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The 22 best dating sites in the UK

This is a completely different time things have changed. The road to love is not so easy and unfortunately, many people are struggling to find love. There are many people scared about what the future holds in regards to finding someone that they truly love and the truth is we are all individuals. The good news is there are loads of dating sites to cater to our needs whatever they are. It can be a little bit daunting if you have not used a dating site before but check out this list of all the dating sites that rock. These dating sites are placed in no particular order.

Bumble is a different kind of dating app as women make the first move. It is a location-based social and dating application which assist users in communicating and finding the ideal match.

Zoosk is an online dating app with a large database of single and is available in a large number of countries Zoosk uses algorithmic recommendations to find you an ideal partner.

Is a UK online dating site which was started by channel4 presenter Sarah Beeny. The structure is different due to the fact your friend is in charge of your profile.

Imagine an app that when you walk past another happn user they will show up at the top of your happn page so if you walk past a beautiful stranger and they use happn you will know. It’s a cool dating app.

Jdate has specifically targeted at the Jewish community it is the largest Jewish dating service available on the net and provides fantastic services.

If you need advice, need a service to look after your girlfriend or boyfriend need daily support Miss Date Doctor offers a wide range of modern never seen before dating services in the UK. Whether you are single or in a relationship or want to change your social life this is ideal for the
modern dater and a multi-faceted dating site. They cover all aspects of dating and supporting you with love.

Eharmony is a dating site you are probably very used to seeing on tv adverts and is one of the dating sites well known in the Uk they have been in the business for years and use compatibility assessment on various characteristics to find your match.

The singles services that connect single Christians this a multi-award winning site suitable for these that are looking for a fellow single Christian to date. The service is available in numerous countries for partners of shared faith and algorithm matches.

This is a very original dating site providing services for single farmers, equestrians and those that enjoy the country. Muddy matches are great for countryside lovers and really hone in on the fact compatibility is essential for a long-term relationship. If you love the country muddy matches is great.

Loves truck is a fantastic website that lets you meet and date singles that are near where you live or within your work vicinity. This is a very convenient and one of the best local preference dating sites.

The social concierge is a modern invite-only dating club. This company operates in London and new York offering private parties in Manhattan and also private parties in London. This is aimed at those ranging from 20-30+years of age. Get Social

Parship is a different kind of dating site and extremely unique. They find your match via a scientific approach using online psychometric testing to find you your perfect match.

Telegraph dating is the dating online platform of the Telegraph newspaper create your online profile for free and interact with other singles in the UK. The registration process is quick and simple.

Tastebuds is an amazing social dating website. The connection is music you meet people that are like-minded music lovers in your city you can also use it to make new friends. This dating site matches you with people that have the most in common with you. It is a fantastic niche site and if you love music this is the one.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for these days you can find it in online dating. Bristlr is for those of you that love a hairy man and a fabulous beard. This dating site connects you to loads of potential dates with great beards.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating site that focuses on finding quality matches and believes in assisting you in finding genuine high-quality people. They also have a video format so you know what you are dealing with and have more chance of finding the right candidates.

Raya is one of the most exclusive dating sites on this list because you cannot just join unless you meet strict criteria because you will be dating celebrities. This app is used by some of the most prominent celebrities of our time. You must be successful and have 5000 or more Instagram followers and be visually pleasing also. This is a high standard app for those that want the best.

Hinge is a dating site that believes in authenticity with the online dating arena sometimes having issues with non-serious members misusing the platforms for sex and other gains. Hinge lets you meet real people through your real friend’s in real life forget about casual relationships, Hinge focuses on love and helping you find it.

Dating parents is a wonderful dating site for those that have children you don’t need to worry about telling the person you are dating about the kids because they are aware instantly. This one of the best dating sites for meeting other single parents and those that live near you in a similar situation. is a matrimonial dating site specializing in Indian marriages. It apparently is one of the largest dating sites in the world providing these amazing marriage services. This dating site provides what many people need a good solid matrimonial service. has been established for years and is a very popular dating site. This platform has a large number of users and is extremely popular and is one of the most used dating sites in the UK.

Speefddater is a fantastic website if you want to go on as many dates as possible in a short period of time. This is one of the leading speed dating sites in the UK and has been established since 2002. If you want to go on lots of dates this is the dating website you are looking for.


Verified Profiles are more important you want to make sure you are speaking to genuine people and not opportunists and scammers.

