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I am tired of dating sites

I am tired of dating sites Miss Date Doctor

My client said to me I am tired of dating websites! Seeing all these stereotypical, judgemental and downright shaming dating websites where men and women are available in staggering numbers but some of the people on them are disingenuous, don’t you ever say to yourself, I am tired of dating sites? Swiping left and right people on their looks and description to overcome your loneliness or for just a fling. Is this why we evolved into the perfect species to do? Technology is great, and all but sometimes dating sites can disappoint you. They give you a sense of hope, but in reality, all the members on these websites are not always genuine or of good character and some you would definitely avoid in real life.The best of the best people live inside the real world some say; they don’t waste their time around in these dating websites the older generation say. In this article, we will discuss what makes people say, I am tired of dating sites.

Real life crush >>> Online crush:

Thanks to technological advancements and the invention of Adobe Photoshop, You can be Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt at the ease of editing. Online profiles are highly tampered-with, so don’t expect someone to look so flawless in real life as they do on their online dating website.

Go outside, find the right guy/girl for you. There is a whole world beyond that laptop screen. People fill dating site profiles like lying on their resume; you don’t catch the lie until it’s too late to abort. Sure you can go for a fling on these sites, but that is unethical.You cannot hope to find the love of your life floating on a webpage; there’s no chemistry in online relationships.

I am tired of dating sites Miss Date Doctor

Costing you a lot of money:

Some people pay lots of pounds and dollars for dating ‘consulting’ for people getting rejected and finding no match, which is because of their algorithm.These sites catch your weaknesses and make sure you don’t get a match so that your desperation rises and you spend a lot of money on the consultants or so-called ‘dating experts’ on their websites promising you the perfect partner or increase in your confidence. Buddy if these people had confidence they wouldn’t be on your site anyways.

Stop mass spending on these bogus websites, better yet go on that fishing trip or go on a country trip. The right one will come to you regardless you spend thousands of pounds on increasing your confidence or live your life to the fullest with your hard-earned money.

Destroying Self Confidence:

Dating sites use unique algorithms to make sure people reject you in the beginning. They don’t care about the emotional damage you are going to go through all they care about is somehow getting that money out of your pocket.Gloating about yourself in the description, giving a display photo. What is the difference left between browsing a dating site or browsing Amazon? Rating and judging people, you are materializing yourself if you take part in such websites.What you don’t release is that these websites will lower your self-confidence and all that chatting with that girl or boy online will leave nothing but awkward silence when you finally meet. Anything that glitters is not gold, and everything on the internet glitters, and 90% of it is utter crap. So why not spend your time and energy meeting a real person in the outside world?Crap websites like these are the main reason the new generation is jam-packed with introverts who can’t have a decent conversation with the opposite sex.

I am tired of dating sites which destroy people’s self-confidence and give them false hope that they’ll find the person of their liking online.

Is it even safe?

Meeting someone online is always a danger. Anyone can make a profile, fill it with any data he/she desires and attract people.

Any weirdo can make a profile. Add fake descriptions and upload a stock picture with any intentions in mind. That is why it is crucial if you are making a friend online or matched with an anonymous partner, it’s best to cross check and confirm if they are real or not.

Lies, lies, and LIES!

People lie about their age, height, complexion, and even gender. You cannot trust a single person online because it is an open source platform which doesn’t cross-check or confirm any data you input in your profile.

Usually, older adults lie about their age and are in a disadvantage when they are finally matched with someone.

Now stop wondering why that cute boy hasn’t called you back since your first date.But if you’re an older adult, desperate for a partner, go outside or don’t lie about your age.

Babies cannot be downloaded:

People expect to find love off the internet and live their entire life with that person in the real world.
I am tired of dating sites giving people a false sense of hope that the love of their life is only clicks and chats away.You can’t live your entire life with a person online; you have to meet them one time or another. Meeting people face to face creates a bond of trust. Dating websites are like markets where you get a lot of options if you dislike one, block them and move on. Dating sites is not love, this is to buy and sale of a product from the market, real people, don’t come with a warranty.

Conclusion: Matches are made in heaven, not on Tinder.

I am tired of dating sites, making people think they’ll find the love of their life on one of these websites. Even if you did succeed in finding ‘the one’ on one of these platforms, what will you tell your children? That you were a stay-at-home and no-effort-giving introvert, who met their partner on the internet?

Or that you were browsing the web and stumbled upon a person that you just knew by looking and reading their description were the one for you?If online dating were a shortcut to love, then Romeo and Juliet would’ve been a tinder match.

Article written by Thomas walker contributing writer for Miss Date Doctor

The above views in this article are not those of the Miss Date Doctor platform but the views of the contributing writer.

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