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Packages for V.I.P. Dating


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£ 0.00
Introducing Miss Date Doctor’s Personal Dating Consultation: Unlock Your Relationship Potential Are you tired of navigating the complexities of the dating world alone? Do you crave personalized guidance and support to help you find love and build fulfilling relationships? Look no further! Miss Date Doctor offers a comprehensive and Personal Dating Consultation designed to empower …
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M.D.D V.I.P Relationship Crisis Delivery

£ 300.00
Has something just happened? Did you just break up? Did you have an argument? Found out you were being cheating on or feeling extremely low whatever the problem your M.D.D date coach will come to your home with a gourmet meal, magazines and fresh fruit and will stay with you for 90 mins to discuss …
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M.D.D. V.I.P. Private Coaching Package

Life coaching package 3 Months relationship guidance (Relationship analysis ascertaining problem areas) Relationship training programme Confidence and Styling / Beauty /Body confidence training 3 Gym sessions per week (1 hour PT session) (The personal trainer will put together a bespoke package for individual this part of the package is optional) M.D.D Whats app Service inclusive …


This package is suitable for high profile clients that require a more specific intensive date coach experience and require a package to be created for them based on the information they provide us with and would like the dating coach to be available to speak to them between 9 am to 12 pm every single …

Personal Dating Coach Package

£ 1,400.00
Are you tired of feeling lost and frustrated in your dating life? Are you ready to take control and find the love you deserve? Look no further than our Personal Dating Coach Package. Designed to provide you with the personalized guidance and support you need, this package is your key to unlocking relationship success. Our …
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£ 2,500.00
  • Personalized matchmaking services to find compatible singles based on your criteria and preferences.
  • Coaching support from experienced dating coaches to help you navigate the dating world with confidence and ease.
  • At least 4 to 6 dates within a four-month period.
  • A comprehensive personality assessment to better understand your personality, values, interests, and lifestyle.
  • Ongoing feedback and support throughout the matchmaking process.
  • Premium service with a focus on quality matches and personalized attention.
  • Access to our exclusive network of high-quality, successful singles.
  • Guidance and advice on everything from creating a compelling dating profile to planning your first date.
  • A fun and positive dating experience that helps you build the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.
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Better relationships intensive training programme One on one dating coaching Better relationships programme and Relationship assessment overview 5 Day Holiday in mystery 5 star location (Clear mind and relaxation) 2 day therapy in 5 star Luxury London hotel Luxury spa retreat and treatment by celebrity facialist World famous celebrity dentist teeth whitening treatment Free M.D.D …

Nobody wants to fight with their partner but an argument here, and there is inevitable. An argument does not mean that the love is over. You can be ultimately at peace with your relationship and still disagree with your partner at some point or another. And let us assure you that this is normal and happens in every other bond. There are some common relationship problems that every person faces. They do make you feel like your commitment might be nearing its end, but it does not.

It is okay for you and your partner to fight, and if your argument is over within some time, then it is going to help you grow as well. However, this might not be the case with everyone. Some couples take their fights so seriously that they end up losing their partner. The relationship comes to an end, without substantial justification. Thanks to our society and false relationship expectations that make it hard for us to keep up with a person. In such situations, where you wish to save your relationship and find it a bit hard to do so, you can look forward to counselling. VIP dating UK services are famous for their fantastic therapies and experienced counsellors and coaches who ensure a personalized therapy session to you.

What is VIP Dating Counselling?

VIP dating UK counselling services offer you a customized plan for your therapy sessions. Every individual is different, and likewise, every relationship is different too. A single method cannot work for everyone. Furthermore, a lot of people demand customized and much more personalized therapy packages, which allows them to get a detailed session with the therapist. Miss Date Doctor is one of the most famous VIP dating UK service providers. We offer you various VIP packages which deal with many issues that people face in their relationships. You can rely upon us for top-notch counselling and coaching services as we are experienced diligent professionals we gift you, with a bespoke experience ideal for couples and singles

Worst yet Common Relationship Problems:

There are a lot of problems that one has to face when they are in a relationship. However, these are not because of your partner; it is natural and is a part of life. Some people tend to consider these issues as the end of their commitment and do not try solving them. This is why online relationship counselling tends to be extremely helpful.

Here are some worst pro the problems that you might face during a relationship. But, you can fight these off. And if you are unable to solve them on your own, then you can look forward to MDD VIP dating UK services for help. They are praised for the impeccable amenities that they offer!

