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relationship advice and tips


  • Advice for singles and if you are in a relationship
  • Your own dedicated coach
  • 2 x 30 min chats per month
  • Coaching on relationships
  • Support and advisory tools on strategies
  • Emotional intelligence knowledge and information
  • Someone to talk to all year round
  • £35 per month
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I need dating advice


  • 15 min conversation per day
  • Do you have a relationship issue you want to discuss or are you upset about some dating issues you are having, feeling stressed?Get a one day pass and talk to us.

Please note: In the aim of our support for various charities this package has been added to create accessibility and support at all times

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I need dating advice


  • Per week
  • 7 days of relationships/dating advice and assistance
  • One 15 min conversation per day on your relationship problem /question and receive replies back from an experienced M.D.D date coach

Please note: In the aim of our support for various charities this package has been added to create accessibility and support at all times

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my ex blocked me


Per half an hour

Talk about your relationship, finding Mr or Mrs Right, single life, loneliness, cheating, better dating skills and relationship issues with your girlfriend or boyfriend, dating or getting to know someone new. Whatever the relationship problem talk to an M.D.D  date coach.

(Couples can call also. The price will remain the same.)

Please note: In the aim of our support for various charities this package has been added to create accessibility and support at all times

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I need dating format


  • Per hour
  • Talk about your relationship, finding Mr or Mrs Right, single life, loneliness, cheating, better dating skills and relationship issues with your girlfriend or boyfriend, dating or getting to know someone new. Whatever the relationship problem talk to an M.D.D date coach.
    (Couples can call also. The price will remain the same.)
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I need relationship advice tumblir


Get some dating tips and advice from a dating coach for two weeks and we will send you a single mans information pack. Items in the package: Single man’s guide

  • for 2 weeks
  • Crackers / Biscuits
  • Crisps
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • 2×20-minute phone calls per week
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online dating advice


  • Online dating advice
  • Whatsapp or online chat
  • Talk through your issues
  • Relationship advice or life coaching
  • Your own personal coach
  • 25 mins per day
  • Insight gaining therapy
  • Guidance
  • Online dating training
  • Worksheets and guidance emailed
  • 7 days of coaching
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how do i know my partner is the one package


  • Relationship coaching
  • Talk through emotions and needs
  • Address fears and emotions
  • Ascertain your fears and address them
  • Teaching better relationship strategies
  • Personal dating coaching for 2 months
  • 1 hour per week

£80.00£600.00Select options

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relationship coach near me


Get some single girl tips speak to your coach about dates or whatever you’re going through and we will also send you a single girls information pack Items inside the package:

  • For 2 weeks of coaching
  • Hair accessories
  • Single girl relationship advice guide
  • Lipstick
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • Eyeshadow set
  • 2×20-minute phone calls per week to talk about your situation.
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relationship counselling


  • Talk things through
  • Give you support and dating advice
  • Have your own Dating Coach for 4 days
  • 25 mins a day
  • Dating tips
  • Relationship advice and guidance skills
  • General life coaching
  • How to date in modern society training
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relationship counselling


Has something bad just happened in your love life feeling low?
This is the perfect package if you need someone to talk to.

  • Help with arguments
  • Help with stress
  • Moral support
  • Dating coaching
  • 6 days
  • 20 mins per session on the phone
  • Have your own coach for 6 days
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relationship counselling


  • Mints
  • Whats app dating support during the date
  • Shower Gel
  • Dating Tips
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth Paste        Information Pack
  • Mouthwash        3×20 mins Phone Calls
  • Anti-Perspirant    Moisturiser
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relationship counselling


  • 2 weeks package
  • Advice and support
  • Dating coach guidance
  • Discuss your situation
  • social interaction training
  • Suitable package for drama, arguments.trying to get to know someone
  • Dating advice and relationship issues guidance
  • 3 x 30 mins sessions per week
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relationship counselling


  • Talk through problems
  • Check up call
  • Help with single parenting dating issue
  • Dating advice
  • Your own coach for 2 weeks
  • Mini sessions
  • Depression and stress relief strategies
  • 30 mins x 2 per week for 3 weeks
  • Support and anxiety issues addressed
  • Time convenience coaching
  • Phone sessions
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career advice


