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Couples Counseling In London

Couples Counseling In London

Couples Counselling In London

Couples Counseling In London. It’s no news that lovers face some hard times, they have bad days and sometimes they could not just agree on anything no matter how hard they try.

Is your relationship not going as planned? Are you always fighting in your relationship? Does it seem like your relationship is gradually coming to an end? The further the issues persist the harder it becomes to resolve them: don’t be reluctant to seek help.

Couples Counseling In London. Relationships frequently reach a point where the couples are unable to communicate effectively with one another which can result in miscommunication, disputes, and misunderstandings. Several couples are unsure if they should seek professional counselling to understand themselves better.

Relationship difficulties can be influenced by some external factors such as the death of a spouse’s parent, financial crisis, lack of attention, struggles at work by both partner or one of the couples, change in the couple’s life such as moving to a new house, new baby, a child leaving the house

Couples Counseling In London. Couples counselling is a type of therapy that aims to help people improve their romantic relationships and overcome interpersonal difficulties. It is also known as couple therapy or marriage counselling.

The goal of couples counselling is to help lovers improve their relationship, it sometimes helps lovers decide whether to end the relationship or stay in the relationship.

Couples Counseling In London. Couples counselling sessions are geared to promote problem-solving, communication skills, and the identification of life goals and related duties. Infidelity, anger, financial concerns, illness, or other life upheavals are typical issues.

People often avoid couples counselling because of the fear of learning the truth about themselves that they are scared to accept or might cause pain to both parties.

It sometimes gives you a sense of relief when you tell your partner how exactly you feel about things that you have been hiding from them for years. It also enables couples to work on their relationship’s sensitive elements while improving themselves along the way.

Couples Counseling In London. It can last for a short term or it can last for several or even years depending on how distressed the relationship has become.

What happens during Couples Counselling?

In couples counselling, the therapist looks at the bonding pattern between the couples which depends on the pattern of bonds that was experienced by each partner as a child. The therapist also looks at how couples trigger one another emotionally and physically.

Couples Counseling In London. A couples therapist is always on the side of the relationship rather than taking sides. Couples counselling helps you and your spouse become more attentive and also hear each other genuinely and also the other party’s view on things.

Couples counselling helps you and your spouse to accept each other’s differences and accept one another’s differences.

Couples counselling helps to improve you and your spouse’s communication and helps to find a balance on how to communicate better.

When to go for Couples Counselling?

Couples Counseling In London. You should go for marriage counselling when you feel your spouse is not listening to you, that they are just hearing what you are saying but they are finding it difficult to understand you.

You should go for couples counselling when you and your spouse are stuck on an issue, you guys are finding it hard to attain common ground on a particular issue for a long time. You should go and see a couples therapist when every action of your spouse gets on your nerves even when he or she does the things that used to make you happy when you just met.

You should see a therapist when your spouse is always on social media.

You should sign up for counselling sessions when you and your partner are not having regular sex like you used to. The harm to the relationship will get worse and the difference in their connection will be widened.

When a relationship is tense, it can be tough for a couple to sit down together and talk about their fears and concerns without feeling judged. This is where Couples Counseling In London is needed.

The main aim of Miss Date Doctor is to address modern dating issues, relationship issues, mental health, and life issues. Love is important to all of us and it is essential for everyone.

Couples Counseling In London. Miss Date Doctor helps you to work on your relationship with your partner with our proficient trained coaches and team members that can help eliminate problem areas, improve communication and resolve repetitive issues.

Goals of Counselling:

Couples Counseling In London. When a couple reaches out to  a counsellor they have issues to solves but the main aim of couples  counselling include the following

  • To help you and your spouse identify triggers and also identify what triggers yourself and also your partner’s defense mechanism.
  • It also helps improve you and your spouse’s communication and also find ways to interact with each other better.
  • It also helps you and your spouse know each other better and helps you understand yourself individually and also as a couple.
  • It helps you and your spouse identify fears and insecurities that are difficult to overcome and how to help each other overcome these insecurities.
  • It helps you and your spouse to identify some beliefs or issues that are affecting the relationship indirectly without your knowledge
  • It helps you to learn when to vent and how to express your feelings to your partner.
  • It helps you to understand how holding on to the past can affect the present relationship.
  • It also helps you and your spouse to rediscover the spark and how to have fun together as a couple.
  • It also helps you and your partner to love each without pretense.

