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Overwhelmed meaning


Overwhelmed meaning life’s problems:

What is overwhelmed meaning?

The overwhelmed meaning is feeling overcome with emotion or having a strong emotional effect on you and making you feel under strain. The situation is having a strong affect on you.

Overwhelmed meaning is a highly uncomfortable emotional state, and results in irrational and miscalculated decisions made by the sufferer. Such feelings have a devastating impact on one’s relationship with their partner, and also on every other area of life. However, in relationships, it can create a border between two people and couples, therefore the individual can begin to make rash decisions.

Overwhelmed by Life

Most people in relationships can recall a point from their life when they felt one or more of the following:

  • They felt extremely nervous about having a simple conversation with their partner that they used to have peacefully before.
  • They made a simple commitment with their partner and ended up getting overwhelmed and worried about how they were going to fulfil the said commitment.
  • They were unable to keep away from giving too much of themselves to their partner. They couldn’t figure out how to say ‘no’ to things that made them uncomfortable.
  • They feel controlled by everything in life, including their relationship with their partner. They feel that they have no power over anything.

When asked how they feel, such individuals will usually respond with something like “I feel like as if I am drowning. I cannot keep my head above the water.” This is their description of feeling overwhelmed. So how does one get out of this drowning emotion?

It is crucial to get out of this feeling in order to save an otherwise healthy and happy couple’s relationship. The first step is to understand the different kinds of overwhelmed states in a relationship and how to tackle them.

Overwhelmed meaning


Overwhelmed meaning by its definition, is a feeling of sudden and strong emotions. An individual is overcome by heavy emotions altering the normal state of thinking. They are entirely submerged by their emotions and are overwhelmed meaning that they feel engulfed by their thoughts regarding only the problems in their life. It gets to the point that they begin to lack and eventually lose efficacy and become paralyzed by their overwhelmed state of mind destroying progress.


In a relationship, the feeling of being overwhelmed, meaning stress and anxiety can be harmful.

  • The stress from your mind will result in a headache. You will also feel pain in the back of your neck and your shoulders. These places show the signs of stress and a clouded mind, an overwhelming feeling.
  • You begin to isolate yourself instead of talking things out because the thoughts of confrontation make you feel overwhelmed.
  • You are easily overwhelmed, meaning you are easily irritated and angered—another threatening cause of a relationship.
  • You talk to yourself in a negative tone being highly self judgmental and self-critical.
  • You put things off and prefer to stay in bed. This puts a strain on your relationship as the partner would prefer going out, but you will want to stay at home by yourself for no other reason than feeling overwhelmed.

Being stressed is a cause of overwhelmed meaning underlying anxiety and stress causes one to feel overwhelmed.

Causes and Tips

In a relationship, the feeling of being overwhelmed, meaning depression, anxiety and stress is often connected to the partner. It’s not that they are making you feel like this on purpose. You just do, and its most commonly a sign of anxiety. Here are some methods you can adopt to help with feeling overwhelmed?

  • Focus

Stop whatever you are doing. Take a moment to breathe in peace. Tell yourself that you are capable of focusing on one single task at a time. Achieve this task with self-trust and patience.

Suppose you have issues with your partner, sit down and talk about one problem at a time. Don’t feel the need to fix everything all at once that can make you and your partner overwhelmed.

  • Be Proactive, not Reactive.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your relationship, then its obviously because of more than one thing in your life. Instead of tackling every issue, head first and reacting to every popping problem, write it down. Write down everything that is bothering you, and go from there. This will put into your clear view and bring some clarity into what is going on, and what you need to take any action against first.

Express your emotions

You can find yourself delving into isolation. You may not trust anyone with your feelings, and you may sometimes feel that there isn’t anyone in your life you can tell these things to. So, trust your partner. Communication will ease your mind and soul. Tell your partner how you feel. Open up, and try not to bury yourself under all the overwhelming thoughts bottling things up can lead to significant emotional strain..

Overwhelmed Feeling

An overwhelmed feeling is sensed by an overburdening of strong emotions and can make one feel alone with their thoughts. This overwhelmed feeling arises in a relationship even in the most unlikely scenarios and circumstances, caused by underlying anxiety. One must know how to deal with this feeling at a given time so that no harm is done.

Overwhelmed in relationships

This feeling can make you agitated, irritated, isolated, untrusting of your partner and much more. All of this can easily put a barrier between two people in a relationship. It alters the normal way of thinking and introduces a string of highly irrational thoughts to the mind. But you feel like there is no way to get out of this situation.

A guidance counsellor will help enormously by encouraging you to talk things out with your partner and reach a solution that works in the best interest of your relationship. They offer unbiased counselling and decrease your overwhelmed feelings.

Overwhelmed with partner

So maybe it’s not the relationship but your partner that causes you to feel overwhelmed. You should let them know what is it about them that overwhelms you and makes you anxious. Trust them, and ask for help in understanding what their mindset about the situation is. Get their side of the story and weigh it against yours. Are your feelings rational? Are your thoughts justified? Or were you judging the partner based off your overwhelmed state of mind?  Is the relationship toxic? Are you able to be yourself?

