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I think my boyfriend is cheating on me


Cheating is immoral, so it is unacceptable in a relationship. Relationship experts and psychologists have been studying about infidelity for a very long time, how they react when they found their partners are cheating and how they deal with it. Based on their studies, different people have different views about cheating.

A study was published in American Social Review in 2015 on 2800 people between 18-32 age suggested those partners are more likely to be unfaithful who are dependent on their partner economically. It is especially right in the case of men who are dependent on their wives. Women are also unfaithful in such a situation, but the percentage of men is still high. (1)

“The truth is a lot of people stay in relationships for the wrong reasons which leads to cheating”

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, this question may appear in your mind during a relationship, and sometimes the answer can be yes. But first, you need to be sure about it. This situation is honestly very difficult to handle because you feel betrayed. You feel that it was your fault if you had put more effort this may not have happened. But the truth is that it is not about you. And you should not blame yourself for this. He should be ashamed of what he has done. This guide will help you in finding if your boyfriend is cheating on you and how you can handle this. When someone cheats it is a decision they have made and only they can be held accountable for those actions.

I think my boyfriend is cheating, but I have no proof.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, but I have no proof, what should I do? Every woman needs to know if her boyfriend is cheating on her or not. If he is doing, so there is no point in continuing the relationship most people would say and some may forgive but trust would be severely damaged.  But that does not mean it is your fault. If you are noticing something suspicious in your boyfriend’s behavior, you have to take this seriously, even if you do not have proof. All you need is to read the signs and then do something about this. Here is how you can make yourself sure that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

He will seem distracted.

If you had a very strong and romantic bond with your boyfriend, you can feel his distraction. He no longer seems interested in the conversation. You have to repeat yourself again and again because he is not listening. If he does not have any other problem in his life and he is being less attentive, he might be cheating on you. He won’t seem emotionally connected to you. It would be easy for him to say goodbye if he is already detached from you and is creating that bond with someone else.

He will talk about the future differently.

As a couple, you plan things together, how do you want your future. But now suddenly, instead of talking about “we,” he is talking about his own plans. He is interested in things that he wants to do alone. It is not good. When you are committed and serious about your relationship, you make strong commitments regarding the future and plan it together you are supposed to be a team..

He will start talking about your flaws.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, is it because I am not good enough? When you start a relationship, you accept your partner with all his qualities and flaws. Although some habits are unacceptable couples, do compromise and try to change them for better. But when your boyfriend is cheating on you, he will talk about your flaws more and more. He will say things like, “why are you not adventurous?” or you are not fun. That’s when the real problem starts there is a possibility he is comparing you to someone else.

He will not be interested in hanging out with you.

It is an ultimate sign that your partner is cheating on you if he is no more interested in spending quality time with you. He starts making plans with his friends without inviting you; in most cases, you won’t even know his plans. He will ditch you on social and family events. It can be because he wants to withdraw himself slowly from your life.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex, but how would I know what’s the truth? Answer to this question can be very complicated sometimes. If your boyfriend is talking to his ex, you may think that he is cheating on you, but it is not really that simple. There is a possibility, but nothing is sure with the thought I think my boyfriend is cheating on me you need proof you can not jump to conclusions.

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Is it fine for a person to talk to his ex?

It is not uncommon to talk to the ex; people do this. To make things simple, just think about your exes, they were an important part of your life. But if you do not talk to your ex, that does not mean your boyfriend will also not talk to his ex. It may feel awkward, but it is not that weird. It is not necessary that if your boyfriend is talking to his ex, he wants to hook up with his ex because things change when you are in a committed relationship.

So do not jump to conclusions. But if your boyfriend is talking to his ex, be alert. Do not take it for granted. Try to be neutral until you have answers to some important questions and evidence to suggest infidelity.

How often does he talk to his ex-girlfriend?

Does he talk to her daily or just catch up after a month? You may not know this, but that does not mean you have to start snooping. But if you know, he talks to his ex a lot that is probably not a good sign. If they were not that good together and now he is very connected to his exit is not right, and you have to do something.

How is this affecting your relationship?

If your boyfriend is in touch with his ex, you may feel worried, and both of you will start having fights if you are not comfortable. But you don’t have to be judgmental if you do not know his intentions. Be neutral and observe his behavior. If he is talking too much about his ex, that you cannot have your own conversation, it is might be something to be worried about.

Is he trying to be secretive, or he is open?

He should be open to you about everything, especially in this case. It is good if he tells you about the things they talked about. But if he starts trying to be secretive, that is alarming. How open your boyfriend is to you about this situation can tell you a lot his ex is his ex you are his partner.

I think my boyfriend is cheating online.