Best Marriage Counselling London

Best marriage counseling London

Best Marriage Counselling London. Is your marriage not working? Are you always fighting with your partner? Are you considering going in to see a marriage therapist but you are skeptical because you don’t know how to find marriage counselling therapists in London?

People find it difficult to go for marriage counselling because they find it hard to trust a stranger or find it weird talking to strangers about their marriage or discussing their marital problems with a stranger.

Some people find it hard to trust people and also they might not be ready to accept the truth about themselves or their spouse.

So when you and your spouse decide to go in for marriage counselling you want to make sure that the person you are talking to about your personal life and marital status is a good therapist.

Honestly, Marriage counselling is not for the weak-hearted as you would be investing your time, money and you would be discussing your marital issues with someone you are not sure would understand what is going on in your relationship.

It can be quite challenging discussing your marriage issue with a person that you are not sure can help you resolve your challenges,

Who is a Marriage Counsellor: A good marriage counsellor is a person that is skilled at helping married couples overcome the normal conflicts that might arise in their marriage. They also must know what makes a marriage work

Most competent counsellors have received extensive training in working with married couples and always getting updated on trends and ways to assist married couples in improving their relationship.

What distinguishes a good counsellor from a bad counsellor are qualities that are immeasurable but they possess.

A good counsellor does not apply the same method for every client but instead, they listen to you and your spouse by keeping track of both of you. They also adapt their method to make sure it works for you and your spouse.

So what are the things you need to look for in marriage before trusting him or her with your marriage challenges?

Best Marriage Counselling London. Qualities of a Good counsellor

  1. They are always calm in the face of chaos: when you go for marriage counselling there might be tension and you will be defensive and the same goes for your partner

There will be noise in the room, a lot of arguments, each individual not wanting to accept their fault with might lead to fights

A good marriage counsellor would be calm in this situation, he/she would be reserved and allow you and your spouse to get to the root of the matter.

  1. The ability to restate one spouse’s position and make them understand: couples sometimes find it hard to communicate with each other.

Your spouse might not understand what you are trying to communicate to them. A good therapist helps your spouse to understand.

A good counsellor restates each person’s position in a way both partners would understand. A good counsellor will help you develop strategies and ways to help you and your spouse communicate better.

  1. The ability to challenge one of the couples when necessary: couples are sometimes reluctant to go for marriage counselling because they feel they might not be heard, they sometimes feel the conversation is going to be one-sided

Couples sometimes run from couples counselling services because they feel the counsellor may be biased and they don’t want to feel unsupported.

  1. A good counsellor would challenge you or your spouse when there is a need to and also make help a partner open up when he/she thinks one of the couples is finding it difficult to be sincere about a particular situation
  2. The ability to change the conversation when they notice the conversation is not natural anymore: A good counsellor possesses the ability to change the conversation in a direction when he or she feels a particular spouse is becoming uncomfortable.

A good counsellor finds a way to twist the conversation instead of forcing the couples to talk.

  1. They are on the Relationships side:  when you are going for marriage counselling with a counsellor do not expect to support.

A good counsellor will never support a partner instead they will be on the side of the relationship. The relationship will their major concern

Be sure that the counsellor is choosing your relationship over any other things, be sure that the counsellor will choose the relationship over you and your partner’s feelings.

  1. The ability to help couples see their mistakes and take responsibility: a good counsellor will help you and your partner see your mistakes and help you take responsibility

It takes two to tango, a relationship is not a one-person thing, it involves two people. In a relationship, your spouse will hurt you, or make mistakes.

