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Falling in love in the real world is becoming more rare people are connecting on Instagram and dating apps more than ever. The potential of “actually” meeting your partner in your office or high school or maybe in a coffee shop has decreased significantly. This has given birth to online dating, and where it might seem like one of the most convenient services, it comes with a lot of negative aspects as well but things are also working people are finding true love. In this instance, this is boosting the rates of E babies. The term might sound new and weird to you, but there are huge chances that the number of E babies is going to increase swiftly in the coming years because are finding love on the internet.

e babies

What is E Babies?

The newborns of parents who met through online sources are known as “e babies.” it is not too shocking that E babies are set to increase significantly in the coming years. The statistics of the UK have stated that by 2037, E babies will be more in number. This indirectly indicates that people are going to find their perfect match online rather than offline (in the real world). According to research carried out in the Imperial College Business School, by 2035, the number of online couples getting hitched will be extremely high. Therefore, it makes sense that E babies will rise in number. 2030 is stated as the “tipping point,” where 50-70% of relationships will begin their journey through online means.

e babies

Why is this so? Why are the statistics of E babies going to rise so rapidly? Another research shows us the reason behind this significant growth of online relationships. 47% of people who date online have stated these platforms as the safest medium to start a relationship as it makes it easier for introverts to communicate with someone they like. It is indeed amazing to see how online dating is opening doors for single people who find it hard to meet a person in the real world. But it certainly has its downfalls as well, and we are going to peek inside them.

What are the benefits and negatives of Internet Dating?

Internet dating, or as we call it, online dating, has definitely made it easier to date. You have the potential to find someone whom you like. However, no matter how much we praise internet dating, there are some negatives to it as well. Thus, we will be discussing those with you right here. But let’s look at the brighter side of it first, shall we?

e babies


Online dating is a mainstream of the internet world. Single people, of all ages, look at it as a great source to find their potential match. This is why a significant increase in E babies is on the way, guys!

Anyways, looking at the brighter side of online dating, there are many advantages that it offers, or at least, people look at it as a blessing. Thus, here are the benefits of internet dating:

  • It has become easier to access individuals through online dating. The potential for finding a better match is also higher. If you are looking for a specific type of person, then internet dating might be beneficial. Why? This is because many dating websites have personality tests, and they match the best possible partners for you. Through these tests, people have a higher chance of finding compatible matches.
  • Many people are not comfortable with meeting people in person right away. This makes it hard for them to date. Through online dating websites, one can communicate effectively with the person before meeting in person. There is less risk and time commitment in online dating, and you can interact with an individual safely too. You get enough time to judge a person and understand them as well. You can then decide whether you want to meet them or not, depending upon your experience and the quality of conversation.
  • Online dating boosts confidence and dating skills too. Mature people, who have not dated for a long time, can find their comfort zone within internet dating. You are not going to find the best bet within days. Also, you won’t click with your very first match, either. Thus, practice will somehow make you perfect, and you will even understand what people “want” in a relationship. It also helps you explore what you want in a relationship and what kind of partner you want in your life.

Negative Side of Online Dating:

Now, the benefits of online dating might seem impressive enough to indulge you. They are compelling, aren’t they? The ease of accessibility and the comfort of communication are the main reason that online dating is rising. But let’s pop your bubble of imagination right here, shall we? Here are the negative sides of internet dating that are overlooked:

  • Nobody knows who you are! It is easier to exaggerate and lie on the internet. You cannot see on the other side of the screen, can you? An individual can tell you anything to attract you. They can even send you a fake picture. They can lie about their education and current life situation too. Therefore, you cannot trust the process of online dating and the people you meet through it.
  • The most significant negative aspect of internet dating is sexual predators and stalkers. According to a study, 25% of rapists found people through online dating and assaulted them later. This is why it is not a completely safe option, no matter what dating sites may say.
  • Another considerable drawback of internet dating is that people share too much of their information, which is entirely unnecessary. Some people add their actual address to their profile, which is not needed. We would suggest you do not provide too much personal information initially too. It is best to stay private on a dating website. You do not want a person to drop by your place directly, do you? People can easily read the GPS information and track you down. Therefore, do not overshare on online dating websites.

The negative side of online dating is not discussed much these days, which is why it is growing because in the end we all seek happiness and love. People do not realize the uncertainty they are embracing through online dating websites. But it is bringing in successful relationships too, which is the primary reason behind the rise of E babies.

What has changed in the dating industry to cause a Boom of E Babies?

According to the statistics shared above, it is clear that E babies will be more in number in the coming years. This means that relationships built online will last longer and will turn into marriages too. Thus, what is the significant change that is causing a boom of E babies? How has the dating industry evolved?

There are several reasons why the dating industry is causing a boom of E babies. Firstly, internet dating is not only growing significantly, but it is actually resulting in much more successful relationships. Secondly, people are getting access to a pool of individuals that they can be compatible with. If you are signing up for a good dating website, you will have to give personality tests so that you can find a perfect match, accordingly. This boosts the compatibility algorithm and makes sure that you get a partner that matches your level of intelligence and love. A lot of people might say that love has nothing to do with intelligence, but it actually has. If your perspective is poles apart from the person you date, it is never going to be successful. Therefore, online dating is opening doors to highly compatibility relationships, which is why a boom of E babies is happening and is going to grow in the coming years dating sites are much more targeted these days and are getting better and better.

If you are Confused; GET HELP!

Dating is an intense process, and in a pool of people, in the world of online dating, it gets tougher. This is where a lot of people fail at it miserably as they are uncertain of what they need to do. However, there is nothing to worry about. Nobody is a born master at dating, and you are going to be in one or two or maybe more failed relationships to reach the person whom you deserve. If you don’t click with someone or they do not seem like the best match for you, don’t settle for less. And if you think that you need professional advice, then you must visit Miss Date Doctor. Click here to take a look at their dating advice;

MDD has researched extensively on relationships statistics to let you know that you are not the only one suffering. This battle of dating is messing up with a lot of people. Take a look at this But at the same time, it is also providing potential partners and strong commitments to many. Therefore, you need to have hope and get an expert to lead the way for you. MDD helps you in dating in the right direction, which enhances your chances of being successful. We have the best relationship advice compiled for everyone, right here


The increase of online dating sucess is going to cause a boom of E babies. The ease of accessibility and the comfort of communication have rapidly boosted the concept of internet dating. However, you need to understand that whether you begin a relationship online or in the real world, it requires a lot of effort. Even if you are communicating online, remember that you have to end up in a face to face meeting one day or another. Make sure that you stay safe during the hunt of finding your match through online dating. And we hope that you get your best partner and give birth to some cute E babies too!

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