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Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly?


Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly?

Walking away from a relationship with your partner is always a bit hard. People know that they are unhappy in their relationship, but they still try to make things normal for a long time. But a point comes when things reach a breaking point. Breakups are one of the most common things that happen in adult lives. According to the recent statistics, approximately 42 percent of marriages in England end up in divorce or breakup. A Break-up is always difficult, but most people have more difficulty in letting go of their abusive or short relationships and find the emotional trauma just as hard as those that are married. Breakup is not a crime, but it is painful as partners set each other free to find someone whom they feel is a better and a perfect match. It can affect people more who have low self-esteem and attachment issues.

Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly? This is the most common question that people ask when they want to run away from a relationship. Partners usually terminate their relationships because they feel they do not match each other, or they have difficulty communicating with each other, or they have individual issues with self-esteem or shame. In some cases their goals, objectives and lifestyles do not align.

So, you are not letting go of a past relationship. It has been a while since you broke up with your partner. You are thinking, why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly? At times, you think you have got over your ex, but the fact is you have NOT. What does it mean? Does it mean that you still love your ex? Or you want to do everything that you can do to get back together? Sometimes yes and sometimes no! If you cannot get over your ex, you need to work on your internal issues because it means that you have not accepted your breakup. Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly? In fact, there are some reasons, for example, if you have low self-esteem, you blame yourself or your partner, or you had an extreme attachment with your partner.

We understand that there is still confusion in your mind as there are a lot of things to consider. This is the reason we have created this guide for you. In this guide, we will help you to find an answer to why can’t I get over my ex, who treated me badly. We hope that this little yet informative guide will surely help you to find peace if your ex was totally wrong for you. Are you ready? Let’s take a start now!

He treats me badly, but I still want him

Love is said to be another name for pain. If there is no pain, it is not love. After breaking up a relationship, most people still love someone who treated them badly. Yes, it is true! Such people are of the view that “he treats me badly, but I still want him”. So, you are in the same situation, right? You have been hurt or treated badly by a guy. You are crying an ocean of tears on your breakup and are angry over yourself and your partner. You are thinking why? Why me? You do not want to take the risk of getting hurt again, but you still love him. You believe and say to yourself daily, “he treats me badly, but I still want him. We think what will really assist you to find an answer to your question is to take some time to look deeply into yourself!

If you are crying, getting angry, or blaming yourself for the breakup, do keep in mind that this negative energy that you are carrying in your body is making things worse for you rather than making you feel better but tears are good to relieve the stress let it out. We are not saying that you do not need to get angry over a man who cheated you, broke your heart, or treated you badly. Instead, it is better to take ownership that you chose this man. Make a belief that you deserve a better man in your life than your ex. Plus, start writing down the definition of love. Instead of thinking, he treats me badly, but I still want him, focus on reclaiming your power. Do not look back. Never focus on what he is doing. Instead, move on quickly in your life. Spend some time with yourself and also start practicing love towards yourself. The self love aspect of healing is imperative.

Remember, love is a two-way street. If your relationship with your partner is over, you have to move on do not let this pain destroy your future as cliché as it sounds time is truly a healer when it comes to heartbreak.

Why do I miss my ex-girlfriend who treated me badly?

So, you want to find an answer to this question: Why do I miss my ex-girlfriend who treated me badly. There can be several reasons behind it. If you are still missing your ex-girlfriend, it means you still have romantic feelings for her. It is possible and yet completely normal if you loved or cared for her so much. This happens to most people because of real romantic feelings and emotions for a person cannot fade away as soon as a couple stops loving each other, or there is an end of the relationship between them. In fact, real emotions tend to last longer. Another yet important reason behind your question maybe you have been romanticizing your relationship with your ex-girlfriend very actively. Again this situation is normal as at times; the grieving period tends to last longer than it is expected. When you genuinely care for someone your feelings don’t disappear overnight.

Once a famous psychologist, Ursula Athenstaedt, did research along with her friends and colleagues. A survey was conducted on more than 850 young adults who were living their life after their breakup. Ursula Athenstaedt tried to find out the strategies that people use to recover themselves after an end of a relationship. A survey was conducted based on gender. The research found that after a breakup, women tend to get over their past relationships by focusing on the negative aspects of their ex rather than the positive qualities. On the other hand, men usually tend to focus on the positive aspect of their past relationships and try to get back with their ex-girlfriend.