A good counsellor will help you identify the mistakes, also help you and your partner take responsibility for your mistakes.

  1. The ability to provide hope: a good counsellor possesses the ability to make you have hope in your relationship again.

A good counsellor makes you see reasons why you should not give up on your relationship.

A good counsellor provides an accountability exercise that will allow you and your spouse to take up their duties in the relationship.

  1. The ability to speak in simple terms: a good counsellor passes their Information simply and concisely. A good counsellor won’t go round in circles but speaks in simple terms.

A good counsellor’s words should help you understand what is going on in your relationship and not make it worse by confusing you and your spouse with their terms.

A good counsellor will provide a stretchy and deeper conversation in a simple language that you and your spouse would like to understand.

  1. The ability to be friendly but not familiar: Couples generally enjoy talking to someone they feel comfortable with. Someone they can talk to without feeling since they might feel judged in their marriage already.

A good therapist makes you and your spouse feel comfortable but does not get too familiar with the couple. They talk to the couple in a friendly manner but they aren’t too familiar with their clients.

  1. The ability to relate to the challenges faced by couples: couples generally enjoy relating to someone that has gone through the challenges they are facing.

They believe someone who has gone through the challenges they are facing would understand better and also the person is in the best place to give the advice they need.

A good counsellor always finds a way to relate to you and your spouse’s challenges and give you the best advice.

  1. The ability to make you confident: have you ever talked to someone that made you feel less of yourself? Married couples would not want to talk about their problems with some they feel might complicate things

A good counsellor does not just build your confidence in their counselling sessions but they also make you feel confident in yourself and also in your partner.

  1. The ability to help the couple search deeper: one of the couples might find it hard to move on from hurt or heartbreak and they always sabotaging the other partner’s feeling

A good counsellor helps to see these flaws and assists the couple to search for or find the root of the problem.

  1. The ability to see both partners separately:  sometimes you and your spouse might not be arriving at any tangible conclusions. You might not feel comfortable talking about some things with your partner yet.

It is important you and your partner are addressed separately concerning some issues. A good counsellor would go and ask for you guys to be seen separately.

  1. Won’t define your relationship: it is normal for couples to feel tired all they want is for someone to define their relationship for them.

You might be asking your counsellor to tell you what you want to do or you might even ask them to tell you if you should continue or leave the relationship.

A good counsellor won’t define your relationship, rather they would assist you to see and leave the decision to you and your spouse. They would allow you guys to make your decision without influencing your thought.

A good counsellor takes both your spouse’s preferences into consideration and they may also ask some tough questions concerning the issue but they will never make the decision for you.

Marriage Counselling In London

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counselling In London. What is Marriage counselling?

Broken trust, miscommunication, lack of sex, infidelity, illness, death of a partner’s parent, loss of job, stress at work can all contribute to the marriage conflict. All these conflicts don’t necessarily mean that the couples don’t love each other anymore.

Sometimes married couples go through rough patches and it becomes hard to communicate with their spouse. This conflict sometimes becomes prolonged and starts to affect the marriage.

You suddenly feel things that used to work out for you as a couple are not working, you are finding it hard to communicate with your spouse, you can’t seem to forgive your partner after their infidelity.

Most couples go for marriage counselling when they feel they can’t handle their relationship on their own anymore and they feel it’s time to talk to a marriage counsellor,

What is Marriage?

Marriage was first thought to have emerged from middle English describing a way to unite families. Arranged marriage used to be the other of the day in the early centuries. It was just for procreation, economic benefits, and so on.

But nowadays marriage entails practical, economical, social, physical, and emotional aspects of life.

Marriage is a culturally acknowledged relationship that involves a legal, financial, emotional, and physical commitment. However, just like other love or relationship commitments it has its own problems.

Marriage involves two imperfect people coming together to navigate this difficult world together while building a healthy relationship that entails grief, hardship, love, joy, happiness, connections, and support. All the good things it brings with it are worthy of the effort put into it.

