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We all have individual needs and problems and it is imperative we get the support we need when these issues start to take a toll on our daily lives please see below our dating advice for women packages these are specialised packages created for the female advice needs in relationships and dating.


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£ 150.00
  • Get advice on your present dating situation
  • Dating Coaching
  • Learn how to text and communicate effectively
  • Help with your dating profile
  • Learn how to improve your boundaries
  • How to effectively implement healthy communication
  • Assess your relationship needs and requirements
  • Analysation of past relationships
  • Something just happened with the person you are dating and you want to know what to do next
  • Discuss past traumas
  • How to overcome trust and intimacy issues
  • Detachment Issues help
  • Discuss intimacy issues
  • Personality Testing and Introspection test
  • Gain more knowledge on successful relationship strategies
  • 1 hour session
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£ 550.00
  • Establish painpoint areas in the dating process
  • Learn how to attract better candidates for relationship or prospective marriage
  • Improve emotional intelligence skills
  • Eliminate self sabotaging behaviours
  • Improve emotional validation techniques
  • Learn Conflict management techniques
  • Gain Self Insight
  • Increase emotional resilience
  • Learn how to sustain a healthy relationship
  • Improve boundaries and self image
  • Learn why men leave and how to avoid relationship breakdown
  • Gain understanding of your relationship needs
  • Learn how to understand what men are looking for in a life partner
  • Personal development
  • Personality facets testing
  • Each session 1 hour
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Dating advice for women introspection package

£ 800.00
  • Do you want to work on yourself?
  • Are you questioning your dating skills after multiple failed relationships with different guys?
  • In this package, we explore you with introspective tests
  • Assist you in dating apps and networking
  • Changing negative behavioural patterns
  • CBT methods to change the behaviours that do not serve you in your dating life
  • Support Coach and counselling
  • Journalling and tracking progress
  • Dating advice
  • 8 weeks of training
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Dating advice for women having problems with their husband’s package

£ 1,000.00
  • Talk through problems in the marriage
  • Advice on steps to take moving forward
  • Person-centred and psychodynamic counselling
  • Relationship skills training
  • Objective communication training
  • Marriage training
  • Education on the four pillars of marriage
  • 8 sessions
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Dating advice for women with busy careers package

£ 3,000.00
  • When your career is a priority sometimes other areas of your life suffer
  • It is very common to suddenly realise your love life is not progressive
  • It is also common to realise that despite your career successes something is missing
  • Many females that are extremely successful in  their careers find themselves single and alone
  • In this package, we help you to meet potential dates
  • Give you dating advice and practical tools and accessibility to exclusive members clubs
  • Organise dates for you.
  • Create online dating profiles for you
  • Dating advice for women
  • Relationship and dating training
  • Separation of business persona to the personal persona (a common area of confliction for a career focused women)
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Dating advice for women with very low confidence package

£ 4,800.00
  • Introspective test
  • Emotional regulation and emotional intelligence training
  • Help in addressing pain points areas
  • Full Makeover and beauty treatments
  • 10 V.i.p confidence building sessions
  • Happiness test
  • Dating advice for low confidence and insecurity triggers
  • Eradication of negative patterns
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
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  • Dating has always been a bit of a difficult task for women. Women have to face certain issues in dating. For example, at first, they have to sift through the men who are presenting themselves. Moreover, once they start dating, they have to keep up with that man and assess if the relationship has sustainable longevity. On the other side, if we talk about getting attention, then this is not a difficult task for women but finding quality characters and avoiding timewasters can be a minefield at times. These days, in modern society, there is blurriness of the roles of men and women. Due to this, the dating rules of today have become complicated. They do not know if a date is really a date or it is just a hookup and how can you tell if a man is taking the relationship serious or not. Due to this, sometimes, women wonder why they have a hard time to attract as well as maintain a long term relationship with a guy.We offer a large range of dating advice for women packages call 03333443853 or email for more information check out our tips below.

    Are you tired of not getting good results in your love life? Are you tired of following the old dating tips that have no substance at all? If yes, then you are completely at the right spot as today’s article tends to highlight the best piece of real-world dating advice for women that will transform the way you date. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this dating advice and make some really meaningful connections!

    Try to make the first move

    The first and foremost dating advice for women is to try to make the move first. Many women think that approaching the guy first is not a good idea at all. But in modern society, about 95% of men say that they love if women make the first move or message first. Therefore, if you see a guy in whom you are interested, you should not hesitate to say hi.

