My Past And Bad Reputation Is Ruining My Lovelife

This is a problem that happens to some women and can be very upsetting and hard to deal with. It seems like every time you get a new guy it starts off well and then as soon he finds out your past an starts hearing some negative things about you, that’s it!! BYE BYE!!  He is gone. It’s not fair why can you not just enjoy your relationship without people coming along and poking their nose in!! This is so frustrating. The truth is nobody is perfect and no one has the right to judge you. But just like most things in life, it’s not fair but it will still happen anyway.

Here are some of the things that can happen and how to deal with it:


You keep dating guys that know each other and there seems to be a lot of negative things being said about you.


 You may have to stop dating guys from the same social circle or be honest with your new partner about who you have dated and your past problems (dating guys from the same group of friends can be problematic. Avoid it if you can)


 You have done a few things in the past that are frowned upon in the society i.e. chosen job, crime, bad background personal lifestyle choices


 If you feel it is something that cannot be kept private, you will have to be selective in choosing partners and be prepared to tell them this is your past and you no longer indulge in that lifestyle and you don’t want to be judged on it.


 You have cheated in a previous relationship or have lied in the past so people find it hard to trust you.


 When you have proven to be untrustworthy in the past it can be hard for people to get over that but all you can do is try to let your partner know that this deceptive behaviour is in your past and that you have changed. If they don’t believe you, find someone that is willing to give you a chance.

 Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. We make mistakes in life. If you find that your partner is judging you and putting you down all the time, or does not want to give you a chance, move on and find someone that will.

 Good luck.


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