  • Advice and guidance
  • Direction and needs assessment
  • Relationship skills test
  • Career and personal needs diagnosis
  • 4 weeks support and help
  • 4 x 1-hour session
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  • Sign you up to various apps
  • Assist with profile
  • Advise on picture selection
  • coaching on online dating tactics
  • 40 mins dating advice session
  • Tips for single life
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beautiful black girl 2


  • Someone to speak to every single day
  • Talk thing through
  • Give you support
  • Actionable advice to improve the situation
  • Dating coaching
  • Add you to social networks to make friends
  • 30 mins x 7 days a week
  • Phone and WhatsApp
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  • Teach you how to be a better dater
  • Help you with confidence
  • Teach love languages
  • Self-awareness test
  • Personality type test
  • Dating coaching
  • Past issues healing process
  • Assess love life
  • Improve relationships
  • Help with your dating profile
  • 4 sessions 1 hour
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relationship goals


This package is perfect if you have no one to go out with this weekend or you want to try some new venues without your usual friends. This weekend have some fun!!We will send an M.D.D Staff member to hang out with you for two weekends in a row go shopping, go to the cinema,go bowling,go for a meal,go to the gallery, museum or club this package is to keep you company on the weekend due to strict M.D.D policy there are no overnight stays,no visiting friends or colleagues and no visits to premises this package is for singles and people who want someone to go out with or get to meet new people and receive relationship coaching and guidance at the same time.We created this package as part of our upcoming fight loneliness campaign.We will pay for food and drinks charges

Please contact for more information (03333443853)

relationship counselling


  • Self-awareness training
  • Emotional training
  • Dating coaching
  • Support and guidance
  • Discipline training
  • Modify behaviour training
  • Cognitive reappraisal
  • Weekly session
  • 4 weeks
  • 1-hour per week
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tinder online coaching package


  • Help with your profile
  • Dating advice
  • Messaging on your behalf
  • Phone sessions
  • Help you edit and improve the profile
  • Online dating guidance
  • Tinder online assistance
  • Dating coaching for 3 weeks
  • One session a week via phone and skype
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relationship counselling


This package helps you to move on from the ex you are finding it hard to let go of.

  • Analyse the history
  • The problems
  • Emotions
  • Self Love and Clarity
  • Transition to the new you
  • Assistance in moving on
  • One month of training and support
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  • Anger management
  • Dating coaching
  • Assessment of dating patterns
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Support and advice
  • Ascertain root cause
  • Assess history
  • Self-improvement training
  • Assess your needs in a partner
  • Teach better dating skills.
  • 1 hour per week 5 weeks
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relationship counselling


  • If you want to learn how to be a better partner and be more successful in relationships and want a one day course that will not inconvenience you this is the package for you.
  • Step by step guide of the primary factors that make relationships work. Overall training on how to be a better partner and have better relationships and avoid breakups and maintain good communication and respect.
  • Self-assessment and evaluation of past relationships,needs,present status and criteria needed for your own personal progress and happiness.
  • Follow up call after course has ended.
  • 9-5pm
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  • Confidence Training
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Dating Coach Support Daily
  • Social skills examination
  • Dating history analysis
  • Red flag Training and Dating Coach
  • Self-assessment and analysis
  • Insecurities and pinpoint dating issues and problems
  • 4 weeks of coaching
  • Overview of dating skills
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  • Tips on what not to do with men
  • Analyze past relationships
  • Give you support
  • Dating coaching
  • Improve your dating skills
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of dating
  • 6 weeks of training
  • 5 step module
  • 1 hour a week
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  • Resolve disputes
  • Advice from a qualified professional
  • Organise child visiting arrangements
  • Decrease conflict
  • Resolve underlying issues
  • Help with stress
  • Decrease tensions between both parties
  • Free assessments for both parties prior to first session
  • Discussion of individual preferences
  • Emotional support
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i am single and looking for a girlfriend


This package is for those who want to date someone based on the mind attraction and not physical attributes.

