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Some days the relationship blues make you feel like there is no way out of the troubles that you and your partner might be going through. The false stats of low rates of successful marriages, makes it even harder to get out of the situation. Keeping a relationship going is a duty that both the partners need to fulfill. It takes work and daily effort to keep a relationship maintained. However, there are still days when you are under relationship stress and that is okay. You can always look forward to relationship counselling or therapy if your relation has been going through constant strain.

Many couples take the term “relationship counselling” as something shameful but this pattern of thought needs to be broken now. Relationship therapy has gotten immense appreciation since some years. It has proven to be extremely helpful for people who are going through stressed conditions with their partner. Research shows that majority of couples who take couple therapy tend to find a way to save their marriage or relationship overall. This portrays the effectiveness of relationship counselling and how it has the capacity of help you, save your commitment!

Why do people take relationship counselling? Benefits of Therapy!

Couples don’t look forward to counseling in case of crisis only. It is a way to open communication between two people. With the monotonous and hectic routines that we lead these days, it can get hard to manage a relationship in the best way some days. Thus, the twists and turns of your relationship can be solved through great therapy. Here are some of the benefits that a couple can avail through counselling:

1. Premarital Issues:

It is not important that you must be married in order to have issues. People who are committed to each other can have several problems before they tie the knot. These can be triggered due to the stress of the big decision that they have to take or there can be several other reasons as well. However, if you are willing to take your relationship to the next level and save it, then counselling can really be your savior.

Also counselling for premarital couples can be for various other things. For instance, you can consider the household chores and responsibilities and what expectations do you have from you partner and are they valid or not? You can discuss anything in premarital counselling and you can attend it without your partner as well. It is not important that you two take the therapy sessions together. You can peak into your decisions, all alone, with the help of a therapist too. This helps you in making a wiser and better decision.

2. Communication troubles:

The basic foundation of a healthy relation is communication. The lifestyle that we lead these days makes it hard to communicate perfectly o daily basis. Thus this can lead to several other issues. Communication can be in any medium; call, texts or social media. The main thing to consider is maintaining it. Through therapy, couples are taught different ways to communicate in a more positive and better manner. Therapists focus on teaching new styles of communication to couples which help both partners feel secure with each other. It also helps in promoting a stronger affection.

3. Sexual Issues:

Sexual issues can easily lead to a boring and stressed relationship. If you are not sexually satisfied, you will find yourself getting distant from your partner and this can happen with the boy or girl either. Relationship therapists are experts and they tend to solve sexual dilemmas as well. They discuss the issues in detail, hearing the point of view from both the ends and then carry out a solution for it. This way, your sexual issues are addressed and are handled in a much professional and smarter way than you could have ever done.

4. Unfaithfulness:

Betrayal in a relationship is one of the most hurting parts to overcome and it is the core reason why a lot of people get away from one another. It definitely causes trust issues. The damage caused due to infidelity is real but it certainly does not ask for the relation to be over. Couple counselling helps one in getting into the healing phase. It brings practical and meaningful ways of getting back to the relationship to navigate the waters of affection.

5. Trust issues:

Once trust is broken in a relationship, it is deeply damaged. But the damage is not forever, until you decide so. Counselling is extremely helpful in the process of regaining trust. There are a lot of people who trust their partners again and start a new and more exciting and wonderful life. Therapists educate couples on this process and help them during it too. This can help in saving a relationship from ending.

6. Hardships of Blending in Families:

When two people tie the knot, they do find it hard to blend in an entirely new atmosphere. This is usually tougher for the girl as she has to move out of her comfort zone. Women usually take such therapies and they really help in boosting their confidence to blend in the new place. Men can also take this type of counselling to ensure that their wife does not feel that her family is unwanted for him. It shows affection and purity of love. This kind of couple counseling helps build love between the partners.

One can avail solutions for these common relationship issues through counselling and can benefit from these to save their relation. These are also some of the most common reasons as to why people tend to turn their course towards couple therapy. They are either lacking communication or the space lingering between the two seems hard to cover up or they are not satisfied physically or have trust issues! No matter what, relationship therapists can really help couples in overcoming these troubles of life and save the couple from ending their commitment.

Call of Action:

Dump away the thought the relationship counselling is shameful! We are in the 21st century and it is about time that we act like it too. Couples  therapy can help save relationships and can also benefit the couple in building a stronger foundation for their love. It is never too late to save what you are left with and amend the damage. If the love is true, the therapy is just the right potion that you need to bring the magic back.

I need relationship advice for my relationship

We have all had that moment where we think I need relationship advice for my relationship. The modern society that we live in is changing the dating world, marriages, living together out of wedlock, co-parenting they have all changed we have experienced many changes over the years and it is not easy at all. The rise of dating apps is a glaring sign that finding the one is not easy. In fact, for most people, it’s downright difficult to find the one right one there are so many things to consider ie personality, upbringing, compatibility, background, morals, values, education, understanding, lifestyle, kids, families and much more the list is endless.