As the reasons for Marriage and what is expected from married couples began to widen, disappointment, difficulties, disagreement, and efforts to meet the standard increased gradually. This led to the need for Marriage counselling.

What is Marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling involves helping married couples or non-married couples understand and settle the conflicts they face in their relationship and also offer ways to improve their relationship. Marriage counselling empower couples with the tools they would need to improve their relationship

It helps couples communicate better and more accurately, it gives the couple an opportunity to understand each other better and help each spouse see things in a new light.

Marriage counselling is provided by someone who is a licensed therapist known as a marriage and family therapist.

Marriage Counselling In London. Marriage counseling can last for different periods depending on the severity of the situation. It can last for a short period, it can also last months or even years

Methods of Marriage Counselling

Though therapists have specific methods which they use to counsel couples, some approaches have been studied and have been proven to show efficacy.

  • Emotional Focused Therapy  (EFT)
  • Behavioral Couple Therapy
  • The Gotham Approach
  • Discernment Approach
  • Positives Psychology Therapy
  • Image Therapy
  1. Emotional Focused Therapy(EFT): this has proven to be the most effective method when couples are dealing with traumatic stress, past emotional injury and chronic health problems.

EFT deals with the emotional aspect of the couple. It focuses on providing emotional security, trust, a strong bond, and healthy relationship between the couples

  1. Behavioral couple therapy: it deals with the couple’s behaviors. This type of therapy helps the couple see things about their behavior and also helps them understand their behavior

It also helps them understand how their behavior affects people around them. It focuses on the behavior changes. It helps couples understand their behavior and how their behavior can be of harm to their spouse. Couples find a new way to interact when harmful behavior has been found.

  1. The Gotham approach: focuses on emotional intelligence. It helps the couple become more intelligent and also teaches them how to attain each other’s needs.

It also focuses on helping couples build stronger bonds by building trust and friendship. This method uses a model called the sound of a relationship house to help couples build a healthy and stronger relationship.

  1. The Discernment Counselling: this is done when one of the couple is thinking of divorcing while the other does not want a divorce

It is always a brief session to confirm if a longer therapy session is required.

  1. Positives Psychology therapy: it helps couples focus on the positive sides of their partner instead of holding on to the negative part. It works by helping couples have a sense of joy at the moment instead of holding on to past moments.

It also helps the couple look at the good traits and also helps in discovering each other’s new traits. Instead of looking at the past or hoping for the future. Positive Psychology therapy helps couples see the beauty in the moments.

  1. Image Relationship therapy: This type of therapy focuses mainly on the communication of the couples and strengthening communication skills to reduce the rate of misunderstanding among couples. It also focuses on interactive bonds that work effectively for couples.

Marital Conflicts

Marital conflict is a sequence of circumstances that have been managed in such a way that the marriage and relationship have been damaged. Marriage problems have gotten so bad that pride, stubbornness hurt, bitterness, resentment are preventing good marital conversation.

Selfishness on the side of the couples is the major cause of marital conflict, saving a marriage involves letting go of hurt, pride, resentment.

Examples of marital issues couples face

  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Substance abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of Affections
  • Conflicts about childbearing
  • Blended family
  • Different cultural beliefs
  • Changing roles

What are the Benefits of Marriage Counselling?

Why should you go for marriage counselling? Does marriage counseling work?? What are the benefits of marriage counseling??

  1. Marriage counselling helps to improve communication between couples: Marriage counseling helps couples improve their communication skills, it teaches them how to communicate effectively.

Marriage counseling helps you and your partner to communicate in a way that works for you both.

Improving communication could be in a way your partner listens to you or the way they talk to you. It could be in them understanding the message you are trying to pass along instead of just talking.

It creates efficient communication instead of miscommunication, it also builds basic communication skills. It can also help to differentiate words from thoughts.

