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Speakers for schools

Have one free speakers for schools virtual session with your Speakers for Schools booking for a limited period.

No doubt student life is the happiest time in a person’s life, but it is not true in every case. Some students enjoy their life, but some face difficulties in their schools. Student life is the best time when you teach children about different aspects of life and prepare them to face difficulties and challenges they have to face in their practical life. Students need teachers; they also need their mentors so that they can understand life better and decide what they want from it. Speakers can help to motivate students to do their best. So it is important to organize such events where speakers can talk to students about their problems, goals, dreams, and role models. It will prove helpful for them in the future. Life Coaching organizations like M.D.D can arrange expert speakers for schools. You can consider our speakers for schools services and we will be happy to assist you with all your requirements.

High School Teacher Talking To Pupils Using Digital Devices In Technology Class

Does not matter if you call a celebrity, a researcher, or any successful person in your school as a speaker; all of them inspire the student’s community and all of them are great speakers for schools. It is helpful to have a life coach/therapist motivational speaker to your school who understands the psychology of children, knows their problems, and can provide a solution to them.

There is a misconception that speakers can help with their lessons or can give a break to the students from their daily routine, but a speaker can do much more than that we want to help the students. Here is a list of how beneficial it is to invite a speaker to your school.

Good for their curiosity and desire to discover

School students are eager to learn new things. They are curious about almost everything happening around them. In regular lectures, teachers talk a lot about heroes and other things which is fantastic, but that is just theory and is course related most of the time. A real-life example standing in front of them can convey the whole message brilliantly and effectively.

Some teachers just invite speakers for events to talk about the topics related to the course, which is helpful, no doubt. But it is better for students to learn something new that they won’t be able to learn in their regular classes. And students love to learn something new, so you can design these events in such a way that they can fulfill their desire to discover new perspectives of life and satisfy their curiosity.We work with schools to create bespoke lessons according to their requirements.

Good for creating new community relations

For most schools, it is difficult to make good relations around the town. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. Inviting leaders of different organizations as speakers for events can help in building healthy community relationships. They will love to speak to the students and share their experiences. They can guide students about what they are doing and how it is related to the curriculum. It will also help in raising funds for your institutions.

Good for connecting students with professionals

Many professionals outside of your school love to speak to students. For primary school teachers, it is good to invite a person who is more connected to science and can tell students about what is happening in the scientific world. For middle school teachers, it is better to invite a person who can tell them about different strange and exciting areas around the world. And if you are a high school teacher, it is best to invite a career counselor. They can guide students properly about their career choices, what is better for them and what is not. They can also guide them about personal finance and which college is going to be best for them.

Students can learn important lessons.

When a speaker comes at the stage for communication, he has something useful in mind. He tells students about his personal and professional experience. More often, he speaks like a storyteller who has a moral lesson to teach and guidance and experience to offer. Students can learn a lesson from the speech that can prove useful in real life.

They can develop social skills

While listening to the speaker, students have to act accordingly. Students must know how to maintain eye contact with a person, how to appear interested, and what kind of questions they should ask and when to ask. All these skills  will be able to develop after multiple visits from speakers and seeing other students engage. And these skills will prove helpful in their professional life too.

You can teach them how they can make notes, what kind of questions they should ask, and they can use these tips when a speaker visits. When students will be able to practice these tips, students would be able to do better and improve emotional intelligence skills Asking the right question at the right time is the necessary skill today as everyone is curious.

Students can explore career options

Some students know what they want to be in the future, and some are confused. They can get inspiration from anything. When you invite speakers for schools from different disciplines to your school, you are giving an opportunity to your students to understand what is ahead for them in life. A student may know only about limited options and areas of discipline, but a speaker can tell them about all the available options. They can ask about their interests and their options. They can also make healthy relationships with the speakers they like, and it can help them in the future.

What is M.D.D, and how can it help your children?

Miss Date Doctor is an amazing platform that helps adults with their relationship problems, mental health,life problems and teaches your children how to survive in real life and how to deal with their issues. It is necessary to teach children about certain factors that can affect their future. If you do not communicate with your children, it can lead to  behavioral and educational problems. We at M.D.D have expert, motivational speakers for schools that can help your child in dealing with problems in their daily life. Here is how M.D.D helps your children dealing with different aspects of life.


