£ 950.00



  • Better relationships intensive training programme
  • One on one dating coaching
  • Better relationships programme and Relationship assessment overview
  • 5 Day Holiday in mystery 5 star location (Clear mind and relaxation)
  • 2 day therapy in 5 star Luxury London hotel
  • Luxury spa retreat and treatment by celebrity facialist
  • World famous celebrity dentist teeth whitening treatment
  • Free M.D.D Membership for 1 year

Assess your love life and enjoy a vacation and bespoke luxury package created by your M.D.D date coach to tailor to your specific needs and problem areas enjoy a first-class experience and let the M.D.D help you embrace a new and bright future and assist you with a beautiful transition to the love life you desire and a happier, confident, enriched mind.Let all your strengths and abilities be harnessed to propel you to great success with this intensive package

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