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Miss Date Doctor Relationship Counselling City of London

60 Cannon Street, London, Greater London, EC4N 6NP, United Kingdom

Relationships are bound to go through ups and downs. There are several challenges in the journey of love and maintaining it, requires effort and excellent communication. Your daily life stress can affect your relationships easily. However, if the issues are not addressed, the daily stressors can hinder the stability of your bond and bring it on the verge of a painful end. To maintain your relationship, you must be willing to communicate about the problems and look for a solution. If you are unable to find a proper solution for it, you can look up to a professional for help. Relationship counselling city of London is an extremely efficient and hardworking team of therapists who are capable of providing you with practical solutions for your issues.

The impact of stress is damaging to a couple. It is not only destroying for the relationship, but it can be stressful respectively for the individuals too. If your partner is not feeling good, you won’t be able to keep up with your life as well. You will be exhausted, mentally and physically. It is not essential that if your partner is not looking up to the option of therapy, then you cannot either. If you think that the problems are draining you and are affecting your daily routine mostly, later you can try out the relationship counselling city of London on your own too. They offer you a vast range of packages which vary from individual to individual.

Self-care is the first step towards counselling:

Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to put yourself second. There are times when you need to consider yourself first because it is crucial. If you are unable to find peace within yourself; you won’t be able to take care of your relationship as well. Thus, even the best therapists suggest that you must take self-care importantly. But what is self-care?

There is a lot of buzz about this term, but sadly, it is not explained appropriately. Most of the times, self-care is taken for selfishness which ruins not only an individual’s personality. But it also tends to make a person get away from his or her loved ones. Thus, understanding this term properly is fundamental.

Self-care is a broad term, and this is why it is misunderstood. It is related to anything good that you do yourself. To cut the story short; it is about treating yourself the way you wish to be processed by others. It consists of compassion, kindness and knowing the difference between good and evil. Self-care also includes quitting harmful habits, or instance drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Thus, you need to nurture your soul and flourish into a positive and happy being with self-care. The definition of it is simple, and if you understand it accurately, you can be selfless and positive at the same time. It helps in nourishing your relationships. Here are some quick reasons as to why self-care is essential, and it must be included in everybody’s life to fight all types of issues:

  1. Self-care helps you realise who you are and what you love doing. It can spark a lot of experience in you and can make you understand that a lot of things need to be altered. Self-knowledge basically makes you a better person.
  2. Another reason why self-care is critical is that it allows you to be kinder. Sometimes people assume that self-care is going to turn them selfish. No, it does not! If you are doing it right; self-care boosts your goodness. It makes you kinder and better. You understand how you wish to be treated, and you start treating yourself and others around you, in that way too.
  3. Self-care also boosts self-esteem. This is a crucial element to maintain relationships. If you don’t have self-confidence, you are never going to respect anyone else either. Thus, fix it before committing to someone. Once you give value to yourself, you understand the importance of valuing others as well. Therefore, it moulds you into a better person overall.

We can go on and on about self-care and why it is essential. But we just wish to highlight why it holds a lot of essentiality for us as individuals. Many times, a lot of problems in a relationship are due to lack of love yourself. When we dig for love and attention from others, it is because we don’t feel good enough on our own. This usually sparks up a lot of other issues in our lives and stress out the relationships around us as well. Thus, if you start taking relationship counselling city of London, you will see how your therapist will discuss and emphasis upon self-care. He or she will teach you ways to practice it as well.

Statistics of Divorce and Separation in the UK

Looking back, the divorce rate is now decreasing gradually at 42%. Thanks to the bunch of relationship counsellors who are working towards maintaining relationships and are providing people with instant help in fixing their troubles. The divorce and separation rate was as high as 56% in the early 2000s. However, from 2018 and onwards, a significantly substantial change has been experienced. The percentage has dropped by to 12% in the UK. It is still huge and has a long way to decrease more, but considering the rate it went to; this is a huge change that we should not overlook. Teams like relationship counselling city of London play a massive role in this improvement as they have expert therapists who are helping couples come out of their troubles. The UK is one of the highest divorce rate country. However, with the decreasing figures, we hope that we will be able to fix it further but 42% is still very high and almost half of marriages in UK end in divorce. Although a good and healthy and happy relationship seems impossible to maintain these days. But if you are willing to try, you can look for help in different ways and save your beautiful bond. Services like relationship counselling city of London are a beautiful helping hand in maintaining the love between couples. You can always look up to them and gain help.

