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My partner treats me like a child

It is never okay to treat your partner like a child. No matter how irresponsible you think your partner, it is not a good idea to treat them like a child. Whether you are newlywed or if you have been married for a decade you should not treat your partner like a child as it can make your relationship quite toxic.

My partner treats me like a child Miss Date Doctor

Have you been wondering ‘why my partner treats me like a child’? We hear cases not only of husbands treating their wives as a child but also of wives treating their husbands as a child. Both of these situations are wrong and should not happen due to any reason.

If you are a newlywed couple and you have just started to experience that your partner treats you like a child, then it is better to have a conversation with them to stop this behaviour now. Otherwise, it will be too late, and your partner treating you like a child would just become a normal thing for you both.

However, if you have been married for quite a long time and your partner has been treating you like a child for a long time then it may be hard for you to make your partner quit this habit as both of you have been accustomed to this. Many times divorces take place due to lack of intimacy. Who would want to be intimate with their parents after all? Therefore, if you are being treated like a child by your partner, then there is a huge chance that you both would lose that spark of intimacy as both of you would spend the day bickering and the attraction decreases.

What does it mean by treating your partner like a child?

There are various ways of how your partner can make you feel like a child. They might have a parental tone whenever they talk to you, or they would criticize you for everything you do. An approach common among women is that they ‘baby’ their husbands a lot. They do whatever their husbands ask them to do out of love and care and although initially it may make your husband fond of you it can decrease respect levels, which results in the husbands starting to think that they have the upper hand over you. It may also happen when people are overprotective of their partners, they start treating them like a child by stopping them from doing different things and asking them to do a task in a certain way to prevent them from getting into trouble not taking into consideration your age, independence or abilities.

My partner treats me like a child Miss Date Doctor

Why my partner treats me like a child?

You must be wondering where you went wrong or what you did that resulted in your partner treating you like a child. You don’t need to ask yourself ‘why my partner treats me like a child’ again as we have answers for you and don’t blame yourself this is a common issue amongst couples. Here are the various reasons why your partners might be treating you as a child.

They don’t acknowledge their mistake

Most of the times, people start treating their partners as a child and don’t realize that they are doing something wrong, but it does not make it alright. When a person does not even know that they are doing something wrong, then how can you expect them to improve themselves? Your partner probably thinks that this is how a marital relationship works. There is a chance that when your partner was a child, he would see that his father would treat his mother like a child and always boss her around or vice versa which resulted in your partner adopting the same mannerism. To avoid this situation, you need to sit down with your husband or wife and have a detailed conversation about his/her behaviour towards you before more damage is caused to your relationship.

They think you are immature or irresponsible

There are cases when people end up treating their partners like a child if you are irresponsible or immature. Even if your partner is immature and irresponsible, you can’t take the place of their parents. If you tend to forget about appointments or do not do your job properly and always end up getting in trouble financially or in general, then there is a huge chance that your partner will start treating you like a child because they believe that you are behaving like one.

They care about you and are overprotective

Couples tend to care about each other a lot, which results in them taking the parental role to stop their partners from doing something that would result in them getting in trouble. There is nothing wrong in caring about your partner and wanting for them to be safe, but when you cross that line between a mate and a parent, this is when problems are caused in a relationship.

They want to feel superior

There are situations where husbands treat their wives as a child to feel superior. They need to be in control. It could be because they have a dominating nature. There are times when wives have a dominating nature, and they try to belittle their husbands to feel superior. Both the individuals need to know that belittling your partner is never the right thing to do to feel superior. This behaviour shows how much you don’t respect your partner, and it could result in damaging your marital relationship.

How to fix your relationship

The only way to fix your relationship if your partner treats you like a child is by talking to each other about it. There are two ways that you can go for it. Either you can have a softer approach, or you can demand them to stop treating you like a child. It is always recommended to go with the softer approach as it will show your partner that you respect them and in return, want the same respect. It is important for both the partners to be equal in a relationship. No one should have the upper hand over the other. You can also hire a counsellor and take different counselling sessions to save your relationship from further damage. Check out our couples counselling therapy packages if you are interested in having a detailed conversation with your partner so that they stop treating you like a child.

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