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I can’t get over him what do I do

I can’t get over him what do I do Miss Date Doctor

Have you still got him under your skin? But you think it is time to have him gone for good? Well, you are at right place.

99% of us have someone special in our lives, that definitely belongs in the past now but is hard to forget. Either that man who left you feeling miserable has been gone since the past 5 years or it has just been 5 days to your breakup; getting over someone you truly loved is pretty hard. But ladies, there is no word as IMPOSSIBLE and according to Oscar Wilde; the human heart has been made to be broken.

Stop saying that I can’t get over him or I am depressed because he left me; you deserve better than that, don’t you? And you deserve to move on. Thus, here are some very simple and easy steps that will help you get over him and move with life, giving yourself another chance at being happy. Trust me, you will survive and here is how your issue of I can’t get over him, will get solved.

1. Embrace how you feel; mourn it out:

Where majority of ladies go wrong is that they don’t accept their feelings. They pretend that they are good without him and later on, the feelings keep coming back. Don’t do that! Embrace how you feel. If you feel like crying, then cry it out. You are allowed to cry, be angry or miserable for a few days. To heal, you must feel a feeling, no matter how painful it might be. Feeling is going to lead towards healing. Thus don’t run away from what you feel; embrace it but don’t let the mourning phase last long.

2. Cut down the communication:

The idea of staying friends after breaking up is WRONG. The young generation these days believes in doing so but it tortures you every day and doesn’t let you move on completely. A clean and total break up is what will lead to forgetting them and moving on. Don’t text, don’t call or receive their calls and please don’t stalk them on social media. It requires a lot of self-control but once you are able to do this, you will realize that you won’t be feeling depressed and you will find yourself moving on.

3. Remember why you two aren’t good together:

A breakup usually leads through a series of circumstances. It doesn’t happen just out of the bolt. There is always something that hurt you to an extreme too but you decided to overlook it, just to save the relation. Now is the time that you tell yourself that you are better off without him because there were something’s that you couldn’t deal with for a lifetime. Don’t hate as that is a strong and overtaking emotion. Just remind yourself that you two wouldn’t have made a great couple and risking an entire future is certainly not intelligence.

4. Don’t talk about it a lot:

Talk it out for once with someone and then don’t mention the breakup at all. Sometimes venting out your emotions all the time, just simply boosts them more. It is good to vent out sometimes, but the more you do it, the more awful you will feel about your condition. You will find yourself whining about the fact that I am depressed or I can’t get over him and what do I do? The best way to get over him is to stir clean him from your topic of discussions. Focus on yourself and talk about other things that make you happier.

5. Don’t look for love support:

A lot of girls get indulged in another man to forget HIM. This is wrong! First because you are going to hurt the one you just casually date and secondly, dating will become more of a habit for you. The scenario will keep repeating from one partner to another but you will never be able to forget the ONE. Thus, don’t jump back into dating. Go through this rough phase on your own if you really want to move on from it. If you want to feel okay permanently, you need to find your own happiness and not fetch it in another person.

6. Put yourself First:

Do something that brings you joy and the tiniest bit of happiness. Put yourself first! Travel, go out with your friends and take those dance classes that you had been missing on because of him. Do whatever that makes you feel good. Be productive and think where you want to lead your life to. Do you want to keep mourning or you want to build your life in a positive and better one? By doing this, you will see well, gradual changes in your life that will definitely make you a better version of yourself. You will feel that you transform into a different person who is worthy of immense love and appreciation. Thus, for a miraculous transformation, you must put yourself first and the rest will start falling into place on its own.

7. Be Kind to Yourself:

The process of getting over him can take time. Loving someone is not easy and seeing them walk away from you, despite all the love you gave them, is even harder. But trust me that you are allowed to mourn in between the process. Some day if you miss him a lot and you feel like you can’t contain it within the little, broken heart of yours; mourn it out. It is totally okay. One day, you will get up and automatically, your heart will be at peace because you will be trying all along. One day the effort will bring you the required peace that you have been looking for. Thus, be kind to yourself while you take tiny steps towards healing.

At the end, just move the eff on! Give yourself time, prioritize yourself and let yourself know that you deserve better. Don’t go on dating someone else right after breakup because you will just be looking for a shoulder to mourn your love on. You need to stand back on your feet, on your own and you must do it. Do whatever makes you happy and build a stronger and happier life around you. Be kind to yourself while you move on and within no time, you will find yourself saying:

“I am doing so much better without him.”

Instead of saying; “I can’t get over him what do I do.”

Transformation from this sentence to the other might take time but it will happen for good and you will feel the happiest when it does. Also, try this amazing breakup package too;

You can buy it for yourself to treat yourself with some little delights and a breakup guide or you can gift it to someone who had just had a breakup. Isn’t that thoughtful? You can also rely on them for relationship counselling if you are unable to move on, completely on your own. They will help you in the process and you will feel a great change within a week.

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