  • 3 dates via phone and films and food provided by Miss Date Doctor
  • A futuristic date via your smartphone/topics/dates and coach available via number for date topics and needs.
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  • This package is ideal for those who select the wrong partners repeatedly choosing emotionally unavailable people, bad characters and people that treat them badly.
  • Dating Coach support for 6 weeks sessions twice a week
  • 30 mins
  • Dating Coach correctional dating training programme
  • Gift Package sent to home with Dating literature and guidance pamphlet
    Support and Advice
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Breakups can be hard to deal with but when you have a child together it can make things even tougher.

  • Breakups can be hard to deal with but when you have a child together it can make things even tougher
  • Communication issues with your ex
  • Co-parenting issues
  • Moving on with a new partner
  • Trying to rekindle things with your ex
  • Struggling to move on because of the child you have together
  • Drama with your ex and coping with it
  • 7 weeks of daily support
  • 1 week free
  • 30 min per day
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how to move on from someone


  • CRB checked babysitters
  • 3x dates
  • 3x dresses
  • 2x assessments

Let your M.D.D Dating Coach look after you. We will arrange 3 dates with different people and also give you a makeover, 3 new dresses and coaching support.

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i am single and feel lonely


This package is perfect for you if you would like a new look,maybe you are single and want to change your image,or maybe you want a new look for your partner or maybe you want to cheer up a friend that is feeling down but also needs some date coaching and relationship advice and training this is the all in one package.

Items included:

  • Relationship coaching session
  • Body confidence training
  • 2-day experience
  • Shopping trip/New wardrobe based on individual’s taste
  • Award-winning celebrity hairdresser
  • Teeth whitening
  • 8 coaching sessions
  • 3 outfits
  • Makeover, drinks, shopping
  • Self-love session , introspection and self acceptance methods

(Shoe size and dress size must be provided to the M.D.D)

Please contact for more details.(03333443853)

I need relationship


  • Rebuilding confidence
  • Assessing partner selection, positivity training
  • Healing process and learning to move forward
  • Past relationship assessment
  • Support through a breakup / low points or whatever has taken place that upset you
  • 1 call per day / 30 minutes per call
  • 6 weeks programme
  • 1 month

Please contact for more information



  • A few dates arranged for you
  • Dating Coach support
  • Dating arrangements scheduled
  • Support and Dating Coach advisory system for a client and potential dates
    Social Cues and emotional intelligence training
  • Overview of dating skills

£1,200.00Add to basket

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Have your coach support you (7 days a week) every day via phone face to face session once a week?

  • 1 month package
  • Help you through the grieving process
  • Give you support and dating advice
  • Ascertain problem areas
  • Guidance on how to move forward
  • Confidence boosting exercise
  • Reflection on your needs and past mistakes
  • Arrange some dates
  • Dating coaching daily
  • Social changes implemented for you
  • Self-improvement to improve stress and anxiety
  • 7 days a week 1-hour session
  • Via phone/Skype

£1,200.00Add to basket

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relationship advice and tips


  • Eliminate bad relationship and dating behaviour
  • Improve confidence
  • Understand people better
  • Effective communication skills training
  • Eliminate regressive dating patterns
  • Address poor dating habits
  • Introspection in your character and behavioural patterns
  • Be a better partner
  • 1 month Course 1 hr once a week

£1,200.00Add to basket

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  • Assessing past relationships
  • V.i.p treatment
  • Helping you get dates
  • Coaching and guidance
  • Assess problem areas
  • Personal trainer
  • Makeover
  • Celebrity Dentist
  • Help to find ideal matches
  • Sessions 45 mins 3 times a week
  • 2 months package

£5,700.00Add to basket

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Being single seems so hard in a world which is filled with couples. People who are in a relationship, usually comfort single people and make them feel horrible for breathing without a partner. 80% of the single people have heard tons of dating advice for singles. Phrases like, “you will get the person when you actually stop looking” and “let men/women chase you and don’t be the chaser” are some of the most common ones. No matter whether you are looking for one or not, you are going to hear this during your “being single” journey.

