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Personality types



Personality is a combination of emotions and traits pattern that are adopted by human beings through their nature and nurture. Many research and studies have been done over a long time to analyze the relationship of personality with environmental and biological terms. These researches come up with the conclusion that there are a number of personality types that are formulated by various characteristics.

A research study conducted in the UK states that personality traits directly or indirectly affect relationships.  Every human exhibit actions itself according to the individual personalities; but the base to a healthy relationship has a controlled personality which means you must be able to deal with every situation calmly and wisely. You can get to know the personality of a person when he/she is in problem or anger because that would help you to know what personality this human possesses and what their triggers are.

Personality types

This term “personality types” refers to the set of behaviours, attitudes and emotions a human being possessed individually. We all know that every human has a different nature and mindset. Even siblings who are raised in a similar environment and have the same parents have different thinking patterns. This all because of different personality types. Some people have an artistic mind, some are a logical thinker, and some are a nurturer, and they behave according to their personalities.  Such as extrovert people have enthusiasm in them, and they love to interact with new people which means they can easily socialize in every environment. Whereas people who tend to have introvert traits are more likely to be shy because they hesitate to speak in front of everyone. Moreover, some people possessed creative characteristics which show that they love to think out of the box. These people are creative and love experiments.

Negative personality traits

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Have you ever felt that you are driven by negative energy, or you are having irrational thoughts? As most of the time, human beings feel emotionally unstable, fear of irrational thoughts and exhibit anger without any reason. This is due to the negative personality traits where you have poor emotional stability.

Being a relationship expert, I must say that people who have more tendency of negative traits faces issues in managing their relationships. In many research, it is concluded that people with negative traits exhibit negative feelings which lessen their motivation level by making them neurotic. Moreover, it is perceived through studies that a person with high neuroticism has less quality relationship compared to the one with high Conscientiousness.

If individuals want to have a healthy relationship with their partners, try to avoid irrational fears and thoughts that are ruining your relationship. Make sure your partner is feeling comfortable with you because it creates understanding among both of you and remember always that understanding is a pillar of every strong relationship. Moreover, try to overcome your negative traits, including unnecessary fear, wild anger, clinginess and low motivation because these traits ruin the understanding of a couple. No matter how understanding your spouse is your behaviour affects them and the relationship. He/she may feel insecure when you look upon them with doubts. Your neurotic behaviour can deteriorate your personal life.

Personality problems in relationship

Personalities are the shapes of an individual and built over a long period and cannot be changed easily. You can hide it from the world but cannot change it.  The reality is only revealed to you when you become close to them or start living with them. In the UK, a survey conducted reveals that 60% of people weren’t aware of another side of their spouses until they started living with them.

People having contradicted personalities end up having severe issues in their relationships. They both exhibit an entirely different character which leads to conflict. However, they can deal with the situation by being understanding and neglecting the bad part of each others personalities and regulating them. By two individuals compromising, they can turn their problems into a strong romantic relationship.

Also, try to communicate with your spouse or partner. This would help her/him know about your feelings and inner situation so that he/she can understand you and help you to overcome insecurities. Remember, the only thing that can save your relationship when you both have contradicted personalities is “compromise” and “communication”. Communication leads you to the solution to your problem.

Personality traits of characters

Our personality is composed of characteristics and attitudes, and these two defined the behaviour of a person and how they act. A person having strong abilities such as high motivation, enthusiasm, positive values and flexibility possessed positive traits of characters. So we can say that character strength can be determined through personality traits. These traits may involve fairness, openness, kindness, intelligence, agreeableness, neuroticism etc.

Research states that personality traits of characters emphasize the strong character strengthening values. In comparison, the ones who have pessimistic attributes tend to have reluctant personalities. These people are prone to fear and anxiety. The characters define the actual personality of a person.  However, the personality traits of characters can be changed or shaped by constantly working on it. Many famous psychologists conducted thousands of researches and tests to know whether traits and behaviour can be shaped or not. With the hypothesis, they proved that personality traits could be shaped by proper working and persistence. Behaviour can be reformed through continuous shaping process. Such as if a person who feels shy or has a fear of public speaking; he can overcome this fear by interacting with new people or using other techniques. Similar to that a person with anger or anxiety issues can overcome it by communicating with their spouse or by enhancing its self-control by embarking on self-improvement and therapy.

Neutral personality traits

People having moderate personality traits such as agreeable, achieving, neutral, accepting etc and are natural and ambitious. They are driven to succeed and find motivation in little things. They love to cheer every moment of their life; because they are exhibiting positive energy all the time. Moreover, people with these personality traits are easily adjustable in any environment and won’t show any resistance towards change. They can conveniently collaborate with anyone. Moreover, they have the ability to attract people towards themselves.

