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Miss Date Doctor offers I need Counselling now services with a team of qualified life coaches and counsellors our team is UKCP,BACP, CPD,BPS and ICF accredited we help with relationships and psychotherapy and all of life’s problems.


Mental health is as important as your physical health. Accepting the fact that I need counselling now is normal, and it can help you live an enhanced life as well. It is a weapon that is extremely helpful in fighting off severe issues like depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, social dilemmas and endless stress etc. A lot of people have nobody with whom they can rely upon. They have no one who they can share their feelings or frustrations with. This is where counselling becomes a colossal saviour for them. Having someone to talk to who is mainly available for this purpose makes a substantial positive change. Counselling, also termed as talking therapy, has helped innumerable people in solving their troubles and getting better from life. A platform or a professional person listen to almost any problem that you have. Without the fear of being judged or being ashamed, you can open up to an expert. They can provide you with constructive solutions. Thus, if you are continually thinking that I need counselling now and are scared to go ahead with it; don’t be frightened. It is entirely normal, and it is highly beneficial for you as well.

There are a lot of platforms online as well these days, which allow you to get a professional team at your right-hand access to help you at any hour. One of the many that you will be able to discover on the internet is Miss Date Doctor. The name might make it sound perfect for people who are in a relationship or marriage issues, but MDD is helping everyone. Whether you are single or you are in a relationship; you can rely on them! We have many packages, and we are sure that you will be able to find one that suits your needs as well. We will be discussing the counselling packages that we offer. However, before we go in-depth with the variety of services we have; we will be discussing some of the many benefits of counselling. If you keep repeating that I need counselling now, but you think that it is not going to make a difference; read through these perks. You will be able to realise the power of a kind and supportive counselling session and how it can boost the quality of your life overall.

● Extremely Cathartic Experience:
When we are facing problems or constant stress, we usually bottle up our emotions. Majority of us do that, and this causes extreme anxiety as well. Through counselling, you can open the cap of those bottled up emotions and vent everything out. It is one of the most beautiful and cathartic experiences to have. You feel extremely light. Your thoughts start to generate again, and you feel fresh. If you are going to have several sessions, you will realise that your thinking will begin moulding too. But that is obviously a little time taking, and it requires your determination as well.

● You don’t feel alone:
Most of the times when we tell ourselves that I need counselling now; we are saying it negatively. We imagine that we have lost our minds and now the last way to it is counselling. However, this is not the case. Once you go through talking therapy, you will realise how many patients your therapist has dealt with who have had the same issue. Also, when you speak to a professional, you don’t feel alone. Once the bottle of emotions is opened, you realise that you are not alone and you are not abnormal either.

● Embrace Self-acceptance:
Majority of us lack self-acceptance which leads to lack of self-esteem as well. Both cause extreme stress and depression in life. When you are unable to accept yourself as who you are; you are never going to be content with life. Through counselling, you practice self-acceptance which boosts your self-esteem as well. You realise your value, and this automatically enhances your quality of life as well.

● Great Interpersonal Skills:
If you are shy and you think that you need to gain the confidence to survive in the harsh and competitive industries, then you can benefit from counselling as well. A lot of people who lack confidence, usually keep thinking that I need counselling now and I should talk to a professional, but they never do. The biggest perk of counselling is that you gain confidence and a lot of it. No matter what your problem is, you will be able to walk out of the sessions, feeling confident. Self-acceptance and self-esteem boost your confidence like anything! It will help resolve social anxiety issues and improve your interpersonal skills by helping you interact with the public.

● You get better at coping with issues:
A professional basically provides you with practical and sane solutions to your problems. Once you go through a counselling session, you realise that every question that you whined about has a very straightforward answer. Yes, it requires hard work and constant effort but with a therapist being in touch with you about your progress; you feel motivated too. This all makes you efficient in coping with your daily life. You can deal with your issues in a much better manner which is the key to a peaceful life. In life having the correct skills and tools.

These are just 5 of the many benefits that counselling has to offer. No problem is unsolvable. But sometimes, life throws a lot at you and then you give up. But just when you are at the verge of giving up, whisper it yourself that I need counselling now. Say it to yourself in a positive manner and opt for this medium to make you feel better.


