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A long term relationship not only makes you comfortable but also tends to slow down the adrenaline rush. Many couples don’t realise that their partner is a boring person until they have been together for a good amount of months or even 2-3 years. After the charm wavers off, some people are just found whining that my partner is boring, and the relationship no longer serves entertainment.


Not every person can promise you an exciting relationship as everyone is different. Every guy or girl you meet is not going to promise you a rollercoaster ride of fun, joy and excitement. Even if they do, the rollercoaster is certainly going to come down to a halt at one point of life (it is quite normal). Thus, you must also be able to differentiate between the fact that whether your partner is boring or you are bored with the relationship overall.

Many times, you don’t realise that you are stuck with a boring boyfriend because the emotions of love easily cloud your perception. Also, please keep in mind that you cannot blame the other person for being boring as everyone has a different personality. In the start, everything seemed exciting to you because you were just too eager to unveil the layers of their personality and feel the rush of love that was clouding your entire mind. However, the sad reality hits you hard when the daily love dose becomes more of a routine, and you come to a place of realisation that my partner is boring.

What to do if my partner is boring?

Sadly, a lot of people do not understand that being boring is normal. A person cannot undo their entire personality, and if you truly love them, you can deal with the situation too. Here are some ways through which you can easily spice up your relationship even if you think that your partner is boring. Also, don’t forget that every person is different, and you must never compare your partner with someone else.

  • Remember what drew you to go crazy for them:

Relationships are built on a lot of basis apart from just excitement. There is so much that one needs to have a successful relationship. Remember why you were attracted to your partner in the first place? What made you go crazy for them? Was it their calm personality, or did you assume that they are super exciting? Figure out your true feelings and what makes your heart melt when you are with them. Remembering why you fell in love with a person is going to help you a lot.

  • Maybe your partner is dealing with a tough situation:

Sometimes your partner is not boring, but they are just going through a tough situation that they seem quiet. It can just be a difficult phase for them. Thus, it is better to sit down and communicate with them, inquiring about what is bothering them. This will not only build up your relationship but will also provide strength to your partner. In difficult times people tend to change and be less open to fun and socialising

  • Keep your friends and partner separate:

If your partner is not willing to go out with your friends all the time, then don’t force him/her too. It is not supposed to make them boring or dull; it can simply not be their thing to do. You need to keep a fine line between your life with your partner and your life with your friends. Go out with them on your own and then spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Once you keep the two separate, you will notice that your partner is not boring; it can simply be differences in tastes and preferences of your partner and friends and you must respect your partners own personality and preferences.

  • Do something together:

Okay, apart from sex guys; do something together. Putting the physical attraction behind, built a hobby that you two can thoroughly enjoy. You can also build up to two hobbies, that both of you like so that none of you feels like you are leaving behind your hobbies for your partner. If your boyfriend likes gardening; spend a day with him learning about flowers and help him in his garden. Likewise, if your girlfriend likes to paint or photograph; go out with her and spend time painting (even if you don’t like it). This builds up a very strong foundation for the relationship and doesn’t let you get bored either. It is important to compromise

  • Don’t rely on your partner all the time:

Usually, when people say that my partner is boring and there is nothing new to explore, it is simply because they have been spending way too much time together. It is important to do things without your partner, too, especially when you are not married. Don’t look up to your partner all the time for tiny things and don’t try to hold on to them 24/7. Let them be and spend some time alone too. You must have something to tell each other at the end of the day. If you keep calling and texting all the time; there is no excitement in the relationship.

Call of Action:

Understanding someone’s personality and accepting them for who they are is true love. You do not have to change someone to make them lovable because that is not even love true love is acceptance. If you are crying about the fact that my partner is boring; ask yourself, why the relationship has turned upside down, all of a sudden. Talk to your partner, and maybe they have an issue that they have not discussed with you. Make the journey exciting and don’t dwell on them all the time.

If you are finding it hard to spark the light again in your relationship, then you can talk to a professional about it too. Relationship counselling is saving hundreds and thousands of beautiful couples these days from heartbreaks.

You can turn to MDD for relationship counselling, and we provide you with an array of services which deal with almost all problems that partners go through. Whether it is as small as boredom or has huge as cheating; you can fix it all with good professional advice and support.

Don’t let go off the person you love because it is hard to find the right person. If they make your heart melt; a boring phase or personality can never undo the rush of emotions. Fix it, give it your best and make sure that you love with all your heart. There is always a way and if you are unable to find yours, then visit MDD through these locations, and you will certainly find your way back too!

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