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Relationship Counselling in Covent Garden


Relationship Counselling in Covent Garden


Mental health is now a largely discussed topic around the world these days. It has become a part of the everyday conversation which has spiked up the need of life coaches and counsellors or therapists too. According to statistics, a significant rise in relationship counselling has been experienced around the world. For instance, relationship counselling in Covent garden has raised by at least 5-10% in the past two years. Likewise, a rise of 20-30% of the demand of relationship counselling is seen in various countries which portray that humans are in utter need of a guiding light to save them and their beloved relations.

Relationships light up your world and even if you have gone through a bad experience; everyone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to love them. Marriage is a higher state of commitment where you promise one another to stay together for  life that you have ahead. Sadly, in today’s world, we are facing immense mental health issues and a major struggle in maintaining these beautiful relationships. Various factors can be blamed for the increased divorce rate. However, the most highlighted reason is that partners do not give another chance to each other, which leads to divorce or a breakup (if you are not married). The false concept that love needs to be perfect has been wrapped around our brain cells and is gradually destroying the ones that are close to us, without us ever realizing it and us.

How does Relationship Counselling change your Life?

Relationship counselling demand in Covent Garden or other regions  is rising highly because people have wounded themselves with unrealistic expectations. They built a pile of expectations that are not practical, and once they are not fulfilled, they seem to shatter as an individual. The falsehood that we have been watering seems poisonous as we grow up, dealing with a real commitment for a lifetime.

To avail positive outcomes from relationship counselling, one needs to understand that nobody is perfect. Your partner is not always going to give you their 100%, and that is fine. Someday, you will have to make a conscious choice to stay with that person, remembering why you fell in love with them, in the first place. You will have to learn and accept the fact that some days, you will have to give in more and some days, your partner will contribute more. Once you understand reality, that is when you can achieve the good from relationship counselling as well.

  • What issues can be solved in relationship counselling?

Every couple has their own set of issues that they want to be addressed through relationship counselling. This is why relationship counselling is diverse. It offers you an array of services, depending on your persona; situation. If you want extremely customized counselling services, then you try one of our services here as they offer you a vast range of packages. Normally, relationship counselling addresses issues like communication issues, sex problems, conflicts, constant arguments, boredom in a relationship, affairs, loss, and ending a commitment. Thus, if you are facing any of these or problems beyond these, you can turn towards relationship counselling to get help.

  • What to learn through Relationship Counselling?

The failure rate of relationship counselling in Covent garden is very small, but on the other hand, there are almost 90% people who save their families and relationships through good therapy, accepting the solutions that are provided to them. The essence of relationship counselling is to work on the solutions that are provided to you and the attitude of both the partners plays a huge role. Counselling does not work until and unless both the partners are willing to solve the problems.

There are some very important lessons that you learn through relationship counselling. These help you build up a very strong and practical foundation of your commitment.

First, you need to remember that it is not you against him or her. It is both of you against the problem. Couples break apart due to this a lot. They are indulged in “he said that” or “she said offensive things,” and it never seems to end. For a strong relationship, you need to learn that there is no winner in the game. Winning is only possible if you both fight the issue.

Second, you need to know that your counselling sessions won’t jump straightaway into your conflict solving therapy. If you are expecting an immediate solution to your problem, then that is not possible. You will have to go through the mutual effort and determination to solve the ongoing issues of your relationship. The therapists provide you with practical methods that can boost your relationship positively.

Thirdly, relationship counselling brings a fresh start to you and your partner. It breaks down the walls of unrealistic expectations and builds a stronger foundation for both of you. It not only brings you a solution for the current problem, but it also tends to give you a handful of advice for the future as well.

Therefore, relationship counselling is beyond solving the problems you are going through. It is about rebuilding your relationship, on the extremely stronger basis and understanding and accepting reality as it is.


Relationship counselling in Covent garden has gotten a lot of appreciation and attention too. Therapy has been able to retrieve love and faith in couples who were completely hopeless about the continuation of their love life. It is very important to understand that you can never solve your issues with your partner, until and unless you are willing to break the false expectations you are desiring. The fake world of social media has made love very hard and challenging. It has set up an extremely unreal world of love for people that the youngsters have considered love as a “forever happiness” state. However, it is not. This is the major reason why couples are failing to keep themselves together with someone in a long term relationship. They are unable to rely on themselves for happiness as they picture their partner as a readily available source that has to make them glee all the time. It is impossible as humans to be happy 24/7 and happiness is not a permanent destination either.

Remember, that relationship counselling is only going to work when you are going to be willing to make it work for you. Make sure that you and your partner, are mutually interested in taking this path, in recreating your bond, instead of ending it. You can visit to see which package suits your needs the most. There is a package for almost every problem a couple can ever have. Thus, they are extremely reliable. If you are looking for relationship counselling in Covent garden, in private, then here contact us herel;

Save your relationship today before it is too late! Therapy can open ways that you would have never thought for your long term commitment. If you have promised a lifetime to each other, then don’t let small, and insignificant issues end that for you. Believe in your forever and make it work.

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