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Is Love Addiction Real?

What Exactly Is Love Addiction? Love addiction (or pathological love), which means an unhealthy obsession with someone else, may be characterised by obsessive thoughts, feelings, behaviours, or fantasies regarding another person; loss of self-control when thinking about or talking about the object of desire; and/or compulsive involvement in activities related to the relationship. SELF IMPROVEMENT …

Discount Counselling

Discount Counselling Discount Counselling is a type of financial counselling that helps individuals and families save money by finding discounts on everyday purchases. Through Discount Counselling, individuals and families identify opportunities to save money on groceries, clothing, entertainment, and other necessary items.   Discount Counselling provides advice and assistance on how to access available discounts, …

Oxytocin In Relationships

Oxytocin In Relationships Oxytocin In Relationships. Oxytocin is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is involved in childbirth and breastfeeding. It is also associated with empathy, trust, sexual activity, and relationship-building.   It is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone,” because levels of oxytocin increase during hugging and orgasm.   It may also have …

Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You Reasons why your partner doesn’t want to sleep with you. Though most people will never admit it, there’s a good chance someone you know is struggling silently with the hurt stemming from a husband or boyfriend who doesn’t want to have sex.   It’s been …

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