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5 Tips to Help a Relationship Survive Infertility

Battling infertility can feel like a ton of weight on your shoulders and may be among the biggest struggles a couple can undergo. Couples that have struggled with infertility know how it can take a huge toll on someone physically and emotionally and impact their self-esteem and life goals. Therefore, it is not surprising that infertility issues can cause high stress levels in a relationship which translates into a feeling of disconnection with time. So, how can you ensure your relationship survives infertility? For starters, it’s not all dark and gloomy as infertility treatments such as fertility charting and infertility counseling can give couples a chance to have a child. Have a look at some other brilliant tips.

Open and Honest Communication Is Key

It is common for couples struggling with infertility to be on an emotional roller coaster. Different people react to infertility woes in different ways. Therefore, if you and your partner are not on the same page, it may seem like the ideal option would be to simply disconnect. Sometimes, you may feel like your partner is not as fazed as you are after a disappointment and assume they do not understand what you are going through.

You and your partner will feel many emotions, including joy, excitement, grief, sadness, and anger. For this reason, you should have open and honest communication lines because bottling up your emotions will cause a drift in your relationship when you need emotional intimacy. As you give each other time to be honest and vulnerable, remember to differentiate between honesty and the urge to voice fleeting feelings of negativity.

Keep the Romance Alive

Sex is another sector that suffers when couples are dealing with infertility, and this is expected, seeing that the charting and reporting to the doctor can make it feel unromantic and robotic. It is, therefore, crucial that couples keep the fire alive in their marriage even as they undergo treatments. Getting creative with intimate activities besides baby-making is a good place to start. Incorporate activities like romantic walks, date nights, and taking baths together in your day to help you reconnect and forget about your woes for some time. 

Work Together on Lifestyle Changes

Most likely, some areas of your lifestyle could be improved. This is particularly true for those trying to conceive, as the foods you consume and the household chemicals in your home could contribute to your infertility. See this as a time to bond, practice better eating habits, drink more water, and exercise regularly.

Be Mindful

It’s easy to get carried away with the emotions that surround infertility, and as the stress compounds, you should learn to be mindful of yourself. Do not isolate yourself or take it out on your partner. Instead, you can train yourself to pay attention to your stress levels and use mindfulness apps to help you stay in the right mental space. 

Seek Professional Help

A fertility counselor will help keep your relationship intact through your fertility journey the same way a doctor will help you familiarize yourself with the medical aspects of pregnancy. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for surviving infertility since each couple is unique. However, an experienced counselor can walk you through all the emotions you are feeling and get you and your partner on the same page. 


The journey of infertility is a tough one, and couples face challenges that could shake their relationships. The good news? There are tips to follow to ensure your relationship stands the test. Start by communicating clearly with your partner, extending compassion to each other, and finding things to bond over, such as workouts. It is also important that you seek help from a fertility counselor. Remember to support each other through the journey, as this will lead to your relationship coming out stronger and better than ever.  

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