  • The most common yet worst relationship problems that couples go through is the “dry spell.” The butterflies no longer flutter in your stomach, and the spark is fading daily. The sex doesn’t seem so exciting either. Well, you are not alone in this honey. Many people come under this dry spell. However, a constant effort can bring you out of it. However, some people are unable to solve this issue on their own. Luckily, MDD has a package for such couples. They provide you with solutions through which you can manage to spark up life again in your relationship. There is no need to end it!
  • Boredom is another problem that almost all couples feel. Thanks to social media that it further makes us think that boredom is not supposed to be in a commitment. However, this assumption is entirely wrong. You can feel bored with your partner, but you have to kill the boredom and find a way out. MDD VIP dating UK services provide you with different methods that can kill boredom and spark joy and excitement in your relationship. Try it out
  • Possessiveness doesn’t take much time to turn into jealousy and yet again, this is a widespread emotion that a partner feels for the person they love. However, you cannot allow jealousy to ruin your bond, can you? If you think that jealousy is getting stronger and is ruining your relationship, then you need help. You can visit MDD and take their VIP package, which helps you deal with this emotion smartly.
  • Bottling up feelings is the worst thing you can do to your relationship. Healthy communication is crucial for a healthy relationship. Bottled up emotions come out offensively when you have had enough, and that is a lethal thing for your bond. If you think that you have been bottling up a lot of things, then visit a therapist before yelling it out on your partner. Miss Date Doctor can undoubtedly help you in this matter too. They will guide you about how you can talk it all out with your partner in a calm manner. Also, they will help you in taking out all your anger or frustration with them, which will make you feel light.
  • If you think your partner is a mind reader, you are wrong! He or she is not going to understand what is going on in your mind. After staying together for years, you can start guessing what might be going through their head, but you can’t be right about it all the time. This issue makes the other person go bonkers. Say whatever you are feeling instead of waiting for the other one to guess it. This is a significant problem in relationships, and sometimes, it gets so annoying that it brings in an end to the love story.
  • Not listening to your partner with full attention is the worst problem ever! A thoughtful listener is always going to pinpoint an issue and talk about it. We look to reply these days, and that is the real dilemma. We need to listen to understand. Once we start doing that, more than half of the relationship problems won’t even exist. MDD has communication problem packages as well, which allow you to fix your listening and speaking skills. You can also get the VIP dating UK package for communication issues as it is hugely customized according to your personality.
  • Doubt kills a relationship, and this issue is prevailing rapidly in today’s world. More than half of the partners are unable to trust their partner completely. This can be due to a previous bad experience. With the help of Miss Date Doctor, you can fix this problem. They provide you with ways to let go off your bad experiences and make your current relationship beautiful.
  • No discussions about the future are the worst problem that two people can face. It usually showcases non-seriousness of one of the partners. It also spikes up doubt. If your man does not discuss a future picture of you two being together, then you are going to doubt him. This problem is enormous and pinpointing whether he is serious or is just playing games can be complicated. Thus, you can look forward to MDD for asking for help. They will help you with understanding whether your partner is serious and wants a future with you or not.
  • Once in a while, every relationship faces the issue of being extremely busy and not spending time with their partner. Your partner has to be your top priority when you are in a serious commitment. However, some times, life happens, and we are unable to spend a good and healthy time with our partner. This can arouse several issues and can also result at the end of a relationship. Thus, you need to learn how to balance your work and personal life, or you need to know how to make up for the lack of attention and communication.
  • Financial issues are a massive problem for couples. One might like to spend more, and the other one might be a rational thinker who focuses on saving side by side too. Facing financial disagreements is vast and can cause two people to split their paths. However, before you end such beautiful relations, try visiting Miss Date Doctor. They help you in resolving your financial issues as well.
  • 1.Emotional baggage from past relationships is another common problem that plagues many singles and couples and can impact and destroy your future.
Miss Date Doctor VIP Packages:

As MDD is the best VIP dating UK service right now, you can rely upon us blindly. We have an incredibly hard-working team and well-experienced therapists who help you in different problems of life. Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling, but it does not mean that you won’t ever face challenges. Every couple has their ups and downs, and you should solve them, instead of ending a bond and being single, heartbreak and low confidence is also difficult to deal with on your own.. This is where MDD services help you the most. However, a lot of people want exclusive and customized services. They want a proper plan which is crafted just for them in the light of their personality. This is why MDD also offers VIP dating UK Packages too. You can take a look at all the packages here:

This VIP dating UK package provides you with three-month relationship guidance. It not only trains you about how you need to manage a commitment, but it also focuses on your personal development. You get a three-day gym session in this package too so that you can get fit and healthy. After a proper analysis of your personality, this package is set accordingly.

The best part about this package is that you get a dating coach in this who trains you on a one-on-one session. To make you feel relaxed, it provides you with a five day trip in a 5-star luxury hotel too. From the spa to teeth whitening services; this package has everything that can make you feel calm and relax your senses. Along with all the comforts, you will be assessing your relationship and the skills that you lack to sustain it.

This is one of the highest quality VIP dating UK packages that you can take help from. This is specifically for high profile clients. It offers you an intensive date coach. Your package is crafted carefully through the details you provide. The plan is primarily for the client only, and you have a coach on hold, all the time. You can talk to them between 9 am to 12 pm every day. In order to avail this package, you need to provide MDD with all your details so that a great plan can be crafted.

Benefits of VIP Packages:

A lot of you might assume that VIP Dating UK services and packages are a waste of money. But they are not. They are extremely beneficial. If you wish to save your relationship and solve your problems, you need to be at peace mentally. Mental calmness is the key to success in life, and VIP packages offer you that. You can relax and get guidance too. You can have a pleasant time with your partner or all alone, which gives you plenty of time to think about the problems and their solutions. A one-on-one coach is always accessible, which makes these services impeccable. You can discuss all your issues gradually and communicate with the therapist at any time that you feel like. Therefore, VIP dating UK services are doing a fantastic job and are very advantageous as well. You are not just saving your relationship, but you are also focusing on improving yourself for the future.


Every relationship has its ups and downs. Life happens, and we lose track of where we are supposed to be and what we must do. Problems are a part of it, and we need to have the nerve to fight them, instead of ending a beautiful bond. With the help of one of the best VIP Dating UK services, you can save your relationship for the best. They are providing you with many packages that suit your needs and demands. The therapists are highly qualified and ensure a smooth session which is extremely helpful. You can take a look at all the services they offer if you do not want to buy the VIP packages;

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