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Depression / Loneliness Packages

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£ 350.00
  • Life and career guidance
  • Life coaching
  • Addressing problem areas
  • Understanding emotions
  • E.i training
  • Social skills
  • Social awareness
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£ 350.00
  • No friends
  • Lonely
  • Depressed and stressed
  • Guidance
  • Life skills coaching
  • Support coach
  • Social skills training
  • Life coaching
  • Tackle problems
  • Facing Fears
  • 4x 45 min sessions
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£ 450.00
  • Recognise the signs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Training on how to have healthy relationships
  • Boundary setting
  • Safety training
  • Training on narcissistic behaviour
  • Recognising mental abuse and manipulative behaviour
  • Education on how to avoid coercive control relationships and avoid isolation
  • How to become mentally stronger
  • Suitable for victims of this behaviour or prevention
  • Support and advice on implementing steps for a brighter future
  • Twice a week 45 minutes
  • 4 weeks
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£ 500.00
  • Per week
  • 1 hour per week for 1 week(6 days x15mins) Support
  • emotional uplift
  • intense healing process
  • listening and in-depth analysis
  • a phone call and WhatsApp daily
  • Support network setup
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£ 500.00
  • Support and advice
  • Confidentiality and directional advice
  • Daily support
  • Self-esteem building
  • Domestic advice helpline assistance
  • Help understanding individuals situation
  • Progressive coaching
  • Moving forward and finding true love
  • 30 mins x 4 a week
  • 4 weeks package
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£ 680.00
  • Round the clock support
  • Phone and text support
  • Talk through emotions
  • Address emotions and thoughts
  • Grieving strategy plan
  • Expression of feelings
  • Life coaching
  • Personal and confidential grieving programme
  • Coping strategy advice and guidance
  • 7 session 1 hour per week
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£ 1,500.00
  • 4-week service
  • Someone to talk to every day
  • 3 x 30 mins calls per day
  • Support /speak any time of day
  • 24 hr support during distressing dating/relationship situation
  • Emotional support
  • Uplifting sessions
  • Talk through the situation
  • Whatsapp/Phone
  • The package can be altered and tailored to suit your schedule
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£ 2,500.00
  • Per month
  • Someone to go out with every weekend
  • Anonymity M.D.D Worker will pose as a friend
  • 4 weeks of company on the weekends and receiving coaching simultaneously
  • Life coaching
  • Social skills training
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • 30 min call per day on weekdays
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Our society has fostered anxiety and depression, where it should have encouraged resilience. The bitter and saddening truth of our life is that the majority of people are not happy and content with their lives. And surprisingly, we are the reason behind it most of the time.

Every other person these days is fighting depression these days. The statistics are staggering as 19.7% of the UK experience clinical depression. We, as a society, need to look deeper into this issue so that we can overcome it. Our cultural values are changing drastically, which are inducing us to live in ways that we have started living. Depression is not a disease; it is a mental condition that is caused due to temporary circumstances. There are many severe circumstances, where one feels out of control and falls into the pit of depression. This is where depression counselling can help you overcome it.

Depression counselling is prevailing with time, and it is a positive sign as people have started accepting this source of treatment. This form of counselling is remarkable as a professional guide you towards sources of light and tries to bring you back to life.


Many of us are living a dull life. Have we lost our way? Are we on the wrong path?

The nature of our lives is getting robotic day by day. Most of us are living without a purpose or meaning. This tends to make our lives dull and passionless, and a life without passion is gray. Furthermore, competition is getting more robust, and this culture is growing massively. The things that make us happy are highly mundane, and this pursuit of happiness is highly misdirected. The solution to this dull and meaningless life is depression counselling. But before that, we need to understand why depression is increasing in our society. If we do not understand the core reason for it, we won’t be able to overcome it.

We might be modernizing, but we are misguided in terms of cultural values. Things are improving with depression counselling services, but we still have a long way to go. Here we have summed up some of the most common reasons why depression is prevailing in our society.
  • Endless Search of Happiness:

    Happiness is being forced upon all of us a lot these days, which makes people feel that they should be happy all the time. People assume that if they are not satisfied, they are not living a life worth living. This is where depression arises and makes life harder. We need to teach people that it is okay to feel angry, guilty, or sad; all types of emotions are beautiful to explore and are all part of life.

  • Digital Life:

    Digital devices are providing us with a source to replace human connection. It is easier to escape boredom and loneliness with a smartphone. This doesn’t let people build a coping mechanism. They do not know how to handle themselves in everyday struggles, which pushes them in depression with every slight challenge or adversity.

  • Unrealistic praise:

    Many times, adults praise kids aimlessly. They tell them that they are the best student in their class when they are not. This does not build self-esteem at all. It basically pressurizes them a lot. It creates a fear of failure in them, which is hard to overcome and turns into depression.

  • This generation is not building emotional skills:

    The academic pressure and the constant struggle of being perfect in professional life are emphasized on endlessly. In this entire swirl of experience, we forget that we are just building ourselves professionally and not emotionally or mentally. It is essential to know how to manage stress and how to handle your emotions. A severe lack of emotional stability is a massive reason for depression these days. The majority of people who opt for depression counselling have no idea how to deal with their emotions. Emotional intelligence and self awareness are vital to survive in todays society.