It is imperative that you choose Dating Sites with an active support department. It is so easy to go onto a dating site have interaction with a few profiles and zero results after a few dates at this point it is good if you can speak to the support team and get the some help and advice so that you know what to do next and you can air any grievances you may have.

It is very important that the dating sites you choose arrange different kinds of dates and activities which will make your dates more fun and more interesting. This will give you ample choice of places to go with your date which keeps the spontaneity and social exploration factor high for you and your date which is a lot more fun than the standard dinner date.

It is important that you establish exactly what your need is and that the dating sites you choose offer the kind of people you are looking for whether it be physically or mentally make sure that your specific requirements are being provided with a service that is worth your time and money.

If you feel a specific user does not meet your needs or perhaps after a few dates there is a disagreement or difference of opinion the option should be there for you to no longer engage with this user and move on without being bombarded with unwanted messages or contacts. This is a feature available on most reputable dating sites.

It is important that when looking at different dating sites you look at exactly what you will be getting for your money and make sure you are being provided with a service that is worth your time and money. The main factor here is that the price correlates with the service you are getting.

It is essential the dating sites you choose gives you the option to go on a few dates before your membership fee expires. It is not easy to find the right person in dating the first couple of dates may not work out make sure you get a few dates out of your first trial membership fee before it expires.


When dating sites first came onto the scene there was naivety and lack of exposure to the platform which made some people believe you would be perceived as desperate and others felt it was an extremely miseducated decision to think you could find true love on such a platform.
The thing is as humans we need love just as much as we need air. Love is a fundamental and imperative need. In 2018 the game has changed dating sites are extremely popular and more or less the new normal. The Industry is a billion dollar industry growing daily and many people
have found love got married and settled down via matchmakers and dating sites. The daily need of love in our lives is just as important as food. The ups and downs of dating and the perils of trying to find true love are all too familiar in today’s dating world. There are a number of common problems people face in today’s modern society that is making people turn to dating sites for help. The common difficulties people face are:


Unrequited Love

Social awkwardness

Lack of emotional intelligence in dating

Commitment-phobes based on fear

Bad dating skills

Unsatisfying relationships

Unable to get married

Looking for someone with specific traits


Lack of confidence

Career types struggling to settle down

Keep falling for players and users

The list could go on forever dating is not easy and finding true love, compatibility, respect and commitment can be extremely difficult these days and people have become more aware of this fact. The general public is realizing that rather than watch years go by the more mature and pro-active solution is to sign up for a dating site. There are so many dating sites these days that no matter what problem or preference you have there is one that will solve it and surely meet your needs but what brought about the stigma and why has it now changed? We did a vast amount of research and also asked some of our clients we believe the two main factors that helped in increasing the popularity of dating sites are the accessibility via various dating apps and the bad experiences and difficulty level of finding love has risen over the years. The awareness of everyone has risen in regards to how hard it can be to find the right relationship or maintain a marriage. It is no longer a case of why would you join a dating site? When you have been struggling for a long time to find the right person. In life, there are three problems that people take seriously their careers, health and finally, there love lives finding love s extremely important to people and they will do whatever it takes to find it. In recent research, we found that over 50% of British singles have only asked someone out on a date online but not face to face. What was even more shocking was that 46% of singles break up with people online or via texting and WhatsApp.

Then 25% of people who have confidence issues or insecurities felt that dating sites and dating apps allowed them to feel more comfortable and to be themselves in dating scenarios. The research figures we have show that over 67% of people have used a dating site before. Which is a shocking figure compare to that of early 2000’s the popularity of dating sites is experiencing exponential growth. The truth is online dating facilities and dating sites are a convenient solution towards helping individuals find love. The dating statistics we discovered suggest that 1 in 5 relationships start online these days and the estimated projections gathered from research are that by 2040 the majority of people will have met their long-term partners online. The exact figure provided was a staggering 70% which shows dating sites are becoming a more standard procedure in the quest to find love but with the aim of being transparent and honest, we ask ……

Do Dating Sites work? Yes but you must be selective about the dating site you choose. The dating sites market is saturated and not all dating sites deliver their promises. Please note the above list…The points you should always remember when using an online dating site are:

Some people mislead in their profiles and do not tell the truth

Try and use sites that specialize in the niche you are looking for or offer compatibility or algorithm matches


Do not give up on love no matter what you have been through keep going and eventually you will find what you are looking for.

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Modern Society dating is not easy but if you choose a good dating site that is willing to support you it will be easier. Check out a few dating sites before making your choice or sign up for a few to have more options.
Good luck

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