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We all have individual needs and problems and it is imperative we get the support we need when these issues start to take a toll on our daily lives please see below our dating advice for women packages these are specialised packages created for the female advice needs in relationships and dating.

dating advice for women

Dating advice for women introspection package

  • Do you want to work on yourself?
  • Are you questioning your dating skills after multiple failed relationships with different guys?
  • In this package, we explore you with introspective tests
  • Assist you in dating apps and networking
  • Changing negative behavioural patterns
  • CBT methods to change the behaviours that do not serve you in your dating life
  • Support Coach and counselling
  • Journalling and tracking progress
  • Dating advice for women
  • 8 weeks of training
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dating advice for women

Dating advice for women having problems with their husband’s package

  • Talk through problems in the marriage
  • Advice on steps to take moving forward
  • Person-centred and psychodynamic counselling
  • Relationship skills training
  • Dating advice for women
  • Objective communication training
  • Marriage training
  • Education on the four pillars of marriage
  • 8 sessions

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dating advice for women

Dating advice for women with busy careers package

  • When your career is a priority sometimes other areas of your life suffer
  • It is very common to suddenly realise your love life is not progressive
  • It is also common to realise that despite your career successes something is missing
  • Many females that are extremely successful in  their careers find themselves single and alone
  • In this package, we help you to meet potential dates
  • Give you dating advice and practical tools and accessibility to exclusive members clubs
  • Organise dates for you.
  • Create online dating profiles for you
  • Dating advice for women
  • Relationship and dating training
  • Separation of business persona to the personal persona (a common area of confliction for a career focused women)

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dating advice for women

Dating advice for women with very low confidence package

  • Introspective test
  • Emotional regulation and emotional intelligence training
  • Help in addressing pain points areas
  • Dating advice for women tailored to each personality type
  • Full Makeover and beauty treatments
  • 10 V.i.p confidence building sessions
  • Happiness test
  • Dating advice for low confidence and insecurity triggers
  • Eradication of negative patterns
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy

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Dating has always been a bit of a difficult task for women. Women have to face certain issues in dating. For example, at first, they have to sift through the men who are presenting themselves. Moreover, once they start dating, they have to keep up with that man and assess if the relationship has sustainable longevity. On the other side, if we talk about getting attention, then this is not a difficult task for women but finding quality characters and avoiding timewasters can be a minefield at times. These days, in modern society, there is blurriness of the roles of men and women. Due to this, the dating rules of today have become complicated. They do not know if a date is really a date or it is just a hookup and how can you tell if a man is taking the relationship serious or not. Due to this, sometimes, women wonder why they have a hard time to attract as well as maintain a long term relationship with a guy.We offer a large range of dating advice for women packages call 03333443853 or email [email protected] for more information check out our tips below.

Are you tired of not getting good results in your love life? Are you tired of following the old dating tips that have no substance at all? If yes, then you are completely at the right spot as today’s article tends to highlight the best piece of real-world dating advice for women that will transform the way you date. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this dating advice and make some really meaningful connections!

Try to make the first move

The first and foremost dating advice for women is to try to make the move first. Many women think that approaching the guy first is not a good idea at all. But in modern society, about 95% of men say that they love if women make the first move or message first. Therefore, if you see a guy in whom you are interested, you should not hesitate to say hi.

Always take some time to get to know a guy

This is also one of the most important advice. Never fall in love with a guy on your first date. This is because people usually show their best behavior on the first date. So, always try to take some time to get to know him as the flaws become clear and apparent afterward.

Wear something that you really love

It is always better to wear something that you really love no matter it is expensive or not. The reason is that wearing new clothes will enhance your confidence. Moreover, they will make you feel that this meeting is really special. In addition to that, do not go crazy and update your wardrobe a little bit if you are going on more than one date.

Inform your friend about your date

Another important dating advice for women is to inform your trusted friend about your date and where you are having a meeting with a guy. This is because it is good to inform someone about your whereabouts especially when there is a use of alcohol and to insure you’re safe. It is also great to have support from a friend post-date and afterwards.

Always be honest about your feelings with someone

This modern society has set up various timelines such as women should get married by a certain age. So, after your date, if you are going to have a relationship with a guy whom you do not care about, then don’t be in a rush and be honest with your feelings in a diplomatic and respectful manner treat people with the respect you want in return..



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