Relationship Counselling is increasing:

Gladly, people have started gathering awareness about how counselling can be beneficial for the wellbeing of a couple. It is incredible how a lot of people turn their course towards asking for help from therapists, instead of opting for divorce or separation. They look for solutions which might work instead of shutting off a beautiful bond which was created out of love and compassion. With the divorce rate being meagre, relationship counselling rate has been growing steadily. Couples have started believing in the power of a kind counselling session and how it can really help in bridging the barriers between couples and provide them with a staunch solution.

MDD is a great solution:

Miss Date Doctor, MDD is a beautiful relationship counselling city of London company which is working towards the betterment of couples. They offer a wide range of packages which you can check out here

From handling issues like a breakup to solving financial troubles; MDD provides you with all kinds of services. Whether you have constant arguments with your partner or you are single, and you are fighting to get over your ex; MDD provides all types of packages. They are one of the fastest-growing relationship counselling city of London company. They have the most experienced and top-notch professionals working for the betterment of couples. Their team is super-efficient, and they provide couples with reasonable and practical solutions which saves their bond from ending. You can check out the website of Miss Date Doctor over here

If you are interested in visiting them, then here is a link to their location as well


Relationship counselling city of London. Relationships can bring us a lot of enjoyment and fulfilment, whether romantic or platonic. We can be at our happiest, healthiest, and most productive when we have strong ties with our loved ones, friends, and even coworkers.

Many people rely on these relationships for counsel, direction, affection, and support. Research has also revealed that our connections have a substantial impact on our well-being, with confirmed links indicating that relationships can reduce our rates of anxiety and sadness, increase our self-esteem and empathy, and even encourage us to trust more.

A great, healthy relationship may even help you live longer.


Relationship counselling in city of London. Relationships that are both gratifying and supportive do not, however, come naturally. To last and stay strong, they require good social skills as well as a lot of work, time, and energy.

Relationships that are important to us might sometimes fall apart for a variety of reasons. However, losing this connection can be distressing, leaving you feeling lonely, disillusioned, or even perplexed as to what went wrong.

Relationship counselling city of London can help you enhance not only your relationship but also your ability to relate to and understand others. Working with a relationship therapist can assist you in breaking away from old, destructive patterns of behaviour and discovering new methods to express yourself and your emotions.

Relationship counselling city of London allows us to be the most authentic version of ourselves by allowing us to examine what we actually want from our interactions as individuals. It allows us to reflect on our past and present experiences of being close to people while also helping us to improve our own sense of self so that we are no longer confused by the connections we choose.

Relationship counselling city of London can help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our connections in the environment we live in.” -Linda Helena Boutet, (Dip.) MBACP

Individual relationship concerns can be addressed through couples counselling, which is a sort of counselling that uses talking counselling in a way that is designed to benefit two people. It is entirely up to you and what you hope to learn from counselling.

Relationship counselling city of London can help you see each other and your relationship in new ways, but it isn’t a cure-all. You’ll need to put in the effort and be honest, open, and fearless as you work through issues that you both care deeply about.


Miss Date Doctor is a platform that provides dating and relationship advice and answers. We provide one-of-a-kind dating services that have never been seen before in the UK dating sector. Every relationship problem or dating issue, big or small, is significant.

It impacts you, and dealing with it on your own can be difficult, especially with so many dating apps offering standardised services. Miss Date Doctor is a modern, revolutionary service that offers assistance for any type of dating problem.

In comparison to other agencies, Miss Date Doctor’s services take a far more contemporary and modernised approach.

Here is a sample of some of the incredible packages they have to offer for Relationship counselling in city of London.


This is the agency for millennials and people who seek a modern service that is relevant to today’s fast-paced modern world if you want a dating coach that delivers results while also providing assistance.

Miss Date Doctor has a staff of board-certified and experienced relationship counsellors to assist you with your issues.

They have professional counsellors for troubles with your relationship or marriage, problems with your blended or step-family, or counselling for a difficult adolescent.

Individuals, couples, and families have gone to M.D.D for help with severe relationship challenges—in marriages and partnerships, when it’s time to separate, within families, and in everyday life.

Their method is safe, practical, and aimed at assisting you in making the necessary changes to move forward. You will leave each session with clear instructions and, in many cases, homework. So, will relationship counselling be beneficial to you? Yes, you certainly can.

