My Ex Wants Me Back But I Have A Boyfriend

Dating is not easy. Most of us have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince. When we can see that a relationship is not working out we decide the best thing to do is to just move on!! Date someone else. So now you have a new partner and everything is going on well, you are happy!! Then out of nowhere, your ex-calls you. He says he has changed and that he now has a great new job and is doing really well. So you talk to him, you talk about the things you used to do and it brings back good memories. So you are now wondering what if? If only you were still single you could have met him up for drinks. What if you were to get back together, could it be much better than the last time? What you need to do is cut all contact! There is nothing beneficial that can come from this relationship. Let’s look at the possibilities if you were to go back to him:

(i) You go back to him and the same problem you had before happen again;

(ii) Your present boyfriend finds out you’re contacting him and you lose him all based on wishful thinking that he has changed;

(iii) It works out but you broke your present boyfriend’s heart!; and

(iv) You lose both of them!!

It is a very dangerous game in relationships to always think that maybe something better out there or keeping in contact regularly with exes. There are some people that do this regularly and end up alone in the end due to jumping from one relationship to the other and end up feeling dissatisfied. Because no man is perfect so if you are looking for the perfect man, he does not exist.

Before dating someone, it is good to prioritise what h factors are that are most important to you in a partner before entering a relationship. Sometimes people go back to an ex and it works out but more often than not, the old problems happen all over again. The choice is yours. But always consider the person you are dating and the consequences if you leave and things don’t work out.


P.S. think carefully before you do anything.

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