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How to stop loving someone?


What is love? How to stop loving someone? In my opinion, love is a complicated mixture of emotions, and among all these emotions, affection and protectiveness are very strong. The definition can vary from person to person. But in the end, it is a beautiful feeling that changes your life. Honestly, you cannot help who you fall in love with. This makes everything even more complicated. One of the hardest questions is how to stop loving someone.

Sometimes you fall in love with a person who does not love you back and people say move on but how to stop loving someone it’s so hard. Or sometimes you fall in love with someone who has different interests, and you think that it is not working. In that case, you break up with them, but the process of moving on or stop loving them is not that simple and is never easy. I know how tough it is to stop loving someone, and I am going to help you with this situation. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the important facts.

Rate of marriages is reduced to 21.2 per 1000 men and 19.5 marriages per 1000 women, which shows that people stay in a relationship for a while, and there is a very low ratio of people who feel that they have found someone they should get married to. While the remaining has to face breakups, or they are single by choice. Moreover, about 42% of marriages end into divorce in the UK according to the recent stats. But breaking up or getting divorced does not mean you no longer love your partner.

” How to stop loving someone when they are all you want ”

Why you should stop loving someone?

First of all, you need to know that anyone who brings drama and suffering into a relationship is not worthy of you. Everyone has their reasons for not wanting to love someone. So if you know that you want not to love someone here are some of the reasons that will explain why you want to consider stopping loving someone:

They are interested in someone else.

This is commonly known as one-sided love, where the person you love is interested or in a committed relationship with some other person. If you try to be a part of their life, you will, for sure, get disappointed. When the person is happily committed, it means that you are living in a dream that is not going to turn into reality. There are chances that they are in love with their partner; otherwise, they will not be in a serious relationship and even if they are not they will not be able to give you the commitment you seek.

Further reading:Stages of a rebound relationship

“How to stop loving someone is it possible?”-Rebecca

They are toxic and abusive.

Abusive partners may seem attractive and charming sometimes, and that’s how it works. They will behave nicely and pretend that they won’t behave violently for a while, but this will happen. You will see a pattern in their behavior. This kind of attitude is unacceptable, so if you feel these kinds of patterns in your partner plan a way to get out of this toxic relationship.

There are several types of abuse; it can be emotional, sexual, and physical. If you are facing any of these, leave your partner immediately, there is no second option and ask for help and support. Do not live in fear abuse is unacceptable.

“How to stop loving someone that treats you poorly I don’t know-Belle

You are in a relationship and being ignored.

It is a very miserable situation, honestly. You are in a committed relationship and ready to share your whole life with him/her, but your partner does not seem interested in doing this at all. A relationship only survives if both partners are equally interested and putting equal efforts into it. You need to recognize this you deserve someone that makes just as much effort as you. Observe if your partner asks about your day at the job, do you guys talk about each other’s needs, problems and emotions and not just about you or them, so you feel alone? If no, then it is the time to talk, and if you feel nothing has become better or improved the only solution is to end the relationship or seek counselling because you deserve better.

Why is it difficult to stop loving someone?

Everyone wants to experience this beautiful feeling of love, but being in love is not always easy. Once you start loving someone, it is very difficult to stop loving them whatever the reason may be. One partner may not be interested, but the other may still be attached. If you have been through this, you are not alone. It is very hard to live with something you never expected and never wanted to let go of.

If you feel like how to stop loving someone is a nightmare, and why is it so difficult?  Here are common reasons why you are unable to stop loving someone. You may not be able to relate with all of them or even any of them, but these will help you understand that you are not alone and can deal with it. These reasons may change your behavior for the next time:

You believed that your EX was “THE ONE.”

You fall in love with someone; you spent time with them; you felt that you could trust them; they assured you that they feel the same for you. Everything was fine; you felt that he/she was “the one.” But then you broke up, and now everything seems blurry. You don’t know what to do; you are confused and heartbroken. Things would be even worse if there was no explanation from the other partner.

You were fully committed and ignored any other relationship.

Some people are very emotional, and they invest their whole energy and emotions into one person. They ignore all other relationships and commitments. Their whole focus is on this one relationship. But then after break up, they feel lonely because they were not socially active. They miss their partner more than ever because they have shared everything.

It was like a fantasy love.

There are some traits that you want in your partner. When you find such a partner for you, it is difficult to stop loving them. They all the traits you want, and you are attracted to them even if they are not interested in you. And if you are in a relationship with such a person, things become worst when you broke up because you can’t do anything, you wonder, “How to stop loving someone so much?” What do I do now?