    Always take some time to get to know a guy

    This is also one of the most important advice. Never fall in love with a guy on your first date. This is because people usually show their best behavior on the first date. So, always try to take some time to get to know him as the flaws become clear and apparent afterward.

    Wear something that you really love

    It is always better to wear something that you really love no matter it is expensive or not. The reason is that wearing new clothes will enhance your confidence. Moreover, they will make you feel that this meeting is really special. In addition to that, do not go crazy and update your wardrobe a little bit if you are going on more than one date.

    Inform your friend about your date

    Another important dating advice for women is to inform your trusted friend about your date and where you are having a meeting with a guy. This is because it is good to inform someone about your whereabouts especially when there is a use of alcohol and to insure you’re safe. It is also great to have support from a friend post-date and afterwards.

    Always be honest about your feelings with someone

    This modern society has set up various timelines such as women should get married by a certain age. So, after your date, if you are going to have a relationship with a guy whom you do not care about, then don’t be in a rush and be honest with your feelings in a diplomatic and respectful manner treat people with the respect you want in return..

Dating advice for women

Dating is not as easy as it may seem. But if you do it wisely, you can enjoy your dating life to the fullest. After a breakup or when your friends are in a relationship, they will give many dating advices to you. But not all of these are effective, and some are so ridiculous that you will ruin a good dating relationship.

The same happened to me, I had to go through a terrible breakup, and my friend gave me so much tips. But I didn’t try these all; I played wisely. I only focused on some of the best dating advice for women. For this, I also read some research on the internet. In this article, I am going to share some of the good dating advice for women. Make sure to read the whole article, and then you can use these advices in your own dating life.

Dating advice for women from men

Dating seems exciting and fun you may feel like it is easy. But actually, it is much different than that. If you are interested in casual dating and don’t want anything serious, you can focus on the fun part. But if you are looking for a committed relationship, focusing on just fun and excitement is foolishness. You need to find a potential partner and make a stronger connection. Being a woman, you may want to have a long-lasting relationship, but what does a man want? What does he think about this whole dating thing? If you know what he wants and how he thinks, dating becomes more comfortable for you. I have shared many dating tips, but this time I did not use my experience; instead, I asked some of my male friends, colleagues, and a bunch of other guys about what dating advice they want to give women.

So here is dating advice for women from men:

Work on your social media profile

My roommate’s boyfriend told me that online dating is a good option if you use it wisely. A guy is always looking for someone funny. So try to make your profile a bit funny. Share jokes and try to make it unique. Same way, if you are having a conversation with a guy, make it light and lively. Men like a positive and happy women.

Creative ideas for dates

It is excellent dating advice for women from men. One of my colleagues said that it is a good idea to try something weird and crazy. Pick a unique thing that you like and ask that lovely stranger to join you. If he is interested in you he will join you, it means you are doing great. It worked for him and really works for most people. If you are in long-distance dating, learn or practice something different that you can do separately being creative opens the door to comfortability and creativity.

Be a better person

You may think that guys are non-serious and commitment freak, but it is not always the case. So being a better person will bring positive results for sure. One of my friends shared the following dating tips for women:

  • Do not ruin plans and stick to them.
  • Do not talk about yourself all the time; talk about him too.
  • Make sure to listen to what he is saying; I will give a message that you are really interested in him.
  • Don’t be materialistic
Early dating advice for women

Dating is not easy, and when you have a lot of bad experiences in the past, you may have been with the wrong person in the past, you may have had a few bad dates, and now you are afraid to date. Stats show that about 75% of the singles haven’t been in any relationship from the past 18 months. The reasons could be different. If you are afraid to date again, I am going to help you with that. I am going to give you some of the early dating advice for women:

Lower your guard and be ready to take risk

One of the best dating advice for women is not to be afraid of anything. Doing it practically is not an easy thing, but facing your fear will give you the courage to deal with it. If you are always afraid of dating, you can’t find the right person. If you have some bad dates, it means you are closer to finding your ideal person. So prepare yourself to take risks; only then you can find what kind of person you want in your life.

Talk about exes but not too much.

It is good to talk about exes; this way, you can know a little about the other person. Ask simple questions like when did your last relationship ended, or are you still in touch with your ex? But do not go deep into their past relationships. Knowing every little detail of their past experience is not worth it; it will only kill the romantic mood. A new partner doesn’t want to hear about your ex all the time,

Your whole focus must be on your date.

It is the best early dating advice for women who are crazy about their phones. You are on a date to understand the person, to know this person, and maybe he/she is your ideal partner. So give them attention and be alert to notice small things about them. Give it a chance and be attentive.

