I am too scared to date again

We all have been there where we have cried endless nights with the fear of not being enough. Hitting the lowest valley of your life is heartbreak. Certain things hurt more than a breakup, but at that time, it is one of the worst situations to be in. You are wrapped in a bundle of emotions, ranging from anger to regret and from bitterness to sudden helplessness, within seconds. Sorting through those feelings is hard, and you don’t want to step into the world of dating again. Some so many people can get through the chaos of emotions but are found declaring the fact that “I am too scared to date again” or “I can’t trust anyone enough to date again.”

The fear to step into the world of dating after a breakup and navigate it all over again is certainly dreadful for majority of people. There are a lot of things that go through an individual’s mind when they are considering to date again. It is beyond just the question of I am too scared to date again. It involves queries like is it too early to get involved in someone else or what if the next person also breaks my heart. Thus, the chaos of emotions might heal, but the fear of dating all over again just doesn’t go away as fast.

Is it too soon to date again?

A lot of people question that I am too scared to date again and then follow up by saying that it might be too soon. This is heavily dependent on the state of the relationship you were previously into. How serious it was and how much emotions did you invest in it? Some relationships are broken way before the actual breakup, and it seems like a relief to finally let them go. Also, some relationships are going by just fine until just one fight, turns them upside down. Thus, it depends on how much time you require to heal and how much healing do you need. The best advice here is not to get involved with anyone before you are healed.

How do you know that you are ready to date again?

One gets to know and feel when they are ready to date again. It is the urge that one feels to get involved in someone or explore what dating has to offer to them after the breakup. Yes, it does not happen suddenly or within a day or two of the breakup, but it does come to you naturally. It means that you are ready to put your heart at risk again. It might get broken, but you are no longer scared of it being torn apart.

The best advice here is not to allow the fear of heartbreak, rule your life and stop you from loving again. Don’t give the fear, the permit to stop you from finding the love you wish to have and the love you deserve. Don’t let it dictate your life and never allow it to tell you to control your emotions for someone else being to scared to date again is actually one of the reasons many are lonely and not because no one wants them..

Tips to date after a heartbreak:

We have all found ourselves saying that I am too scared to date again, but we have moved on from the phase and have allowed someone to love us, hurt us and maybe leave us again too. But when we invest our pure feelings into someone and it doesn’t work out; it is heart-wrenching. It gets very complicated. You might have imagined a perfect future with someone, and they turn around one day, telling you that you are not who they want. It seems impossible to come back to life or love yourself again, either. The thought of loving someone seems horrible and terrifying. If you are there, at this moment of life, then here are some quick tips to help you get out there and step into dating again.  It won’t happen overnight, but little steps can always turn into bigger ones.

  • Stay Positive:

After a heartbreak, the last thing you can expect from dating is anything positive. It seems a waste of time and feelings. But if you are always going to sit and bash love or dating; how are you ever going to find someone who is worth it? Thus, you need to stay positive.

  • Know what you want:

Most of the times, when people re-enter the world of dating, they are just trying to heal themselves from the previous breakup. DON’T do it. The best way to step back into dating is to heal on your own and understand what you want. Once you know what you are looking for, you won’t settle for less, and that will automatically reduce your chances of a breakup.

  • Don’t compare:

Comparison is the death of love, and if you are constantly going to compare your new partner, with your ex; dating won’t ever work for you. This is why it is very important to heal yourself first and then step into dating again and NEVER compare your current boyfriend or girlfriend with the previous one. Everyone is different, and you need to understand it.

  • Focus on yourself:

Stepping back into dating does not have to make your world revolve around it only. Make sure that you focus on other things in your life too. Give yourself time and don’t let your partner consume a lot of you. Take things slowly, and it will work out just fine.

Therapy helps:

Serious relationships are often hard to let go, and they tend to be the worst breakups ever. A lot of couples who have been deeply in love but had to breakup due to some reasons, usually find themselves in a ditch. Even when they move on, they are so scared that they have no idea how to bounce back into dating someone. This is where therapy can help. Being in love and getting your heart broken is hard to deal with, and a professional can help you in tremendous ways.

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