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how to move on from someone

M.D.D V.I.P Relationship Crisis Delivery

Has something just happened? Did you just break up? Did you have an argument?

Found out you were being cheating on or feeling extremely low whatever the problem your M.D.D date coach will come to your home with a gourmet meal, magazines and fresh fruit and will stay with you for 90 mins to discuss the issue and give you a relationship coaching session.(Available between 9- 7 pm appointment based.)

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how to move on in life

M.D.D. V.I.P. Private Coaching Package

  • Life coaching package
  • 3 Months relationship guidance
  • (Relationship analysis ascertaining problem areas)
  • Relationship training programme
  • Confidence and Styling / Beauty /Body confidence training
  • 3 Gym sessions per week (1 hour PT session)

(The personal trainer will put together a bespoke package for individual this part of the package is optional)

M.D.D Whats app Service inclusive in this package.

(Includes teeth whitening with celebrity dentist and 2x Harley Street beauty treatments)

  • Get fit and healthy
  • Overhaul your beauty regime
  • Work on improving you and moving
  • On to a new improved you.
  • Learn how to be better in relationships and become a better partner.
  • Find out what your wants and needs are in a relationship.
  • Price on application
how to move on from a relationship


  • Better relationships intensive training programme
  • One on one dating coaching
  • Better relationships programme and Relationship assessment overview
  • 5 Day Holiday in mystery 5 star location (Clear mind and relaxation)
  • 2 day therapy in 5 star Luxury London hotel
  • Luxury spa retreat and treatment by celebrity facialist
  • World famous celebrity dentist teeth whitening treatment
  • Free M.D.D Membership for 1 year

Assess your love life and enjoy a vacation and bespoke luxury package created by your M.D.D date coach to tailor to your specific needs and problem areas enjoy a first-class experience and let the M.D.D help you embrace a new and bright future and assist you with a beautiful transition to the love life you desire and a happier, confident, enriched mind.Let all your strengths and abilities be harnessed to propel you to great success with this intensive package

Price on application

how to move on from an affair


This package is suitable for high profile clients that require a more specific intensive date coach experience and require a package to be created for them based on the information they provide us with and would like the dating coach to be available to speak to them between 9 am to 12 pm every single day of the week.The client must specify all the required needs and our assessment team will create the clients desired package,

Price on application (Please call the office)