  1. Marriage counseling helps to resolve conflicts: it helps to resolve conflict by dealing with communication. Good communication resolves conflicts.

With the help of marriage counseling, conflicts that seem to be difficult to be solved are easily solved and it also helps to improve you and your spouse’s reactions to conflicts

Marriage counseling teaches patient practical ways. Counseling helps resolve unprocessed conflicts.

  1. Marriage issues: most times couples tend to shy away from talking about the issues because they are scared of hurting their partner or loosing them. Sometimes couples find it hard to sit down and have difficult conversations because they don’t want to look bad to their spouse

Marriage counseling helps you to talk about unresolved issues and also helps you see where you are wrong and how to do better. Marriage counseling is that platform that makes you talk about the things that have been bothering you without feeling bad. Resolving those conflicts makes your marriage stronger

  1. Marriage counseling helps to develop deeper trust and intimacy: Marriage counseling helps you feel connected to your partner again. Intimacy could be physical intimacy or emotional intimacy. It helps to close the gap between you and your spouse. It also helps you and your spouse do things more clearly.

When to go for marriage counseling 

When should you seek therapy? At what point in your marriage should you seek help?

Sometimes one party is putting more effort into the relationship compared to the other party, sometimes things are not just going as planned and it seems this might be the end.

It might even be that you are unsure of when to seek help in marriage.  These are some signs that you should seek Marriage counselling

1) Grown apart: after spending so many years together, some couples tend to grow apart. Some couples just coexist, they live in the same house but rarely interact.

The distance begins to widen and the intimacy begins to reduce. You might start to fill the space with other things . When you start to feel far away from your partner when you think you just have to coexist or you don’t feel like talking to your spouse.

When you feel you just want to avoid your spouse this is when Couples Counseling In London is needed. A marriage counsellor would help you break the distance and also guide you and your spouse on how to avoid growing apart. A marriage counsellor would help you love your partner more.

2) Infidelity: When you cheat on your partner it becomes hard for them to trust you which can lead to a break in your marriage. One of the common reasons couples go for therapy is infidelity

Cheating doesn’t only mean physical cheating, it involves emotional cheating, social media cheating. Infidelity has a different meaning to people and the couple must agree on the common definition of infidelity

When your spouse breaks your trust by cheating on you and you are finding it hard to move past it. You should go for marriage counselling. A marriage therapist would help you work through the process of hurt and also help you both build trust again by involving you in some assignments.

3) Hurtful argument: people handle things differently, your spouse is different from you so he or she definitely has different ways of handling arguments. If you are always fighting, speaking in foul language during arguments, and saying things during arguments that you and your spouse cannot take back. You need to go for marriage counseling

A marriage counsellor would help you and your partner talk about the things that lead to hurtful arguments and also help you find a balance.

4) Going through a new phase: change affects people differently, some people can handle big change perfectly without it affecting their relationship.

Different changes that can affect your relationship include changing from one job to another, transitioning to another town, a new baby being born, a child leaving the house, etc. These things can lead to behavior change for people, it might be getting to you and your spouse which can lead to a fight. Some couples don’t know how to handle new changes.

If you are going through this phase I think it’s time to go for marriage counselling. A marriage counsellor is going to help you with challenges and as well as help your partner understand how to help you.

5) Sex: one of the biggest issues married couples face is lack of sex. Sex is meant to be fun, it is meant to be Intimate, it is meant to bring you and your husband together.

As a married couple, you are meant to enjoy sex. For some people, it is not about the sex but it is about the little things in marriage. Showing affection is very important.

Little intimacies could be a peck on the cheek, a peck on the forehead, going for occasions as a couple. It could be little things that made your spouse feel connected to you. People find it difficult to talk about these things, they can be shy to talk about them. Talking about it might make them feel judged.

A marriage therapist would help you express yourself freely by telling your spouse how you want to be loved. The things you want them to do for you. A marriage therapist would also help your spouse to see why these things are important and also help walk the journey with you.

