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Family is a very important part of our life; we start our life with a family.  The family we own whatever adopted or composed of blood, influences us a lot. Our behaviors and our habits are affected by our family for better or for worse. We learn everything from them, our rituals, customs, and vocabulary. It all depends on our family. The upbringing we have affects us a lot.

If we have a healthy and supportive family, it will show in our attitude, and we will be able to build healthy relationships in the future. Things will be different if we are born in a dysfunctional family. It will be difficult for us to connect with others in a healthy way. It will be difficult to find happiness. But if you have are born into such a family, unfortunately, that does not mean your life has to be miserable. It is an unchangeable situation, but you can deal with it.

Almost every family faces difficult times in life, but they deal with it and become happy again. Family therapy is an excellent way to deal with such situations.

An introduction to family therapy

Family therapy is a kind of treatment specially designed to deal with some specific problems affecting a family. Family therapy is helpful when a family going through a tough time or behavioral or mental health problems. When you go for family therapy, keep in mind that it does not mean only blood relatives are considered as family. Anyone who has a supportive or long time role in a person’s life is considered as family.

Without understanding a problem, it is impossible to deal with it; that’s what a therapist does. A family therapist uses different exercises and techniques depending on the problems to make family life happy and easy. Family therapy courses are also offered to help families. A modern way to do this is via family therapy online.

What is meant by family therapy online?

Family therapy is a great solution to a lot of family issues. The problem with family therapy is in this busy world is not easy to gather everyone at the same place. That’s when family therapy online proves helpful. Online therapy is also known as e-counseling, e-therapy, or cyber counseling.Family therapy online is becoming more and more popular due to technological advances in society and the increased awareness of mental health importance.

How is online family therapy done?

We don’t have to be present physically for a therapy session. Modern technology is used to connect with family members living far away. Mobile phones, computers, laptops, and tablets are used to do so. Family therapy online is done via the following ways;

  • Email
  • Video conferencing
  • Real-Time chat
  • Text messaging

These days’ mobile applications are also very popular for similar uses.


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How family therapy online is beneficial?

Family therapy online is beneficial in many ways. The best thing about online therapy is that you do not have to worry about booking appointments; it is easier. You do not have to rearrange your schedule, trying to be available for therapy with your family. 24/7 communication is easy because of the advancement in technology. We can be in touch with our  family members that live far away and therapist at the same time by clicking a button. You can connect via Skype or Hangout. Attending an online session is far easier than attending it physically. You can talk about your problems from your workplace or home, and I don’t think there is something better than this family therapy online is extremely convenient.

How effective family therapy online is?

Family therapy online can address various problems in a family. Some most common problems addressed via online therapy include communication, abusive behavior, traumatic events, infidelity, children’s school issues, and these kinds of mixed family issues. Online therapy may present some challenges, but it is appreciated by most of the patients. You can also join Family therapy courses to make relationships better with your family members.

According to a study review published in the World Journal of Psychiatry, most people reported online therapy sessions via video conferencing “high levels of satisfaction.” According to research, it has also been suggested that online therapy can prove helpful in the treatment of several health issues. It is excellent news for most people who cannot visit a therapist because of their busy life schedule or living in rural areas where there are limited mental health services.

Family therapy online may not be effective for every person, but there are situations when people will want to go with this approach. So we cannot ignore family therapy benefits.

Signs indicating your family need therapy.

There is nothing to be confused about; when your family is happy, you can feel it. But not all families are happy and healthy all the time. We are living in a modern world where we all have to face challenges like balancing social and work life, finding a better job, dealing with  financial crisis, and different family members are going through different mental and physical health problems. All these problems are overwhelming, and not everyone can take them well. Not only adults face problems, but children are also going through a lot, like behavioral changes, disabilities, financial stresses. Moreover, different stages in a child’s age create challenges, and this needs not only supervision but also help and guidance.

Many families ignore their problems and pretend that everything is fine or try to solve these problems themselves. But it is okay to ask for help; it may feel like admitting failure, but opting your family for therapy is a big step towards betterment. Family therapy online gives you new ways to communicate with your family members and understand their problems.

Deciding if you and your family need therapy is a big decision. But if your family is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is for sure a time to go to a professional family therapist:

  • Are your family members facing trouble in performing routine tasks? Are you feeling the energy drain in your family? Or routine tasks are a burden.
  • If your family members are showing extreme emotional reactions. Are your family members exhibiting excessive sadness, depression, anger, or some other emotional reactions?
  • When there is very low or no communication between members, it is a strong sign that your family needs therapy. Are you not feeling comfortable talking to your family members? Or are you experiencing silent treatment from your family?
  • Family members are not participating in family activities anymore. One or more members are going into seclusion. You are not interested in visiting your family anymore.
  • You are experiencing violence in one of your family member’s behavior. Putting aside normal horseplay is this violence bad and causing a problem in the family are you afraid of any family members.
  • Are your family members expressing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness? Are you feeling hopeless? Is it tough for you or your family members to deal with stress, and it is overwhelming?
  • Are you feeling a change in the behavior of your children at home or at school? Do they have low grades in studies? Is your child having a problem with attendance or showing violent behavior at home.
  • If your family has been through a traumatic incident and having a hard time dealing with it, it is necessary to take help from a therapist. It could be a death in family, divorce, separation, extramarital affair, or accident.
  • Is there someone in your family having an eating disorder? Or are there members dealing with drugs and alcohol use?