  • High Sugar Intake:

    We often hear someone tell us to eat ice cream when we feel depressed. Yes, it does help temporarily, but not in the long run. Studies show that people who eat a lot of sugar or sweets are more prone to depression. Your eating habits play a massive role in your mental wellbeing. Therefore, limit your sugar intake and eat veggies and fresh fruits. They are great for your mental and emotional stability.

  • Family History:

    Depression can be caused due to genetic reasons, as well. It does run in families. However, if your parent is fighting through it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will too. So don’t get conscious. You should fight your best to stay away from it. Life situations and many other factors play a huge role in this. In other cases emotional trauma from your family life can also cause depression and anxiety.

  • Limited Outdoor Activities:

    Youngsters are being depressed because they have minimal outdoor activities. It is essential to indulge in outdoor activities. Join a sports club or go for a run every day. Make sure that you connect with nature because it relieves stress and makes you feel fresh.

  • Inability to face the fears:

    It is essential to push yourself to face things that scare you. If you do not do it, you will be isolating yourself from a bunch of things that are important for life. Many people do not attend to things that provoke anxiety in them. This leads to discomfort when they actually have to face it in life. It causes intense stress, which tends to bring in depression.

  • Constantly depending on someone:

    The majority of people struggle in life because they rely on others for love, happiness, and affection when it should be coming from within you. Till when are you going to depend on someone for joy and love? People who are always jumping from one relationship to another and are dependent on someone all the time are most likely prone to being depressed. This makes tier personality clingy, too, which takes away people from them as well.

  • The sequence of unfortunate events:

    When you are stuck in a series of unfortunate events, it becomes harder to escape depression. It comes naturally. Wrong sentences pull a person down and negative thoughts, and it is okay to feel depressed. But remember that you don’t have to stay that way. You have to push yourself out of this phase. If you are facing tough times, then you can try depression counselling for getting proper help.

    There are many reasons for depression, and none of them are easy. You can feel depressed and anxious due to so many reasons. But you have to fight this issue. If you think that it is becoming harder to cope with depression and it is staying longer than it should, then you must take depression counselling. It is the best way to beat depression and look at the brighter side of life.


If you are not willing to go for depression counselling and you think that your issue not that severe, then you can try getting out of it on your own too. The best way to get out of it is to talk to someone. If you don’t have a close family member whom you can rely upon, then speak to a friend. Tell someone why you are depressed so that you can get help from them. If you have no one with whom you are comfortable, then you can talk to a therapist. Look for an excellent and professional depression counselling services so that you can have someone to talk to.

Get a pet for yourself. It helps in beating depression. Research has proven that people who have pets have fewer chances of being depressed. It also helps if you have a strong social group. Secondly, you can write down your thoughts and feelings too. If you are not comfortable about sharing it with a friend or sibling, then write it down on paper. Writing down what you feel and why you feel so is very therapeutic. It is all about letting it all out. Try to stay busy and productive. Indulge in activities that you love so that you don’t isolate yourself. Sitting idle adds up to depression.

Staying active is very crucial if you feel depressed often. Create a routine and make sure that you workout. Exercise releases happy hormones in your body, which lessens stress and controls depression hormones. As endorphins are released in your body, you feel good. Also, start eating healthy. An unhealthy diet disrupts the body system and boosts stress and anxiety. When you are not feeding your body system with the essentials that it needs, then it causes anxiety.

Lack of proper sleep is another massive reason for depression. Thus, get adequate sleep. Set Up a sleeping pattern and stick to it. Make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep daily; otherwise, you will feel stressed occasionally. Furthermore, negative thoughts provoke depression heavily. You should try to push them away. Challenge them and go against those thoughts. For a depressed person, this might be very hard, but depression counselling can help you in doing so.

Most of the time, when you are depressed, it is because there is nothing new in life. To get out of it, you must try out something new. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something new. Take a day off from the office if it feels like too much for you to attend. Sometimes, it is good to prioritize yourself.

Regardless of what you choose, we would suggest that you do attend depression counselling as it is a very professional way to tackle this issue. Depression is just like being ill, and it must be taken seriously and it must be addressed.


You can get depression counselling online or face to face, as well. If you have a good therapist in your area, then that is great. But if you don’t have access to a professional counsellor, then you can turn to Miss Date Doctor for this purpose. MDD is a fantastic depression counselling company that provides you with online services and face to face, as well. From relationship troubles to depression and anxiety, we deal with all types of everyday problems. No matter what you are feeling, we are going to help you in the situation. If you are interested in looking for help, then you can visit us here and take a look at all the services that we offer;


We have sadly fostered depression in our youth, and we are consistently doing so. It is saddening how kids these days are suicidal, or they don’t feel good enough. The question is, are we manufacturing depressed people? And the bitter truth is that we are. We are continually putting our kids into a never-ending competition and pressurizing them. Likewise, our media is pushing people to think that they are not okay without a relationship. The need to be dependent on someone and constant comparison of beauty standards are all leading to depressed people.

Whatever might be the reason, depression counselling is an excellent remedy for it. Don’t take it as a treatment; think of it is a professional talk with someone who won’t judge you for your problems but will help you solve them. MDD is an excellent source where you can find the best therapists and coaches and get remarkable and high-quality depression counselling. We are serving thousands of people and have a hardworking team that aims to enhance the quality of life for people. No matter what the reason behind your anxiety or depression is, Miss Date Doctor is always going to help you. Visit our relationship advice link and boost your life by looking at the brighter side of life;

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