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Relationship counselling near me

The pressure of modern lifestyle is growing with every passing day. It has started to have a huge impact on individuals and relationships as well. The monotonous, hectic daily life has made it tougher to manage things properly and bring a perfect balance in everything. The real issue is that modern human life lacks management. There is a lot that the modern world lifestyle has to offer, and one can celebrate it too. But when you are unable to balance your personal or love life; the rest doesn’t fall in place either.


Being in a relationship has a huge impact on your overall life. If you are content with your partner, you feel that you have positive energy throughout the day, and life feels nothing less than a celebration. On the other hand, if things are not going well between you and your significant other, then you will have negative vibes (even if you don’t want them) and it can make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

We usually come across things like “love yourself so that you don’t have to find it in someone else” or “happiness is an inside job” etc. But what these quotations forget is that loving is human nature and we are not designed to stay alone. We desire to be loved, and we also long to love someone. If you are committed to someone, you can not be happy if you are having constant troubles with them. The issues need to be addressed to attain the calmness that you want in life. This is where relationship counselling can help you a lot.

Importance of Relationship Counselling in the Modern World:

Relationship counselling is trending with every passing day, and it is because relationships are failing drastically to keep up. The divorce and separation rate has risen immensely as people prefer leaving the person due to some tiny issue instead of facing things and trying to work it out. The harder part is to stay together and fight to bring a solution to the problems. Thus, two people tend to separate their paths instead of finding a way out of their issues. The, relationship counselling brings you all the possible and practical ways to solve your problems with your partner and give a fresh start to your relationship. It brings you out of the imagination of unrealistic expectations that social media and movies have inculcated in our brains. Therapy pushes you towards “working” for a relationship and understanding what it is to be committed to someone. Here is how relationship counselling can help people save their relationships:


Sane and Realistic Methods:

Relationship counselling becomes crucial when couples are unable to look beyond their false expectations. Love is not about the perfect Instagram selfie or the picture perfect proposal; it is about making a conscious decision of staying with someone when all you wish is to leave. It is about giving your 80% when your partner is not well and is unable to pool in his entire 50%. It is about deciding to get used to each other’s shortcomings and share your space with someone and sharing your life with someone.

The real problem is that people have started viewing relationships or love as the one that is portrayed in movies. Couples fail to see that love is not all sunshine and never has to be. Thus, the importance of relationship counselling tends to jump in and save people from destroying their beautiful relationships due to expectations that do not fit into the real world. They are just feasible for the world of movies and look great in the cinemas. Love is actual hard work and therapy brings you reasonable, sane and realistic ways to handle a relationship. This is why it has become more of a necessity for the majority of couples these days. It is important to knock yourself out of the troubles you are having with your partner with a solution that does well to both the partners instead of just getting a divorce because you think the man/woman you are living with is not that great. Remember that nobody is perfect and we all are just created humans with flaws.

Gives you space of open discussion:

Sometimes couples are unable to discuss the issue with their partners openly because they are scared to hurt their feelings. Thus, they bottle it all up and tend to stay quiet until the havoc is perfectly created inside, and it starts destroying the relationship. This is where relationship counselling gives you a completely open space to discuss your issues without any fear. It is about bringing the couple together, to talk about the tiniest to the biggest things so that the issues can be resolved for good. Before the therapy session, the couples are provided with a demonstration of how whatever is said during the session is therapy and needs to be understood instead of taken to heart. Therefore, relationship therapy brings a wonderful space for the couple to work out their worries or issues and ask for a reasonable and realistic solution for it in return in a non- judgemental environment.


Relationship Counselling London

Now that you understand the importance of relationship counselling and how it is vital for couples who are undergoing the pressure of modern day lifestyle and are unable to handle everything nicely; you might want a good therapist to contact. There are certainly a lot of options out there, and you can look forward to getting the best therapist within a matter of minutes through the internet. However, we would personally recommend Miss Date Doctor, which is one of the best and most well-reputed dating coach and relationship counselling business in London. The therapists are accessible online, as well as face to face, phone and skype. You can visit our services here;

Miss Date Doctor provides you with a variety of relationship counselling services. Whether you are single, in a relationship, recently divorced or have just undergone a breakup; you can consult MDD for a dating coach who will assist you through the process and help you come out of the problem that you are facing. You can visit MDD here : to see the huge array of services we can provide you with. If your partner is cheating on you or you are still in love with your ex or your partner is becoming boring; look up to Miss Date Doctor, and there is no way that you won’t get a solution. You will pay for the best therapy session that you can have as we have the best qualified accredited team of life coaches, dating coaches and relationship counsellors. The team is efficient, effective and are incredible at what we do, due to which, we have been able to save lots of couples from breaking up and have also managed to bring people out of their post-breakup gloomy phase.