Relationship and dating advice for women

Not all of us date for finding love. Some people just start dating and see where it takes them. On the other hand, most people date to find their true love. Actually, it is a good thing; it means that you know what you want and what you expect from a person. Your priorities and chances of finding a potential partner change with your age. Let me share some relationship and dating advice for women of different ages so they can enjoy dating and have a successful relationship.

Relationship and dating advice for women

Not all of us date for finding love. Some people just start dating and see where it takes them. On the other hand, most people date to find their true love. Actually, it is a good thing; it means that you know what you want and what you expect from a person. Your priorities and chances of finding a potential partner change with your age. Let me share some relationship and dating advice for women of different ages so they can enjoy dating and have a successful relationship.

Be kind to yourself

You are young, and it is time to explore the world, so do not start dating a person who is not in good working order. Be kind to yourself, and you don’t have to deal with others opinions or issues. Focus on yourself and try to improve your own working order. It is not your job to fix others but to fix yourself.Self care is very important start with you first.

Ask what you want

By this, I mean casually and in bed too. Suppose you do not ask for what you want, how can someone give it to you. People can’t read minds, so don’t be afraid. I am not saying to be harsh about it, but sometimes you need to be open and speak your truth. It is the best dating advice for women in the 20’s.

Do not ignore your gut.

Sometimes our gut tells us if something is wrong with the person we are dating. Sometimes you have a feeling there is something wrong, but you don’t exactly know what is wrong. It is just a feeling, but it can be right, and you will see when the time passes, so never ignore it.

Dating advice for women in their 30s

In your 30’s you will see your friends getting married or even having babies. You may feel a little frustrated, and things can worsen when people ask you questions like, “when are you getting married?” but you need to keep in mind, only get married when you really want to do this. Do not rush things just because you are feeling pressured. But if you have made up your mind to be in a relationship, first, you need to work on your dating tactics. Let me share some Dating advice for women in their 30s:

Have a clear head

As I have mentioned above, you don’t have to rush things just because you feel pressured in the case of dating, relationship, and marriage. Figure out clear headedly whether you really want it or not. If you think that you are ready for this much responsibility, then figure out what kind of person you want to be with.

Be clear from the start.

If you want to settle, have family, and kids, make sure to be clear of your intentions. It doesn’t mean you want it instantaneously but you are just letting the person know what you want in future. This way, your time will not be wasted. You can get what you want. It is one of the best dating advice for women.

Be open

I know you want certain qualities in your dating partner; you want him to be compatible. It is a good thing, but you also need to be open to someone who is not your type. You may have heard opposites attract, so a person who is not your type can also be a good option.

Dating advice for women in their 40s

If you are single and in your 40’s, chances are your parents, siblings, and best friends are trying to give you dating advice. Not all of these are good enough and it can be frustrating. You may feel irritated but want something authentic. So let me share some Dating advice for women in their 40s:

Be patient

I know you have been patient enough. But still, you need to wait for the right candidate to arrive. If you have had a bad marriage or relationship experience in the past, you will not want to go through all this again. So wait for the right person.

Be confident

You are at the right age to find love, so do not get panic or get desperate. Some people lose confidence and can’t handle the situation properly. When you accept where you are, it becomes easy to move forward in the dating field and never stop believing in yourself.

Take help from a dating coach.

Dating is not easy at all, and when you are in your 40’s, your frustration and loss of confidence can make dating even more difficult. So it would be better to take help from a dating coach. He can guide you properly where to start and how to take things forward. A lot of people are getting benefit from dating coaches. It is the best dating advice for women UK.

Dating advice for women in their 50s

People who are in their 50’s may think that dating is not for them, but it is not reality. There is no need to feel intimidated. Dating can be fun even in the ’50s; also, there is less drama. If you are in the ’50s and are confused about where to start, here is some dating advice for women in their 50s:

Take up new hobbies

You may think that you are too old to pick something new this is not true. Well, you will be surprised to hear this, but the ’50s is the right time to adopt something new. Learning new skills can also improve your mental health. With a new hobby, you can also make new connections with like-minded people, and it is a gateway to the dating world.

Improve your wardrobe

By this, I mean freshen up your wardrobe. Look stylish and find well-fitting items so that you can feel and look fantastic at the same time. You can also hire a personal shopper if you don’t know the basics of fashion. When you look good, you look confident, and it is also helpful in dating life.

