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Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner or spouse is something that everyone aims for and tries their very best to do. However, quarrels and fights are everywhere between couples, and one cannot deny it. Sometimes the situation is so annoying that a person stops talking with you without telling the reasons behind it and adopt the silent treatment behavior. This is a serious issue to be addressed because if the situation prolongs it may result in ending of the relationship. Have you ever thought about what will happen if she stops speaking to you? Sometimes one is conscious about what procedure will work best to sort out the issue. Relationship counselling is the best way one can sort out a problem like the one she won’t speak to me. This will help you to ascertain painpoints and problem areas

Here are multiple ways one can adapt to make the situation better.

  • Let your partner speak first:

If she is not talking with you, then the primary step to do is to listen to them before judging at first. Maybe what you are thinking is not the real reason behind the issue. Do not be judgemental about the problems you did not know about. When asking what the problem is, speak to your partner politely, so they feel it easy and relax to say out words.

  • Know the importance of apologizing:

Most of the time there is always some reason behind that silence that urges your partner to stop speaking with you. If you know, the cause or your fault then its better to sit with your spouse or partner and say sweet words for an apology. Admitting your mistakes in front of your loved ones is the best apology remedy that works most of the time.

  • Say good-bye to your fear of communicating issue:

This is the real problem reported by several people, or maybe you are facing this right now. Some people are good at explaining the issues with their partner. There could be two reasons behind it; one is that you are shy or another that your partner is aggressive. Avoid aggressive attitude when she won’t speak to you. Make her feel so comfortable that she can communicate her issues with you.

  • Try to forgive:

The real problem with a lot of people is we struggle to forgive others. Sometimes the silence between your partner and you is because you lack the habit of forgiveness. Do not make small issues into lifetime quarrels. Sit with your partner and promise with her that you will try to forgive her if she makes some mistakes. It will help as a positive gesture and make your partner feel more comfortable with you.

  • Forget “tit for tat”:

To restore your love bond forget the rule of “tit for tat” when you are in a relationship. Few couples work on insult-by-insult, slap-by-slap, hate by hate rule. What one did to them the other will do the same in revenge. There is a need to say good-bye to this attitude because this behaviour destroys relationships and achieves nothing.

  • Put your all efforts to make things work:

We all remain busy all the day long as well as on weekends and if we get free time we waste it to use mobiles, chitchatting with friends, and ignoring the partner, who wants to spend time with us. Relationships always demand efforts to run the system smoothly. If she won’t speak to you, try to put all of your efforts to make it work and resolve the issues.

  • Try to admit the problem:

The problem due to which relationships start going wrong is because we do not want to recognize and accept that this issue is arising and the relationship is crumbling. In simpler words, we deny the existing problems. Most of us wait for things to settle down automatically with time; however, do not become fool of your thoughts because this is not going to happen. It will destroy marriage or love relationships. Facing the problems is the real practice that works effectively in resolving matters.

  • Be direct in your thoughts to express:

In relationships when it comes to solving an issue, buttering the partner is not a smart option to choose, because she may quit silence and be happy for a few days and not for a long time. Take your time and arrange your thoughts on the problem that is real cause behind she is not speaking to you.It is important to address the root of the problem. Whatever you say must be accurate and keep your tone gentle while explaining.

  • Look is there any needs you are not fulfilling:

Taking care of the need of your spouse or partner is essential for a healthy relationship. In some scenarios, we are so busy in our jobs that we forget what our partners wants from us. Find out cool ways to find the love factor by fulfilling the needs of your partner.

  • Always show kindness:

To most of the people who asked what to do because she won’t speak to me. The  main tip to remember is always showing kind acts or gestures towards your partner if she won’t speak to you. This is not a new or innovative idea but an old but straightforward trick. Small gestures of kindness will make a soft corner for you in your partner’s heart. Through this, one can restore his love bond as well.

  • Are you in serious trouble and need some help from relationship counselling? Here is the solution:

We cannot be strong all the time and we may try to handle things by ourselves. Sometimes talking to your partner becomes so hard that it seems that it is going to end for most of the couples. In this scenario, relationship counselling can help you to sort out things. is the best relationship-counselling platform that provides multiple services to resolve the issues between couples and single persons. helps people in maintaining their relationships by educating how to communicate, develop understanding, build trust, compromise, and give respect. They offer different packages related to various issues. Please see the packages here

If you have any issue with your spouse or partner or still single, go to on the web, pick up your mobile phone and dial the number to get the best relationship advice solutions.

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