If you’re having problems with your spouse or family, you don’t want your difficulties to spin out of control in a relationship counselling in city of London. M.D.D counsellors oversee sessions to ensure that this does not occur. Everyone in the room is given assistance in saying what they need to say—and being heard.

M.D.D has relationship counselling in city of London packages that will transform your relationship. Their website is easily accessible and their packages are very descriptive and effective. All you need to do is add a package to cart, and you get a trained relationship counsellor who will work with you to achieve your desired results.

An example of M.D.D relationship counselling package is below:


£ 555.00

  • Couples counselling assessment calls
  • Conflict analysation
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Introspection tests and history analysis
  • Recognise perceptions,values,core principles
  • Couples counselling exercises and training
  • Guidance, directional tasks and mediation process
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples counselling near me

Still sceptical about the success of M.D.D relationship counselling in city of London process? That’s okay, I bet you will be convinced after reading some reviews about M.D.D relationship counselling


May 12, 2019

My experience

I loved every minute of using the M.D.D coaching service. It’s enabled me to become a better person and I’ve learnt to be more tolerant and patient with others. Thank you to all the coaches that helped me.


Updated Apr 29, 2019

Overall an a great experience

Overall a great experience. I used the package and I can say my skills with understanding the opposite sex has vastly improved. My confidence has also grown too, I am very pleased with the outcome of my training and development. I still occasionally use the whatsapp packages when I’m in need of help. Now I’m ready for any sort of challenge.

d procter

Apr 29, 2019

I was pleased with the overall service…

I was pleased with the overall service I have received from the company. I feel they are extremely helpful and the socialising package was brilliant for me.


Apr 28, 2019


Outstanding in every area. Miss Date Doctor is a wonderful company with an array of exceptional products. The customer service provided is also second to none. I can’t wait to see what services that will be released in the future.


Mar 24, 2019

For me, Miss Date Doctor is wonderful…

For me Miss Date Doctor relationship counselling in city of London is a wonderful concept. I had to use this package very privately and discreetly as in my social circle,this sort of thing is frowned upon. Nonetheless I trialled their service with stunning results. Thank you for being very understanding of my circumstances. They’ve impressed me so much I would approve of my daughters using them if they needed help with a husband or boyfriend.

Miss English

Mar 24, 2019

I love Miss Date Doctor,simply the best…

I love Miss Date Doctor, simply the relationship counselling in city of London you can get anywhere. I hope to learn to use them more in the future in preparations for my nights out.Cool packages and great advice are just fab.

Thanks M.D.D


Mar 17, 2019

I used the Miss Date Doctor …..

I used the Miss Date Doctor platform on numerous occasions now and I can only say extremely positive and good things about this company. It has been a great help in my love life. I am sure with my personality that I will be using them in the future for sure. I believe it’s a wonderful idea to be helping people with their personal issues as It can be difficult to open up to your friends and family at times. I can only talk to my coach at M.D.D, If you have no one to turn to ? M.D.D is a great option.


Individual relationship counselling in city of London sessions may be beneficial if you’re feeling crowded and like you’ve lost your sense of self as a result of your relationship; you’ll be able to discuss this in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.


Relationship counselling in city of London. Other times, you and your partner may benefit from conversing in an environment that is separate from your daily routines—somewhere private, safe, and utterly neutral. It may not always be a problem in your relationship, but if one of you is having difficulties, it may be affecting your partner and, as a result, your relationship.

Three crucial factors that lead to a good and happy relationship are trust, respect, and communication. When something occurs that alters or affects one of these variables, the connection may begin to deteriorate. It’s fine if a relationship isn’t meant to be and you have to part ways. It’s also fine if you want to work through it and repair your relationship.

Relationship counselling in city of London can help you work through a split or separation, start a new relationship, and learn more about yourself.


Relationships demand a lot of effort and patience. Living and sharing your life with another person, daily can seem challenging. It is a struggle on days and some days; it is the best part of your life. However, you must not let the bad days take over, forgetting about the good ones. If you think that the issue is with you and not your partner, then you need to start practising self-care, to get an insight into who you are as a person. On the other hand, if you and your partner are willing to solve the issues, then you can look for some of the best relationship counselling city of London services and get a therapist.

Over time, people have started realising the welfare and positive impact that a good counselling session can offer. Thus, it is nothing to be ashamed of. We highly recommend Miss Date Doctor, MDD for relationship counselling city of London. They are one of the best and most professional counsellors. You can book an appointment online as well. They offer you an array of services, and you can pick one that suits your situation and requirements.

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