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Self Improvement Coaching Packages and Self Improvement training


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£ 500.00
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Package: Embrace Your True Self and Live Authentically Discover the transformative power of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Miss Date Doctor’s specialized package. ACT is a cutting-edge form of therapy that helps you accept your thoughts and emotions while aligning your actions with your core values. Say goodbye to …
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£ 500.00
  • Introspection test
  • Analyse behavioural patterns
  • Mindset shift exercises
  • CBT exercises
  • One to one person-centred counselling
  • Self-acceptance coaching
  • Addressing past issues
  • Observation of repetitive cycles
  • Pinpoint triggers
  • 6 sessions
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£ 500.00
Introducing “Hire a Therapist” Package: Personalized Support for Your Mental Health and Emotional Well-being Are you considering seeking professional support for your mental health and emotional well-being? Miss Date Doctor’s “Hire a Therapist” Package offers you personalized and confidential counselling sessions with experienced therapists to help you navigate life’s challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve personal …
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£ 540.00
Miss Date Doctor’s Self-Awareness coaching is designed to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their needs, and their values. Self-awareness is a critical component of personal growth and development, and our coaching can provide you with the tools and insights needed to enhance your self-awareness and improve your relationships. Our Self-Awareness coaching includes …
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£ 550.00
Introducing our Local Relationship Counselling Services Package – a comprehensive solution designed to strengthen and nurture your relationship. At Miss Date Doctor, we understand that every couple’s needs are unique, which is why we offer a range of tailored services to cater to your specific requirements. With the flexibility to choose any of our offices, …
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£ 550.00
Introducing Therapy for Trauma Package: Empowering Healing and Renewed Strength Have you experienced a traumatic event that continues to affect your life, leaving you with emotional wounds and distressing memories? Miss Date Doctor’s Therapy for Trauma Package offers you compassionate and specialized support to navigate the healing journey, fostering resilience, and reclaiming your life. Trauma …
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£ 550.00
Introducing Adjustment Counselling Package: Navigating Life Transitions and Embracing Change Are you facing challenges in adjusting to major life transitions and seeking support to cope with change? Miss Date Doctor’s Adjustment Counselling Package offers you a compassionate and understanding space to navigate through life’s adjustments and embrace positive transformation. Life transitions, such as moving to …
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£ 550.00
Introducing Therapy for Retroactive Jealousy Package: Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and Fostering Emotional Well-being Are you struggling with retroactive jealousy, finding it difficult to cope with intrusive thoughts and emotions related to your partner’s past relationships? Miss Date Doctor’s Therapy for Retroactive Jealousy Package offers you expert support and guidance to overcome jealousy and foster emotional …
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£ 550.00
  • Address negative behavioural patterns
  • Treat anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Resolve bad temper and aggression issues
  • Teaching coping skills for dealing with different problems
  • Stop negative cycles
  • Manage anxiety better
  • Help mental health and physical health problems
  • Management of thoughts, emotions, actions
  • Help with insomnia
  • Address problematic thought patterns
  • This package is for people with bad behaviour
  • PTSD
  • Alcohol misuse
  • 6 sessions
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£ 550.00
  • Addressing pain points in personal life
  • Teaching you how to self regulate
  • Psychotherapy
  • Recognizing anger triggers
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Social skills exercises
  • Anger management person-centred coaching
  • 6 sessions
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£ 580.00
Introducing the Therapeutic Intervention Package: Guided Support for Positive Change and Emotional Healing Are you seeking professional guidance to overcome challenges, manage stress, and foster emotional well-being? Miss Date Doctor’s Therapeutic Intervention Package offers you a personalized and structured approach to address your concerns, providing you with expert insights and tools to facilitate positive change …
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£ 600.00
  • Social anxiety test
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Self-regulation training
  • Self-improvement coaching
  • Confidence building
  • Social skills
  • OCD
  • Resolving social phobia
  • Addressing intense anxiety issues
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Addressing issues in the anxiety spectrum
  • Exposure hierarchy therapy
  • Objective goals
  • Guidance and support
  • Addressing pain points
  • Social anxiety disorder exercises
  • Homework and self-help guide (dating advice and relationship advice optional)
  • 6 sessions
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Importance of Self Improvement Coaching:

Self-improvement is an essential element of life, and once we understand the cruciality of it, we will undoubtedly realize that we all need to work on it. This is a daily process, and it does not stop if you are entirely committed to it. Self-improvement tends to bring you peace and clears up your mind by offering you self awareness and a proper direction of life. Once you understand who you are and what you need from life; everything else tends to fall in place automatically. The primary issue with this generation is that we are all living on the definition of someone else’s life. We do not know what we wish to achieve from experience, and that is why we tend to lose the energy to live to the fullest. Self-development is extremely important to attain the life that you wish for. It is essential to know where you stand in your life and where you want to head on to. The faster you realize it, the better! You can look up for help from a self-improvement coach to start the journey of self-development today.

