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15 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

“The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat, too.”

Stephen Covey

It’s important to approach any suspicions or concerns about infidelity with sensitivity and open communication rather than jumping to conclusions based on signs alone. Accusing someone without solid evidence can be damaging to relationships. However, if you notice certain behaviors that raise concerns, it may be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Here are 15 potential signs that might indicate infidelity, but remember that these signs are not conclusive proof that may make you opt for getting a divorce online without deeper investigation:

1. Emotional Distance

A sudden change in emotional intimacy or a feeling of being disconnected is a vivid signal you are drifting apart from each other. And the reason may be equal to your partner having an extramarital affair. 

Suppose you feel coldness and automatic behavior rather than real feelings and emotions present in your marriage. Then it may imply that your soulmate may be sharing emotional intimacy with a new partner. Even if your fears are untrue, emotional distance may signal serious problems in your relationships you should address shortly. 

2. Changes in Communication

Healthy communication is a cornerstone of any relationship, whether it is marriage or friendship. If it cracks, the relationships are doomed unless treated appropriately. 

Decreased communication or secretive behavior with phones, social media, or messaging apps can be one of the alarms that you are doing something wrong with your marriage. You are not obliged to share everything with each other. But if you lack small talk and big discussions along with secretive communication with someone else, this may mean you have a third undesirable person in your relationship. 

3. Secrecy about Activities

Going secretive about not only communication but their actions, too, may raise suspicions about your beloved cheating on you. Again, there is no such rule that can make you report to each other about your every step. 

Yet, unexplained absences or frequent, unexplained outings don’t look like a commitment to your relationships but quite the opposite things. Mind not to build any theories about infidelity before you have any proof. The best option is always to voice your concerns to your spouse and discuss everything openly. 

 Secrecy about Activities

4. Changes in Routine

Drastic changes in daily or weekly routines without a clear reason are often interpreted as a spouse having an affair. Surely, your partner may be involved in any other private business they are not ready for or don’t wish to share with you. 

So, if you notice any timetable alterations and have any connected concerns, you should better approach the issue directly with your partner. The point is that your spouse may be going through some life hurdles they are ashamed or embarrassed to share with you. So, you’d better try to help them out than suspect them of infidelity without solid evidence. 

5. Decreased Intimacy

Every couple has their amount and level of physical intimacy comfortable for both of them. Any unusual changes may also be a warning signal of extramarital relationships ruining the marriage.

A decline in physical intimacy or a sudden change in sexual behavior must get you alert and suspicious of your partner. If you are confident your beloved isn’t going through mental and physical health difficulties that may influence their intimacy preferences and possibilities, investigate more on the situation. 

6. Defensiveness

If openness between you two suddenly changes into defensiveness and secrecy, there is certainly a reason behind such a behavioral shift.

Becoming defensive or avoiding conversations about the relationship may signal that your spouse doesn’t want to commit anymore. Such an attitude may be caused by your changing priorities and preferring extramarital connection over your marriage. 

7. Changes in Appearance

Although changes in appearance may have different prerequisites behind them, they definitely signal the need and desire to change things in life in general which may include the relationship, too.

If you spot a sudden focus on personal appearance, grooming, or a new wardrobe on the part of your spouse, you should get more attentive to their behavior, needs, and wishes to spot some more warning signs, threatening the future of your relationships. So that you can choose your next steps in the situation. 

15 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

8. Unexplained Expenses

Unaccounted-for expenses, mysterious credit card charges, or hidden financial transactions don’t usually bring any good. The most desirable outcome is your partner preparing a pleasant surprise for you. In any different situation, this may signal less satisfactory things such as fraudulent business or infidelity. 

Anyway, in case you have serious concerns, it is better to address the situation as soon as possible so that you can prevent any serious harm to you and your family. 

9. Excessive Criticism

A sudden increase in criticism or nitpicking may indicate emotional distance and your spouse having another person of interest. The thing is that your cheating partner may be pushed by the feeling of guilt. They simply don’t want to be a bad person in the house betraying their beloved. Instead, they look for your faults and highlight them to make you the worse one making them cheat.

Whether your situation equals the described one or the reason for excessive criticism on the part of your spouse is different, you’d better sort out this case. Unless you are fond of the toxic relationship you experience. 

10. Protective of Phones and Devices

It is normal that you respect each other’s privacy and don’t tend to invade personal devices and accounts. But if you spot your partner guarding phones, and passwords, or being secretive about online activities, this is an obvious sign they have what to hide there. 

Such a behavior doesn’t give a hundred percent guarantee your spouse is cheating on you. But checking this theory without crossing private territory is highly recommended. 

11. Mood Swings

Unexplained mood swings or changes in behavior are a very tricky indicator. It may have a range of reasons and doesn’t give any proof your partner is cheating on you. But in combination with other signs unreasonable mood swings may give you quite the right to suspect your beloved of having an extramarital affair.

12. Lack of Interest in the Relationship

A general disinterest in spending time together or discussing plans doesn’t mean any good to your marriage. This may signal that your spouse is channeling their interest to something or someone else.

You should either sit down for a serious discussion with your partner and a therapist to sort out the causes and answers to your situation or end your relationship if you have solid grounds for it. 

13. Guilty Behavior

Signs of guilt, such as avoiding eye contact or being overly apologetic are usually a bright indication of your partner committing a crime against you and your marriage. Your spouse will feel guilty for anything that can harm you and your family in their opinion. And there is a high possibility the reason behind it is their infidelity. 

15 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

14. Changes in Social Circles

Infidelity is not the only cause behind your partner experiencing a sudden shift in social circles or spending time with new people without explanation. Plus, neither you nor your spouse has to explain why you or they are making new connections. But there is nothing bad if you look closer at your partner’s changes in social circles. Then you can always investigate more if you have any suspicions about the infidelity and other undesirable effects on your marriage. 

15. Unexplained Gifts or Gestures

Receiving gifts or gestures without a clear reason or explanation may result in your partner feeling guilty about their cheating and actions. So that they try to smoothen their feeling of guilt somehow, at least by means of gestures of attention. 


It’s crucial to approach these signs with caution and communicate openly with your partner to understand their perspective. Keep in mind that these signs may have alternative explanations, and trust is essential in any relationship. If you’re struggling with suspicions, consider seeking professional advice or couples counseling to address the issues constructively.

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