The truth is our dating lives and relationships affect us a lot more than we care to admit and take a major toll on us when things go wrong. The confliction of thoughts in our heads at times can be crippling, you keep asking your brain “I need relationship advice for my relationship” “Help me!” The strain of moving from relationship to relationship can make things all the more difficult because we become more and more filled with doubts and scepticism, with each failure we are left with a doubt, a scar or a reluctance to embark on another relationship. The good news is these feelings are all natural as a child when you graze your knee and feel the pain as you clutch the wound in agony you naturally don’t want to experience that pain again and you are extremely reluctant when your parents try to put antiseptic and a plaster on the wound, just leave me alone you think in your head. This is the same feeling you feel after a breakup “I never want to date again!”” I need advice for my relationship it always goes wrong!” It can be exhausting and bring a significant amount of anxiety and fear but these feelings are all too common. Why? Because of the honeymoon period, it catches us all the first few months of a relationship we are in utopia and we relish every single moment. We believe this person is perfect and can do no wrong. The feeling of intense emotions clouds our judgement and our ability to see clearly and this is the part that lands us in trouble, We have only seen one layer to this person and people have so many layers. Then as time passes we start to see so many other layers we never knew existed and we are filled with disappointment. I believed this person was amazing and I believed we had a future and now everything is going wrong and at this point, we think I need advice for my relationship but we are too ashamed to turn to family and friends. We have now landed ourselves in emotional turmoil due to pride. In other instances, we tell friends or family and they just don’t seem to understand what we are going through or just think we should leave and struggle to understand why we are finding it so hard to do so. We tell them our troubles and edit out little bits of the story that we are embarrassed to tell them and if we do tell them everything we struggle with them no longer liking our partner or their personal views and criticisms of the relationship. In the quest to find love the pot of gold.This thing we need so desperately we sometimes make the wrong decisions and land ourselves in hot water. The power of love is immense and knocks us out every single time but that is why the declaration of love in weddings, films and imagery is so strong everyone knows how powerful it is but here is a list of common issues in modern relationships today.

  • We don’t understand each other.
  • We have communication issues
  • We argue too much
  • We have too many arguments
  • We fail to respect each other
  • I have issues with my partners family
  • I don’t like my partner’s behaviour
  • I am uncertain about if we have a long term future
  • I feel our morals and principles clash
  • We both have different ideas of how you raise kids.
  • We have financial issues
  • We hurt each other deeply in arguments

Here are the things you need to have a better relationship:

  • You need compromise and an ability to agree to disagree in relationship situations.
  • You need to have mutual respect in the relationship
  • You need trust it may seem a standard requirement but many people are in relationships where they do not have any trust for their partner
  • The attraction you need to be extremely attracted to each other to maintain intimacy levels and healthy sex life.
  • You need to have loyalty and operate as a team there must be no competitive behaviour or jealousy
  • You both need to accept each other good and bad points because acceptance is part of love
  • You need the patience to understand that sometimes your partner will fail and sometimes your partner will disappoint you

It takes a lot to make a relationship work and you also have to realise that there is no perfect person so do not make the mistake of dating someone based on too much optimism that all the things you hate about them will change because you told them to. There are so many relationships that fail due to starting based on too much optimism of changes in the future.It is not fair to expect someone to change because they are dating you. This way of thinking has left many disappointed. It is unrealistic we have all had those moments where our partner is just not doing what we want them to do. and we feel extremely distressed “I need relationship advice for my relationship!”The stress can be a lot. When you love someone you just want it to work but there is no relationship that is perfect. It is also a mistake to think your relationship is so much worse than everyone else’s your mind can mislead you.

Here is a  list of things that people feel embarrassed about and shouldn’t

  • My partner has cheated repeatedly
  • My partner puts me down
  • My partner has a shameful past
  • My partners family hate me
  • Me and my partner get into fights all the time
  • My partner stole from me
  • My partner is too dependant on me

It is so important to face the issues you are having in your relationship so that you will be able to overcome them. If you have two people in a relationship that are both willing to address and make the changes necessary to improve things then the relationship can move forward. It is imperative to be able to identify pain points in relationships. What are the things that are hurting you and your partner in the relationship? It is important to have great communication with your partner and discuss things that may be sensitive and may hurt very deeply. The problem is when a couple starts to avoid sensitive issues resentment builds up and this can lead to the demise of communication in the relationship which further down the line can lead to a breakup.

Here is a list of the most common relationship  avoidance traps:

  • My partner has said some really hurtful things but I won’t say anything
  • I think my partner is cheating but I won’t say anything
  • My partner doesn’t satisfy my needs
  • I don’t like the way my partners family treats me
  • I am thinking about leaving my partner
  • I am feeling depressed since having kids the pressure is a lot
  • I want my partner to compliment me more.
  • I don’t like my partner’s behaviour

Dating can be difficult and relationships despite how much you love each other you will have ups and downs and you will face battles sometimes. The truth is that sometimes pride, ego and not being very good at relationships can make us pretend that finding that true love isn’t a priority but for most of us it truly is. It is extremely common to feel that panic and the words go round in your head”I need relationship advice for my relationship” but remember there are so many people that feel exactly the same way you do. Check out our services page to help you with your relationship issues.

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