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All my friends are getting married


All my friends are getting married

Seeing your friends getting married is not easy at all. You may wonder all my friends are getting married, am I a failure? But this is not true things may change in the future, but it is for the best for you to remain confident in you.

A new study shows that women who remain single for most of their lives tend to live happier and longer lives. This research was done by Paul Dolan, who is a behavioral science professor at the London School of economics. I know you will be judged for being single, but it can be a good thing. As it is said by a very famous singer Taylor Swift:

“I recommend to all my friends that they be alone for a while. When you’re in love or dating someone, you filter your life decisions through their eyes. When you spend a few years being who you are, completely unbiased, you can figure out what you actually want.”

I know it feels terrible and challenging to deal with when “All my friends are getting married,” but let me share some useful tips on how you can deal with whole this situation.

All my friends are getting engaged

USA, Connecticut, Newtown, Couple and unhappy woman in forest

I know how it feels when your newsfeed is flooded with “I’m engaged” statuses, and you are still there confused about commitment issues. You are happy for them, but deep down, they’re not such happy feelings. It is normal to feel this way and I have dealt with many clients in the same situation. Here are different emotions single people feel when they see other people getting engaged:

It feels like I am a failure

All my friends are getting engaged, and I feel like I am a failure. People are starting new chapters of their life and I don’t have any perspective”. It is a really complicated time, so these kinds of thoughts are common. You feel like they have found their soul mate, and you haven’t even met someone.

I feel jealous

“I am really happy that my best friend is getting engaged, but almost all my friends are getting engaged, these other engagements make me feel jealous. It is really hard for me to mask my jealousy”. You are truly happy for your best friend, which means you are a genuine friend. It is okay to feel down when you are overwhelmed with engagements everywhere.

There are a lot of questions.

“I have been in relationship for a year now, we have good chemistry. But I feel angst when people announce their engagement. After that my friends and relatives start asking when is he going to propose me, is this going to happen next month?” It is not bad to feel this way but do not rush things just because of these questions. Have a conversation first with your partner if you really want to get engaged but remember every relationship is different and you can not do things just because others are doing it.

I feel scared

Being single amongst married friends feels scary sometimes. “I have seen a lot of engagements crumble, and when someone asks me when I am going to get engaged, it just freaks me out although I want it. My friends are getting engaged and it seems good but I don’t know if it will last long”. It is fair to ask yourself; If it will last because life is uncertain. But don’t let this thought get in your head.

Being single amongst married friends

How often have you felt dread attending dinner parties, work-related events, or family gatherings being single, for fear of being asked: “When are you getting married? How is your love life going?” getting older is not easy, and there is nothing scarier than being the last one left in group single. Being single amongst married friends is not that easy.

Backward societal norms

In society, unmarried women are framed as being left behind and unmarried men as an adventurous and independent spirit. It may seem unjust, but it is reality. A lot of movies have been made on these concepts; for example, “Bridget Jones’ Diary” also revolves around the concept of being left alone. You might fall into the category of Bridget, who desperately wants to get married, or you are a girl who wants to cherish her single independent life.

The issue with being the last single person in friends group is that your friends will make a couple of friends and go off on trips excluding you. You will feel lucky if you see them once a month. It will feel like losing touch. In the end, you will feel like odd one out. You will have to find new friends to hang out with. In some cases you maintain good contact but because all their friends are married you feel very uncomfortable when they invite you to things.

All my friends are getting married song.

There is a very famous song, “All my friends are getting married” from the album “Ego Is Not a Dirty Word” by Skyhooks. It was released in 1975 and totally depicts how it feels to be single when your friends are getting engaged or married. Let me share its lyrics with you:

Well, all my friends are getting married. Yes, they’re all growin’ old. They’re staying home on weekends. They’re all doin’ what they’re told. But I’m caught up in this magic. I’m all caught up in the fun. I’m all caught up in this music. Maybe I’ll never have a son.

Well, I looked into the crowd the other night. And I saw an old familiar face. He said, “How are you doin’ Shirl my boy?”
He said, ” Tell me, are you still playin’ the same old place. I asked him all about himself. And he said that he was married with a kid. Showed me a picture of his wife
And we talked about all the things we did

Well, sometimes, I feel like I’m left behind. And sometimes, I feel like I just left school. Wonder if I’ll ever grow up
Maybe I’m the only fool.