How you can stop loving someone?

Loving someone is not in your hands its out of your control, as most people will agree on this. But is somehow in our hands to stop loving someone, but it is not easy and sometimes impossible for some people. But how to stop loving someone? How to deal with the grief of wanting someone but not having them? Obviously, you thought that it was true love, but you have to let things go , which are not meant to be for you can not force the situation of love.

The study suggests that almost one in every five couples (18%) argue about considering separation in the UK. Every one in 10 partners regret about living together or their marriage often, and the remaining 9 think about it occasionally.

Believe me, the worst thing is being in unrequited love and spend your whole life just thinking about it. The most important person in your life is you. If someone is not interested in you or broke up with you, it means that there was a reason. Know this reason and accept the fact. Try to heal yourself even if it is tough. I know this pain, and I can help you with this. If you want to know how to stop loving someone, you can take help from the below-mentioned tips based on your situation. If you still feel that you are not feeling improvement, you can take help from professionals we are here to support you (free consultation call 0333344853).

How to stop loving your ex?

Letting someone go, you loved once is not always easy. The pain of a breakup can last from just a few weeks to many years, depending on your relationship. Emotional wounds take time to heal. The most important thing is to understand your feelings and prepare yourself to deal with this emotional situation. Once you understand that you want to get over your ex, things will be easier for you. Now, if you are still in touch with your ex, end every kind of communication. You are dealing with an emotional situation, and you are not ready to be their friends for this wound to heal you need distance.

Keep in mind that there was a reason that you guys broke up with each other, think about that reason, and do not obsess with their qualities that you liked. You may want to find an answer, why all this happened, but what is done is done; now it is useless to cry over spilled milk. Instead use this time to make some positive changes in your life to adopt some good hobbies like reading, painting, etc. Talking to your friends and venting out your emotions will also help you. Love is so hard to get over but you have to fight for you cannot let it destroy you.

How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back?

We all have been at this stage where we wanted a reply from a person we loved, we waited for the whole day, but they just won’t text us back because they don’t want us that way. You have to struggle hard to keep them off your mind. All you can do is to distract yourself and adopt some healthy hobby. Try to make yourself busy. I know this will be frustrating for you, but keep trying to move on from this difficult situation. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy your life.

Another case is when you are in a relationship with a person who does not love you the same way. Things become worse if you are in such a relationship. In that case, talking to them is the initial step; otherwise, it would be better to end the relationship as soon as possible. Know your worth, keep in mind that you are a good person and you need someone who treats you the way you deserve. If nothing seems to be helping you, do meditation, and take help from professionals. They will guide you properly on how can you deal with this tough time.

How to stop loving someone too much?

Loving too much is common; you are not alone. Some people are so obsessed with love that they can’t imagine their life without that special person. But it is not an ideal situation for anyone. Life does not revolve around one person. Life is all about change, meeting new people, trying new things, and spending it in a meaningful way. You need to understand that there is a whole new world outside that one person. The world which we should not cut our connection from. Love can be consuming but you can do so much more and you will get through this with perserverance and patience.

It may be not easy for some people to stop loving someone too much because they are too involved and invested, but keep in mind that it is not difficult. So when you feel that you are in love with someone too much, try to distract yourself. Try to visits your friends as much as possible. Go to parties, social activities, family gatherings and communicate with new people. Spend your time doing something productive.  You are more important than any other person in the world.

“Can you ever stop loving someone when that’s the only person you want?”-James

How to stop loving someone toxic?

Imagine that you loved someone and they loved you back, and now you are living your happy life without any problems. Well! This is not always  going to happen in practical life. This world is not always a happy place for everyone. And you cannot turn on and off your feelings even if you are in love with the wrong person. We fall in love with toxic people and expect that they will change one day, but that’s not how it works. People only change when they think they are wrong, and they need to change themselves because they want to, and unfortunately, toxic people are not like normal people. So the first thing you have to do is to end your relationship with them and walk away for your own peace of mind.

After this, you may think that everything will be normal, but it will not. It will take some time. You have to be strong. You need to end any kind of communication with them because it is not healthy to stay under the influence of such a person.  It will be tough for you because you loved them, but it is for the best. Toxic people also affect your mental health, so it is better to seek help from professionals if you are not feeling better. They will help you in dealing with this complicated and toxic situation.

