fear of failure. …

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