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How does Bumble work?

How does Bumble work?

Bumble is an online dating app developed by Whitney Wolfe who was previously a Tinder employee. These two applications have many features in common, but one main difference is that in Bumble, women are on driving seat. Women make the first move in messaging, and men can reply if they are interested. If you are new in the online dating world and looking for a reliable dating app, you might want to try Bumble.

So, How does Bumble work? Let’s have a look:

How does Bumble actually work?

How does Bumble actually work? If you want to use Bumble you need to first install it on your smart phone. It is available for both Android and iphone. For using Bumble you need to have a Facebook account if you don’t have one you have to set up. It’s very simple. After you have made your account you need to sign in to Bumble via Facebook and your profile creation process will be started. All basic information will be filled out from your Facebook profile. Let’s have a look at how does Bumble actually work?

Setting up a Profile

Now it is time to set your profile. For editing your profile, click on the person icon on the top left corner and tap on the “Edit Profile” option. Here you have to add a few things so that people can have an idea about who you are.

Bumble photos

Overall you can upload 6 photos on your Bumble profile. It is your choice whether you want to import photos from Facebook or your phone library. Make sure to choose your photos wisely. Try to avoid all selfies line up and filter ,it would be better to upload one or two full-body shots.

Bumble Bio

You will be given 300 characters to write down your bio, use them wisely and write something interesting about you. Talk about your hobbies, trips, what you like and do to have fun and what kind of person you are looking for.

Bumble My Move makers

This section includes three prompts to answer having 120 character limits each.

Link Instagram

If you think that 6 uploaded pictures are not giving an idea of who you are, connecting your Instagram profile with it can help. You might have some cool pictures on your Instagram profile, and it is an excellent way to show your personality.

Link Spotify

Linking Spotify with your Bumble profile is another excellent way to find someone of the same interests. Advertising some of the artists you like can help someone find you.

Other profiles

On the main swiping screen, you will see profiles of other people that you can swipe right or left based on your interest. You can see their profile information by scrolling up and down, including basic info and the about me section. If they have attached their Instagram, you will see 9 pictures from Instagram in the form of a grid.

Bumble swiping

You will see profiles based on the age and location range you have adjusted. You can change these if you want  to in the settings. Once you are done adjusting the preferences, and have found a profile you like, feel free to like their profile. You can do this by swiping right of by tapping on the profile while clicking on the profile. If you are not interested, you can swipe left or click on th cross icon. If you have mistakenly swiped left, but intended to swipe right, you can undo it by shaking your phone. You will be asked to confirm if you want to bring their profile back. You can do this 3 times in 3 hours.

Bumble Matching

If you liked a person’s profile and he liked your profile back you will be matched. Next to this, everything is based on your sexual orientation. There is a bumble match queue at the top of Bumble conversation page. Anyone who has swiped your profile right will appear here, and their profile picture will have a yellow circle around that will start fading away as a countdown commences of 24h.

If you have upgraded to Bumble Boost, you will also see profiles with a green circle around that shows profile who have already swiped your right. You have to reach back to them before the period of 24 hours end.

Bumble Verification

How does bumble work in terms of verification? It is an excellent feature of Bumble, which is not available in some other dating apps; this makes it even more preferable over other apps. This minimizes the risk of getting catfished. Verified accounts have a little blue tick, which means you don’t have to worry about the person you are talking to is genuine.

Bumble moderators will screen your selfie to match it with other photos so that they can verify it’s you. The profile will be immediately deleted if you have fake photos. For verifying your account tap on “Edit Profile and then “Verify your account”, you will then be asked to upload a new picture, and the Bumble team will start working on it. After doing this, you will receive a confirmation or rejection message.

How does bumble work location

How does Bumble work? What makes Bumble different from other dating apps? It is that it shuts down when you exit the device; it will not start again unless you open it to check a message or new match or just open the app. So the location information on your profile will be the recent location you were logged in from. Your location will appear in the city name, and other users will be able to see the distance from you based on the location of when the last time you logged into the app. Other users will not know if you are online or not.

How does bumble work location? When you go online, your location will be updated by Bumble using your Wi-Fi and GPS information. It means your location will be updated based on where are you present while using the app. Bumble has excellent location tracking ability. You can check this from your profile results. Profile results will be based on proximity. The profile will appear on top will be from the closest current location, but in this case, other things like profile popularity also matter. Tracking location is very confusing if there are not many Bumble users around.