“how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you”

How to stop loving someone who hurt you?

Being in a relationship is not easy; you have to put a lot of effort to make it successful. Partners hurt each other and then go back to normal life; it is tough and can be extremely painful and hurtful. But some things are unacceptable in a relationship, such as cheating and being disrespectful toward your partner. These things can hurt you badly, and honestly, there is no future of such a relationship trust and respect are the basic requirements of any relationship. What is the point of having a relationship if there is no loyalty respect towards each other? So when your partner does something bad to hurt you, it is unacceptable, and you have to stop being in love with them unless they apologise and you feel you are willing to give them another chance. Please note that apologies mean nothing without changed behavior.

But how to stop loving someone who was so special to you in the past? I know it is not easy, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself. You need to end your relationship with such a person who does not care for you. If you will not do so, you will end up having nothing but emotional trauma, anxiety and sleepless nights. Think about the entire situation and what they have done to you or done to hurt you, and it will be easier for you to forget them and move on. Make yourself busy, take help from your family and friends, and one day you will be able to live happily without them.

How to stop loving a married man?

You may not know, but falling for a married man can bring serious consequences. If you did not know that the person was married, then you are not blamed. But if you know that the person you love has a wife and maybe some children, you are pushing yourself into a ditch. You won’t have anything at the end. You are going to hurt so many people with your actions. It is wrong, and accepting this is wrong is the initial step towards doing things right. Because when you realize that you are doing something wrong, you try to make it right and make amends.

Now you may wonder how to stop loving someone who is already married? Well, the first thing you need to do is to lower the interaction and communication. If a person is married and still showing interest in you, learn to say no even if you like him. People are almost blind when they are in love but don’t be manipulated or used, do a reality check. Take help from your friends. Think about consequences, and it will be easier for you to back off. There is nothing fruitful that can come from being with a married man.


Most of us believe that we can’t control who we fall in love with. But in some cases, we wish that it should not happen. Reasons can be different, but one of the most common reasons is that we are in love with a person who does not love us back. A family and marriage therapist Kim Egel from San Diego explains it well:

“The longing that accompanies one-sided love can affect emotional well-being and cause a lot of discomforts,”

Or you may be in love with a person who does not share similar interests or does not have your best interests at heart. Another reason could be that you both are intensely in love with each other, but there are so many differences that this relationship becomes toxic.

Love is a beautiful but complicated emotion. It is not easy to stop loving someone; it will take a lot of your time and efforts. I know you have plenty of questions regarding “How to stop loving someone”. Let me answer these questions for you.

Why can’t I stop loving you?

Why can’t I stop loving you? a lot of people have this question in their mind, and there is nothing wrong with it. A simple answer to this question is that when we fall in love with someone we think that he/she is “The One” we start planning our whole life with them. Those who believe in soul mates think that they have found their soul mate. When you have this kind of thinking about your ex-partner, it becomes difficult to stop loving them.

Another possible answer to “Why can’t I stop loving you?” could be that you are kind of person who is fully committed to one person. For instance, your whole life revolves around that one person; you have no other friends or activities. And when you guys broke up with each other, you feel like hanging in the middle not knowing where to go. This relationship was the most important thing in your life, and you never thought that it would end one day.

Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them?

Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them? A lot of people ask me. Let me share the truth with you. If you really love someone, you can never stop loving them and can still move on with your life. Instead of the burden, you take it as a virtue. For me having the ability to love someone is the most admirable trait in this world.

If you still wondering, Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them? Let me clear this for you. Although it seems impossible, and for me, it is truly impossible to stop loving someone, there are certain circumstances in which this is possible. For instance, if your previous partner was toxic and controlling, but later in your life, you find someone who really appreciates your true self, you will stop loving your ex. There are also some methods that are helpful to stop loving someone which I will share in the next sections.

How to stop loving someone you live with?

How to stop loving someone you live with? Does this raise several other questions like why do you want this? If they are already committed or married, it justifies your behaviour. But if you are just shy, can’t share your feelings and want them to vanish magically you should let them know how you feel. You need to work on your shyness, be expressive and talk to them about your feelings.

How to stop loving someone you live with? Well if it is not about shyness or any such reason, it is a real problem. Because being around someone you love, controlling your emotions is not easy. So I would suggest you have the option to move out so that you don’t have to be around them. If you can’t do this, engage yourself in activities outside the house. Try to minimize your communication and contact with them. I know  it is not easy, but it is for the best.

How to unlove someone you really love?

