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Miss Date Doctor workplace counselling services will provide services for your employees and support them with their relationship and life problems.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals. The team is CPD, ICF, UKCP and BACP accredited. The M.D.D team consists of life coaches, counsellors and therapists. We offer three different packages for employers dependant on the size of your workforce. We are the most modern coaching and counselling platform in the UK. The workplace counselling services we offer have been tailored specifically to modern times and are very objective-driven and problem-solving based. We aim to give your employees the support they need whenever they need it. Call 03333443853 or to get the solutions you need for your employees today.


Our modern, fast-paced world has left us stressed. It is common for a lot of us to have daily life personal issues or work-related problems. These troubles not only make us inefficient for a day or two but also disrupt our abilities. They lower our productivity levels to a dangerous level. If you are an entrepreneur, then you will notice that some of your employees might have a disturbed productivity level. Their work performance is exceptionally high on some days, but then, out of the bolt, it reduces to a shocking level. This is a huge sign of emotional instability. They might be going through workplace issues or troubles in their personal life.

The dilemma of our modernized world is that we all have issues. Let’s face the fact that life is a compilation of ups and downs. They are going to stick along with you forever, just like a good old pal. You will wake up to a text message that breaks your heart, or you will open your email to find a large mail from your boss, which is full of bad news. You will enter the office with a smug face and feel like fighting with every other person you interact with. Thus, we all have issues. But not all of us know how to juggle with them, throughout life.

This is where workplace counselling services can be a massive saviour for employees. The good news is that a lot of organizations are paying attention to these services and are realizing its importance as well. In this piece of article, we will be unveiling some pervasive problems that we all face and how they mess up our lives. But along with that, we will be showcasing how some good and professional workplace counselling services can keep you motivated so that your efficiency remains intact.


We will repeat it; we all have problems! But we don’t want to lose our job due to it. An organization can not tolerate workplace inefficiency for a long time. This is why it is crucial to stay vigilant in your productivity and tackle your issues at the same time. This is what we call a well-balanced life.

Before we dig into how you can take help from workplace counselling services, we will be discussing the top 10 common life problems that decrease our efficiency.

Critics are a part of our lives. The more we are advancing, the more we see the critics coming out of the wardrobe every day. However, everybody doesn’t have the power to avoid criticism. It can lead to serious confidence issues in some people and can affect their productivity at work. However, we need to understand that we cannot please everyone-it is impossible. Take constructive criticism and let it help you. On the other hand, if you are unable to get out of this bubble; consult your workplace counselling services to help you escape this.

There comes the point in everybody’s life, where their job is messed up. It doesn’t seem to be going to good. And you think that you are on the verge of being a permanent failure. This phase is extremely exhausting, both emotionally and physically. Workplace Counselling services can help you in boosting your faith and confidence in yourself.

Our modern world is home to financial problems-don’t you agree? Money cannot buy happiness, but we all know how important it is. The severity of economic issues has led people to suicide too. If you are unable to manage your finances and you think that your financial commitments and pressures are getting you down; you need to discuss it. You can take your case to the workplace counselling team, and they can make it further to the employer.

Being unhealthy can mess up your mind. We all have the issue of feeling tired without reason. 8-hour sleep does not feel sufficient. This can be due to some stressful points that you might be having at home or work. Or it can be due to your lack of attention towards your health. Either way, you need to consult someone to help you out. If you don’t know what is wrong, you can take help from your workplace counselling services and they will help you in figuring it out.

Relationship issues are common these days. We all have them, but not all of us know how to fight through them. Poor relationships can deteriorate your quality of life. They can make it hard to function daily correctly. It will be impossible to focus on your work and manage your daily chores properly. This is why you must try to resolve your relationship issues as soon as possible. If you and your partner are willing to solve the problems, then you can visit a counsellor together. However, if you know that the issue is from your side, then you can take help from counselling alone as well to make a difference.

Majority of us have to fight through mutiple breakups to find the perfect one and marry him/her. But the process of heartbreak is arduous. This phase demands the pain be felt, and it leaves you shattered. It is a reality that cannot be escaped. However, handling heartbreak and maintaining your daily life chores is extremely hard. It is a challenge. If you are struggling through this, then workplace counselling services can be your helping hand.

This is one of the most common problems that almost all of us face these days. We feel like there is no meaning to life, and we are living aimlessly. If you believe that your life has no sense that you have destroyed it. Lack of purpose in life means that you are fighting depression, and it leads to severe anxiety. Fighting through this is very tough. We suggest that you take workplace counselling services through this phase. Allow a workplace counselling professional to help you in finding the meaning of your life. Never plan to live your life without appropriate objectives and targets.