But how can you get rid of this situation? You are not able to move on and wondering “Why do I miss my ex-girlfriend who treated me badly”? We believe that this happens to you because you loved her and cared about her very much. You have spent some good times with her. You have emotionally invested your time into your relationship. But if she treated you badly, we recommend you to forget about her. Think forward and have no contact with her. If it was just a case of a lack of commonality or compatibility this is life unfortunately sometimes things fizzle out and you find you both want different things

Trust me!

Do not spend your time romanticizing on your relationship with your ex-girlfriend. Take some time to yourself and find someone who really loves you and appreciates you for you.

He hurt me so bad why do I still love him?

So, after your breakup with your partner, you over-romanticize the situation, or maybe you still love him because love does not vanish because someone hurt you, no matter how badly your relationship ended or no matter you went through all the crap. You still love him, or and still care for him, and you cannot deny this. Now you are thinking that he hurt me so bad why do I still love him.

Remember, people will make you hate him. They will make things more complicated. They will make you feel that you are beautiful and precious and did not deserve a man that treated you badly. They are right, of course, because they care about you. But do remember that hating him will weigh you down. In fact, it will add more to your pain. It will not help you to get over him and forget him. It will not make you feel beautiful but will make you ugly on the inside. It will only make things worse. So, the best solution to this is to be logical and stop fanaticizing about your past events. Accept the reality, stop ruminating and fighting emotion be strong. By practicing all these steps, you will surely get an answer to your question; he hurt me so bad why do I still love him?  You love him because are human and healing takes time proactively work towards self-regulation of your thoughts and moving on from your past.

Why do I miss my ex who treated me so badly?

The beginnings of relationships are always very joyful and bright. You spend time with each other, you do things together, and you say loving wishes to each other. Sometimes, your partner surprises you, and at times, you make surprise plans for your partner But after a couple of months or years, you notice a change your partners behavior. You notice that he is not texting you as often. You think he is out for his business meeting, but in reality, he is hanging out or drinking with his friends. And when you ask about it, he becomes angry and goes out of the room without answering.

And as time passes, you start noticing that things are not going in the way that you expected. He starts hiding things from you, which may lead to loss of trust, which is much needed in a relationship. So, you want to understand “why do I miss my ex who treated me so badly?” Why? Why do you still love and care for him even though you know that he hurt you so much? According to research, the divorce rate for marriages in the UK is increasing day by day. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples break up because modern society relationships are harder to sustain due to numerous external factors and financial pressure.

We hear it all the time. Most women come up saying he hurt me so much and treated me like an option. Why do I miss my ex who treated me so badly? Well, there are various possibilities for this. Most women believe that they can change a guy who cheated on them or treated them badly. If you are one of them and think that you can change your ex, remember, the majority of men do not want to change. They hate change, especially when it comes to themselves. Another possibility behind it is you are afraid to accept that you have failed in your relationship. Although. Failure is hard to handle, but instead of clinging to the mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it, it is better to identify what went wrong in your relationship so that you can have better relationships in the future. The thing is as long as you miss your ex, you will find it hard to move forward. Believe me; you need to move forward and put all this behind you.

Why can’t I get over my ex who cheated on me?

Did your ex betrayed or cheated on you? Do you still dream of your ex being with you? Are you confused why can’t I get over my ex who cheated on me? No worries. Here, we will tell you how you can get over your ex, who cheated on you. Accepting the loss of your past relationship and letting go of your love can be a bit challenging, especially when your partner cheated on you. It takes time to heal and accept the betrayal of cheating and the end of the relationship. The betrayal aspect causes so much pain and can be crippling for your confidence but the truth is someone cheating is about them not you.

There are some reasons that will explain to you why can’t I get over my ex who cheated on me? In an article, “Coping with a Breakup and Divorce,” the therapists explains that one of the major reasons for not getting over your ex is that healing takes time. The therapists Jeanne Segal, Melinda Smith, and Gina Kemp are of the view that when your partner cheats on you, it is hard to get over him. It is because it takes time to heal yourself. Letting go does not happen overnight, so it is better to be patient and also not take the infidelity as a personal attack on you. Infidelity is common and happens for a multitude of reasons it can be difficult but you will overcome this pain step by step be kind to yourself.