How to unlove someone you really love? As I have mentioned above unloving someone is not possible in all cases or at least not easy if you truly love them. Still, you can try and hope that one day you will get over it. You just need to believe that there is someone out there who is made for you and if you can’t do this accept that unfortunately there is no way forward with this individual and as cliché as it sounds time is a healer in time you can learn to accept your feelings but not let it consume or destroy you.

So, how to unlove someone you really love? Best way to do so is by investing your love and time towards something that is not related to them. For instance, show your love to your work, or your hobby. You can recall the old passion of yours that you forgot completely.

In simple words prefer doing something you really love, and it will change your focus . Although you will not completely forget the person, it is a good step towards betterment.

How to stop loving someone but stay friends?

How to stop loving someone but stay friends? Well, for me it is ridiculous to stay friends with a person you love a lot. But the bitter reality is that it happens, we have a best friend, and we fall in love with them, we can’t share our feelings because we think it will ruin our friendship. But it is not the right thing to do; they have the right to know how you feel about them. So try to talk about it. If you were in a relationship before  you can still be friends but limit the regularity of contact.

How to stop loving someone but stay friends? When you share your feelings and still don’t get the same response, you need to work on your emotions. You are hurt I know so allow yourself to grieve and set boundaries. Pick hobbies and involve yourself in fun activities. If you want to be with friends with your ex after break up, I would not suggest it. Keep in mind that there was a reason that you two broke up, it’s not working keeping in touch or staying friends with your ex can work in some cases but 80% of the time it’s a bad idea..

Can you lose feelings for someone but still love them?

Can you lose feelings for someone but still love them? Yes, it happens. We hear most of the time in case of long term relationships that “it was different in the beginning and now everything is changed”. This novelty and newness in the relationship fade with time as we know our partner well. But most of the time it is because one partner outgrows the other they don’t have the same interests or goals anymore.

Can you lose feelings for someone but still love them? If so, how can you deal with it? Communication is an excellent way to deal with any kind of issues in the relationship. First of all, figure out why you lost interest in your partner, after this talk about it with him/her. If you think that both of you are finding it difficult to work on, try a couples therapy..

How to stop having feelings for someone?

How to stop having feelings for someone? Having romantic feelings for someone is precious. You feel like butterflies are flying in your stomach. But it takes some time to convert these feelings into love. You can, for sure work on these feelings of attraction for someone and can get rid of these.

How to stop having feelings for someone? First of all, you need to acknowledge your feelings; ignoring them will only make the situation worse and understand that you don’t have any control over others feelings. If it is just an attraction, it will go away in a few days or weeks if you maintain your distance and keep yourself busy. Try to have fun in your life with friends and family members.

3 ways to stop loving someone

It is very difficult to stop loving someone; most of the time, you can’t even do  it. If you are looking for 3 ways to stop loving someone, let me clear one thing for you, these are three very complicated steps. It needs the courage to do so.

So what are three ways to stop loving someone? Look at the following:

  • First of all, you need to cut any kind of contact with them, if you are friends with them on social media unfriend them, block their number. Act like he/she does not exist anymore.
  • It is not easy to deal with breakup or rejection; you will be hurt. So do not ignore your emotions. Take a break from everything for grieving. Talk to your best friend or any close person about it.
  • Life does not end there, engage yourself in healthy activities like exercise, pick a hobby and move on with life. If it helps go travelling, explore new areas in your city.

How to make someone stop loving you without hurting them?

How to make someone stop loving you without hurting them? Handling rejection is not easy and if you are a good person rejecting someone is also difficult for you. You want to say no to someone but don’t want to hurt their feelings, I can understand.

So, how to make someone stop loving you without hurting them? Best way to do so is to talk to them, and explain your emotions. If you are already in a relationship or like someone share with them. There are good chances that they will understand your point and will stay away from you. But if not it’s your duty to maintain your distance as you have already talked it over. Also, try not to be mean if they overreact, it is their choice all you can do is avoid them at any cost. .If you have to break up with them be gentle and considerate always treat people with respect and empathy love is difficult and we all get hurt sometimes.


How to stop loving someone? It is a very complicated question, and there is not a perfect answer to this question. All you can do is try your best by following some of my suggestions. I have been through these various situations with numerous clients. I understand what you are feeling right now, but you are not alone, and you can deal with this situation. All you need is courage and consistency. If you are still finding this difficult, take help from professionals. I hope my suggestions will prove helpful for you.

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