When you feel like you don’t want to go on with life, you are in the darkest phase of your life. You wake up every morning, wishing you could crawl back into bed. It can be due to a failed relationship or a small failure that you faced during your profession. A single pitfall can make you feel like this. This dark phase requires you to seek some serious help. People who get comfortable in this phase are unable to come out of it. This is not right and can make you a permanent depressed and isolated person. Allow a professional to help you. You can visit MDD workplace counselling services for help as we offer an array of different services and help you manage all types of problems.

You go to work, eat, come back and sleep. And this repeats every day. It is all too monotonous, and you are done with it internally. You wish to escape, but you don’t know how to. This problem is with all of us. However, some of us know how to avoid this monotonous cycle now and then. The best way to come out of this is to create hobbies so that you have something to do when you are done with just monotony. Add a health program or art class. Add things you love to do in your life so that you can attend to them in your free time. This keeps the spark in life.

The UK stats say that 1 in 4 of the population is suffering from a mental health problem. There are massive side effects of extreme stress. You feel tired, and your mental clarity is nil. This further affects your workplace productivity negatively. You need to destress your life. There can be a lot that might be messing with your life, without you realizing it. Ask your workplace counselling services to help you in destressing your life. You will notice the positive effects of a professional helping you through the process.


Workplace counselling services might be new, but they are accommodating. This is a counselling team that helps employees who are going through emotional instability. It can be due to work pressure and problems or personal issues as well. This is a confidential service, offered by an organization and is free of cost. It is termed as an employer’s duty to take care of his employees mentally and physically both.

Workplace counselling services are highly beneficial as they give the employee, a free talking space where they can vent out regarding their issues. They can discuss all sorts of problems that might be hindering their efficiency and workplace productivity.

The effectiveness of talking therapy is massive and is indisputably really useful too. The workplace counselling services bring a safe place for employees to discuss their problems. The counsellor, in return, provides the employee with practical and sane solutions, which helps them in managing their troubles in a much better way. It is not only about the “professional” advice, but it is about looking at the problems, without a judgmental view. We can vent out our issues with a lot of people, but the fear of judgement is always stinging our minds with workplace counselling services we can talk in confidentiality about anything as we follow the data protection act and protect all our clients privacy. When you talk to a counsellor; that is not the case with them there is no judgement. They listen to your problems with an open account, to bring you the most effective solutions.

Workplace therapists or counselling team have a skill set that makes them appropriate for handling with employees. They tend to enhance the productivity of the employee while solving their issues. The employee is not the only client that has to be in their focus. They have to think about the organization as well. Thus, workplace counsellors are skilled to handle situations for the betterment of the employee and the organization both. The company remains a peripheral client but has massive importance for them. Keeping in mind the working environment of the company, these workplace counsellors work towards the betterment of the employees. Workplace counselling services are offered in all sectors of an organization. Whether you are working on the lower end or, the higher end of the company; you can avail these services for your betterment.


We all go through life crisis now and then. As mentioned above, we all have problems, and they stick with us, unwantedly. Life is made up of ups and downs. Issues like breakups, financial instabilities and messed up career and life path can pull all of us down. But we can always look up to a helping hand that can make it all the better for us. If your organization is offering you help-we highly suggest that you take it. However, if your company is not providing you with a beautiful counselling team, then you can look forward to Miss Date Doctor. We are London based therapists but provide you with online counselling services as well so your staff members can communicate via skype, phone, Whatsapp, text or face to face.

MDD brings you an array of various packages which help you fight your problems. They have specific packages for corporate employees as well. According to the issues that you are facing in life, you can pick the package you want and contact them for a therapist. The best part about MDD is that they offer personalized workplace counselling services packages for corporate employees as well. This means that you can get your package customized according to your needs and problems. Isn’t that great? If life has to be hard, MDD can make workplace counselling services easier for you  and your employees so that asking for help doesn’t get tough.


In a nutshell, life is hard, it always has been, and it will be. Some people are better at fighting their bad days, and some are not able to do so. For people who find it hard to get through the gloomy days and find their productivity being nil at their workplace; workplace counselling services can be extremely beneficial. Or you can simply contact MDD and allow us to be your saviour. We offer three different types of workplace counselling service packages, please call 03333443853 and get your staff the mental support guidance they need to improve their performance and support them through the ups and downs of life that everyone faces. Let your employees have unlimited access to qualified life coaches, therapists and counsellors.

Send us an email at MDD and bring back the enthusiasm in life. Don’t allow the common problems to make life hard for you. Fight it off and stand back on your feet to achieve the best that you can.

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