Singles would agree with the fact that it does get comfortable after some time. You feel great and you don’t get that constant urge of being with someone all the time. Yes, having a life partner is very important, but if you are not ready, there is no need to jump into it either. They say:This is a great time for you to get to know yourself better,  build your confidence and take on new hobbies and adventures discover happiness on your own.This is one of the main dating advice for singles we want you to remember.

“Love when you are ready, not when you are lonely.”

This makes sense because the modern dating world is indulging into meaningless relationships as they dont want to be lonely. Being single is termed as loneliness. But we are going to change this school of thought around for you. We are going to provide you with some really amazing things that a single person can do and enjoy. Along with that, we will be providing you with dating advice for singles, if you wish to get back into the dating world and you are ready to find your perfect pick.

Furthermore, we will be mentioning the hurdles that people face these days while searching for the right partner as well. Thus, in this piece of dating advice for singles article, you will be getting a lot of information in one package. We hope it helps you!

10 Things to do when you are Single:

If you have been single for a long time or you have just recently gone through a heartbreak, you must have the power to embrace reality. Being single is not pathetic or annoying. We just tend to make it seem that way. Before we dig into some expert dating advice for singles, we will be sharing some fantastic things to do when you are in this phase. This is for people who are not willing to date anytime sooner. These things will make life better, and you won’t have the constant urge to get back into another relationship, either. Especially for people who have just gone through a breakup; you need to take a break. Do these ten things and enjoy your time and let yourself move on mentally before dating again.

  1. Stay single for at least three months. People who are just out of a relationship need to make sure that they take a break. Learn to live and be happy on your own. Don’t rely on any outside source, all the time, to keep you comfortable and to go be comfortable on your own.
  2. Hang out with your friends. If you have a best friend, then it is better. Reconnect with them and go hang out with your old buddies too. Communicate with your friends so that you can have a good time and allow you to relax.
  3. Spend some time with couples. Be with friends who are in a healthy and functional relationship. This way, you will be able to look at what goes into a relationship and what t struggles they face. Talk to them and ask about how their experience is. It will make you realize what you want from your partner, and it automatically makes you feel at peace. Once you know what you are looking for, the urge suppresses, and you wait for the right person.
  4. Travel alone. The most important thing to embrace while you are single is your individuality. Learn to be comfortable with yourself. Go out to a foreign country and travel on your own. You learn a lot about yourself, and you will have a lot of fun stories to tell your friends.
  5. Be selective. Don’t rush into another relationship too fast. You should know when you have to say “no” to a relationship. If you are out of a relationship, don’t leap into another one right away.
  6. You need to find yourself and know who you really are. The key to a successful relationship is that you must know what you like and what you are up for. Finding yourself is very crucial and thus, a 3 month break really gives you a chance to build yourself during this phase.
  7. Build your social circle but don’t rush into it. If you have a good old friend’s circle, then get in touch with them. Hang out with them sometimes. Sit with like-minded people who are ambitious and positive. However, you need to make sure that you are not using your friends to build the void of a relationship.
  8. Enjoy being single. Before you seek for some dating advice for singles, you must embrace this phase of your life. You will learn how to be happy and content on your own which is the key to success.
  9. Get your passion back in gear. While you are with someone, you usually just share your world and ideas around them. Thus, during your single phase, you need to remember what you love doing. What are your priorities? What are you passionate about? If you love styling up, then maybe you can make a style blog just for past time. If you love photography then you can go out every other day and photograph nature or anything you like. Spend a few hours every week, doing something that you feel passionate about.
  10. Go out on an adventure. Cliff jumping, rock climbing, jet skiing or anything that ignites your fear and is entirely adventurous, must be done. This is because it makes you feel happy, and a rush of adrenaline runs through you. The feeling of utmost happiness, being on your own, and exploring your fears and completing your adventure list is incredible.

After reading through these things, we are sure that you are not going to feel unhappy about being single. Yes, you have to settle in with someone, now or later in your life but if you are not ready for it, then you can enjoy it. Being single is not dull; it is all about waiting for the right one who lights up your life and does not make it toxic.

Dating Advice for Single People:

So now, for people who are done with their single-phase and wish to find the perfect partner; we have summed up some fantastic information for you. Scroll down to read through the best dating advice for singles which is practical and can be implemented in daily life. Many times, it feels as if you have been single for a very long time. This makes it hard to get back into the dating world. Thus, we are here to help you.

