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Before you pick the “perfect” one for your partner, you need to be sure of what you require in them. You need to know what qualities your partner must-have. Also, you must know the type of relationship you long for. And how exactly do you realize what you need in your partner? The more people you meet, the more you know what you want. This is why dating is a numbers game! And we are losing at it because the numbers game is being done wrong in the dating world right now


Dating is a numbers game purely, and sadly, everyone around us is playing it the same, which is why the majority of us are losing. Correctly “online” dating is ruining the whole idea. You are signed up on an app, granted a magical 30 seconds to set up your very first impression so that you can get a call back from one of the best guys/girls (who seem best from behind the screen only and the algorithm) and you are too eager to grab the chance. You would either be overlooked, or you will get the call. Whatever it is, you need to hold your breath for those 30 seconds and wait.

Therefore, we have just turned around the meaning of dating! Online dating apps have ruined the entire idea of it. Dating is a numbers game, but everyone is doing it wrong. You want to know how? Well, continue reading as I disclose the reality of this number game and how is it supposed to be related with numbers!

How is dating a numbers game?

When we say that dating is a numbers game, we do not mean that you are going to be online on a dating app, with 25 messages in your inbox, feeling utterly loved. No; you are doing it horribly.

When you meet your so-called first love or “crush”, you talk to them. You spend time together, and maybe you click, and perhaps you don’t. 90% of the people who fall in love during their teens, hardly go through a year or two being together. You are lucky if you have passed that time or have married the girl/guy of your dreams. Anyways, that one person tells you everything that you need to know about your requirements or demands of a relationship. You understand what you would never want in your partner and why you would not want it. You will also realize the “type” of relationship you want.

Out of the first relationship, you are going to be scared to dive into the dating pool again, but sooner or later, you will be back there. You will find someone else, more carefully, keeping in mind the qualities that you evaluated from your first partner. You will make sure that maybe the guy/girl you find is not bossy or is not dominant or anything that you wish for. For a lot of people, the second guy/girl is  not it. They can’t find magic and settle. Sadly, not everyone gets the right partner yet again. This is when you meet someone else, and you are however back again trying again, careful about what you want. It means that you still haven’t found what you want, and you have learnt more from the other relationship.

Therefore, this is why dating is a numbers game. You meet several people, communicate and hang out with them and find out whether they are worth getting hurt for or not. The more people you meet, the better chance you have of finding the right one for you, according to your requirements. You start thinking practically and make a rational decision about the partner you want to spend the rest of your life with. When you meet 3-4 different girls/guys, you understand the type of bond you want in your life, and then you don’t settle for anything less than that. So you see? This is the reason why dating is a numbers game. It has nothing to do with the number of guys who approach you through a dating app or that you meet pain and more experience helps you choose the right person.

How is dating helpful?

The more you date, the more you understand what works in a relationship for you and what doesn’t. Again, if you are lucky, you might be able to find the perfect one after a breakup or two. For some people, the dating cycle gets a little longer. However, dating is now being taken negatively. It is merely because our style of dating is evolving around the internet, which is utterly wrong. Here are some reasons why dating can be a very positive thing in life if it is done in the real world and not in the internet world.

  • First of all, dating helps you socialize a lot. You meet new people, and you learn social skills too. Your communication gets better with every person you meet. It enables you to understand what kind of communication works in relationships, which are very crucial to know.
  • Secondly, it boosts your personality. If you have a good relationship experience, it will enhance your character, and you will start becoming better. Again, personality development is what works in relations. Both the genders realize the need for a kind personality when they are together. This helps in boosting both the partners to work towards it.
  • Dating helps you find the right match. The more people you meet, the better chance you stand to achieve the perfect one for yourself. This is why dating is a numbers game.

Reasons why dating is a numbers game:

Here are some reasons why dating is a numbers game!

  • The more people you meet; the better chance you have of finding the right partner..
  • The more people you date; the better your communication skills and social skills. Once your connection is excellent, your relationships will be better too.
  • Dating boosts your confidence. As you can meet different people, you develop a personality that is appealing to everyone, which makes it beneficial for you in the long run.
  • Dating built up your exposure too. When you interact with different types of guys/girls, you understand a lot about human nature and how relationships work.
  • It adds up to your clarity. It helps you find the right match for yourself by meeting different people.

If you think that you are doing dating in the wrong way, then you can consult MDD for advice, right here;

Final Verdict:

Dating is not about the online rush that is everywhere! You won’t find your Perfect Match online or in the real world if you do not believe in yourself and keep trying. The dating world is not easy whether online or in the face to face dating arena. Therefore, ditch the dating apps and get to the real dating. If you meet someone whom you spark with; you know what you want. You gain clarity, and that is it for you! You can find a good match. Likewise, if a relationship or two doesn’t work for you; you can gain insight into what you want. Thus, dating is a numbers game but not in the sense that we have taken it.

The dating is a numbers game is being mainly misunderstood. It is not about having a different person to hang out with every night or meeting ten guys in a line to find the one who is perfect for you. The dating is a numbers game is all about clarity! It is merely about its core; finding the match. You are not in a marathon, and you don’t have to be. If you feel like you are in a race and it is not ending then you can look for help here

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