What are some common family therapy approaches?

Family therapy improves your relationship with your family members.  Depending on the type and severity of the problem, there are many family therapy courses offered by different therapists. Family therapy online also utilizes these approaches. Some common family therapy approaches used by professional therapists are as follows:

Structural family therapy

The focus of structural therapy is on mutual interaction between family members. Individual psyches are not dealt with this approach. It is not only based on mutual interactions of family members but also on their social interactions. In the structural family therapy approach, dysfunctional aspects are studied by therapists, and families are encouraged to adapt towards more connected family attributes based on family needs.

Strategic family therapy

In this approach, five different stages are involved, including social stage, problem stage, interactional stage, making goals stage, and setting task stage. Homework is assigned to family members in order to change their behaviors and to be more cooperative towards each other for the sake of the family.

Transgenerational therapy

This approach involves an examination of family systems for many generations, and then the therapist identifies the main issues. It is also called a “family of origin” exploration. With this approach, not only current issues are identified, but a therapist can also pick up on stressful situations and struggles of the future. This approach is also combined with other approaches to bring positive results.

Communication therapy

Communication is key to any relationship. Communication issues can start because of personal experiences, different opinions, religion, cultural background, and geographic areas. These can also arise because of secrecy, mental health problems, or trauma. In this approach, therapists teach some useful techniques for better communications, for example, starting line for initiating communication, mediated communication, or active listening.


This approach involves educating a person and his family members regarding mental health problems he is facing and help those in trouble and support them through this tough situation. There are four main goals of psychoeducation, which are as follows:

  • Educating
  • Treatment and medication support
  • Training
  • A place to vent

Relationship counseling

Relationships are not easy to handle; simple problems in a relationship can cause stress. And if these problems are not solved at the right times, they can cause strain in the relationship and will ultimately end the relationship. Financial problems, lack of trust, and emotional distancing can also affect a relationship. The therapist will help with relationship problems.

Benefits of family therapy

Family therapy benefits are countless and play a vital role in solving problems a family is facing. You can also join family therapy courses to make family deal with their issues. Therapy can bring excellent results. Here are some benefits you can get from family therapy:

Better communication in relationships

Communication is very important in the family. It is good if family members talk to each other about their problems and try to solve them. And if they do not communicate with each other, there will be misunderstandings. And honestly, it is easy when there is a larger group of people. Family therapy is an amazing tool that can help family members in improving communication so that they can understand each other efficiently.

Healthy Family dynamics

Family dynamics mean interaction patterns among members. But it is true that with time these patterns can become unhealthy. And it becomes difficult to break them. A therapist helps people to understand these patterns existing among them. Also, they help them to break these patterns and help them in learning new ways to build a healthy attraction.


Poor family dynamics can make some members feel bad about their condition. It is an unfortunate situation and can be dealt with the help of family therapy. Members find conflicts and work together to solve them. When they know their issues, they will be able to handle them. With mutual understanding and working, they will be able to know that problems are not because of one person. And when they realize this, it will help them in knowing their self- worth.

Supportive environment

Some important transitions in life are stressful, and not everyone can handle them. This can lead to depression. These transitions can be negative or positive. Situations like death, divorce, and relocation can cause problems in family dynamics. Family therapy online in this situation is the best solution, and it can help members who are struggling with these tough situations and making adjustments to new circumstances.

Solution of Family conflicts

Sometimes because of a lack of communication, conflicts, and misunderstandings have been ongoing for several years. Family therapy online counseling is a great solution for solving these family conflicts. A therapist can help members in identifying issues and solving them by using different effective approaches. Once the issues and their causes are identified, it becomes easy to solve them.

Stronger connection

Once members are able to see unhealthy patterns, they break them with the help of their therapists, and then it becomes easy to develop positive feelings. Once people understand each other, it becomes easy to communicate. Effective communication can then help members in making a strong bond with other members and a healthier relationship. This is the main goal of Family therapy.


Family therapy becomes necessary when a family is going through difficult times. It may be difficult to accept that you need therapy, but accepting this is the first step towards enjoying better relationships with your family. Professional therapists use different effective family therapy approaches that help you and your family members in dealing with tough situations. They can also suggest family therapy courses to join that will prove helpful.

It is okay to ask help for you and your family. If you do not want to meet the therapist face to face, you can consider family therapy online, but never ignore your family issues. Because if you do not solve them on time, you will regret it. So if you are having trouble with family members or any of your family members is in problem, go for family therapy online. It is because you and your family deserve happiness.

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