  • Have an Open Mind and be Approachable:

A lot of people have tons of options right on their doorstep, and they simply shut the door on their faces. This is where they lose some of the most caring and affectionate partners. The very first and essential dating advice for singles is to keep an open mind. Just because she is not that pretty or he does not make enough money; do not lose the best chances to your conservative thoughts. Every individual is not going to meet all the set of requirements you have. Even if they have some of the things you want; they are an excellent catch to make. Once you have an open mind, make sure that you are approachable as well. Many people tend to lose their chances when they are too engrossed in their phones, on their first meetup. Therefore, you need to put the phone down and be open to the person and let someone get truly close to you and feel an emotional connection.

  • Don’t make it Stressful:

Dating is not stressful; we have just made it complicated. It can be frustrating sometimes, but you need to make sure that you are staying calm. Your first match is not going to be the best or the perfect one. Thus, do not build up false expectations as they will cause stress later on. Don’t pressurize yourself for not finding the right person or the best one. The more you stress upon it, the more you fail. Just stay focused on what you want and sooner or later, you will get the man/woman you wish for.

  • Effort is Important:

This is the essential dating advice for singles. You need to put in effort. Once you have been single for a long time, putting in effort, for another individual might be difficult. However, you need to do it. If you are not going to put in any endeavour, your relationship will fail badly. Dating is never one-sided. If you want a perfect partner, you need to consider the other person as well. They are also looking for someone caring and affectionate. Thus, put in small and meaningful gestures. For example, take roses for her when you meet or hug him before leaving. Message each other to confirm that you have reached home safely. Little efforts really add up a lot.

  • Don’t be all about them:

Another crucial dating advice for singles is to never engross madly in dating. You must have a life outside the dating world. Being single teaches (a lot of people) about how they can be happy on their own. Once you step into dating, you need to maintain it. You have to make sure that you spend some time alone. This really helps you in keeping up with a healthy relationship.

These are 4 of the most essential and fundamental dating advice for singles. Once you start implementing these in your dating journey; you feel a visible and positive change in it.

Why is it becoming hard to find the right partner?

Let’s face the bitter reality that finding the right person or partner is becoming very complicated. Some times, all the dating advice for singles, seems to be going to waste. However, the issues do not lie in dating or the partners; the problem is our society (yet again).

The stress that is put upon people these days, regarding dating is unmanageable. We stress so much on dating and finding the right person that no partner seems to be matching our requirements. The world of dating seems to have gone topsy turvy.

Dating apps are certainly to be blamed for this. Majority of the people on sites and apps are going to complain about how much they hate these applications. The irony is, they are still using it because that is the only way to find a potential match or we have created these side paths for ourselves. The lack of proper, face to face communication and heavy reliance on smartphones have caused this current issue. It is hard to find the right partner because on a social app, you see a picture, and you are talking through messages. When you finally meet the person, they seem to be completely different, which sends your expectations to ashes.

Secondly, social media has built up false expectations as well. Love is being portrayed so differently and is being fantasized a lot. It is opposite of reality, and when we do not get what the media shows us; we are upset and sad. We need to understand that love has nothing to do with the perfect pictures and the number of likes or the hashtag “couple goals.” the right person is not on the other side of the phone. It is someone who holds your hand in reality and is by your side when you are sad. Real emotions have nothing to do with Glamour or Instagram likes. The internet world has made it hard to find the right partner and is continuously running several relationships. If you are struggling in finding the right partner, then you can visit MDD and discuss your issues with them. Here is a link to peruse our services

MDD offers an array of services for single people. If you think that the issue lies within you, then it is best to discuss it with a professional. We help you break through the constant cycle of relying on social media apps for dating. We also give you tons of dating advice for singles which can help you in improving at it.


In a nutshell, being single is not dull, and you can have a lot of fun during this phase too. Don’t listen to people and never let the pressure build up. Also, we have provided you with the necessary yet most crucial dating advice for singles which is going to help you interact with better people. If you still think that you need professional advice and one-on-one sessions, then you can visit and get an expert to talk to.