6) Trying to get a divorce or get a peaceful divorce; things don’t go as planned, people change, people fall out of love, sometimes the problem cannot be solved. People want to experience new things and do not want to do it with their partners, so they ask for a divorce.

The other party might be ready for divorce, while one person still wants to make things work for some reason. The reason may include kids, societal influence, families. They may also believe they can make things different.

The other party might not just be ready for things to go bad or leave their spouse because they still love their spouse. You don’t know how to make them stay. You see a marriage counsellor. A marriage counsellor would help you and your partner understand why you should not get a divorce and also help you and your spouse see why you should get a divorce.

It could be that you and your spouse agreed to get a divorce but you guys still want to be friends. You and your spouse don’t want to end the friendship or you and your spouse don’t want a dirty divorce because of the kids

You are trying to get a divorce but you don’t want it to affect your kids and you are trying to work it out. It seems you are not getting ways to do it, you don’t know how to get a peaceful divorce.

You should see a marriage therapist, a marriage therapist would guide you on ways to work on the divorce and make it a peaceful one.

7) Financial problems; the challenges married couples face mostly, especially the newly wedded ones is financial crisis. Most couples don’t know how to handle their finances as one, they mostly run into loopholes.

They find it difficult to distribute cash well in the house which mostly leads to falling into financial problems. It could even be that your spouse keep borrowing money from you and he or she won’t pay it back and it gets to you which might affect your relationship.

People have different ways of handling finance as an individual so sometimes you just need to talk to your spouse about finances and how you want your money to be spent.

Your spouse might feel you are spending too much on unnecessary things and you might feel otherwise, you might also feel that your spouse is not spending enough. You might think your spouse is mismanaging the family.

Where your spouse might be from can affect the way they see money and also it could be from their past experiences. Sometimes you and your spouse might probably just run into a new financial crisis that you both cannot handle and it is affecting your relationship as a couple.

You should see a marriage counsellor so that they can help you and your spouse find balance on how to handle finance in a way that would not affect your marriage. A marriage counsellor gives you and your spouse some tips on how to go about finances.

Marriage counselling strengthens bonds between lovers.

Consultation free relationship counselling London

Consultation free Relationship Counselling London

Consultation free counselling relationship London. Are you in a relationship and you are having some hard times?

Are you just starting a relationship and you need someone to talk to you about your relationship without you leaving your house to go sit in front of a total stranger?

Are your schedules tight or are you skeptical about going to someone you don’t know about your relationship? Or you’ve never had experience with relationship counseling and you are thinking of trying one in the comfort of your room.

It is a free counseling session that is scheduled for a couple which can take please on zoom, through a phone call, or in person where they can talk about your relationship without paying.

Consultation free Relationship counselling london is always a 30minutes to 1hour session where couples and the relationship therapist interact. It is always the first meeting session between couples and counsellor

What should Your Consultation Free Relationship Expectation be?

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are meeting someone for the first time. People feel scared when they are meeting a therapist or talking to a therapist for the first time because they do not know what to expect.

Here are the lists of things you should expect when you go for a free consultation relationship counselling.

  1. Emotional Security; People often run away from relationship counselling because they might feel that the relationship therapist might not understand how they feel and they might not feel secure in the room

But if you are going for a free consultation free relationship you should be emotionally secure, you should know that your therapist would not pick sides, he or she will listen to both you and your spouse’s side of the story and guide you to do the right thing

  1.  Be prepared to meet an expert: when going in for the first consultation be ready to meet and talk to an expert about things. The therapist would be an expert, someone that has been trained ethically so you can be sure that you are meeting the best relationship therapist.
  2. Your hopes and recommendations will be met: be assured that when you are going in for your consultation, your hopes will be met and the things you want to be discuss will be discussed.
  3. Go with an open heart. At the end of your consultation session, you will be accepted for therapy.

Research has shown that people prefer online therapy sessions compared to physical therapy sessions

What is an Online Therapy session?