So, now that you have heard of some of the many perks of counselling, we recommend you Miss Date Doctor. They are one of the most leading counselling team London, and you can easily access them online as well. MDD provides you with an array of different services and helps you solve almost all the troubles of your life. Whether you say that I need counselling now because I cannot forget my ex or maybe you need it because you have problems with your parents or partner or life; you can turn to us. We have an incredibly talented team of counsellors who are well-experienced and extremely professional. Here is a quick overview of the packages that we offer!

● Singles:
MDD has various packages for single people. You get a personal coach who listens to your issues. Here are the different services that you can look forward to:

● Whatsapp Emergency Day Pass
● MDD Whatsapp Service
● Quick Chat Telephone Service
● Telephone Service only
● Single Man’s Package
● Online Dating advice for single people (who wish to get into a relationship)
● How do I know this is the one package
● Single Girls Package
● I need someone to talk to package
● Date night package for singles
● Single parent package
● Career breakdown package
● I am lonely package

So basically there is an endless list of services for single people. No matter what issue you are facing while being single, MDD has a proper, dedicated coach for you. They are perfectly designed for your specific needs. You can visit here and go through the different available packages.

● Couples:
Every couple has issues, and it is normal. A relationship is never all sunshine. Thus, if you are having a lot of issues and you have just said that I need counselling now to be my helping hand, then MDD is at your right-hand access. Click here to visit them. Here are some of the couple package services that they offer:

● Couples Therapy 3 session package
● Couples Therapy 6 session package
● Couples Therapy 8 session package
● Targeted Couples Therapy Package
● One couple of therapy session
● Whatsapp mediation package
● My partner has commitment issues package
● Couples Communication and trust-building package

These are just some of the packages that you, as a couple, can avail from MDD. There are a lot more, and you can visit the link as mentioned above to see the one that you need.

● Self-Improvement:
Improving as a person, day by day is very crucial. However, a lot of people struggle at this. And it is entirely okay. If you wish to improve as a person, but you are not able to do so, then we totally understand the confusion and frustration you might be going through. A lot of people who are unable to do so, usually tell themselves that I need counselling now and make a smart decision for a better chance. You can be one of them too. MDD has a wide range of services for self-improvement as well.

● Anger Management package
● Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Package
● Anxiety and Stress Package
● Career development package
● Transparency Package

● Students:
The competition in today’s academic world is very harsh. It leaves students feeling depressed and tense most of the time. If you, as a student, contact like you need to vent out your frustration, then you can turn to MDD for help. A coach will be dedicated to you, and you can either have a WhatsApp or call session with them.

● Loneliness and Depression:
When you are alone, and you have no friends, then you usually feel depressed. Life feels incredibly blue, and you start losing hope. Domestic violence, loss of confidence and a lot more issues cause loneliness. This is precisely when you must tell yourself that I need counselling now. MDD has packages for depressed people, and we are extremely caring towards such people. Whether you are losing hope or you have no friends; there is a package for every dilemma that you might be facing.

These are some of the most basic services that you can avail from Miss Date Doctor. However, there are tons more. You can get services for your financial issues as well. If you are still stuck mentally in your previous relationship, then you can book an appointment with MDD. No matter what the problem; you can look up to our professional team of therapists for help. Click here to go directly to our services


In a nutshell; telling yourself that I need counselling now is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have issues in our lives and sometimes, our mind and body cannot take them anymore. However, staying depressed about them and allowing them to consume your life is not an option. With the advancements of talking therapy, you can now get solutions to your problems through professionals. They promise to make your experience better and enhance it in all possible ways. We highly recommend MDD couples therapy services also and would personally suggest you pick our reliable supportive team as your therapists. We have a highly dedicated team of therapists who know what they are doing and have years of experience. Thus, stop telling yourself that I need counselling now and get it. There is nothing to be scared of. Your mental health is your utmost priority. If you don’t have peace mentally, you won’t be able to live appropriately. Therefore, break through the stereotypes that turn you against therapy. It is time to take control of your life and let counselling make the necessary change.

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