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Facebook and marriage problems statistics

Facebook and marriage problems statistics Facebook and Marriage Problems Statistics. A study in the Uk showed that close to 25% of married couples argued at least once a week because of social media use, and 17% fought daily over something they found about their spouse online. 20% of respondents reported that they fought with their …

Narcissistic Statistics

Narcissistic Statistics Narcissistic Statistics. Many psychologists believe that narcissism is a spectrum, and narcissistic traits are often a part of other disorders. In other cases, narcissism is so extreme that it interferes with normal healthy functions. This is known as narcissistic personality disorder or NPD.   Narcissistic personality disorder exhibits some interesting trends in the …

Self-esteem Statistics

Self-esteem Statistics Self-esteem statistics. Have you ever wondered if you would date yourself? Some people love themselves and automatically answer “yes.” While others have doubts about who they are and cringe at the thought of being in a relationship with themselves.   Asking yourself this question is the litmus test for whether or not you …

Mental Unrest

Mental Unrest Mental Unrest. Some mental health practitioners and users of mental health services use the phrase “mental unrest” (or “psychological unrest”) to describe a spectrum of symptoms and experiences in a person’s internal life that are typically thought to be disturbing, puzzling, or out of the norm. Mental unrest can lead to a shift …

Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic Supply Narcissistic supply, according to psychoanalytic theory, is a pathological or excessive demand for attention or admiration from codependents, or such a need in the orally fixated that does not take into account other people’s feelings, opinions, or preferences. Otto Fenichel used the term in 1938 to define a form of adoration, interpersonal support, …

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