How does bumble work location, can I block geotracking? Although you can block Bumble in phone settings to access your location, still it is not that effective, and there is no other possible way to do this. Initially, Bumble allowed its users to temporarily turn off geolocation, but that feature is not available in the updated version. The app will not work if the location of your device is turned off.

You can adjust the acceptable distance range for possible matches from 3-100 miles. But you cannot manually adjust the location as this feature is not available. But if you want to find matches in a particular location, you need to set your location off in that area this way, this way Bumble will maintain the last active location.

Travel mode

How does Bumble work with travelling? There is also a travel mode for your convenience that you can use to set location to a different city for almost seven years. But it is not possible to set the exact location. An indicator will appear on your profile, indicating that you are travelling. For the privilege, you have to pay in Bumble coins, but setting up travel mode is very easy.

  • Open settings, a gear-shaped Icon
  • Scroll to bottom and tap on-location settings
  • Then tap on “Travel to” option, and search for the city
  • it will start a timer on your profile on the travel period

You can change your location as many times as you want, but it is possible to choose only one location at a time.

How does bumble algorithm work

If you are wondering how does bumble algorithm work? Let me tell you that it is really simple. The most popular profiles within your area will probably appear on the top of swiping queue along with the people who have swiped right on you already. If you swipe too much, you will see people who are new to Bumble or less popular. People will appear on Bumble no matter whether they are active or not on the app. If you have been using this app for a time now, you will see popular profiles popping up on your screen every time you log in. But if you are inactive for a long time on Bumble your profile will not be removed or deactivated.

How does bumble algorithm work?  Bumble algorithm favours profiles having high-quality pictures, so you need to work on that. Your blurry, filtered or poor quality pictures in any other way will be penalized by Bumble. Make sure that your images appear friendly but avoid sharing group photos. You may get attracted to a certain type of people, for instance, you may swipe right if you like someone’s hair, bio, physique or style, but Bumble will not notice this. Different profiles will appear in your list, and it is totally up to you who you swipe right or left. This way, you can have a chance to get surprised by a person who you feel like might not be of your type but is a perfect match.

How does Bumble work? The most important thing you must know about Bumble is that the more you swipe over people, the less your profile will appear to other users. Your profile might get flagged and will appear on the bottom of the queue. So you need to be very selective, do not swipe right on every profile you see, rather try to know the person from his/her profile and be patient.

How does bumble age range work

How does bumble age range work? Different profiles will appear in your search criteria based on the age range you have set, regardless if you fit their criteria or not. People who have swiped right on your profile will also appear. For instance, if you have set your age range from 20-25 and you are 23 years old yourself, you will see profiles that fall in this range. But if someone else has set their criteria to 20-25 too but are 30 years old, they will see your profile and will also be able to swipe right. You can ignore if you are not interested.

How does bumble work for women

How does bumble work for women? Women are more into finding something meaningful and long term; they are not that into hookups. A survey has shown that about 85% of users on Bumble are looking for something steady or marriage which is a good thing for not only women but men too. Bumble is just a great way to meet quality people, but it needs some patience.

How does bumble work for women? You know the concept of swipe right and swipe left, but one thing that you must know is that Bumble is an app geared towards women. It is for safety and positive experience for women.

Whether a woman swipes right or man, only a woman can send the first message, and the guy can respond to this message. This means that the ball is in the woman’s court. She gets to decide if she is interested in talking to the guy or not. The message has to be sent within 24 hours after you two are matched. Otherwise, it will expire. But make sure that your first message must not be just “Hi” it should be something that can initiate conversation.

How does bumble work for men

How does bumble work for men? Bumble works excellently for the guys the way it works for women. It depends on you how much effort you can put in to get what you want. Although you don’t get to make the first move, it is not that bad to be on a passenger seat.

How does bumble work for men? It is not easy to make the first move, so you have to be bold enough to start a conversation. Thanks to Bumble, this is now a woman’s responsibility you don’t have to worry about. You just have to sit back and wait for them to initiate. You can work on your communication skills and make conversation even more interesting by engaging them once they make a move.

How does bumble work for free

How does bumble work for free? Basically, Bumble is a free dating app with an updated version you can purchase if you are interested. But if you don’t want to buy that is not an issue. The free version has all the features that can make your dating experience mind blowing. This is the main reason behind the popularity of the Bumble application.

