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Be the Best Version of Yourself – Tap into The Metaphysical Realm

Relationships are tough, but they don’t have to be. Human beings, like most other mammals, are social creatures. We have an innate yearning for validation, companionship, understanding, and intimacy. Relationships have an uncanny ability to unleash a Pandora’s box of surprises in our lives. When we open our hearts to all the possibilities, there is always a chance that we will encounter obstacles along the way. Challenges vary from person to person; negative experiences can create significant heartache.

It is said that one can only become involved in a relationship when one has achieved a state of inner peace. A person should not have the power to make or break you; rather, a person should complement you and bolster what already exists within you. To achieve this level of emotional equilibrium, one has to look within. This introspection can be conducted in many ways, but emotional intelligence is key. We begin our exploration by tapping into an innate self-awareness deep within our core.

Finding answers beyond the physical world

The forces of nature binding people together are largely inexplicable in the physical world. The universal laws of attraction are often mistaken for chemistry alone, but there is much more to the resonance between compatible individuals. In our endless quest to internalize who we are, what we stand for, and how we can adapt to incorporate another, we must understand our place in the greater whole. The transient nature of life and all we can experience must never be forgotten. We are given a short time – a proverbial hour upon the stage – to create our own Utopia with that special person.

Come what may, we must strive to do better. Self-awareness is a good starting point. We must hear the voices of reason, understanding, and insight. Therein lies a unique opportunity to experience clairaudience. These intuitive vocal messaging streams emanate from an otherworldly realm, an ethereal realm of higher beings. Some attribute the clairaudient realm to the deities, others to the universal energy forces that maintain homeostasis in all of creation. Whether theology, science, or a combination thereof, this particular discipline is a powerful tool in your resource kit.

We can tap into powerful music, sounds, and vibrations by going beyond what is known and delving into the unknown. Often, this clairaudience presents during periods of turmoil, stress, or hardship. These sounds are so overpowering as to drive us towards actions. Sometimes, they are the voices of reason or a medium between this world and the ever-after. Of course, such expertly tuned skills are the exclusive domain of people capable of slowing things down, zeroing in on that inner voice, and tapping into an ethereal dimension – a paradigm shift from where we exist to where pure energy exists.

How to improve ourselves for our partners

Self-improvement begins with self-awareness. The ego has often been labeled the most destructive human characteristic, for it resists improvement. Often, criticism of poor behavior or misshapen ideals reinforces things that must be changed. A thorough analysis of how things are, how you want things to be, and what needs to be done to bridge that divide is required. These are not easy topics to manage because we are the sum total of our experiences, desires, chemistry, and reality.

Self-improvement begins in earnest. More listening, less talking. Acquire the knowledge, understanding, and empathy needed to sustain a relationship. It goes beyond the mere acknowledgment of the need for change. It is an action-oriented approach that must construct a new reality. Much like a computer’s operating system determines its capability, we must provide our minds with the necessary detangling, deprogramming, and decluttering to install the right operating system. When the focus expands beyond the self to encompass another, personal, spiritual, and emotional growth begins.

It is a Eureka moment, an awakening that resonates from the deepest recesses of our very being. Ultimately, it becomes a resounding chorus that governs the synergy of our lives. Each journey begins with a single step, so we must boldly place one foot in front of another and venture out into the great unknown. Out of our comfort zones and into the light, we will find the answers we seek.

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