Also visiting a couples therapist or guidance counsellor will greatly benefit you. They will look at things from an outside and unbiased perspective, offering helpful advice.

Tackling feeling overwhelmed in relationships.

  • Talk things out. Instead of shutting yourself out, trust your partner and express yourself.
  • Focus on one problem at a time. Do not attempt to tackle every issue at once.
  • Believe in yourself and practice positive self-talk. Encourage yourself to rid of overwhelmed feelings.
  • Stress and underlying anxiety can often build up to cause overwhelmed feelings. So relax, breathe and take a moment before doing anything.
  • Seek professional help from couples therapist or guidance counsellors for couples. It gives an opportunity of talking things out in the presence of an unbiased person offering help. It clears things out and brings out positive emotions after letting go of negative, overwhelming ones.

According to The Way We Are Now research on couples relationships in the UK, every relationship comes under pressure now and then. The research also states that getting support for such problems can benefit everyone and help resolve issues.

Overwhelmed by Work

Relationship Counselling

Work can be one of the highest contributing factors of an overwhelmed feeling. Work timings, colleagues, boss, environment, traffic, pay and more contribute to anxiety leading to an overwhelmed state of mind. How does this affect a relationship? You are so overwhelmed by work that you cannot give quality time to your partner and their needs. You are stressed all the time from work, you have deadlines and your boss is demanding. Therefore, you end up at a far distance from your partner and feeling pressurized and frustrated. The relationship is harmed gravely, and this is, in turn, another factor that adds to your overwhelmed feelings.

Getting guidance

Guidance counselling for couples will help you in making out a simple schedule through therapy with your partner where you can make time for them, and they can understand your work needs. You will no longer feel overwhelmed by work which can harm your relationship.

Working with partner

Try talking things out with your partner and express your needs. Tell them you need to work, but that you also want to make time for them. You both will reach an understanding of each other and come to a solution with a adequate compromise.

Overwhelmed by Engagement

Getting engaged with your partner is the happiest moment in one’s lifetime. But along with that, it brings a high level of stress, and one feels overwhelmed by engagement.

Why does this happen?

Well, there are several reasons for it to happen.

  • The future is now completely different. It is not just you anymore; you will have to spend your entire life living with another person in your home. For many, this can be a highly stressful thought. The individual is so used to the everyday life of being by themselves and doing things their way that the thought of someone else entering their life is very overwhelming.
  • Everyone now approaches them and talks about the engagement, and it can be quite overwhelming to talk constantly such a big thing, albeit, a positive change in your life.
  • The attention can be intimidating and can cause anxiety leading to an overwhelmed feeling.

How to deal with it?

Such feelings can be overcome by talking with someone about how you feel. Getting an outside perspective can open the mind and expel the overwhelming thoughts.

Getting pre-marital counselling for this can also be helpful, with the company of your partner. It is good to let them in on why you could possibly be feeling overwhelmed by this event.

Overwhelmed by Marriage

Being overwhelmed by marriage is perhaps the most common time to feel this way. Your entire life is shifted into a new perspective. It involves a new person now living with you, in your home.

Why marriage can be overwhelming?

It’s definitely a happy and profound event, but the changes and settlements can be hard and stressful for sure. Even if the relation between two individuals is perfect; otherwise, this huge commitment of marriage can induce feelings of overwhelm in either of the two spouses. The feeling of overwhelming here is not avoidable, as is understandable judging the scope of the changes it brings to one’s life. It’s the moving out, moving in, work, family, distancing from friends etc. that can make one be overwhelmed by marriage.

Overcome this

This feeling itself is natural, although strong and sudden. It fades on its own for the most part. But, in extreme cases such as where it interferes in everyday life causing further stress and irritation, and stays even after marriage and negatively harms the relationship, professional help from a therapist or couples guidance counsellor must be sought.

Overwhelmed by breakup

Breakups can cause anxiety and stress. This leads to one feeling overwhelmed by breakup.

Feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression can put one in a spiral of overwhelmed thoughts. They can often be dangerous and need to be addressed and treated properly to avoid them developing into depression.

Get help

Seek professional help from a therapist so that you don’t isolate yourself entirely and get the help you need at the right time.

Overwhelmed by Motherhood

A new phase

Motherhood is a new phase and a new identity. It can cause anxiety over the smallest of things. It is not unlikely that one would feel overwhelmed by motherhood. Overwhelmed thoughts arise in motherhood over making decisions for the child, not enough time for oneself or partner, proper care of the child etc.

Fathers and mothers both feel overwhelmed by parenthood. One should be there for the other at all times a new child is a beautiful transition but also brings pressure.

Curing depression of motherhood

Mothers can become depressed right after giving birth. Though it is common, this depression can cause overwhelming stress and affect the course of care from the mother’s side.