Reasons to seek for a self-improvement coach:

Self-improvement coach can be beneficial in your personal development. Here are some reasons why this type of counselling is crucial and how it can be fantastic for anyone who needs personal development coaching.

Self Awareness:

A lot of people are unaware of who they are. Ask someone to define themselves in 3 words and they will have to think about it for a reasonably long time. Through self-improvement coaching, you can dig into who you are and what you need from life. It helps you understand what you want to achieve in life and your values and beliefs. You are never going to be self-sufficient if you are living someone else’s definition of experience or are chasing something you don’t want.

To be happy, you must be aware of yourself and what makes you happy. You need to design your life on the basis what seems the most important to you. So many self-improvements coach state that their clients are completely unaware of what they want from life. Thus, through getting counselling, you can gather self-awareness and what you want from life.


As you get self-awareness, you understand what you want from your life. This brings a clear path of what you wish to achieve. This boosts your decision-making skills. You can gain a proper direction. Things that don’t contribute to your happiness and self-fulfilment don’t occupy your mind or day. You realize that they are not worthy of your time and effort. Thus, through a proper self-improvement coach, you can gain direction, which is very crucial.

Enhanced Focus:

Through personal development counselling, you can regain focus, and it is somewhat boosted. Even when you have figured out your path, you might have endless tasks to attend to. However, those tasks don’t become a hurdle or a strain to your mental health. Self-improvement helps you In prioritizing things appropriately. This further helps in boosting your focus and developing you towards your goals and giving you clarity. A good self-improvement coach trains you to avoid distractions and focus attention for good of your wellbeing and personal targets.

More Motivation:

First things first: you cannot be motivated all the time and it you are hoping for it then you are doing wrong to yourself. However, with the help of self-improvement coach, you can be more motivated than usual.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Through self-improvement counselling, you can understand that it is continuously processed and it is a very personal journey. This makes your intentions and path very clear, which boosts your motivation. A good coach will teach you to take small steps and always take a break in between. Don’t overdo things, and you still deserve to pause a bit to rest and rejuvenate.


Majority of people do not realize the importance of safety in life. Until and unless you don’t feel secure in your skin; there is nothing that can make you feel at peace or provide you with security. With self-improvement, you feel protected within your skin. Realizing the fact that you are always in progression and are working for your personal development and betterment, is going to help you feel extremely secure and content with your life.

Diminishes Self Doubt:

We often come across scenarios where we feel insecure and doubtful about ourselves and where we are heading. This is because we are unsure of the path we are on and have not chosen what we love. You have probably never prioritized your choices and set them up according to what matters the most. This is where self-improvement coaching helps you in gathering the right direction and eliminates the factor of self-doubt. As it brings you confidence, there is no reason to doubt yourself or your journey at all.


A huge reason why people seek self-improvement therapy is that they do not feel content with where they are at the moment, in their lives. They are not happy with the way they are leading their life and feel an urge to enhance themselves and their surroundings. The last call or need for change usually leads people to look for counselling. A good self-improvement coach is going to help you incredibly well with bringing the necessary change in your life so that you feel content. Contentment makes life easier, better and much more peaceful. Thus, it is essential to look for help if you think you lack it.

Stress Management:

Self-improvement is a constant process. You ask yourself daily, about how you would like to evolve as a person and how you did no act upon the objectives that you have set for yourself. You improve daily and keep working on it. A person who does not feel the energy of self-fulfilment is usually found stressed in all sorts of situations. This is because they do not know who they are and how to manage their life or themselves. With the help of a coach, you can easily manage stress too. Once you start working on your personal development, you will find yourself managing stressful situations in a much more efficient manner.

Clarity of Mind:

Lastly, clarity of mind is a huge reason to look up for the right counsellor. The self-improvement coach provides you with a direction, boosts your confidence and motivation, provides you with contentment and this all tends to lead towards clarity of mind. When you know who you are and you are content with it; that is when you have a clear account. Clarity of thought is hugely crucial to living a calm and happy life and is very helpful in managing your daily tasks efficiently.

How does a Self-Improvement coach help in breaking negative behavioural patterns?

We all come across a phase in our lives where we start indulging in negative behavioural patterns and deviate from our goals efficiently. The harmful behaviour tends to destroy your mental wellbeing and gradually corrode our physical health too. However, self-discipline is the key to gaining success over adverse reactions. Here are some ways through which self-improvement can help you in breaking through harmful behaviour:

Self Control: Self-improvement or discipline comes with self-control, and that is the primary key to breaking the negative behavioural pattern. Removal of distractions and useless temptations that change your direction towards the wrong path is essential, to gain self-discipline. Controlling yourself is going to help you break the bad habits and improve yourself. For instance, you can turn your phone off while working so that you can be more focused and efficient.