University young graduate students. Graduation and education vector concept. Academic student group, illustration of students man and woman with diploma

Choosing a career is a very important part of a child’s life. There are many career opportunities, but it is important to know about interests of your kids. If they are interested in musical instruments, they can find a career in the music industry. It is all about their needs, most of the kids are confused about what they want in life this is the case where M.D.D can help you. We will help your children in exploring their skills, strength, and interests. We will suggest to your children what career is good for them based on their interests and will motivate them to study hard.


Believing in you is the first step towards success. Without self believe and self-confidence, it is impossible to achieve your goals. And for a child, it is even more important to be confident. If a child lacks self-confidence, he cannot survive. He will be scared to talk about his problems; it will be almost impossible for him to complete a simple task. Lack of confidence can result in no job opportunity in the future. We will helpyour child in developing self-confidence and communicating their feeling effectively, and with our help, your child will be able to talk with confidence, they will be able to set high goals and will also struggle hard to achieve them. It will be possible because of our expert speakers for schools .We will support your students with mental health ,social skills,career guidance ,confidence and emotional trauma.


We believe that if a person works hard, he gets a reward. If a person does not perform his duty properly there is no place for them at work. For children, it is very important to know about work ethics. If they do not have manners,due diligence and perserverance they do not know how to deal with people at school or the workplace, they will not be able to build a healthy relationship with others and achieve full potential. We will help your child, in understanding his duties as student and some important work ethics he should follow while performing any task in the school or after that at the workplace.


Self-respectis all about pride. We need to accept who we are and should know our worth. For children, it is very important. In a constant struggle to please everyone, somewhere children forget what they want and what their dreams are. We will help your children in building self-respect so that they can make better decisions in the future without any influence. It is very important for children and teenagers to know their worth and do not engage in relationships that are not respectful enough for them.


Social anxiety is very common these days. Fear of being judged and watched by others is killing people inside. It is even more dangerous for children and teenagers as it becomes difficult for them to deal with people. It becomes difficult for them to make new friends and communicate with other people in their surroundings. Being alone in an academic institution, overprotective parents, bullying, and a strict environment can be a cause of social anxiety in children. But our speakers for events can help your children in dealing with social anxiety.


Relationships are an important part of our life. How a person deals with parents and friends tells a lot about his personality. It is necessary to build a healthy and loving relationship with family and friends. If your child does not have these relationships, he will be left alone. And loneliness is very dangerous, especially in the case of children. It affects their confidence badly. We are happy to help children in building a good relationship with their parents, friends, and teachers.


Emotional intelligence is all about understanding your own feelings and also feelings of people around you. If a child has high emotional intelligence, he will understand what he wants and how he is feeling. He will also know how his actions and emotions can affect other people around him. If he does not have good emotional intelligence, he will not only end up hurting his emotions but also hurting people around him. We can help your child in improving his emotional intelligence. With motivation, self-awareness, and good listening skills, we can  make children be a better person with enhanced emotional intelligence.

M.D.D School Speaker services and its benefits

Student life is not so easy but beautiful. Students need proper guidance and mentoring to deal with problems in their lives and becoming better human beings. They have role models and want to be successful as them, so role model education can help them a lot in this regard. And there is nothing better than inviting their role models as speakers for schools. They can talk to them about their problems, what they want to be, what their interests are. If you cannot arrange them, you can invite speakers for events who can talk about the interests of students and their role models. Students can ask them about how they can achieve their goals and be successful in their life.

If you know the importance of motivational speakers for schools, you might be deciding to arrange someone for this purpose. If you are planning to do so, we are here to help you. We are providing school speaker services for primary,university and high schools. Our speakers for events are the best in the UK with a contemporary educational approach; we know how to handle children and teenagers and how to urge them to be successful in their life. Here are some benefits that you will get from our services:

  • You do not have to worry about finding the right speakers for schools Just tell us for which purpose you want a speaker, what do you want your students to know about and we will find the best speakers for schools.
  • Our prices are reasonable and flexible. You don’t have to worry about them; with our expertise, you will rock your event and we aim for long term relationships with your school.
  • We will provide you with professional speakers for schools who will help you with mentoring your students excellently.


If you want to invite expert speakers for schools, we are here to help you with the best we have. We also provide proper guidance to children and teenagers regarding their personal and professional lives. Feel free to contact us whenever you want. Please note we also offer speakers for schools virtual talks if you would like us to come to your school or use our speakers for schools virtual talks service please speak to customer services and call 03333443853 for instant support. We will be happy to help you. You can contact us via the link mentioned below click contact us:


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