But I’m all caught up in this magic. Yes, I’m caught up in this fun.

I’m all caught up with this music. Well, maybe I’ll never have a son.

All my friends are married with babies

People progress at different rates, and it is natural we can’t do anything about it. Some of your friends are getting married and having kids, but there you are, no children, by yourself, and there is more, and the unstoppable cycle of poor dating experience.

As teenagers, we don’t know what is lying ahead in life. We think that our friend’s group will never change.  But then life happens, and everything starts changing as we grow up. Things grow differently for different people, as mentioned above. Some of your friends will decide to get married and have children at an early age. This is how you may feel when all your friends are getting married, and you’re still single, seeing them having kids make you feel anxious what about me?.


They will use months to describe the age

Some of my friends do this actually because almost all my friends are married with babies, and at the start, it seemed really annoying. They will go like, “bobby is 24 months old”. And you will feel like, no, bobby is two years old. I know it is difficult to handle this, but you need to be supportive. The truth is there is nothing wrong with this but I became irritable because I felt so stressed because I have not started my family yet.

You may develop occasional alcoholism

When all your friends are getting married and you’re still single, you feel so upset that you will probably drink at most events. Weddings will look like a nightmare. Family dinners or friend’s parties will be worst. You can’t leave the event, but you can’t handle the questions and babies, too, so you will feel better with your drunken self. Please always remember alcohol doesn’t solve problems it is just a temporary comfort illusion.

You don’t want to go home

Being with married friends and their kids is not easy at all and I love kids. Your family knows about them, and they will start pressuring you about getting married. You don’t want to go back to see your parents as you will start to worry that they will be asking why you have not found someone yet and subsequently making you feel bad about yourself.

My friend had a baby, and now I never see her

You know that when you and your best friend move to different cities, you may lose your friend in a way that you can’t meet them regularly. There are some other situations, and you know about these situations. But no one prepares you for this kind of situation where your friend has a baby, and now it becomes almost impossible for you to maintain a connection. But you need to keep in mind that it is one of the best things that happened to your friend. You need to be supportive of them. Friends with babies also don’t have an easier life, so instead of getting angry, try to be there for them.

Don’t make them feel guilty

My friend had a baby and now I never see herIt does not feel good. If your best friend has a baby and can’t be in touch with you as much as she used to, don’t make him/her feel guilty. There are sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and a lot of breastfeeding. I know your text messages, emails, and calls are blowing up your friend’s phone, and you feel upset; why isn’t she replying to you. Keep in mind she is doing most of the things single-handedly. So instead of getting angry, or sending messages like how are you, ask them if they need your help with anything. Be a good friend always life happens to all of us.

Flood them with food

Friends with babies are so busy that they almost don’t have time to cook food. You can bring home-cooked food for them. They will really appreciate it. Don’t visit too often; it can be overwhelming for them. It can be good to surprise them with the whole gang. You can also use delivery services to send them food. Giving support is what being a friend is all about.

Help them in doing regular chores.

Initially, after birth, a lot of people are visiting them. But after a few days, your friend is doing things alone. It is your responsibility to help Friends with babies so that they can relax for a while. Offer them help in doing regular chores. Do grocery for them, help in cleaning the house, also help them with the baby anything that they have mentioned is a strain try to assist as much as you can.

Married friends vs. single friends

Both married friends and single friends have their own struggles. If you are single, you may think that your friend is enjoying the best life with his/her partner, and they are ignoring you on purpose. You may think that they don’t think of you as their best friend anymore. But it is not reality. You need to understand that marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. Even if they have been in a long-term relationship, marriage is still much more different than that. So instead of getting angry, be supportive. They don’t want you to be angry with them.

Moving on, the debate married friends vs. single friends forward; let’s have a look at how married friends should help single friends. If you are married and have a single best friend, you need to know that your single friend is also having difficulty in coping with this change. You may not always be there for them, and it can make them feel frustrated. In addition to this, as a single person, they have to hear a lot of talk about when are they going to settle, did they find someone? This is even more frustrating for them. So you need to make life easier for them too. You need to encourage them to live their life to the fullest. Tell them that there is nothing wrong with being single. Do not try matchmaking; it will only frustrate them even more. Try to spend time with them too and hear them out; also share your married life experience with them.

