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Dating In London

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor

Dating in London the different types of people

My name is Nia aka M.D.D I will be addressing your relationship woes and problems and taking your questions. Whether you are in a relationship or you are single, maintaining a relationship and finding one is not easy. We are living in a fast paced internet driven era and most of us are under extreme pressure maintaining our careers and chasing our dreams, but putting that aside everyone needs love. Most men don’t want a woman that only bakes cakes and knits jumpers and most women don’t want a caveman that is not sensitive towards their feelings and certainly not a bed hopping lothario that leaves them in tears constantly. Finding your ideal partner is like having a job (it pays the bills but does it make you happy?)
Some people hate the idea of being single so much that they hang on to a relationship
that is dead. You barely see him! He doesn’t take you anywhere and you meet after dark
(Never Daytime! LOL!) Wake up honey and smell the coffee. As for the guys she calls
whenever she wants a new bag, needs money for petrol or is feeling lonely “Drum roll” I
hear KanyeWest Gold digger playing on the highest volume!!!!!Whatever happened to
that Titanic kind of love? When Kate Winslet ran back onto that boat for Leo, I said that
is real love! Not financially motivated love, not sexual, just real natural love.
After dating man after man or woman after woman and failing you ask yourself is it me?
Will I ever find find love? I am an avid believer that none of us are perfect and we can all
find someone to love us just the way we are. But there is always room for improvement.
Have faith but don’t waste your own time. Here is a list of relationship traps to avoid!
The relationship traps women get caught in:
He is gorgeous, fun, and when he touches you, you simply melt. He does not conform to
rules and regulations and he is so cool, but guess what? He treats you like dirt, he won’t
commit, ignores your phone calls when he feels like it, cheats on you constantly and treats
you like toilet roll. But when you abscond he comes looking for you, apologises, behaves
for 2 weeks and does it all again. Bin him! He’s a waster!
He is well educated; he is a professional, dotes on you constantly and treats you like a
queen. He wants to start a family with you but guess what. He is boring! You get more
excitement from going to visit your grandpa! There is no chemistry! But because you are
terrified of being on your own or being treated badly (Mr bad boy LOL!), you stay put!
Don’t be a coward. You are not physically attracted to him, he is just a nice guy. You’re
just biding time till you find better…. Bin him! Looks are not everything but
compatibility, happiness and managing someone rather than being single is not
healthy for the mind. You know you don’t really like him so don’t waste his time or
“He cares for you deeply” he says. He’s your world and you care for him too, also you
have been together for a while, but the fact is he brings you down. He is part of a new
breed of men on the rise- he is a male gold digger/status climber. He borrows your car,
borrows your money, lives in your house rent free, asks for your assistance with your
business contacts and sulks when you don’t oblige. He has a plan – using you to get to the
top. He plays Grand Theft Auto while you go to work. You can’t save money or buy that dream home that you want because you are supporting two people on ONE wage! ‘I LOVE HIM’ you say. ‘GOOD FOR YOU!’ I say! He is ruining your life! You’re in tears constantly due to the financial and emotional strain. PS – there is nothing wrong with lending your partner money sometimes; women should be willing to help their men. What if he lost his job, or ran into bills or rent issues? If you can help then do so, but don’t be anyone’s cash machine.
The relationship traps men get caught in:
She is super hot, pretty is her middle name… LOL!! With the body of a goddess and the walk of a cat, she is every man’s dream. But she acts funny and does disappearing acts! Tells you she’s not sure, she is dangling the carrot for you honey and you are falling. But she acts really needy at the same time. Confused? Her sentences start with can you lend me… can you pick me up at… I need you to pay for… my rent is due on… Got Ya! She is a gold digger. She is only after your cash! She always wants something that is the only time she is available, and she spends more time with you. These sorts of women have mastered the damsel in distress act down to a T. They take a constant stance of “Help me!!” Please… I have not got the money! It’s pathetic! If she never contributes or does anything for you, i.e. – birthdays, valentines, Christmas, mental and physical support, then Bin Her! She needs to find some other sucker!
She knows everyone! Well every man that has a pulse, and she has dated them too. LOL! We are living in times where it is not easy to find the right partner so don’t get me wrong, you might have to kiss a few frogs but when you realise half the guys you know have dated her, i.e.- the milk man, the guys at the gym, the Tesco security guard, the guy at the off licence. This is silly! You are uncomfortable every time she talks to a guy and you deny how much you love her to your boys because you’re embarrassed and you don’t trust her. Trust is everything!! Without that you have nothing. Don’t judge people, everyone makes mistakes and some people have a more colourful past than others. But when you are denying someone because you’re ashamed then don’t date them. That’s it. No debate. No need to proceed! PS- This does not apply to women who have just had bad luck with men; it’s about women that will sleep with everyone!
She brings up her ex at every given opportunity. She says we used to go there…we used to do that… She still has his picture in her top drawer. Every time you ask for commitment she says give me more time. I’m not ready. But at the same time when you give her space, she comes running back like a dog! She is using you to fill in the gaps. She still loves her ex, she is on the rebound and she does not want to be on her own. She still follows him on Instagram, Twitter, and checks his last seen status on WhatsApp. She hopes they might get back together one day! Bin Her! She does not know what she wants! Let me tell you, because you don’t want to be on your own and all your friends are married or in relationships is no reason to date someone that is not good for you. Believe in yourself and know that your time will come. Do not let peer pressure make you rush into a relationship that is not right for you. There are millions of people out there and one of them is right for you remain confident and never doubt yourself.
Good luck!!
Miss Date Doctor xxxxxxx

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