Having a Relationship Counsellor near me:

Having a good relationship counsellor near me, in the locality, is nothing less than a bliss. If you are in London and want to get in touch with an amazing relationship counselling team, then you can contact them via

We are located in 27 Old Gloucester St. Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AX. We are open throughout the week, from Monday till Sunday, from 9 am till 9 pm. You can easily book an appointment online, or at one of our locations close by to you, then you can visit us personally. It is considered much better if you can get a therapist close to you as it makes the private sessions much better and effective. Also, it cuts down the hassle and inconvenience of travelling far, from work or any other important meeting, to attend your session. The best part about Miss Date Doctor is that WE are located in a great location and close to a lot of residential areas with over 127 location in the UK. This makes it easily accessible for people who wish to get a private session with the therapist.

On the other hand, if you are not in the UK and still want to avail the services of Miss Date Doctor, then you can easily get in touch with us via email or Whatsapp. You can get your sessions booked online as well. This means that you can sit anywhere in the world and still avail the best therapy services from the best relationship counselling team that is Miss Date Doctor.

Relationship counselling near me free consultation: 03333443853

Why choose Miss Date Doctor?

The question arises that in a pool of various relationship counselling companies, why would one choose Miss Doctor Date, right? You can get so many options out there; so what is it that makes them different or worth the money? A lot of people outside of London would want some great reason to pick them instead of a local therapist that they might nearby. Well, we have a lot of reasons for you to pick MDD and why we consider them the best choice to make!

Relationship Counselling near me MDD

First of all, MDD has been working for years in the world of counselling. We now have one of the strongest teams of therapists and life coaches working together, to bring the best solutions for the problems our clients. We have a team of knowledgeable and well-experienced relationship and dating counsellors who offer the most proficient solutions and sessions to our customers.

We are also very flexible for their clients. You can just Whatsapp us, phone us or skype, and we will give you a detailed demonstration of how online relationship counselling works and how we can bridge the gap easily through video calls as well. You can provide a detailed insight into your troubles, and we find the best and most suitable therapist or life coach for you. Thus, your relationship counsellor is perfect for you, according to the type of issues that you might be facing. It is more like customizing your relationship therapist, according to your needs. Isn’t that great? You will be provided with exactly what you want; nothing less, nothing more. If you are going through a post-breakup phase, then you will get a therapist who has been working on a similar client base for some years.

MDD uses modern approaches to deal with modern relationships. As the couples today, tend to be wrapped within a fantasy of false expectations, MDD tends to deal them with an approach that is suitable for them and doesn’t hurt them too. Thus, ditching the old rules of therapy, MDD is working on new ways and methods to provide a healthy basis to the foundation of a relationship for couples who are having constant issues. Also, leaving you with a variety of solutions and advice for aftercare so that you can work on your relationship on your own too.

Therefore, if you are in search of a relationship counselling that brings out long term benefits and has results that are astonishing and real, then don’t look any further than MDD.


To conclude it all, relationship counselling is now a part of our society and is more of a need too. Dating is tough in the modern world. Gone are the days when it was really easy, and the expectations were as simple as anything. The pressure is real, but somehow, a major portion of all of this is man-made too. Thus, solving it is essential before the divorce and separation rate spikes up through the air.

Miss Date Doctor holds a great deal of experience and has a lot of repute in the world of relationship counselling. We are located in London but can be easily accessed via email or Whatsapp. You can get your session booked online as well. MDD is the perfect relationship counselling team for the modern and fast-paced world that needs ready access to everything. MDD is just a call or text or email away and response is within a minute. So don’t be anxious and trust them completely! Save yourself or save your relationship before it is too late.

Book an appointment now and work towards whatever seems to be troubling you in your relationship use our services today

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