We are living in a modern world where people are connected more than ever. Social media has changed our lives. These days’ people have more problems in their relationships than in the past modern technology has added to the pressure of love and commitment. It is because people think that they have so many options. Your boyfriend may have so many online connections that he may take you for granted, and that is when you know he is cheating on you if you see proof on inappropriate discussion or meetings.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me online; how do I know what is going on?

On social media sites, it is easy to talk to anyone about anything. About 43% of men give flattery as a reason to cheat on their partners, and 35% said that they cheated on their partners because of dissatisfaction in sex life. (2)

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, but is it my fault? This question may arise in your mind. This cheating has nothing to do with you even if you have had problems it is not an excuse to cheat. But you need to find out first if your partner is cheating you online.

Is he lost in text conversation?

If your boyfriend is always engaged in using his smartphone, he might be cheating on you online. Although private life is important in a healthy relationship, but if your boyfriend is busy in text conversations that he does not have time to talk to you, something is wrong and if he is hiding his phone this could be a sign of something inappropriate going on.

He is receiving texts and calls late at night.

These days instead of calling people tend to prefer to send a text message. A text message from a friend late at night is not an issue, but if your partner starts chatting with the sender and he does this regularly, it is not right .Late night conversations on text are disrespectful when you are with your partner.

Is he possessive about his phone?

Our phones are very important in our lives, but if a person starts acting weird about their phone, it is not a good sign. If he tries to shut down tabs quickly or hide his phone from glimpsing and he does not want you to pick his calls, he may be cheating on you.

You are seeing some strangers on his social media account.

You see, your boyfriend spending a lot of time on social media, which you feel normal at start. But then you see their profile where some random people are commenting on their posts with some inside jokes, and you have no idea what they are talking about. It would be better to take things seriously now and establish who these people are and ask him if anyone says anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I’m pregnant.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I am pregnant, how will I know what is going on? Pregnancy is a very beautiful time in a relationship but is a huge transmission and can also lead to less pleasant circumstances in a relationship, including cheating. But before jumping on, conclusions recognize the signs and then make any decision.

He is not excited about your pregnancy.

In a healthy relationship, when you tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant, he becomes excited and wants to be supportive. He takes care of you and helps you with everything. But when a partner is cheating on you, he will not be interested in you or baby. He will take it for granted and act like you are not pregnant at all.

He is no more affectionate.

Boy-friends find their partner attractive when they are pregnant, and they show them love. They are more affectionate. But when your partner is a cheater, he loses all his interest in you. He does not give you time or talk to you about anything related to pregnancy.

He does not take you to the doctor.

During pregnancy, the mother needs more care, and she has to go to the doctor regularly. But if your boyfriend does not takes your pregnancy seriously and does not goes with you for regular checkups, it is a clear sign that he is not interested in you anymore and is cheating on you.

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time in a person’s life, and if a person does not appreciate this blessing, it is his fault. There is nothing to be ashamed of for you.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me what I should do.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, so what should I do? In every relationship, there are tough times when you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you, and you may blame yourself for this, but it is not the right thing to do.

Different people have different views on cheating. About 70% of people do not know or have discussed what their partner count as cheating. About 18% to 25% of people using tinder are in committed relationships. There is no point in using tinder if you are in a committed relationship unless you want casual sex. (3) So before starting a relationship, you need to discuss with your partner what you are expecting from your boyfriend.

If you think your partner is cheating on you here is what you should do:

Make a list of pros and cons.

It may seem odd and trivial, but by making a list, you will be able to face reality. This may be based on some simple questions like, are you confirmed and sure about your boyfriend cheating on you? Would it be possible for you to move on after cheating? Are you ready to take direct action?

Talk to your supportive friends.

Thinking about the past can be painful sometimes, especially when you have a lot of bad relationship experience, but in this case, it can prove helpful for you. Compare your present situation with past relationships, and you will be able to know what is wrong. It would be better to talk to some of your supportive friends; sometimes, it is better to talk out loud.If your boyfriend is cheating your friends will support you through it.

Tell your partner that you want to talk.

If you wait for the right time to confront your boyfriend about cheating, it won’t help. Because sometimes there is no right time. You need to create the right time. Talk to him about what you are feeling. And ask for truth, and make sure that both of your re talking in a supportive environment so that both of you can deal with the situation.

No matter what, it is not your fault?

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me; it is because of me? No matter what the situation is complex and an individual choice, never blame yourself if your boyfriend cheats on you. When you find out that your boyfriend cheated, you may feel it was because of your appearance, financial condition, or think that you are not good enough. But you should know that if someone cheats on you, it is their fault, not yours. But if it is difficult for you to handle the situation, you can go for relationship counselling, and it will really help you. We are always here to help and support you .Call 03333443853 and have a free consultation now.

If you are in a situation of I think my boyfriend is on me or I think my girlfriend is cheating on me Miss Date Doctor is a business excellence award winner for a high standard service.Cheating can be such a painful difficult experience but you can get through it.


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