People with such traits tend to have a better relationship with their spouses as they know how to adjust in any situation and how to compromise and understand their spouse. Moreover, these people can handle the conflicts with their partners efficiently in comparison to the ones who are submissive to anger. While conducting researches on the relationship of couples; most of the people who are understanding tend to have neutral personality traits because these people know how to tackle the situation without getting into panic and leading with irrational emotion. Also, people with such traits have a more successful relationship long term.

Big five personality traits

The human mind is as complex as a puzzle. It is as deep as an ocean. To know the complexity and psyche of the human mind psychologists came up with many theories and tests to make the human mind unambiguous. One of those tests includes big five personality traits, which consist of all the dimensions of human personality segmented into five major dimensions. According to this theory, every human mind possesses some of the traits that are among these 5 dimensions. These five dimensions are


People having this trait are highly creative and love to learn new things. They explore new ways and think unique. At the same time, people with low openness resist changes and stay within their comfort zones.


People having this dimension are well prepared, and they are punctual. They consider others feeling while doing any task. Also, they are more goal-oriented people and love the attention to detail and are extremely analytical.


People with such traits are always energetic and enthusiastic. They are more expressive in everything. Also, they love to interact with people. That is why they have a huge social circle.


These people have a high level of cooperation and understanding. Also, they are more generous and help people a lot.


People with this dimension are mostly unstable as they are continuously surrounded by some fears, worries or sadness.

These five dimension traits help you understand your spouse while you are in a relationship. These broad traits are a combination of various narrow traits and cover all the personalities. Also, it would help you to know the mind of your partner, whether he/she is extrovert or he/she is compromising or not. We all know that every person reacts differently in a similar situation. This is because everyone has different dimensions. If your partner has high extraversion, he/she will react differently to the one who is high in neuroticism.

Whenever you and your partner are dealing with any situation, make sure to keep in mind his/her trait dimension and don’t perceive your spouse according to your dimension. This will keep your relationship healthy and conflict-free because every situation doesn’t need compromise or neglect. Try to exhibit cognitive empathy and see things from both perspectives. You need to have an understanding with each other to develop a powerful long lasting relationship.

Strict personality traits

These traits are the ones that are heavily influenced by genetics, which means they are attributed through biological terms and their environment, which includes their traditions and cultural practices. It is believed that cultures have a huge impact on the personality of an individual.  However, big five model is used universally to interpret the minds. However, still, that model doesn’t incorporate the environmental or biological factors such as religion, customs and upbringing etc. strict personality traits are correlated with high values.

No matter how much a person is liberal. He/she has some beliefs, practices and values they follow. If your spouse is from different ethnicity or religion; try to respect their beliefs. You must have enough knowledge regarding your spouse ethnicity and culture that you in any circumstances wouldn’t hurt them or their beliefs unintentionally. These traits are embedded with them since childhood.

Uncommon personality traits

These personality traits make a person feel different from others. It is considered that this is the rarest type of personality, yet the most difficult to understand due to its complexity. These people don’t come under the 5 trait personality test.

Suppose your spouse is exhibiting traits such as being a perfectionist or being intuitive; no need to worry because he/she has uncommon personality traits. People with such traits have a conflict with norms because they feel they are not made for them they feel as though they don’t fit in. Moreover, they want perfection in everything, whether professional life or private life. They want everything according to their needs. They have a strong imagination and idealization.

People with such personalities have clashed with other personalities who are messy and over-energetic. They do love socialization but keep their personal space. So, if your spouse or partner has such traits, he/she needs to react calmly on every situation because anger or stubbornness can ruin the relationship.

Positive personality traits

As the term is self-explanatory by itself. People having such traits always explore good in everything. They are cheerful and joyful in every situation as they believe that negativity is a temporary term and destructive. These people possessed high character values, including loyalty, fairness, generosity, integrity, considerate, empathetic etc. These people are self-motivated and determined.

People having these traits can easily handle their spouse in every situation. Moreover, they have strong character and loyalty towards their partners. They don’t tend to panic in petty situations and tackle everything with positivity and politeness. Research shows that positive personality traits people have a more successful and satisfying relationship because of their loyalty, truthfulness and forgiving nature. The best thing in people with such traits is they don’t hold grudges, and they don’t subtly or intentionally harm you.

