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According to the stats, almost 6% of the adults in the United States are facing depression. The research was done on mental illness, and the rising rate of this issue portrays that being single, divorced or separated elevates this rate a lot more than usual, and it has been rising due to a large number of relationships that are breaking over time. Even when this sounds as gloomy as anything, the brighter side is that no matter what kind of mental illness you have; it is curable. Being single and depressed is, and you can get away with it (it isn’t that hard).

According to the National Institute of Health, 805 of depression patients can find relief and a way out of their mental health illness through proper treatment and counselling sessions. Thus, if you are single and depressed and think that there is possibly no way out of it; you are wrong because you can cope with the situation, if you want to, through proper counselling.


Being Single after a beautiful relationship:

Being single is beautiful until you have been recently dumped and don’t have anything positive popping up in your mind. Being alone and depressed makes life gloomy. There are days when life seems pretty much back to normal, but then there are the days when you feel the “single blues” are consuming you badly. However, if the wrong, slow and harmful days are taking a toll, and they are overcoming the number of good days; you must address the issue because it is depression. It is the fear of being single that tends to put you into a constant tug of war with your thoughts.

 How to get over being single and depressed?

Being single in today’s modern world is a bit hard because Society tells us not to be. Well, we will discuss this issue later, but here we have some tips for people who can’t deal with being single and depressed. You can get over this phase with determination and efforts.

Do what you love:

Being single gives you a chance to run your life, on your rules. You have nothing to compromise, and you can do whatever you love doing. I am not saying that you can not do what you love while you are in a relationship, but there are days when you want to go out for a movie, but your significant other is willing to sleep in and spend time with you. The choice is tough, but you know that you would be accompanying your partner and ditching the hours of fun you could have had. Also, it is beautiful to be with your partner, but when you are single, you can easily consume your time to do whatever you love instead of crying over the fact that you are alone. Crying or being depressed about it, won’t find you a partner overnight; thus, use that time wisely and make memories.

Hang out with single friends:

Single friends usually don’t hang out with couples because they don’t want to feel like the third wheel. Thus it is best that all the single friends hang together as it is much more fun. Don’t you agree? It is better than looking at two people kissing each other. You can dance crazily and shout your lungs out while you drink tons of vodka with your single friends. Go crazy on weekends with your gang, and you will love it; no more being single and depressed at all.

Focus on the good:

A lot of relationship counsellors tell single people to focus on the good instead of whining about their breakup or being single and depressed. The biggest problem with single people is that they take it negatively and don’t tend to focus on the good that is happening around them. The best piece of advice for single peeps out there is to keep your standards high and focus on the good. Being in a relationship is not that you need to achieve in life. What about the promotion you got two months back? What about the new apartment that you got along with the promotion? Even if not, what can you do to make it there? Focus on the right things; also admire the little things like having a day without any mess or problems. Gratitude makes your life better! Focus on good and better will come your way.

Ditch the Society; it is okay to be single!

Being single and depressed is now rising; it wasn’t there before (not so prominently basically). The issue here lies in us as a society; there is so much pressure about being in love. The amount of attention romance and love is getting in the modern world is disgusting (like don’t we have anything else to do?). Being in love is definitely a great feeling, but the fact that there is so much pressure on it feels awkward and makes unique look weird (when it is not).

The modern world has weaved this idea that being in a relationship is very important and needs to be done. If you are 18 and you haven’t been in a relationship, it seems more of a shame now, when it is not supposed to be. Every high school movie begins with love and ends at a happily ever after (is that what we join the high school for)? When everything around you, keeps reminding you of the fact that you should be in a relationship, then the depression rates spiking up in single people is not a big surprise.

Also, the pressure of love is ruining the idea of relationships and how they are supposed to be in real life. Relationships are turning into garbage these days, and it has also raised the breakup, divorce and separation rate rapidly. Being remotely compatible is not enough for a lifetime. People just get into a relationship when they slightly click with someone, not considering whether that is the person they want to be because they are just looking for a relationship and don’t want to be single.

When the Society keeps telling you that you must be a relationship to find validation; how do you assume that youngsters will be healthy when they are not finding “the one”? The facts are clear; try seeing a movie that doesn’t have a high school romance in it; it is so hard now! We, as a society, are killing the next generations, without even realizing. We are being taught that we need validation from another person and that if someone doesn’t fall in love with us, then we are useless or not good enough. This needs to STOP! We need to learn to love ourselves and wait for the one which really sparks us and our personality and not just our hormones.

Consult a Therapist:

Blame the Society or whoever; we are now breathing in a society that believes that being in a relationship is very important to find the validation and peace they are missing out. Being single and depressed is not normal, and if you wish to fight it, then you can try to do it on your own too. Or else, you can find help. MDD is an excellent relationship counselling company which has some of the best and expert counsellors and life coaches on board with them.  They have a very efficient team, and you can get all types of packages, depending on your situation. If being single and depressed has had you going bonkers lately and it is getting out of hands then visit  and book an appointment. They provide you with some of the sanest and practical methods to lead your life, putting aside the false expectations that the Society has built up in our minds.


To conclude it all; being single is just beautiful! It is okay to keep your standards high and wait for the right one. Just because everyone is with someone, doesn’t mean that you need to do it too. Just ditch being single and depressed and be unique and fun and your own boss. Rule your life until you find someone who is worth your affection and makes you a better person! ditch the idea and pressure of the Society that tells you to have a romantic life; there is much more to it. Get help from MDD, and you will start loving being single.

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