Schedule things: Many people do not believe in making schedules because you don’t know what the next day is going to bring to you. However, you can always plan things. You can make a to-do list so that you have clarity of mind about what needs to be done in the next day or the coming week. This will help you in managing yourself, and excellent management tends to improve you wonderfully. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave time for the harmful behaviour to pop up now and then as you are more organized. Unorganized people tend to get angrier and misbehave more too and indulge in negative habits.

Forgive Yourself: Scheduling does not mean that things will go exactly the way you want them to. When ups and downs arrive, you feel annoyed, and that is when negativity surrounds you. However, remember the fact that it is okay if things didn’t go your way. Furthermore, it is okay if you were unable to complete all the tasks. Tell yourself that self-improvement is a daily process and you can try the next day again. Ups and downs are a part of life, and if you are not going to manage things, it will always make you angry and irritated. Thus, with the help of self-improvement coaching, you can gain self-confidence, and you forgive yourself for the tiny drawbacks and move on.

Self improvement coaching, Understanding your emotions:

Emotions are a part of life, and they are human nature. We tend to feel things and experiences due to them. However, understanding your emotions is very crucial and can make your life much more comfortable too. If you are unable to understand why you are feeling something, then you are unable to understand your emotions. You lack emotional awareness, which can be extremely bad for your overall personality. To recognize your feelings, here are three things that you can do:

Ask yourself how you feel: To understand your feelings, it is imperative to document them. You can write a journal every night and describe how you felt during the day. Write three emotions that you felt during the day, and when you thought them. This is going to help you a lot in understanding how you feel, and this is the first step towards self-improvement.

Rate your feelings: You must know how strongly you feel an emotion when you think it. If you feel outraged, rate it on a scale of 10 and ask yourself what makes you feel so angry. Also, document the emotions that you feel the least and are incredibly mild.

Share how you feel: People who bottle up their emotions and how they think, are never content in life. They are always in an anxious state, and this is why they get indulged in problems like depression, stress and anxiety. Sharing your feelings is going to help you recognize and accept them. This way, you will take who you are, and it will develop you personally on a very different level.

Start Self Improvement Coaching Today:

Personal Development Coaching

  1. Personal development coaching: Personal development coaching focuses on guiding individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth. With the help of a personal development coach, individuals can identify their strengths, set meaningful goals, and create strategies to overcome obstacles. Through personalized guidance and support, personal development coaching empowers individuals to enhance their skills, boost self-confidence, and cultivate a fulfilling life.

Life Transformation Coaching

  1. Life transformation coaching: Life transformation coaching is a powerful process that facilitates significant positive changes in various areas of life. A life transformation coach works closely with individuals to explore their aspirations, identify limiting beliefs, and design a roadmap for personal and professional growth. Through targeted interventions and accountability, life transformation coaching enables individuals to break free from old patterns, embrace change, and create a life aligned with their authentic desires.

Self Growth Mentoring

  1. Self-growth mentoring: Self-growth mentoring involves a collaborative relationship between a mentor and an individual seeking personal development. A self-growth mentor provides guidance, encouragement, and practical strategies to support individuals in their journey of self-improvement. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, self-growth mentors empower individuals to expand their self-awareness, foster personal growth, and overcome challenges on their path to self-fulfillment.

Empowerment Coaching

  1. Empowerment coaching: Empowerment coaching aims to help individuals reclaim their power, build resilience, and create positive change in their lives. Through empowerment coaching, individuals gain tools and strategies to overcome self-doubt, cultivate self-belief, and develop a strong sense of self-worth. Empowerment coaches provide a supportive environment for individuals to explore their potential, embrace their strengths, and step into their authentic power.

Self Improvement Guidance

  1. Self-improvement guidance: Self-improvement guidance offers individuals insights, resources, and actionable steps to enhance various aspects of their lives. Self-improvement guides provide valuable advice, tips, and techniques for personal growth, such as improving productivity, managing stress, fostering healthy relationships, and achieving work-life balance. By following self-improvement guidance, individuals can embark on a journey of continuous learning, self-reflection, and intentional personal development.

If you are in search of an intelligent and fantastic self-improvement coach, then you can rely on MDD for it. We are one of the best counselling teams in London and provide online counselling as well. They have an array of packages for everybody. Whether you are looking for self-improvement or want therapy for anxiety, depression, being single or almost anything; MDD is the best bet. You can contact us at

Self-improvement can enhance your life amazingly, and it is essential, just like any other element of your life. Building your personality and developing yourself daily is exceptionally crucial. It provides you with the right direction. Also, after a good counselling session with a self-improvement coach; you will certainly know who you are! Try an M.D.D Self-improvement coach today.

Self improvement coaching to help you be the best you can be.


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