Personality traits example

Everyone has a different way of perceiving and interpreting things. There are many personality traits example here below are a few personality traits example

People having positivity in every situation and thinking about good things every time are people with optimistic personality traits. These people are motivated every time and remain calm in every situation. Optimistic people have stable mentality while dealing with anything. Where as people having negative energy, having fear and anxiety are pessimistic. Their mind always clicks to bad things whenever a problem arises. Moreover, they are more prone to have irrational thoughts in comparison to optimistic people.

Another personality trait is extraversion, which makes people interact and socialize. People having this trait can express their feelings efficiently. This is the reason their spouse/partner will take less time to get comfortable with them because they can open up easily with everyone. On the other hand, introverts are shyer and hesitate while interacting. These people resist when they are taken out of their comfort zone. Because they don’t like to open up in front of everyone.  A partner having introvert traits may need more time to confess their feelings.

Dominant personality traits psychology

The trait which makes an individual assertive with others is a dominant trait. The person has dominant characteristics which leads them to narcissism.  They want to assert hold over everything and want others to be submissive while dealing with them. They don’t want interference of anyone and if anyone tried to invade their dominance. They instantly show wild anger or dislike.

Partners having dominant traits usually want to do everything under their supervision and have an eagle eye on their partner. They just want to do everything with their own perception and assume the other person is supposed to be submissive to them. According to this trait, the dominant personality has a major role in leading the relationship. The submissive one has to follow the defined path directed by the dominant partner.

Interesting personality traits

People with such traits tend to be more flexible, positivity, confidence and energetic. What characteristics do interesting individuals have that most of us don’t have? What makes that person so unique? The imagination of an incredible person to the extent it is unique and uncommon. However, innovativeness comes in a wide range of structures, shades, and tints.

To begin with, the inventiveness of extraordinary specialists and researchers is the thing that pulls in most consideration, and light of current circumstances. These endeavours are foundations of culture and give milestones of our social turn of events and progress. But, not every person who is confident or positive is similarly imaginative, nor are largely innovative individuals either specialists. Some are inventive in business, in their comprehension of others, or just in living. To put it plainly, the characteristics of innovativeness that are both captivating but then baffling are its multifaceted nature and changeability. These type of individuals are extremely fluid.

Interesting personality trait people are far more creative and unique. They have strong imagination as well as loving to think and explore interesting things and the the vast offerings of the world. Whether in professional or private life, they find new ways to impress their spouse.

Funny personality traits

People having these traits have a bright sense of humour. They find humour in everything. A research conducted in a university in the UK states where 161 students were taken for a survey in which Humor Orientation was emphatically connected with correspondence attributes of communicator flexibility worry for evoking positive impressions, emotional direction, and comical situational inclination. To think about contrasts in humour creation, 57 understudies from Phase One were enrolled based on HO scores. Low (N=28) and High (N=29) HOs conveyed 3 jokes. High HOs were seen to be more amusing than low HOs both by participant‐observers and by free coders who tuned in to audiotapes. In any case, participant‐observers evaluated messages fundamentally more amusing than the individuals who just tuned in to tapes.

Also, it is clearly seen that every individual interprets the humour differently. Every human possessed different funny personality traits. So this may happen that in anything you found quite amusing or funny doesn’t seem funny to your partner, but it is perfectly fine to have different views. Everyone has different perceptions, liking and disliking.

Personality test colors

Psychologists have revolutionized enough that they can interpret your mind by test colours.  One of the most well-known character tests is the True Colors Personality Test. This character test asks genuine inquiries to rate your preferences. The test will at that point rate your character as either a blue, green, orange or gold character type. As indicated by defenders of shading brain science, your preferred tone (or tones) characterizes your character tone. Truly, it’s that straightforward! As indicated by them, the tones you pick say a great deal regarding your physical, mental, and passionate states. Essentially, the shadings you despise say a great deal regarding your shortcomings and weakness. The test is conducted worldwide by many psychologists. The test gives an analysis of your personality.

In this test, you have to answer some serious questions to get to know about your likes and dislikes which basically divides your personality into 4 colours Yellow (motivated by fun), White (motivated by peace), Blue (motivated by intimacy) and Red (motivated by power). The chosen colours demonstrate your emotional stability, positivity, optimism and many other factors needed to evaluate personality. You and your spouse can get this test done to know the individual emotional stability.


Personality has a huge impact on a person’s private life. Two people with contradicted personalities need a lot of compromise and patience to make their relationship successful.  It is believed that personalities aren’t made in a single day as it is a process of years to built such traits. It can be a result of biological or environmental factors. However, one can reshape his personality by making efforts. Problems occur in a relationship when a person doesn’t understand the traits of his/her partner. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, you need to understand the personality of your partner and help your spouse to overcome its insecurities. Call us today for a free consultation on 03333443853.

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