An online therapy session is just what you think it is. It is also called telepsychology because it can be assessed using telecommunication devices and tools. An online therapy session can take place on Zoom, phone calls, or through chats.

An online therapy session is a form of relationship counseling. It involves you talking about your relationship to your counsellor using technology. It is done in the convenience of your room, at your available time.

Online therapy is just as effective as physical therapy for couples that are truly committed to making their relationship work. The only difference is that you are meeting your counsellor online.

Advantages of Online Therapy

  1. It is convenient: coming to a counsellor’s office after a stressful workday can be difficult. You can always have the online session wherever is convenient for you and your spouse

In a situation where you and your spouse are both busy or your spouse is reluctant to go to see a therapist, you can have a free relationship consultation in their comfortable spot.

  1. It is comfortable: your spouse might find it awkward going for marriage counselling in a place they don’t know. Online therapy is the best for you and your spouse because you both can go for the session when and where you are comfortable
  2. Anonymity: if you don’t have therapy to see your face or you prefer to not be known you can opt for an online relationship consultancy. Online consultancy is a good platform to remain anonymous
  3. Time Flexibility: with an online therapy session, you can schedule an early morning session or a late-night session depending on the “one’s you prefer. You can also opt for a 24-hour unlimited session where you can always talk to your counsellor at the time you are available.
  4. Personalized attention: with online relationship counselling, you can avoid long registration processes, with an online therapy session you do not have to experience waiting times or poor customer service.

How Relationship online service works

People involved in online sessions log in to the platform from their phones, laptop, tablets, etc. The user might download apps or use can log in directly to the relationship counseling sites.

The common technique used in online therapy include

  • Email
  • Mobile Apps
  • Real-time instant messaging
  • Phone calls
  • Video conferencing

Is online therapy expensive?

Online therapy is generally considered to be cheaper compared to in-person counselling.

Disadvantages of Online therapy

There are some cons concerning online therapy as effective as online therapy can, it also has its disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages are

  1. Health insurance coverage: health insurance may or may not cover online therapy,
  2. Dependent on the environment: some online consultancy will not work online, whether it is a country to another country or a region  to another region
  3. Most counsellors rely on facial expressions, body movements, in order to understand and see through you and your spouse’s thoughts. Though there are video session for online therapy it lacks the complexities of the real world expression

The appropriate time to go for couple counselling

It is important to note that any couple can go for couples counselling, if they are dating or married, regardless of age, color, ethnicity, religious belief, or gender. No matter the kind of relationship it is, there would always be relationship issues.

In other to solve these relationship issues, you have to opt for relationship counselling

Here are some of the reasons people in relationship can seek couple counselling

  1. Pre-engagement Counselling
  2. Premarital counselling
  3. Open relationship
  4. Sexual concerns

Couple therapy London prices

Consultation London Prices

Couple therapy London prices. The importance of Couple counselling cannot be overemphasized. However, a big discouragement couples face is the cost and price of Couple Counselling especially in London because it is a major city.

In London, couple counselling cost an average of £50 – £950. This price however varies from the experience and the Location of the Couple counsellor.  £50 is the accepted national average in London for Couple Counselling.

It is a normal practice for couple therapists to offer a free session or reduce the price of the session. The essence of this usually is to test and see if the couples are compatible with the therapist.

What the couple is trying to achieve also determines Couple therapy London prices.

In determining the price of couple counselling, there are certain checks that determine the price of couple counselling and must be considered.

The checks are:

  • The Goals,
  • Time,
  • Location,
  • Experience of Therapist
  • Follow up Sessions


Based on what the couples want to achieve from the counselling session, the price varies. For example if you are trying to achieve more communication or improve trust, the price would vary. This usually is a result of the follow-up sessions that would follow. Based on the goals, it affects the choice of Therapist which then varies the price.


A common and universal principle is that Therapists charge by the hour. Unlike other occupations, couple therapists charge per hour. As a result of this, the more time you spend with the couples therapist, the more expensive it gets.

