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EUPD EUPD. An emotionally unstable personality disorder, also known as borderline personality disorder, highlights the issues that arise when a person is emotionally unstable, anxious, and has a pattern of self-destructive behavior. If you have EUPD, you may experience great doubt in yourself and others, leading to a borderline psychotic state. You switch moods quickly …

Why men leave

Why men leave Why men leave. These days, men seem to be abandoning loving marriages, cheating on committed partners, and deserting lovely sons and daughters everywhere. It’s also becoming more prevalent. Some of these men, adulterous husbands, cheating lovers, and absent fathers are unredeemable liars and cheats, giant adolescents incapable of putting anything before themselves. …

Social Phobia

Social Phobia Social phobia is a long-term mental health problem in which people experience unjustified worry as a result of social interactions. Everyday social encounters generate illogical worry, fear, self-consciousness, and shame in those with social phobia. Excessive dread of being judged, worry about embarrassment or humiliation, or concern about offending someone are all possible …

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