When you think about your ex, you only cling to happy memories. This is another reason for not getting over your ex, who cheated on you. The next big reason is you are feeling guilty that whatever happened to your relationship is just because of you.

We know that it is hard to get over a cheater, but there are many things that you can do to move forward in your life. For example, you can take up a hobby, hang out with your friends, join an art class, etc. Whatever you do, try to take some time for you. Appreciate yourself and take time to heal as time can heal all wounds! The emotional trauma caused by cheating is difficult but you must forgive so that you can heal this does not mean you have to get back together but not forgiving only hurts you more.

Loving someone who treats you bad

Loving someone who treats you bad does not make sense. Your love for your partner feels so strong and powerful that you ignore the ways your partner treats you badly. Your friends and family will make you feel that you do not deserve this person, but in spite of this, you are loving someone who treats you bad.

Why it is hard to stop loving someone who treats you bad? Maybe you have some happy moments with that person that do not make you think of the painful times. Or maybe you have unconditional feelings of love for your partner. Whatever the reason is, you need to learn to:

  • Value yourself
  • Stop tolerating people who do not value you.
  • Heal your lack of confidence.
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Get some therapy

All these steps will assist you in building your new self-confidence as well as gaining your self-worth.

Why can’t I get over my ex that I broke up with?

Breakups are not just unpleasant, but they also lead to depression as well. If your long-term relationship has ended with your partner and you are thinking why can’t I get over my ex that I broke up with, there is no need to worry as we will explain it to you. After a breakup, most people think that they have got over their ex, but in reality, they are not. In other words, we can say that they have not accepted their breakup.

There are several reasons if you are wondering, “Why can’t I get over my ex that I broke up with”. These include:

  • Not enough time has passed.
  • You still have feelings for your ex, and you are in touch with him/her.
  • Your ex was an important part of your life.
  • Everything around you reminds you to think about him/her.
  • You have a feeling that you will never find someone better than your ex.
  • You broke up with your ex for fundamental reasons but still love them
  • It could never of worked but you wish it could have

To get over such things, at first, understand the reasons for why you are no longer together. Spare some time for yourself and start loving yourself more and believe that it will be OKAY. Just because you dumped your ex it does not mean it will hurt you deeply life is complex and some relationships cannot work no matter how much you try.

Why can’t I get over my ex after years?

Why can’t I get over my ex after years? Those who have gone through breakups can know exactly how long and painful the journey after a breakup is. Even if we follow some expert tips to get to know how to get over an ex, the healing process continues to last. A study was conducted back in the year 2015 in which it was reported that most people move on in their life three months after their breakup. However, according to the research reports of the 2017 study, it was found that most people take 18 months to get back to their life after they end a romantic relationship.

We believe that the time it takes to heal depends on the effort that people put into moving on from their past relationship. Why can’t I get over my ex after years? It is a question that people want to ask as they try to move on after their breakup. There are various factors that may prevent you from moving on from your ex. Maybe you cannot face the fact that it is over between you and your partner, or maybe you are tracking your ex on social media. The truth is love is so powerful but you have to make a conscious effort to move on for your wellbeing and your life do not let a failed relationship take your future away fight adversity and believe in yourself.


Why can’t I get over my ex who treated me badly? Well, divorce or breakup can suck especially when you loved the person and they treated you badly. If you are trying to move on from a relationship that was toxic or abusive, it is better to let it go and put up healthy boundaries in place, because letting go may allow you to accept yourself and your partner as separate individuals. Most people believe that grief is a part of letting go. We do not deny this fact, but if you want to get over your ex who treated you badly, letting go becomes important. Meanwhile, it is better to keep friendships as well as life-affirming activities side-by-side. Do remember that you are something greater than your relationship. So, to move on as human beings, you need to let go of some things that do not serve us anymore, including Romantic Relationships!

Want to take more responsibility for yourself? Want to move forward in your life? Build self-esteem and get over your ex. If you need our support through this we will be happy to give you a free consultation call 03333443853 now to speak to a life coach


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