One should seek professional help from a psychiatrist and therapist to overcome this. The partner should also step up this relationship to aid the mother in any way possible.

Overwhelmed with love

Too much love

One can easily feel overwhelmed with love. It is a profound feeling but can leave one in a frenzy of thoughts. One must be assured of their safety and care, so they do not feel overwhelmed with love. Too much of an idea of love and not enough act of love can feel empty and lead to the person feeling overwhelmed by the idea of love and not the feeling of it.

Needing space

Partners need to give one another proper space, especially when the other one asks for it. Quarrels should be avoided concerning overwhelming feelings of a partner. Their feelings must be considered valid. Guidance counsellors give great advice to couples suffering from such feelings of anxiety in love. Their help must be sought in such times. Space and individual perspective validation is imperative in love.

Overwhelmed by Moving House

Relationship Counselling

A big change

Changes like this can make one suffer from huge bolts of stress. One feels overwhelmed by moving house, to move in with their partner due to many reasons. It’s a big change and alters nearly every area of one’s life and its routines. The little things such as household decisions can cause problems but this is normal and communication is the key here, respect each other’s opinions.

Feeling overwhelmed by moving house can translate into the relationship very quickly and must be tackled with care. It should be eliminated to save the relationship from great harm, as it can cause quarrels within couples.

Couples therapy can help out such emotions into perspective and in clear view. Both partners can understand one another and move on happily into their life.

Overwhelmed by Husband

A wife’s perspective

A wife can feel overwhelmed by her responsibilities and duties towards her husband and family. A husband should understand this and offer help in house chores and relieve his wife of any burdening stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by husband.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by husband but should be addressed, and eventually, this feeling should be eliminated to save the relationship. A wife needs attention and understanding from her husband but she must also see things from both perspectives compromise is a must. It requires work from both sides. Couples therapy should be taken so that the problems are eliminated entirely.

Overwhelmed by Hurt

Why does it happen?

Partners can hurt one another unknowingly, and one can feel overwhelmed by hurt. The feelings of one another must be considered at all times. Piled up, this hurt can become drowning and burdening until one can see no escape.

If one feels overwhelmed by hurt, it must be communicated properly, and even professional help must be sought to avoid conflict or one person walking away.

Overwhelmed by Depression

Relationship Counselling

Depression is one of the main underlying causes of overwhelming feelings. One can feel overwhelmed by depression itself. Extra care and love from the partner can help, but eventually, professional help from the therapist can help more the individual must do internal work and introspective work. If this is caused by the relationship itself, couples therapy is the best option to tackle this.

Overwhelmed by Decisions

It’s a mutual effort.

In a relationship, there are so many decisions to make. One ends up overwhelmed by decisions. A partner should offer help and guidance in every step of the way. One should not feel alone in making decisions. It is work for both partners. Being overwhelmed by decisions requires professional help when a partner doesn’t seem to understand the drastic impact it has on their partner’s life. Professional help can be sought to enlighten the partners about the mutual effort in decision making.

The way we are now research

According to The Way We Are Now, research on the state of UK’s relationships, it takes two to keep a relationship happy and healthy. A good and well-communicated relationship keeps health in a great state. So if both partners communicate well, one will not feel overwhelmed alone in making any decisions.

Overwhelmed by Mother in Law

No doubt, a relationship between a mother and daughter in law is a tumultuous one if not mutually affectionate. Therefore, a daughter in law or son in law can feel overwhelmed by mother in law. Responsibilities, duties and certain expectations can lead one to be intimidated and overwhelmed by mother in law.

How to get over this?

A partner, husband, can always step in and peacefully settle matters on both sides. He can do his best to calm his wife down if she is feeling overwhelmed on her own and there is no stress enforced the mother in law. It is also important to set boundaries with family members to preserve and protect your marriage. In extreme cases, therapy and counselling can be approached to solve deeper matters.

Overwhelmed synonyms

Following are some overwhelmed synonyms, so one can better understand how another feels in a relationship as they may not always use the word overwhelmed. So overwhelmed synonyms are helpful to learn about partners feelings.

  • Overcome
  • Submerged
  • Stirred
  • Bury
  • Burdened
  • Engulfed

Overwhelmed Quotes

Overwhelmed quotes are helpful to communicate one’s feelings. Overwhelmed quotes are also an easier way of expressing care to someone when they are feeling so overwhelmed that they cannot find enough words to express themselves.

  • Even from a dark night, songs of beauty can be born.
  • One must not let oneself be overcome by sadness.
  • Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.
  • The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.


Keeping all the aspects mentioned above of feeling overwhelmed in a relationship, it is important for partners to care for one another and go for couple’s guidance counselling when needed. A relationship requires equal effort from both partners, and can not be healthy if one has overwhelmed feelings. So how can this be implemented? By reading about overwhelming feelings and providing support for the partner. As a sufferer of overwhelmed feelings, expressing oneself and trusting the partner is crucial. Call 03333443853 to have a free consultation now or email

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