Married friends and single friends need to understand that they have to help each other through the challenges of life; only then can they make it easier for each other friendship is very important and we must respect each other’s situations.

All my friends are married but me

Over the past few years, I have seen a lot of engagements and got married posts in my Facebook newsfeed more than I can even count. Today it feels like all my friends are married but me. As a kid, we all spend a lot of time planning our perfect weddings. But now, when it is time to really walk down the aisle, most of us feel confused about whether we really want to do it or not.

It feels weird

I know you had crushes and wanted to find Mr. Perfect. But in years since puberty hit you, you feel like you have a lot of growing left to do. You want to be sure whether you are ready to get married or not. But now it seems weird as everyone is getting married and you are not ready to settle down.

You miss your squad

All my friends are married but me, I am not feeling good about it.” It is not that you are jealous of your friends, but you think that things are going to change and you won’t be able to be in touch with them. You already start missing your squad. It is scary to live alone. Their lives are going to be different and romantic albeit more fulfilled, but you are not ready, so you have to pursue your career.

Adulthood is complicated

Adulthood is really complicated, so if you feel like you should not get married right now, it is okay. Sometimes you may get depressed about being single among friends because they are getting all the attention and good things in life. But the wedding is just the start of a new chapter in life. There is no need to be stressed about it; if they are getting married, it is good for them, but you should not get stressed about it. Believe in you, your time will surely come but know that it is organic and you have to patient and also choose the right person.

How to be happy single when all your friends are in relationships

Being left  the only single in your squad feels terrible; I can relate to it so many people come to M.D.D with this issue. You may want to get married but also have second thoughts about it. You may also feel a little jealous of your friends getting married and having kids. All of these emotions are natural, and it is okay to feel this way. But you need to keep in mind that life does not revolve around marriage. There is a lot to explore.  Even if your friends are getting married, there is no need to rush. You can enjoy your single life fully. If you are wondering how to be happy single when all your friends are in relationships, let me share some tips with you:

Involve yourself in meaningful activities

People think that love comes first and then comes happiness. It is not true at all; happiness comes first and then comes love. If you really want to find the love of your life, you need to be happy. If you are unable to find love, currently don’t feel depressed. Spend your time doing meaningful activities. For instance, get new hobbies, try meditation, and do exercise regularly.

Travel alone

It may feel weird at first, but once this feeling of weirdness goes away, you will start enjoying your freedom. Explore new places and do whatever you want. Start from your own city, visit places you have never seen before.

Self-awareness can help

Self-awareness is really helpful in knowing what you want in your life. You can have a clear view of what are your dreams, aspirations and goals. And then you can start working hard to pursue these goals. You will have a clear purpose in your life.

Take help from professionals.

How to be happy single when all your friends are in relationships? If you can’t figure out how to spend a single happy life and are struggling with it, you can also take help from professionals. Life coaches and therapies are really helpful in this regard. A lot of people are getting benefit from it.(FREE CONSULTATION WITH M.D.D call 03333443853)

All my friends are getting married, meme.

Being single among your friends means you have to struggle a lot, going to a social event alone, especially at weddings. You will feel lonely and sometimes may feel embarrassed. It is really difficult to go to a couple-focused event alone. I can relate it too. So a lot of people have made memes on their experience of “All my friends are getting married and I’m over here like.” These memes can turn your sad mood into a happy one.

Here are some of my favorite “All my friends are getting married meme.” You will surely relate to these if you are single among your married friends.

This one is my most favorite “All my friends are getting married meme.” Actually, this is from my favorite show “FRIENDS” where Rachel (a character from the show) gets panic while dealing with her career and love life problems:


All my friends are getting married. What should I do? Am I a failure? I feel like left alone. You may have all these thoughts stuck in your mind. But I would suggest you not to take this stress on at all. You can enjoy your single life at best. In this article, I have shared some tips with you, Call us on 03333443853 for a free consultation if you need support now we are here to help.

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