How does bumble work for free? You don’t have to spend a penny to do anything, you can talk with people you have matched, you can swipe whoever you like but do this wisely, as you may not have to pay for it but swiping right too much can affect your ranking on the app. You get one re-match every day to get back to an expired connection. There are unlimited match suggestions for you.

How does Bumble work  UK?

How does Bumble work UK? Bumble is very popular all around the UK and has taken dating to another level. There are two premium offers for users, for instance, Bumble coins and Bumble Boost.

Bumble Boost

With the help of Bumble boost, you can unlock features like rematching with expired connections, seeing the users who have already swiped right on your profile and extending matches for additional 24 hours.

Bumble Coins

Bumble Coins allow you to activate Spotlight for maximizing profile views and Super swipes for making bold first impressions.

Bumble UK Price

How does Bumble work UK? If you want to have Premium versions you can pay via Credit Card, PayPal and Mobile Phone:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
1 Week 7.99 GBP / Week 7.99 GBP
1 Month 20.99 GBP / Month 20.99 GBP
3 Months 14.00 GBP / Month 41.99 GBP
6 Months 11.99 GBP / Month 71.94 GBP
Bumble Credits
1 Coin 1.99 GBP / Coin 1.99 GBP
5 Coins 1.60 GBP / Coin 7.99 GBP

How does bumble work Reddit?

How does bumble work Reddit? Well, Bumble is an amazing dating app where you can also find the love of your life it’s a good dating app. This is what I say about Bumble. But if you are wondering about, how does bumble work Reddit? Let’s have a look at what other users think about Bumble. I have shared some reviews by Reddit users I hope these will help you.

Here is a real life review by a user about How does Bumble work?:

“With other dating sites, I got a lot of unwanted attention in the form of indecent proposals and sometimes, even nude pictures! I joined Bumble because I didn’t want to deal with any of that. The app allows me to message only the guys I’m interested in. The only downside is that the profiles on this app are completely lacking in information, so it’s hard to tell which ones are creeps and which ones are decent guys based on their looks alone. If they just added more information on a user’s profile page, I would love this app.” – Allie, Librarian’s Assistant, 22

How does bumble work for females

This is “how does Bumble work for females” according to a Reddit user:

“To be honest, your profile probably just needs tweaking. Your first pic needs to be your best pic. A bio should consist of a funny/witty comment/one-liner, and then whatever you’re trying to sell yourself as.

As for gold, I tried it out. It’s okay. If anything, the difference-maker is “boosting” on a Saturday or Sunday night once or twice a week. Hope this kinda helped.”

Another user says:

“Bumble is more for dating. Since the woman has to talk first, I guess you could say it prevents straight up hookup messages from guys like Tinder. On Tinder, I feel like the woman will not message first, but since on Bumble, she has 24 hours to send a message it puts pressure on our options: either send a message and see if he replies or she doesn’t message at all, and she will have lost the chance at getting to know him. Then again, the man has 24 hours to respond or you both can’t talk. It takes effort from both parties.”

How does bumble work for guys

How does bumble work for guys? One user states:

“One thing to keep in mind about Bumble is they seem to sort the order of photos by how attractive they are, which is judged by how many swipe rights they get. You’ll also lose points if you swipe right to too many girls because that must mean you’re desperate. So if you happen to end up on the losing end of Bumble’s algorithm, it’s going to be really tough. First time I was on Bumble I joined during the Super Bowl, and I got 6 matches in the first hour. The second time I joined I swiped my entire 60-mile radius at 3 am, and Bumble declared I was a loser, and I wasn’t getting matches for months because my pic was probably at the bottom of everyone’s pile.”

According to another user:

“Just signed up and its kinda overwhelming. I guess I’m decent looking, but I had something like 180 admirers in a 24-hour span. Swiped a few and got a bunch of matches. I’m talking to 5 different girls now and have 3 phone numbers. Hopefully, I’ll go out with one of them Friday. She seems like a sweetheart. Not sure about dating a bunch of girls at once. Seems kinda weird…”


This was all about “How does bumble work?I have tried my best to give you useful information. Hope this was helpful and you will have the best dating experience with Bumble. Call 03333443853 and have a free consultation today get the dating advice and support you need from one of our dating coaches.

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