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In today’s hectic and monotonous world, we all feel like we are leaving our relationships behind us. There are a few of us who are able to dedicate our heart and soul to our relationship and carry it along responsibly, making sure that all aspects of love and care are fulfilled. However, not everyone is able to do it. A good and well-balanced relationship is hard to achieve and requires efforts from both sides. But it is not impossible. The only issue that today’s generation faces are that they are unable to put in the required effort and they don’t look for solutions to their problems. The only solution that couples these days have for any problem is to end the relationship in all. THIS is what has aggravated the divorce and separation rate rapidly over the past few years.

Relationship counselling is a therapy which is meant to solve the issues of any couple. Whether you are married or in a relationship or are looking for help to move on with your life. It aids in finding ways to solve a relationship problem rather than ending it. When you commit to someone, understand the fact that it will be a rocky path and not everything will be easy. But if you are stuck in a web of issues that keep piling up and you think that the situation is out of your hands, then you can look forward to relationship counselling as it has proven to help hundreds of couples and has saved relationships too.


Frequently asked Relationship Counselling Questions:

Couples usually have a lot of confusions for couple therapy and their mind is filled with innumerable relationship counselling questions too. It is okay to have your set of queries and demanding for a clarification is everybody’s right. Thus, here we have summed up some of the most frequently asked relationship counselling questions that couples have confusion about. We have answered them all for you so that you can head towards your therapy sessions without a doubt.

Let’s get started!

  • Can couples therapy work?

The biggest query is that can this therapy really work? Yes it can work! Work some couples, therapy is all about overcoming a specific problem that they might be facing. In other cases, therapy is a way of transforming their relationship into a more positive and lively one. It does take time and effort but if you follow what your therapist says, it really does work.

  • Can couples therapy help?

Hundreds of people turn their course towards relationship counselling and many of them get the help that they need. It really depends on how much willing is the couple, to save the relationship. A lot of people, who don’t benefit from the therapy, are the ones who don’t wish to take help from it or they have already made up their mind. However, if a couple is willing to cooperate with the therapist and make the efforts, then couple therapy can really help.

  • Is couples therapy only for married couples?

No. couple therapy is for anyone who is a relationship, whether married or not. Whether you are about to be married or you have been in a relation since some years, without marriage, you can take help from relationship counselling. Even if you are not in a relationship and want help to move on from a previous commitment, then this therapy can be of great help.

  • Does insurance pay for Couples therapy?

No. insurance covers up our medical issues and not your therapy sessions.

  • How do I stop picking fights with my boyfriend?

Many young couples, who come to us, are the girls who are unable to stop fighting with their boyfriends. This is usually due to the mistakes their boyfriend has made in the past and they are unable to overlook them or forget them. In therapy, different solutions are provided in such scenarios, depending on the situation. Therapists try to emphasize on positivism, living in the present and taking help through empathy. All of this is not easy but therapy shows you steps that can help you attain it all.

  • How do you recover from a bad fight in a relationship?

Therapists will tell you to stop jabbing at one another if you want to recover from a fight. There are a lot of steps that the therapist might tell you to focus upon. For instance, you will have to stop giving each other the cold shoulder and also quit on the sarcasm. Also, don’t fake an apology because until it doesn’t come from the heart, it is just going to make things worse. Also, if one of the partners is willing to talk about the argument and solve it sensibly, then don’t walk away. Basically the immature behavior ignites the situation instead of solving it. Also, please don’t try to get into sex just because you think you will make up for what you did. Sex is an emotional connection; don’t do it until it genuinely comes from the heart.

  • What to do after fighting with a girlfriend?

Being a young, immature couple can be hard but at the same time, a lot of young couples are the ones who make it through till the end. A lot of men have no idea about how they should make up to their girlfriend. They are either not expressive or they are just scared that they might end up doing something wrong. Couple therapy is going to help all such guys in understanding what they can do with their girlfriend after putting her through a bad fight. Also, if you are looking for some quick suggestions, then here are some: try to make up for the fight as soon as possible. Try to cheer her up by bringing her flowers or doing any sweet, little gesture for her. Girls usually go on the quality and gestures. Also, understand her side too. Acknowledging what the other person is feeling is very important. Be positive and come down to a positive conclusion as soon as possible. Let her know your commitment and dedication to her

  • Is it normal to fight every day in a relationship?

It is not normal to fight every day while you are in a relationship. One day, the fights won’t bother you and you both will stop making it up for each other. Try your best that you don’t fight every day. Also, don’t bring up topics that your partner hates so that you both can avoid a dispute. Fighting daily is not healthy for any relationship, whether married or unmarried.

  • Is it normal to argue in a relationship every day?

Two people are never the same and argument does occur when you are in a relationship. However, arguing daily can be troublesome. Guys usually hate getting into daily arguments so it is better that women try not to bring up arguments on daily basis. Arguing once in a blue moon is fine but try your best, to avoid daily basis arguments to keep your relationship healthy. It is normal to argue but it is not normal to argue every day. With the help of therapy, you can actually overcome a lot of your dilemmas and put a halt to meaningless arguments too.

  • How do I stop arguing with my boyfriend every day?

Are you worried that you fight or argue with your boyfriend a lot and he might leave you? Well, relationship counselling can help you overcome this issue. There are a lot of ways through which you can get control over your argument habit and look at the positive side. Therapy will help you save your relationship and keep your boyfriend in love with you too.

  • Is it normal for couples to fight?

Yes. It is completely normal for couples to fight. But make sure that you don’t fight too often or your fights never really end. If so, then you might need relationship counselling to refresh your commitment and to find a way out for the problem.

  • Why do I and my girlfriend fight?

There might be a lot of reasons for it. Daily fights lead to serious issues and also lead to the end of a relationship. With the help of relationship counselling you are able to figure out the troubles that might be causing a fight between you are your girlfriend too often. It will also help you in understanding your partner in a better manner and put a halt to the daily fights as well.

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