Dating sites for people over fifties

There are plenty of dating sites for over the fifties. You can look for healthy and romantic connections on these sites. Most of these sites are simple to use so that you won’t face any difficulty.

Internet dating advice for women

Internet dating is very popular these days and is considered more reliable. You can be selective in the start and enjoy a proper date with an individual you feel close to your ideal person. It is estimated that about 17% of the couples who got married recently met through the internet. The online dating percentage for women is 47.6%, and for men, it is 52.4%.

Online dating is a perfect choice for ladies. You feel really upset when you spend a lot of time getting ready for a perfect date and when you meet your date, it is not what you have imagined. With the help of online dating, you can know the person first; you share your interests, experiences, and thoughts and properly plan your first date.

Dating advice for women in their 50s

To make online dating successful, you need to know some useful tips. If you just jump into online dating without having any information about its consequences it will not be different or successful. So here is some online dating advice for women from my side to make your experience better:

The coffee date would be perfect for the first time

Instead of meeting at a top-notch restaurant, arrange your first date at a local coffee shop or cafe. So that both of you can talk comfortably. It is the best online dating advice for ladies who are into something committing and do not want to waste their money and time on something they are not sure about.

There should be a proper strategy.

Online dating surely reduces the chances of bad dating experiences, but it cannot completely eliminate these chances. So you need to plan the whole dating strategy so that you can save yourself from trouble if anything goes wrong during the first date. Like, say that you have a project to complete or something like that so that you can leave. It is a perfect internet dating advice for women.

Rejection is not a bad thing.

Handling rejection is not easy, at least not when you really like someone. If your partner is not really interested, they will tell you, but don’t take it personally; it has nothing to do with you. It is just there was not a connection. In your case, if you do not feel connected, politely tell them that this can’t work.

Dating rules for women

Usually, people talk on the phone or dating apps first, and then they plan a date. So you need to properly plan your date, you need to know how you want to deal with your date, what you are going to talk about, and how. I am sure that you are confused right now because there are so many things to be taken care of, so I will help you with this and tell you about some of the common dating rules. With the help of these rules, you can find your desired partner within your comfort zone.

Dating rules for women 2020

Dating can feel like a chess game. I have been on a lot of dates, and I think there are some rules that you need to follow so that you can have a better dating experience. Certain dating etiquette for ladies can help them in figuring out what is better for them and what is not. Let me share some dating rules with you:


Sharing is caring. So there is no need to worry about it. Start from sharing snacks, even on your first date; there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a signal that you are generous and open to connect with the person.


It is one of the most important dating rules for women in 2020. If you are not honest with your dating partner, what is the point of being in such a fake relationship? Be honest about what you want from this whole dating thing and who you are, plus what you are expecting. It will make things easier.

Be yourself

People make a mistake when they try to pretend to be someone else this can be detrimental for women. You can’t pretend all the time; you will get tired one day. So instead of being in a fake relationship, be yourself. You don’t have to be someone else; if a person does not like you the way you are, he is not worthy of you. This is one of the most important dating rules for women.

Withhold sex

Sometimes guys may pretend that they are into something serious but are actually here just for sex. So if you want to clear that risk away withhold sex for a while. This way, you can see if he leaves you or not. If he is really into you, he will be there for you and wait until the time is right.


You need to be open, kind, confident, and honest in your dating life. Only then you can have the real fun. If you are struggling in your dating life, make sure to take help from a dating coach. They can properly guide you on how to make your dating life better. I have shared some very useful dating advice for women hope, we offer a large number of services for women and do everything we can to assist you so this article will prove helpful for you.

Call 03333443853 for a free consultation with a dating coach now

Dating rules for women
  • 1.Be confident
  • 2.Set healthy boundaries
  • 3.Take time to get to know your date
  • 4.Work on any emotional trauma before going into a new relationship
  • 5.Never try to change anyone
  • 6.Have a career and passions do not focus solely on dating
  • 7.Take care of your appearance
  • 8.Always be prepared to walk away if you are mistreated
  • 9.Be prepared to compromise in a relationship
  • 10.Find out your partners love language when you are in a relationship
Dating rules for women
  • 1.Be confident
  • 2.Set healthy boundaries
  • 3.Take time to get to know your date
  • 4.Work on any emotional trauma before going into a new relationship
  • 5.Never try to change anyone
  • 6.Have a career and passions do not focus solely on dating
  • 7.Take care of your appearance
  • 8.Always be prepared to walk away if you are mistreated
  • 9.Be prepared to compromise in a relationship
  • 10.Find out your partners love language when you are in a relationship

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