The time is usually based on the goals that the couple hopes to achieve. With larger goals come a longer time, with lesser goals come lesser time.  The time is usually based on the complexity of the goals as well as the choice of Therapist.

A Therapist would normally inform you of the number of sessions you would need based on the complexity of the issue that needs to be resolved and the number of goals that have to be achieved and settled. Usually, this practice helps the couple have a rough estimate of what they should be budgeting.


The Location of the Therapist in most cases affects the price of the session. In London, the prices of counselling sessions tend to be high because it is in a major city. In Harley Street in London, Therapists charge as much as £200 per hour.

In other cities that are not major, the prices for counseling sessions are usually way less. However, because of the location of the couple Therapist, the prices can be high, the service however makes it worth it.

Experience of Therapist

The experience of the Therapist matters a lot in determining the price. The price usually varies from newly graduated to people who have had as much as 50 years of experience. Most people like to go with people who have more experience because they believe that they can trust them more as a result of their experience and exposure.

Based on their experience, the highest average of a graduate is £50 and the lowest average is £20.

For Therapists with about 5-15 years experience, the highest average they charge is £60 and the lowest average is £45

For the seniors who have 15 years experience and above, the higher average they charge is £200 – £250

In line with the experience, some couples like much younger Therapists because they believe that they are more relatable. Adult couples usually tend to more elderly couples as they can relate more with them

Follow Up Sessions

After the issues have been resolved, there is sometimes a need for a follow-up session. The price also varies with this.

Couples Counseling In London. How to Make Your Counseling Session Effective.

It doesn’t matter the number of times you go for couples counselling if the couples are not committed to making the relationship work the couple counselling won’t be effective.

For couples counselling to make a difference in your relationship, you have to be active in your relationship. The therapist’s goal is to provide clarity and assist you and your partner to find a way to balance things.

There are some ways that can help you make sure you and your partner are getting the best out of couple counselling and you are moving forward in the right direction.

  • Always make the counselling come first: For the relationship to work and to see the difference in your relationship before counselling, you should make counselling a priority.

You and your partner should always show up for counselling, you and your partner should always give your counselling full attention and give you full details.

Be punctual to your all your appointments and be present throughout your sessions

  • Find the right Therapist; Not every Therapist will work for you and your partner, you want to search for the therapist you and your partner are comfortable with.

Also do not go for counselling with a therapist that attends to one of you because one of you might feel more comfortable compared to the other partner.

Also, look for a therapist that won’t be impartial about any of you and your partner’s feelings.

  • Have an open mind: Do not go for counselling if you don’t have the proper knowledge about counselling. Have an open mind, do not go into counselling looking for faults or thinking it’s a waste of money or time. Listen to what your couples therapist.
  • Focus on Improving yourself rather than focusing on improving your partners: every couple has one thing or the other to work on. instead of trying to improve your partner, focus on improving yourself. Always put your best improving yourself first before your partner.
  • Always ask difficult questions and always talk about the difficult conversations you are scared to have with your partner: ask difficult questions, ask your partner difficult questions, ass the Therapist difficult questions if you don’t understand. Talk about the difficult conversations
  • Do your homework: During Counselling sessions, you and your spouse would be given some exercise that will bind. Do the things your Therapist asks you to do. The assignment assigned to you will be done outside the counselling session, ensuring that you and your partner do it diligently and sincerely.

Couples Counselling in London Conclusion

Couples counseling in London conclusion

Couples Counselling in london Conclusion. Couples face a lot of challenges and they sometimes find it hard to find a therapist. It has been proven that couples counselling has saved a lot of marriages and relationships.

Couples Counselling in london Conclusion. Couples counseling works, they are not expensive, but couple’s counselling cannot work without you and your spouse’s extra effort.

There are different means to access counselling in London, they are physical and online(phone calls, text messages, zoom).

If your marriage is at the bridge of breaking, the best and next thing to do is to register for counselling.

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