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How it works

Couples therapy

Dating in today’s modern society is difficult and you can encounter all sorts of problems in your love life and yes there are loads of dating sites out there but most offer archaic services which don’t cater to the drama and chaos people face daily trying to find a trustworthy partner we have a solution with a wide range of bespoke packages for all your dating and relationship issues.It could be that you want to get married or you and your partner are arguing constantly or maybe you have been single for a very long time we created a platform which offers support in every dating and relationship situation that can support you daily

Go on to the Miss Date Doctor Website and click services, in the drop-down menu choose the issue you need help with and you will be provided with different services to solve your issue

Let me tell you about some of our services

  • Are you tired of being single?

    Order a M.D.D Singles package and have a coach to talk to and advise you on how to make better choices and give you support with your dating concerns

  • Have you just had a breakup?

    Click M.D.D breakup package and a gift set will be sent to your home, a breakup guide to your email and you will have someone to speak to for 2 weeks you can order this for a friend also if you would like to cheer them up after a breakup and give them some support.

  • Are you arguing with your partner all the time?

    The M.D.D Couples package is perfect for this the coach will speak to you and your partner separately for some sessions and together for the final stage sessions and try to ascertain your problem areas and help you resolve them to avoid the relationship deteriorating further or dissolving completely

  • Want to go on some dates?

    Why not try the M.D.D Dates Package sign up for this V.I.P package and we will find suitable candidates for you to date and we also offer makeovers and a celebrity beauty team we also take you on a luxury holiday as part of some of our V.i.p packages.

  • Do you want someone to go out with this weekend to meet potential dates?

    Order our M.D.D socialise package and you will have someone to go out with on the weekend and support you meet new people and improve your dating skills by coaching you and teaching you how to interact in a social environment.

    These are some of the packages we offer we also offer packages for cheating, self-improvement confidence and many more all our packages are available on Whatsapp, text and phone go to and claim your Free consultation now click the book appointment tab on the homepage

    Thank you for listening.

  • Click on the account icon in the right-hand corner of the screen
  • Fill out the register section
  • Once you have finished signing up click the WhatsApp button in your account to speak to a coach immediately if you need immediate assistance
  • Click the Dating Advice Shop tab in your dashboard to look through all our services or type the name of the service you want in the search box on the right-hand corner of the screen

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